MKW Chapter 817

Chapter 817  [Title below]


Liu Yi looks at Sun Qingchen who is leaning against the wall and asks, “Want to take revenge?”


Sun Qingchen raises his head blankly and looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi asks again, “That’s right. Your girlfriend got snatched away by others, could it be that you do not wish to take revenge?”

Unexpectedly Sun Qingchen’s reply was out of his expectation.

This brother laughs bitterly, “Revenge? Why should I take revenge…Xinxin following that guy is better than following me…if she follows me, she needs to be a slave for a hundred years…right now she is no longer a slave, I should be happy…why should I take revenge?”

When Liu Yi heard what Sun Qingchen said he is stunned.

This guy…is he stupid or does he love that woman too much?

“In the past, I was listening to the radio and a lousy host said that in this world, love is split into big love and small love. Small love is selfish love, wanting to live together with the one you love forever. While big love is selfless love. Only hoping that the one you love is happy!”

Sun Qingchen leans there and says, “Back then I thought that this host was stupid, how would there be a love that one does not wish to be together with? But now, I finally understand. It is not that do not wish to be together but I do not have the strength to be together…if being together will make her suffer instead of happy, why don’t I let go of her to let her have happiness …”


Liu Yi does not know how he should comfort this guy. Since he has said such things, what else can I say!

“Thus…I’ll let her go…”

Sun Qingchen lowers his head and no longer speaks like he had died.

Liu Yi can only sigh. Since Sun Qingchen does not wish to take revenge then he is unable to help him.

Right now he still has other more important things that he needs to do and cannot tarry here.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one is paying attention to him he opens his mouth to breathes out a stream of golden fog.

This fog transforms into a small fly that flies out silently following the small crack of the cell.

My Golden Fog has endless transformations and is an essential skill for stay at home traveling!

Following Liu Yi’s memory, this unremarkable fly swiftly flies out of the prison and taking advantage that there is no one around, it lands on the ground and transforms into the appearance of a Yin Messenger.

The human body is much more convenient to move around. There are a lot of Yin Messengers in Fengdu City. If I transform into this appearance, it should not attract the attention of other people.

Liu Yi strides out of the corner in wide strides outside.

When the surrounding Yin Messengers sees him, they indeed did not pay attention to him and are only minding their own business as they walk elsewhere.

Bingo! Indeed possible!

Although this Fengdu City seems to have tight defenses it is very easy to breakthrough. As long as one knows transformation techniques one can easily invade.

Liu Yi looks towards the back of the prison and those 108 golden men can be seen clearly towering over the prison.

He walks towards those golden men. There is only this single path that leads towards the back but it is very wide.

Earlier Liu Yi and those slaves passed through this path but at that time there were a lot of people. By the side there were also Yin Messengers thus Liu Yi was unable to observe clearly.

Right now he realizes that there is quite a number of Yin Messengers patrolling. There are also Ox-heads all over the place like they are protecting these golden men as well.

Just what is the use of these golden men? Why do they want to attack the barrier in the sky?

Everything is like an enormous fog enveloping Liu Yi making him remain puzzled after pondering over a hundred times.

Fengdu City is queer all over the place.

Liu Yi walks to the end of the path but meets a patrolling Yin Messenger.

“Hold it!” That Yin Messenger block in front of Liu Yi and shouts, “Without a command tile you are not allowed to enter!”

So no one is allowed to get close to these golden men normally?

Liu Yi’s curiosity instantly became stronger.

“It is the higher up who asked me to come.”

Liu Yi plans to fool his way through but clearly, the other party is not that easy to be tricked.

“Oral Command?”

“It is in my hand…”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly as he stretches out his right fist.

When that Yin Messenger heard this, he instantly looks over trying to see what is in Liu Yi’s hand.

While Liu Yi’s fist suddenly smashes into that Yin Messenger’s head as he uses Glorious Sun Palm: Soul Breaking!

Soul Breaking is the nemesis for all souls! That Yin Messenger does not even have time to cry out before his soul got scattered!

Liu Yi withdrew his fist and dusts it off before walking towards the golden man which was protected by a perimeter wall.

As before there are those enormous millstones and the enormous golden men.

In the entire plaza, there is nothing else but these.

Different from the strictly guarded outside, there is not a single Yin Messenger nor an Ox-head creature inside. It looks like their rank is not enough to enter this kind of place.

In the enormous plaza, there is only him and this sinister wind.

Fine then, this Fengdu City’s special effects are rather good!

Just as Liu Yi plans to go up to investigate those millstones when Meng Xi transmits her voice to him.

{Benefactor…did you hear something?}

{Soud? Do you mean the sound of the wind?}

Meng Xi emphasize, {No…benefactor…there is someone speaking…}

{What the…Meng Xi don’t scare me!}

{No…benefactor, there is a voice…you can’t hear it?}

Meng Xi is anxious perhaps she is anxious because of Liu Yi’s questioning.

{If benefactor does not believe, let Meng Xi help!}

As she speaks, a fingernail size spider immediately jumps out from Liu Yi’s hair into the sky. Entering the sky, she starts growing!

In a blink of an eye, this spider grew into the size of a car!

The 8 beryl-like eyes flicker with a faint green light.

Going into the sky, spider webs sprays out from it’s back!

Instantly this spider web spreads around the whole plaza while that enormous black spider rests in the center of the spider web.

Only then did Liu Yi recall that Meng Xi is also not a weak existence. She is an Eight Desolate Spider that is can consume moon essence to strengthen herself!

“Benefactor, catch!”

A white object flies over. Liu Yi did not dodge because he knows that Meng Xi will not harm himself.

Indeed that spider web sticks onto Liu Yi’s ear.

The surrounding sound instantly flows along the spider web into Liu Yi’s ear.

Other than the sinister sound of the wind, there is indeed the voice of some people!

Furthermore, it is crying for help!


“Save me….”

“Save us….”

Who is the one who is asking for help?

Liu Yi opens his black and white world but he is unable to see any life aura!

There is not even the aura of souls! Did I see a ghost?!

Fuck, seeing a ghost should be very common in Fengdu City!

{Benefactor…this voices, seems to come from that biggest golden man!}

Meng Xi stretches out a claw and points at the golden man that looks like the biggest.

Although these golden men are all over a few hundred meters, they are not all the same height. Some are slightly higher, some are shorter.

“Let’s go take a look.”

Liu Yi stretches out his left hand and Meng Xi transforms back into a fingernail size spider and lands into Liu Yi’s palm before climbing up to his hair.

Liu Yi also leaps up, floating into the sky as he flew towards the largest golden man.

These golden men were really tall. Only after flying for a while did he manage to fly to the golden man’s head.

Liu Yi also does not know where the voice came from. Revolving around the golden man for a cycle, he finally lands on the back of the golden man.

Liu Yi’s eyes widen because on the back of this golden man are lots of densely packed small dots like small pimples which are very eye-catching!

Taking a close look…they are human faces that are pushing out from the golden man’s back!

There are also palms, hands, and the likes…like a lot of people were trapped inside and were unable to escape in time before being sealed within.

“Save me…”

“Save me…”

Flying over there, onto this hair rising back, Liu Yi can finally hear their voices without the help of Meng Xi.

Liu Yi asks, “Who are you? Why are you inside the body of the golden man?”

“Save me…”

“Save me…”

But they still continue to cry out for help like a machine like they are unable to hear Liu Yi’s voice.

“What the..they cant hear me?”

Liu Yi frowns it seems like there are some formations that prevent outside voices from entering.

{Master, what do we do?}

{Let me first test how strong this golden man is before we see if we can forcefully break it!}

Liu Yi’s curiosity had already risen. He flies to a place that has no person on the back before gathering enormous drunken qi into his fist!

Because his body is formed from golden fog, Liu Yi does not have Sky Supporting Pillar to combine bodies with nor does he have that brute strength that Yang Mianmian passed to him. Thus he can only use drunken qi to strengthen himself.

Very quickly golden light flashes from his fist like a golden lamp lit up in the night!

The surrounding Yin Messengers were all attracted by this light!

“Something is happening in the plaza?”

“Quick! Quickly take a look!”

There is no need to mention the importance of the golden men. These Yin Messengers and Ox-heads swiftly rush towards the plaza.

While Liu Yi’s fist had already smashed down on the golden man’s back ferociously!

A golden light blasts out from the golden man’s back!

The entire golden man lets out a droning noise which jolted the ears of those Yin Messengers and Ox-head making them cry out in pain.

Although they do not have eardrums, this shockwave carries an enormous qi which injures their souls!

“What the fuck! It is  undamaged!”

Looking at the golden man which does not even have a single dent, Liu Yi is shocked.

“Who dares to touch my Martial God Image!”

At this moment a roar came from the sky.

Liu Yi raises his head only to see a faint face opening its mouth and roars.

A powerful cultivation pressure Liu Yi causing his heart to sink.

Who is this person? To be so powerful!

“Mere insect! Do you think that you can damage my Martial God Image? Die!”

While he is speaking, countless arms form from black smoke flies down speedily grabbing at Liu Yi!


Chapter 817  [Martial God Image]

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