MKW Chapter 816

Chapter 816  [Title below]


This millstone is super heavy!

Over a hundred people pushing an iron pillar and it is still very strenuous.

Liu Yi looks at Sun Qingchen by his side who is exerting all of his might. Although he is a ghost, his face is thoroughly red.

Liu Yi himself tried it out. Based on an ordinary person’s strength, it is like pushing an enormous stone.

But as he is very strong and with the strength that Yang Mianmian passed to him, right now even if he alone pushes this millstone, it is very relaxing.

But naturally, he will not do such things. To hide his identity, he can only pretend that he is exerting a lot of strength as he pushes along.

The stone mill moves slowly moving the two thick heavy chains which moved those enormous golden men!

The originally heavy golden men suddenly moved. These golden men slowly raise their arms and aim at the sky before punching out like they are hitting some barrier!

Liu Yi frowns. He pretends to push the iron pillar as he looks at the sky.

What kind of barrier is up there?

Why do they want to let the golden men keep attacking it?

Liu Yi is unable to understand and also does not know who he should ask.

The fog covering Fengdu City is making him have a headache.

Liu Yi realizes that as the golden men continue to attack, their bodies start to turn red like they are overheating.

When those golden men turn utterly red, the Yin Messengers finally let the ghosts stop.

The golden men also went back to stillness as white smoke emits from their bodies.

“Hu, hu… fucking tiring! I wish I could smoke!”

Sun Qingchen mimicks panting, “In a while, I will be able to see my girlfriend and I shall introduce her to you!”


Liu Yi’s attention is not on this. He is focusing on the matter regarding those golden men.

This matter is becoming weirder and weirder…but that bald boss who sent me here to be a slave and earned 2m is the most black-hearted!

Wait till I go back, I shall deal with him on the way! Fucking hell, dare to trick me for money!

Liu Yi follows the crowd behind Sun Qingchen and walks back towards the prison.

At this moment Sun Qingchen becomes excited as he greets someone far away.

“Xinxin, Xinxin, I am here!”

Liu Yi raises his head to see a pretty female ghost standing among the crowd opposite them.

When that female ghost sees Sun Qingchen, she trembles as her expression seems to be slightly dodgy.

Sun Qingchen did not sense it but Liu Yi raises his eyebrow.

This woman…seems to have something wrong with her.

“Dapo, this is my girlfriend called Huang Zixin! Xinxin this is a little brother I’ve gotten to know inside, he is called Liu Dapo!”

“That…nice to meet you…”

Huang Zixin is slightly hesitating as she stretches out her hand which Liu Yi shakes.

“Nice to meet you sister-in-law.”

Liu Yi purposely calls her sister-in-law and indeed that Huang Zixin seems to be even more awkward as her gaze seems to keep evading.

“Hahaha, see how quick-witted Dapo is, he knows to call you sister-in-law! Xinxin, how is it, are you tired, we can walk together, do you want me to help you massage your back?”


“What is the matter? In the past didn’t you call me husband? In front of Dapo are you embarrassed? Hahaha, my family’s Xinxin knows how to be shy!”

Sun Qingchen is a bit slow to react. 

Liu Yi is unable to watch on anymore.

Even I see that Huang Zixin is troubled and he did not realize?

Huang Zixin keeps dodging his gaze, it would be strange if there is nothing going on!

Sun Qingchen always had a straightforward temper and never thinks too much.

He finally realizes Huang Zixin’s attitude and thought that Huang Zixin is sick and asks, “Xinxin are you uncomfortable today?”

Liu Yi is very helpless in his heart, your both ghosts, how can there be any sickness?

“No, don’t have…”

Huang Zixin keeps dodging Sun Qingchen’s gaze.

Just as Sun Qingchen wants to ask a few more questions, at this moment the slave ghosts by the side suddenly move aside.

It is like they had seen a superior as all of them scatter to the side.

Even the Yin Messengers also move aside to make way.

Liu Yi turns around and takes a look. The one coming over is a middle-aged man wearing a black suit. He is also a ghost but his aura is denser.

Looks like this person should be an existence of an even higher rank than slave and commoner.

Manager or CEO?

Anyways his authority seems to be very high.

Seems like higher rank resident’s activity seem to be the same as mortals. This guy in suits is holding a fresh flower as he walks over towards Liu Yi and them.

“Why are you lowly slaves not kneeling after seeing Superior Zheng!”

A few Yin Messengers raise their wipes and start whipping.

A large number of slaves in front hurriedly kneel down while Sun Qingchen pulls Liu Yi to kneel as well before whispering into his ears, “This person should be a manager…his rank is very high. It will be fine as long as we kneel down….”

“Manager? He makes it look like he is at CEO rank.”

Liu Yi sneers, Fengdu City’s ranking system makes one unhappy!

Feels like we are back to the dynasty of feudalism!

This kind of aura is very backward making Liu Yi unable to take it!

“Hey…be softer. If you let them hear it, you’ll be finished…”

Sun Qingchen pressed down Liu Yi’s neck afraid that other people heard what they say, “Hey, how nice would it be if I can become a manager…at that time, Xinxin can enjoy it with me…”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes, this brother thinks too much!

“Don’t make any sounds, let’s see what is going on…”

Sun Qingchen is like he is watching a show while Liu Yi is gloomy, it seems like the one who is always speaking is you!

All of the slaves kneel down and only Huang Zixin is not kneeling.

She stands there and seems to be at a loss at what to do.

“Xinxin, quickly kneel down! Otherwise, it will turn bad!”

Seeing that Huang Zixin is still standing there, Sun Qingchen who is afraid that she would be punished took the risk to stand up and ran over, wanting to pull Huang Zixin over.


“How dare you!”

A group of Yin Messengers immediately explode in anger as they start whipping Sun Qingchen.

An ox-head creature also jumps over to Sun Chenqing’s side and punches Sun Chenqing pressing him onto the ground making him unable to move.

“Ah, what, what you are guys doing!”

Sun Qingchen cries out in pain but is still concerned over Huang Zixin, “Xinxin…hurry and kneel down otherwise you will be beaten!”

Liu Yi clenches his first preparing to take action.

“This one is that friend of yours?”

At this moment something that startled Sun Qingchen and Liu Yi happened.

That manager walks over and places the fresh flower into Huang Zixin’s hands and smiles faintly, “He is rather concerned about you…”

“I…He and I are just ordinary friends…”

Huang Zixin smiles awkwardly before leaning against that manager’s body in front of Sun Chenxin’s open eyes.

“Xinxin! What, what is the meaning of this!”

Sun Qingchen’s eyes turn red as he shouts at Huang Zixin.

A Yin Messenger by the side whips him, “Impudent! Is this a place where you can shout?”

“No worries. Seeing that he is Xinxin’s friend, let him speak a few sentences.”

The manager waves his hand making that Yin Messenger retreat to the side.

But the ox-head did not raise his hand and continues to press him down.

Sun Qingchen feels his entire body turn cold. Seeing that black suit manager holding his girlfriend, his eyes are about to pop out.

“Let go of her! She is my girlfriend!”

“So-sorry…Qingchen…” Huang Zixin’s face is slightly ashamed of herself as she leans into that manager’s embrace and says, “I…I do not wish to be a slave…”

“Didn’t we agree to work hard together!”

Sun Qingchen is about to go crazy as he roars, “Weren’t we going to grow old together? We can work together and sooner or later we will rid of our slave identity!”

“But…I am unable to wait…it needs 100 years…100 years? I cant endure so long…”

Huang Zixin shakes her head, “Let’s stop here…in future, we will still be friends…Wuyin. I made my decision today. From now one, I shall be your woman…”

“Hahaha good! Give her 50k of my soul value! From today onwards, she is no longer a slave!”

The manager laughs, “Then follow me back! I prepared a sumptuous dinner waiting for you! Although we are ghosts but we can still eat nether world’s food! Talking about this, living here is no different from living in the mortal world.”

“Mm…let us go…”

Sun Qingchen shouts, “Xinxin! Don’t go!”


I wish you all the best.”

After leaving behind this sentence, she turns around coldly, following the manager and leaves.

Sun Qingchen nearly falls apart.

If it wasn’t for this woman, I wouldn’t have died.

If it wasn’t for her, I would not wish to work so hard to get rid of my slave identity…

Everything…is all because of her…

But she, left with another guy…


Sun Qingchen ah Sun Qingchen…so you are an idiot…


Sun Qingchen screams, wishing to die and let everything end.

But it is a pity that he is already a ghost and can no longer die again.

[TL: er…I believe that Liu Yi can kill him again….]

[ED: yeah… but he doesn’t know that]

“Knock him out, so noisy!” shouted a Yin Messenger and the ox-head instantly punches Sun Qingchen.

Sun Qingchen is unable to take it and instantly fainted.

“Who is the one in the same cell as him! Drag him back!”

The Yin Messenger shouts before leaving.

Liu Yi stands up silently and lifted Sun Qingchen onto his shoulder before following the crowd back to his cell.

After 3 hours, Sun Qingchen wakes up faintly.

“Xinxin! Xinxin!”

When he awakened, he cries out for his girlfriend a few times before his gaze falls on Liu Yi.

“Da-dapo ah…it is like I had a nightmare and dreamt that my girlfriend was snatched away. Hahaha, it was a scary nightmare…”

“Wake up.”

Liu Yi pats his shoulder, “That was not a dream.”

This sentence of Liu Yi destroys Sun Qingchen’s heart.

But Liu Yi says another sentence, “Want to take revenge?”


Chapter 816  [Want to take revenge?]

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