MKW Chapter 815

Chapter 815  [Title below]


If it was like what Yang Mainmian said, Fengdu City is very big which is countless of times bigger than the small Kunlun Mountain!

Liu Yi follows that Yin Messenger and walks for an entire 30 minutes before they reached their objective.

Liu Yi raises his head and realizes that this is a fucking prison!

Why did he bring me here?

Inside the prison, Yin Messengers are walking about like they are looking after this place.

Deeper areas of the prison are looked after by those enormous ox-heads. It seems like they are slightly more capable than those Yin Messengers.

The Yin Messenger escorts Liu Yi into a cell and locked the shackles on his chest to the wall in the cell before shaking the bell in front of his forehead. He then turned around, locking the cell door and left.

Liu Yi looks around and realizes that other than him in the cell, there are also a few other ghosts who were locked up.

These ghosts have their own thoughts and ability to move about. Seeing a newcomer entering, some look at him while others are lost in thoughts by the side.

There is nothing in the prison cell, after all, all of them are ghosts and do not need to eat or shit which is much more convenient.

One that also seems to be a new ghost floats over to Liu Yi’s side and ask, “Brother…how did you die?”

“This…I do not know. I was in a daze and then I died.”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain and just made up an excuse, “Talking about this…why am I here…”

“Alas, this is our Fengdu County’s fate…”

That ghost sighs and says faintly, “In the past, I thought that the Ghost City was a rumor. Right now I know that it is real…when we people from Fengdu County die, we will be brought here by the Yin Messengers and locked up in his prison…”

“Why lock us here?”

Liu Yi can’t understand this, “Shouldn’t the souls of the deceased enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation?”

“That is in other places. Fengdu County does not have reincarnation. Only this heartless metropolis.”

That ghost should have made inquiries from other ghosts and says in remorse, “When people from Fengdu County die, they will be brought to this Fengdu City and become a slave! Fengdu City seems to be a hierarchy city. We are the lowest rank and must work. When we work we will accumulate contributions. When we accumulate to a certain degree, we will obtain soul value then using this soul value we can break away from our slave identity and become a citizen of Fengdu City! Citizens also can continue to work and continue to accumulate soul value which can be used to continuously exchange for higher identity from citizen to manager to governor.”

“So this way…one must live in this Fengdu City for many generations forever unable to reincarnate?”

Liu Yi cannot help but frown. The cultivators of Fengdu City play this kind of path.

“I heard that when you accumulate to a heaven-defying soul value, it seems like you can choose to reincarnate. Furthermore, you will reincarnate to a decent identity!”

That ghost is full of expectations as he says, “I work hard so I can become a manager…I heard that the managers in Fengdu City will possess a certain amount of authority, tsk, tsk…getting a bit excited thinking about it!”

Liu Yi starts sweating. This ghost seems to be easily comforted!

But Liu Yi feels that this matter does not seem to be that simple. There seems to be something hidden behind…

It is hard being a letter deliverer…this group of inner pavilion sects, each one is more mysterious than the other!

Liu Yi decided to rest for a while and takes a look at the situation tomorrow before deciding on what to do next.

After all the time passes very slowly in Fengdu City. I have more than enough time to think about this situation and then make my decision.

“After becoming a ghost, it is painful being unable to sleep …”

That brother who spoke to Liu Yi sighs and says, “I died around a month ago and I’m still not accustomed to it…brother I am called Sun Qingchen. In the future, if you have any matters you can tell me and I shall help you.”

“Thank you, Brother Sun.”

Liu Yi nods his head. This is exactly the result that he wanted. This brother is rather passionate.

“How did Brother Sun die?”

A few people discussing how they died, the feeling is rather weird.

“Don’t mention it…damn unlucky!”

Sun Qingchen wishes to cry when he talks about this, “I was not a person of Fengdu County and was here as a tourist! In the end, due to an accident, I died together with my girlfriend!”

“Ah? What accident?”

“Me and my girlfriend went bungee jumping. My girlfriend, she was a silly but amusing person and insisted on testing the sense of security of two people. She also did not put on her safety feature and hugged me before jumping down! Fucking hell! Back then my cord was also not tied up yet so both of us fell down the precipice!”

Liu Yi holds back his laughter!

Didn’t Murong Die also do this before? But luckily I am a cultivator thus the two of us are still alive until now. Femme Fatale…came from this!

“Brother Sun don’t grieve.”

This is the first time saying to a dead person don’t grieve. What a weird feeling.

“Where is Brother Sun’s girlfriend?”

“In a different cell.”

Sun Qingchen sighs, “Only when working can I see her. Counting the time…it seems like it is almost time to work. At that time, I shall introduce her…right, brother what is your name?”

“I am called Liu Dapo. Brother Sun can just call me Dapo.”

Liu Yi says his fake name from Japan. After all, Liu Yi is a famous name in the cultivator world. Just in case, it is best to hold back some stuff.

“Liu Dapo…why are you called this. In the future, I shall call you Dapo.”

“Okay then… Brother Sun have you heard of a place called Daihatsu Casino?”

“Ah? Never heard of it!”

Sun Qingchen shakes his head, “Ever since I came here, I have always been in either the work place or the prison cell. I never went to other places. Wanting to change into a citizen identity needs 50k soul value and right now I have already accumulated 15 soul value. I need to work hard and gather 100k soul value together with my girlfriend then we can leave this damn place together!”

What the fuck…one month for 15 soul value. If you want to gather 50k soul value…roughly one would need …270+ years!

This is…unbelievable!

Thinking about this number, Liu Yi feels like he is falling apart.

“Brother Sun…270+years, can you really accumulate it?”

“What? 270+ years?”

Sun Qingchen got a huge shock as he stares at Liu Yi in disbelieve, “Isn’t it 270+ days? What the heck, I calculated wrongly! Fucking hell, nearly 300 years! Are you for real!”

Sun Qingchen seems to be unable to take it as he shouts hysterically.

“Actually there is no need to be so long.”

At this moment a ghost sitting at the corner says faintly, “What you are doing now is only some simple job. Wait till you have done it for a long time, you can do some higher rank jobs…at that time, the amount of soul value that you obtain will naturally be higher…but to become a citizen within the shortest period… will be a hundred years…”

Liu Yi cups his hands and asks, “May I know how long you’ve been here?”

“Not long…just 60+ years…”

What the fuck an old ghost!

Don’t know how many years Qing Yise has stayed here for.

Actually living for so many years and never going mad.

“One hundred years… need a hundred years…”

Sun Qingchen is blanking out there as he draws small circles on the ground.

Liu Yi says in his heart, am I right or wrong to remind him about this point?

Just as Liu Yi is considering how to comfort him, he did not expect that that fellow would stand up and grasp his fist and says, “Fine! 100 years then 100 years! After all, I am already a ghost, even if I live a hundred years I will not die!”

“To be able to live in this Fengdu City, even if it is a hundred years I must strive to work hard! Xinxin, wait for me! Very soon, I will bring you out of this nest of devils!”

What the, this brother is rather optimistic!

“Brother Sun is really optimistic!”

Liu Yi has to give him a thumbs up.

“Humans must always look forward, right?”

Sun Qingchen laughs, “Even if I am passively pessimistic I must also live a hundred years. I might even do it longer. I’ll just be a bit more proactive and endure a hundred years. After a hundred years, I can become a free citizen!”

“Mm. Brother Sun do your best.”

Liu Yi congratulates him with his mouth but is planning other things in his heart.

Why does Fengdu City want to come up with this kind of hierarchy? What are they hiding?

I definitely cannot endure a few hundred years here climbing up bit by bit. After all I had already entered Fengdu City, it is time for me to loosen my fists and legs.

Liu Yi starts to chat with Sun Qingchen and in a while, there came the sounds of bells from outside.

“It is time to work.”

Sun Qingchen takes a deep breath. “Today I must also perform properly!”

While he is speaking a few Yin Messengers walk over. One of them opens the door before taking down those chains from the wall before stuffing it into the hands of an ox-head creature behind him.

“Time to work! All of you be alert for me!”

A Yin Messenger raises his whip and whips the ghosts who are standing up lazily, “Those who are lazy, be careful of my whip!”

“Time to go. Just follow me!”

Sun Qingchen is rather proactive as he walks out with wide strides as he tells Liu Yi.

Liu Yi silently follows behind Sun Qingchen. He plans to look at the work they are doing.

Under the watch of the Yin Messengers, Liu Yi and Sun Qingchen and the rest walk out of the prison.

A lot of slave ghosts were also being herded as they walked out as well.

They came to a plaza not far behind the prison and Liu Yi sees a hundred and eight golden men placed in the plaza!

These golden men are a few hundred meters tall with strange amulets carved on them.

Two chain links their body together which winds around an enormous lower millstone.

In total there are a hundred and eight lower millstones and on the top of each of them are a thousand iron pillars.

Sun Qingchen and Liu Yi walks in front of a pillar under the urging of a Yin Messenger and pushes it.

Over ten thousand ghosts push a millstone and with a hundred and eight of them, naturally one will know how many ghosts there are!

Under the command of the Yin Messengers, the ghosts start to push the millstone!


Chapter 815  [Still need to work!]

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