MKW Chapter 813

Chapter 813  [Title below]


Liu Yi follows behind as this brother leads him to a room numbered 7213.

Liu Yi is slightly gloomy. Of all rooms why make it a 213!

Isn’t this cursing myself 2B?

[TL: 2B means fool or idiot]

Just as Liu Yi wishes to discuss with that ghost-like youngster about the question of changing rooms, he turns around only to realize that he had disappeared!

What the fuck, is he a ghost?

Liu Yi is depressed and has no choice but to first enter the room to take a seat.

The room is not big and is almost the same layout as a quick hotel.

Inside there is a large bed and opposite it is a tv. Pasted onto the wall is old wallpaper.

It is hard to imagine that in this kind of luxurious high ranking hotel, the inside is like this!

The exterior and interior are too different! It is basically slag!

But what makes Liu Yi interested is that there is a very large bathroom in the room. The bathroom is very spacious and in the very center, there is a large bathtub. It is the same as the bath in a bathhouse.

Liu Yi is very curious about this.

Is this place a place for lodging or a place for bathing?

Could it be that inharmonious bathroom is the pathway that leads to Fengdu City?

Liu Yi feels that this should be very possible. The mystery shows that I watched are similar to this kind of style!

Even Harry Potter l, the Magic City is hidden behind a broken wall in a small city!

Thinking till here, Liu Yi cannot help but become a little excited!

He subconsciously activates his truth eyes and attempts to see through the bathroom’s illusion!

Unexpectedly when he turned on his truth eyes, the bathroom is still that same bathroom as earlier and nothing has changed at all!

What is going on? Could it be that it is not an illusion but some kind of mechanism?

Thinking about the wall that can change space in Harry Potter, Liu Yi becomes excited again and starts to fumble around this cold and somewhat damp wall bricks, seeking for the mechanism.

Just as he is sprawling on the wall groping about for the mechanism, a knocking sound came and the door was pushed open!

Could it be someone came to raid?

Liu Yi immediately turns around vigilantly as he clenches his fist.

What kind of enemy is it? Could it be those demons and monsters from Fengdu City?

Very good then let’s fight! Spring wind blows as the war drums beat! When have us cultivators been afraid of anyone!

Just as Liu Yi is planning to start a fight, he was instantly stunned afterward.

Because what walks in is not any demon or monster but girls who had put on make up like oriole and birds.

These girls are all uniformly in miniskirts and plunging necklines. Some are well developed, some are thin and weak. Some are older sisters, some are lolis. For a moment, it causes Liu Yi to be slightly dazzled.

That ghost-like youngster appears once again and nods politely at Liu Yi before saying, “Sir, please choose one!”

“Choose one?”

This is the first time Liu Yi met this kind of scene and is unclear what is going on, “Isn’t this place the Human Realm Inn?”

Why choose a girl?

“That’s right. This place is the Human Realm Inn. Thus we want sir to choose one!”

The youngster smiles faintly, “We must let girls lead you. Could it be that sir wishes to choose two?”

“One is enough!”

So there is a need for people to lead me?

No wonder I was unable to find the entrance earlier…eh, but why would I want that many girls. One is enough!

Liu Yi takes a look before his gaze lands of a girl whose figure is rather well-proportioned.

“Then, you!”

Liu Yi points at that girl.

“Okay, thank, thank you sir…”

That girl seems to be slightly nervous as she walks up to Liu Yi.

The rest of the girls turn around and walk out.

Instantly, the room that is filled with people is only left with Liu Yi and that slightly pretty girl.

“Sir…I’ll go and help you turn on the water…”

The pretty girl says shyly before she starts taking off her dress with a red face.

A dress is the best to take off. Very quickly she had taken it off. The girl is not wearing anything else inside and her well-proportioned figure is revealed in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was instantly stunned! Fucking hell, what is this situation! I came here to find the Human Realm Inn why the heck are you taking off your clothes! Is there some ceremony?

After the girl had taken off her clothing, she lowers her head shyly and uses her peripheral vision and looks at Liu Yi, “Sir…you, you are not taking off…”

Liu Yi feels weird, “Why would I take my clothing off?”

“After taking off the clothing then you can bathe..”

The girl points at the bathroom by the side.

“Bathe? I am here to find the Human Realm Inn!”

“That’s right…this place is the Human Realm Inn…it is for bathing…”

The girl’s face became redder and her voice also agitated.

Could it be that there is some ceremony? After washing off the dust on the body and the likes then I can enter Fengdu City?

Liu Yi can only carry a trying attitude and takes off his outer clothing.

“Sir…you must take off everything…otherwise you cant wash…”

“Fine then…”

Liu Yi says in his heart as he takes off everything, after all I am a man, what is there to be shy of.

The two of them stand in the room naked. The girl looks at Liu Yi’s mystical weapon and cannot help but cover her eyes.

“That…sir…you just need to lie down in the bathroom…”

“Oh okay…”

Liu Yi does not know and can only listen to the girl’s order.

He turns around and walks into the bathroom and lies in the water bed.

This water bed material is not bad. The surface is a layer of membrane and lying on it is very comfortable.

The girl walks over and adjusts the hot water before rinsing Liu Yi’s body. After which she takes an unknown lotion which is cooling and applies it to Liu Yi’s back.

This is also a part of the ceremony?

Liu Yi feels rather comfortable and thus has no qualms as he continues to lie there and allow that girl to apply that cool lotion on him.

Very quickly, Liu Yi senses that the girl seems to have climbed onto his back before kneeling down and uses her not that very large breasts to wipe his body!

At this point, Liu Yi completely understood!

What the fuck! This is not a ceremony!

Isn’t this a special service!

Liu Yi wishes to flip around but is afraid that the weak girl would fall down thus he can only ask loudly, “Oi, oi, oi. Wrong, isn’t this place the Human Realm Inn?”

“That’s right…sir, this place is Human Realm Inn ah…is sir a bit shy…”

By the side, the girl uses her breasts to massage Liu Yi and says weakly, “That…I also just came out not long ago…why don’t the two of us chat…”

“Okay…oi! Wrong!”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “I am here to find the Human Realm Inn…where is your boss?”


Hearing that Liu Yi wants to find her boss, the girl’s eyes instantly turn red and say tearfully, “Is my service making sir dissatisfied…sir can just tell me and I will change. Please don’t go find boss…”

“Hey! It is not that. Your service is rather good…oi not…AHHHHHH!!!!!”

Liu Yi feels a bit like he is about to collapse, “I am here to find your boss to discuss proper business! I’m not here to bathe..”

“Sir is not here to bathe?”

The girl is slightly shocked, “Then why did you come up to the seventh floor?”

Only then did Liu Yi realize that the seventh floor is specially set up for this special service!

No wonder that customer service personnel downstairs would use that kind of ambiguous sight to look at me!

No wonder when I said that I want to come to the Human Realm Inn, that taxi uncle would smile at me!

Damn it! This is a misunderstanding!

“Help me look for your boss! I want to find him!”

“But…but it is impossible for my boss to causally meet any customer h…”

“Just tell him that I came from Kunlun Mountain and want to go to Fengu City!”

“Hehe..sir really knows how to joke. Where did Fengdu City come from? Our place here is called Fengdu County, which is also known as the Ghost City! Where did sir come from, are you here for a trip?”

The girl was amused by what Liu Yi said.

“It is not that meaning…Help me convey what I had said earlier to your boss!”

Liu Yi says in surrender, “Relax, I will still give you your money! Furthermore, I will give you double!”

“Real, really?!” The girl is in slight disbelieve, “Just so simple?”

“That’s right. It is just that simple!” Liu Yi nods his head, “Go and help me convey my words!”

“Fine then…”

Hearing that Liu Yi is not going to do that, the girl is slightly glad but also seems to be somewhat regretful.

Talking about this, this guy is rather handsome…furthermore his eyes are very spirited, very attractive.

Naturally, I must do what the customer requests, especially since he is giving me double the money.

The girl puts on her clothing before going out to help Liu Yi find her boss. Liu Yi immediately jumps off the bed and let Little Jade put on his black attire before sitting on the bed.

Really…to have such a misunderstanding! Unreasonable!

I just want to go to Fengdu City, not get laid!

Liu Yi sits there bored to death for around ten minutes before someone finally knocks on the door. A bald lean man wearing a fancy shirt with a cigar in his mouth walks in.

Liu Yi senses an unusual aura from that bald head and immediately asked, “You are the boss here?”

“That’s right, is sir unsatisfied with my miss?” The bald head says with the cigar in his mouth, “If you are not satisfied, you can change to another one!”

“I came from Kunlun Mountain.”

Liu Yi immediately takes out the identity that Yang Mianmian gave him, “I want to head to Fengdu City. There is no need for us to speak obscurely, right?”

“Oh, it has been a long time since people from the cultivation world came to my place.”

The boss smiles, “I thought that you were here to smash the place!”

“Could it be that in the past you were doing this flesh business?”

“Not at all. I only started this recently and the business is rather good and earned quite a bit of money!”

The boss is indeed a money-grubber. The moment he mentions money, his eyes brighten up, “You want to go to Fengdu City. That place is a place that rejects the entry of a living person! Especially since I have not done this business for over a few hundred years, aiyah, lost my touch, hard to do!”

“I have money.”

Liu Yi understands what the boss is trying to say and says, “As long as you help me enter secretly, money is not a problem.”


Chapter 813  [I am here to find the inn]

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