MKW Chapter 812

Chapter 812  [Title below]


Yang Mianmian blinks before asking, “What instructions does husband have. You can just say it!”

“Mm…I have stayed here for a while. I cannot delay any more.”

Liu Yi calculated the days before saying, “I still have to make a trip to four places thus I need to leave.”

“Ah? Husband is going to leave? This one still has not fulfilled my wife’s duty ah!”

Yang Mianmian exclaims before tugging Liu Yi’s arm, “Stay a few more days…why don’t I follow husband to deliver the letters together! After all, I am already yours, where husband goes, this one shall follow as well…”

“When a guy goes out to handle matters, how can one always keep a woman by the side?”

Liu Yi frowns, “Wait for me in Kunlun. Now that Qin Imperial Palace is starting to conspire, we don’t know when Qin Shihuang is going to revive. If he is going to, Kunlun must prepare! You are the sect head of Kunlun thus you must prepare everything!”

“But…I wish to follow beside husband…isn’t there a saying called, marrying husband follow husband…”

“Right now is still not that time. We are all cultivators. You must not forget your responsibility.”

Liu Yi caressed Yang Mianmian’s hair, “I also cannot let myself immerse in the tender home otherwise I will lose my motivation to advance. If you listen to me, then stay in Kunlun Mountain and properly be your sect head. Furthermore, you should not undergo the combat tournament. Why don’t you put this time in strengthening the cultivation of your disciples.”

“Fine then. I shall listen to husband.”

Yang Mianmian nods her head, “Then where is husband going to next…”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before saying, “Fengdu City.”

“That place… is not good…”

Yang Mianmian is slightly worried, “Although both are inner pavilions, Fengdu City’s behavior has always been eccentric…I heard that those who entered Fengdu City have never returned. Those who enter alive will turn into a departed spirit.”

“It is not that easy to turn your husband into a departed spirit.”

Liu Yi smiles, “No matter what, I must make a trip.”

“Fine then… I shall listen to husband. But Fengdu City is different from my Kunlun Mountain. Fengdu City is very enormous and is like an enormous metropolis. If you want to find a suitable person, it is extremely difficult. But if husband wants to go there, you can find an old ghost called Qing Yise. When he was young, he owed my father a favor and should be able to help husband!”

“Oh? What should I say when I meet Qing Yise?”

Hearing that there a familiar person who would help, Liu Yi feel that it is not bad.

“I have a piece of jade here which can represent my identity.”

Yang Mianmian placed a jade slip into Liu Yi’s hand, “When you are there and find Qing Yise. Husband just need to show him this piece of jade.”

Liu Yi continues and asks, “Then how should I find this Qing Yise?”

“If you wish to enter Fengdu City, you must first go to the ‘Human Realm Hotel’ outside Fengdu City. When you are there, husband needs to go and find the hotel owner. That fellow is a miser. As long as husband spends some money, he will hand over his own mother! At that time, Husband can get all the information needed from him!”

“Okay.Thank you Mianmian.”

Liu Yi keeps the jade away before kissing Yang Mianmian on the check.

Although his feeling for her is not that deep, right now she is wholeheartedly following him thus Liu Yi will not treat her badly.

After all, feelings can be cultivated.

After Liu Yi decided, he prepares to move.

Yang Mianmian is reluctant to part with him and her eyes were still red before he left.

All the way until Liu Yi’s figure had disappeared, Yang Mianmian stays there wiping away her tears.

“Sect Head….he has already left…” The Kunlun disciples were finally unable to take it and ask, “That’s right…we have not eaten for a day…can we eat now…”

“Damn it!”

Yang Mianmian immediately turns around and wiped away her tears and curses, “Didn’t you see that my mood is bad! Eat your fucking meal! All of you can starve for me! Starve for three days!”


All of the Kunlun disciples became even sadder because Liu Yi had left.

While Liu Yi does not know that his leaving would give the Kunlun disciples such a horrifying disaster. Currently, he is flying in the direction that Meng Xi pointed out for him and swiftly flies towards Fengdu City.

There is also a Fengdu City in reality which is the Fengdu County in Chongqing City!

But that place is not the real Fengdu City. No one has seen the real Fengdu City. Perhaps, someone had seen it before but afterword they died.

But Liu Yi still went to Fengdu County as based on what Meng Xi said, Fengdu City is hidden there.

Because of raising the banner of a ghost city, Fengdu County had become a tourist city and its development during these two years was very quick. All kinds of tall buildings were built inside making it very flourishing.

Currently, it is in the middle of the day. On the streets, there are people and cars moving around but not bustling at all.

A ghost city but there is no aura of demon and monsters. Instead, it is filled with the vitality of the current era’s city.

Looking at this steel city, Liu Yi cannot help but ask in suspicion, “Is this place really the entrance to Fengdu City?”

“Of course it is here…but it was a thousand years since this servant had come here…”

Meng Xi looks at this current era city and is at a loss, “The human realm inn…right now I don’t know where it is…”

“What the! Isn’t this toying with me!”

Liu Yi’s eyes widen, “Then where should I go and search! Little Jade help me locate the Human Realm Inn!”


Little Jade immediately starts scanning and very quickly she produced the scanned results.

{Master…there are no results…}

{Try taking a taxi.} Lin Tong propose, {A taxi driver should be more familiar with this city .}

{Fine then. I can only do this…}

Liu Yi does not have any other choice and can only stand by the road and flag down a taxi,

Boarding the car, Liu Yi’s head nearly burst from the driver’s heavy Chongqing dialect.

“That…sorry, I am an outsider…”

The driver is a forty-odd middle-age man. When he heard this he nods his head, “Oh, an. outsider…Where is Mr going?”

Liu Yi carries a give it a try attitude and asks the driver, “Senior do you know where the Human World Inn is?”

That driver’s expression immediately turns ambiguous, “Didn’t Mr say that you are not a local? You are quite familiar!”

“That…I was introduced to it by my friend…is there such an inn?” asked Liu Yi.

“Of course!”

The driver laughs, “I have driven my taxi here for over six years where would I not know! Sit properly. We will arrive in a bit! Mr has good taste, hahahaha!”

Liu Yi is confused hearing this, what good taste?

Could it be that that inn is a distinguished feature of the local? Talking about this, this place has the culture of a ghost city. Human Realm Inn and the likes are quite possibly what Fengdu City use to mask themselves. It can attract tourists and earn some quick bucks, how nice!

Thinking till here, Liu Yi becomes a lot calmer. It is fine as long as I can find the place!

The taxi drives very quickly and indeed not long after, they came to the rumored Human Realm Inn!

“Brother, we are there, 20 dollars!”

After Liu Yi had gotten off, when the taxi driver closes the door, he smiles faintly.

“Brother, be careful with your body!”

He steps on the accelerator and sped off.

Liu Yi finds it strange. Take care of my body? Worry about what body? Just finding an inn and I still need to worry about my body?

Liu Yi does not understand. He turns around to see a huge inn behind him. It is 7 stories high and in front of the inn is an enormous fountain. From a look, it’s quality is not small!

On top of the inn hangs a few large words, ‘Human Realm Hotel!’

What the heck! I wanted to go to the Human Realm Inn! When did I want to go to the Human Realm Great Hotel? The taxi driver made a mistake!

“Benefactor…it seems that it is really here.”

Meng Xi’s voice suddenly rings out, “Although it changed a lot…but there is a faint familiar feeling…”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi cannot help but roast, this kind of luxurious hotel is the place that leads to Fengdu City?

“Benefactor. You see the three banners stuck in front of the hotel?”

“Yeah, I see it. What about it?”

“This is deployed according to a unique fengshui. Actually, it is the three joss sticks used to offer sacrifices for the dead.”

Meng Xi’s single sentence causes Liu Yi to have goosebumps.


At this point, Liu Yi also does not have any other choice and can only walk into the hotel.

Inside the hotel is very bright with people walking through and fro. Looks like there is a decent number of customers! The business is also not bad!

A server cordially walks towards Liu Yi. Three pretty receptionist is standing there attracting the attention of the visitors’ line of sight.

A girl asks warmly, “Nice to meet you, sir. Welcome to the Human Realm Hotel. May I know what kind of room do you want?”

Liu Yi is a slightly nervous and asks, “This…is this place Human Realm Inn?”

That sister immediately smiles sweetly before pointing at a tv by the side.

“Seventh-floor sir.”

Seventh floor?

Liu Yi was baffled by this hotel. What is this damn place!

But this place is the only path to Fengdu City thus I can only brace myself and take a look as I walk!

Liu Yi obediently takes the lift to the seventh floor. When the lift door open again, the view in front of him turns slightly dusky.

Different from the bright lobby, this seventh floor’s lightning is very dim making Liu Yi’s heart shiver.

That’s right. It should be here! Only this kind of atmosphere is like the entrance to the ghost city!

A very young man instantly steps forward and asks warmly, “Sir did you come here alone to play.”

“That’s right…is this place the Human Realm Inn?”

Liu Yi glanced at that young man. Two large dark circles under his eyes, pale face, incomparably thin and no different from a ghost.

It seems like I came to the right place.

“It must be! Sir, please follow me!”

The youngster smiles mysteriously before leading the way.


Chapter 812  [Human Realm Hotel]

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