MKW Chapter 811

Chapter 811  [Title below]


Yang Mianmian bites her lips as she rides on top of Liu Yi. She is indeed an iron-bone female warrior!

It seems like she had overcome the slight unavoidable pain as Yang Mianmian starts to ride Liu Yi like a knight.

Liu Yi feels weird in his heart. Although physiologically he feels very comfortable and also very stimulated, psychologically he is upset.

To be conquered by a woman…

Liu Yi indeed has a bit of male chauvinism!

For small matters, he likes to give in to the girls but for big matters…how can it be up to the girls!

But as the two of them dual cultivates, Liu Yi sensed a surge of strength transmitting over from Yang Mianmian’s lower body and enters his body!

Fake Spirit Vein activated…Yang Mianmian’s strength is currently being absorbed by me!

Liu Yi senses an unprecedented strength that he had never possessed before, moving about his body expending!

This kind of strength is like he innately had it and is smoother than the kind of strength that he had obtained from combining bodies with Sky Supporting Pillar, easier to control!

Streams of peculiar black tattoos immediately start to spread upwards bit by bit from the sole of his foot.


When Yang Mianmian sees this scene, she cannot help but become amazed. Isn’t this my Kunlun Secret Technique, Charm Tattoo? Why did it appear on Liu Yi’s body?

While Liu Yi’s hands behind him jolt and with a breaking sound, break the shackles!

He immediately pushes Yang Mianmian down and presses down on her.

“How can a girl ride on top of a guy? You’re trying to rebel!”

As he speaks, Liu Yi snatched back the initiative right and starts the very long campaign!

Soon, Yang Mianmian starts crying out.

While outside a few Kunlun disciples who are listening in the corner start to feel strange.

“Eh? Didn’t Sect Head say that tonight she wants to subdue that letter deliverer?”

“That’s right…right now why does it seems like it is our sect leader who is continuously crying?”

“Damn. Could it be that something happens to Sect Head? Rush in and take a look!”

A fighter rolls up his sleeves like he is going to forcefully charge in.

By the side, a swordmaster immediately stops him.

“Are you mad? This is their family matter! What the heck are you interfering with! At that time if you provoke Sect Head, do you no longer wish to eat?”


That fighter immediately squats down obediently and continues to listen in.

The fight in the room seems to continue for a very long time, from night to morning. In the beginning, Yang Mianmian keeps crying out continuously but in the end, there is only the sound of bodies slapping against each other.

Yang Mianmian’s throat is already mute from crying out.

Those people who were listening in to them, after squatting there till midnight, they went back to cultivate or sleep.

But Liu Yi has a very strong vengeful heart. He keeps making Yang Mianmian soft throughout her entire body, begging for forgiveness.

“I beg you…no…no more…”

Yang Mianmian sprawls on the bed unable to move at all. Her entire body is covered with perspiration and with mist.

Liu Yi asked as he pressed down Yang Mianmian while his long spear keeps drilling, “You’re not going follow me anymore?”

“Real…really do not dare to…husband…this one is wrong…really wrong…”

Yang Mianmian is begging for mercy continuously and only then is Liu Yi perfectly satisfied to let her off.

“This is more like it!”

To be honest, Liu Yi’s capability is not so fierce to fight for an entire night in the past!

But after he had absorbed a part of Yang Mianmian’s strength, it greatly strengthens his flesh body!

As his flesh body becomes stronger, his lower body strength also increased by quite a bit!

Right now, Liu Yi feels like it is not a problem for him to fuck for an entire year!

After subduing Yang Mianmian he gets off the bed.

{Little Jade, clothing.}

{Understood master!}

The AI immediately puts on a black coat on Liu Yi which is Liu Yi’s most favorite style.

“Mm…I, I want to rest for a while…”

Yang Mianmian is no longer able to take it as her body is pitifully weak.

Compared to the energetic Liu Yi, she is unable to take it anymore.

“Then you rest first. I’ll go out and exercise a bit.”

Surges of strength keep expanding inside his body making him wish to find a place to vent.

“Up to you…”

Yang Mianmian says weakly like she is about to fall into a deep sleep.

Liu Yi pushes open the door and walks out with wide steps.

Outside is the Kunlun plaza. A surge of chill air and fresh air presses in from both sides. Liu Yi takes a deep breath and senses his mood becoming better.

When he pushed open the door, the gaze of the Kunlun disciples’ outside who were training lands on him.

“Isn’t this Liu Yi?”

“Where is Sect head?”

When all of their gazes gather on Liu Yi, it causes him to feel uncomfortable.


Liu Yi did not say anything and also do not know what to say to those Kunlun disciples.

I had their sect head thoroughly…there is nothing pertinent to say.

He walks to a corner of the plaza without consulting anyone and stands on top of an enormous platform.

Kunlun Mountain summit is an enormous platform. It should be because of being cut off by the god.

This ice mountain’s ice is incomparably hard and is even harder than diamond!

Liu Yi stands in a corner of the platform before raising his right hand which he clenched into a fist.

Tremendous strength flows into his fist as Liu Yi bends over and smashes his fist into the ice surface underneath him.

-cracking sound-

Instantly a section of the summit ruptures open and instantly collapses from Liu Yi’s attack. It finally slides down.

The group of Kunlun disciples were so startled that their hair stands on end!

Fucking hell! Earlier his strength was so horrifying and now it seems like it had become even stronger by a few times!

Does he still want to let people live?

Perhaps only those seniors who are hidden in closed-door cultivation could fight against his current strength!

After this punch, Liu Yi sits down and starts meditating.

He had to admit that after eating Yang Mianmian, it helped him greatly.

The three sun jades in his body are completely filled up now and are starting to work towards the fourth sun jade.

His strength had also increased by a section and under no other additional situation, he had restored to his peak of 18 starjades.

After the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation, he will enter the heaven realm, the peak of 19 starjade.

With God Transformation, he will enter the beginning stage of 23rd starjade! Enabling this true body, he will immediately stride over into the peak of 23rd starjade!

This is the contribution of 3 sun jades!

When I restore all four starjades, I can fight against experts of 25 starjades!

In the future when I open the 5th, 6th…

Then even if it is the realm crossing guardian, I will also have the strength to fight against them!

Nine Yang God Qi is indeed heaven-defying. Furthermore, I also have my Fog Qi!

If I can absorb Zhang Yunyun’s Nine Yin Demon Qi…perhaps, in this world, I might really have no enemy …

Unparalleled in the world…unparalleled in the world!

If I am unparalleled in the world then who would dare fight against me!

At that time, everyone would bow before me!

{Big idiot! Quickly wake up!}

Just as Liu Yi is slightly about to go mad, a loveable cry rings out in his mind.

It is Immortal Fox Sister!

Liu Yi is instantly covered in cold sweat…

What the fuck, nearly fell into bedevilment!

Indeed the faster one increases in strength, the more unstable ones mental state is!

Looks like as one increases in strength, one must also keep consolidating one’s mental state…

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and lets his mental state maintain serenity.

This meditate of his went for countless of days.

The sun in the sky rises and falls and very quickly darkness descends.

The Kunlun disciples are all standing in the plaza. None of them leave as they silently observe Liu Yi.

How did this fellow’s strength increase again? Could it be that he plucked yin to replenish his yang and plucked our Sect Head?

Although a lot of people have such thoughts, no one dares to enter Sect Head’s room to look and get to the bottom of the matter!

They can only wait…

They waited till the sunrise of the second day. The Sect Head that they are longing for had finally walked out from the room in leopard skin clothing and does a stretch.

Instantly the Kunlun disciples wish to cry.

Wuwuwuwu, Sect Head, you have finally come out!

If you did not come out, we would have starved to death!

After Yang Mianmian walks out of the room, she immediately sees Liu Yi who is sitting down in the corner of the mountain summit.

She immediately walks over aggressively!

A group of Kunlun disciples are waiting to watch a show, is this going to fight?

Looks like Liu Yi did something to Sect Head!

Like a meteor catching up with the moon, Yang Mianmian swiftly reaches Liu Yi’s side before looking down at him who is sitting on the ground.

Sensing people getting close, Liu Yi breathed out a mouthful of impure air and stop his meditation and open his eyes.

“Mianmian? Have you rested enough?”

“Yes, husband…”

Yang Mianmian replies sweetly before kneeling down and shrinks into Liu Yi’s embrace. Like a little cat she rubs against Liu Yi, “Husband did not even come in to take a look at this one…this one really missed you…”

The group of Kunlun disciples instantly kneel onto the ground!

What the fuck! Who is this woman! Is this our Sect Head?!

“Fuck! Who on earth are you!”

A swordmaster is unable to take it and points, “To pretend to be our Sect Head! Liu Yi, you got guts to find someone to pretend to be our Sect Head! Hand over our Sect Head! Otherwise, we shall be impolite to you!”

He raises his sword.

“Fucking hell! Shouting for what!”

Yang Mianmian who was just like a cute and helpless-looking girl immediately stands up as she grabs a black ax and tosses towards that swordmaster!

That axe rubs pass the sword master’s ear and chops into the icicle behind him, instantly running through that icicle!

“All of you scram! Didn’t you see that I am being intimate with my husband?”

This fiery character…is none other than our Sect Head …

The group of Kunlun disciples’ cheeks was streaming with tears. We had thought that something had happened to our sect head…looks like everything is fine now…

Liu Yi who is sitting there says faintly, “Be more lady-like.”

“Yes, husband…”

Yang Mianmian immediately pulls back into Liu Yi’s embrace making the group of Kunlun disciples admire endlessly!

Fucking hell! This Liu Yi is damn valiant! To tame Sect Head into this manner! Awesome indeed!

Yang Mianmian asks by Liu Yi’s ear, “Husband, are you hungry? Want me to make some food for you to eat? Our Kunlun’s gourmet is number one under heaven! Husband has been meditating for a day already, it will be bad if you become hungry…”

“Let’s put this by the side first. I have an even more important matter that I want to ask.”


Chapter 811  [Tame]

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