MKW Chapter 808

Chapter 808  [Title below]


{It is the Ten Heavenly Stems!}

Lin Tong hurriedly says, {Although it is only two characters but it can be confirmed! These people use heavenly stems to replace their names! Earlier that Ye Heng who was Third, right now this assassin is Seventh! That means that they still have eight more people forming First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth!}

{Ten Heavenly Stems…}

This is the first time Liu Yi had heard of this organization, “Meng Xi have you heard of this organization?”

“This…this is also my first time hearing about it…”

Meng Xi who is in her small spider form replies, “But I do not know why…I seem to have a faint recollection…”

“Motherfucker! Where the fuck did this damn assassin emerge from!”

At this moment Yang Mianmian who is standing by the side roars in anger, “To turn my Kunlun’s scared competition into such a state! I cannot live under the same sky as them!”

“They are the Ten Heavenly Stems.”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and replies, “Female hero have you heard of this name?”

“What female hero! I have a name!”

Yang Mianmian rolls her eyes, “My name is Yang Mianmian do you not  remember it?”

Fuck, how are you like Mianmian!

Liu Yi wishes to roast her but for his future friendship, he just bears with it.

This is the so-called, retreating a step opens wide seas and skies! I am so grand, kneel and worship me!

“Fine. Yang Mianmian. Do you know about the Ten Heavenly Stems?”

Liu Yi is only concentrating on asking about this mysterious organization.

But Yang Mianmian asks Liu Yi for his name“You know my name why are you not saying yours? Letter deliverer, what is your name?”

“This one is Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi can only cup his hands and gives a happy greeting.

“Liu Yi? Doesn’t sound familiar…”

Yang Mianmian only frowns before turning around and asks those around her.

“Oi. Have you heard of him before?”

“Did not…”

“First time hearing!”

“When are we going to eat?”

Yang Mianmian stomps her feet in anger, “Fuck! A group of rice buckets who only know how to eat!”

Liu Yi is gloomy in his heart as well. Right now I can be considered as rather famous in inner pavilions. Why does Kunlun not know of me?

Could it be that this group of people are so closed up and have never received any news from the outside world?

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “That…are you guys living like ancient times?”

“What a joke!”

Yang Mianmian rolls his eyes, “We have internet! A super-fast one too! The sacred competition has been going on, thus it is strictly prohibited to connect to the internet. Thus it has been over a month since we have gotten in touch with news from the outside world!”

What the heck, so it is like this!

Liu Yi says in his heart, no wonder although she speaks modern she has never heard of me before. Looks like cultivating in Kunlun is also very difficult. Bitter fighter for a year also means that unable to connect to the internet for a year. Just how bitter that is!

When I have nothing to do I would let Little Jade display manga, novels, and the likes otherwise life would be too monotonous!

Liu Yi says helplessly, “Later you can go online and check…recently there is a lot of news about me…”

“Mm. Okay. Ma Baihe go and check!”

“Ah! Okay! Then can you give me another piece of chicken drumstick for tonight’s dinner?” asked a female fighter.

“Fucking hell! Get moving! Drag anymore and you shall go hungry!”

“Going now! Going now!”

The female fighter does not dare to dream anymore and hurriedly slips away.

Liu Yi cannot help but sweat. Looks like eating is very important to this group of people …

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat, “That…can we first discuss the matter regarding the Ten Heavenly Stems?”

“Ah? Ten Heavenly Stems! I’ve heard of it before.”

Yang Mianmian cups her chin and says, “But that should be something that happened a long time ago…based on logic, they shouldn’t be alive…”

“What matter? Please say it.”

Liu Yi is very curious about this mysterious organization. What are they planning in secret and why do they call me a chess piece?

No one wishes to be a chess piece and Liu Yi is also the same.

“It should be a matter 2000 years ago!”

Yang Mianmian mutters, “Back then, it was still the world of Great Qin. Qin had just unified the entire country and established the Qin Dynasty!”

“Why would this be tagged over to Qin Shihuang?”

Liu Yi does not understand, “I heard that Qin Shihuang had always wished to cultivate but in the end, there was no effect and he died!”

“That is your history!”

Yang Mianmian waves her hand, “Only the older generation know about the reality behind this matter!”

“What is the truth?”

Liu Yi becomes curious. He realizes that he is seeking information regarding the cultivation world! Because a lot of stories in the cultivation world are too interesting, making him fascinated!

“The truth is that Qin Shihuang was a cultivator with a deep cultivation base!”

What Yang Mianmian said instantly gave Liu Yi a fright.

What the fuck! What is this game? Qin Shihuang is a cultivator?

And also possesses a deep cultivation base?

“What…what grade was Qin Shihuang?”

“Perhaps he had exceeded the realm crossing stage.”

Yang Mianmian estimated a bit before saying, “Early during the era of the seven warring states, there is an enormous number of cultivators! Back then there were not that many inner pavilion sects. It was due to a large number of cultivators from different countries fighting causing a large number of them to die in battle. The remaining cultivators became weary of the secular and found a few places to establish their illusion realms and formed the sects of the inner pavilion. The person who established my Kunlun Mountain is also the same. Back then he was the Teacher of states of Zhao. After losing a war he became discouraged and led a number of his disciples and came to Kunlun Mountain to establish our sect!”

“So it was like this!”

This time Liu Yi’s astonishment is not small. So in the past cultivators were like this?

“Of course. Once upon a time, cultivators were active in the secular world and helped their own nation’s Lord to campaign the whole of china! But no one expects that Qin Shihuang’s cultivation was too powerful, finally sweeping away the six-nation! While back then the greatest sect that Qin Shihuang had self-created is the Qin Imperial Palace! It is said that Qin Shihuang possesses a mystical palace and it is this Qin Imperial Palace. Inside the palace are innumerable treasures but they were defended by 72 Earthly Demon Generals and 36 Heavenly Spirit Marshals. Outsiders do not know where this Qin Imperial Palace is and even if they knew, they are unable to enter! Not only is Qin Shihuang’s cultivation base very unreasonable, but his 72 Earthly Demon Generals and 36 Heavenly Spirit Marshals are also all heaven realm experts! Furthermore, they also have ten experts who have the strength of a realm crossers which is the Ten Heavenly Stems!”

The Ten Heavenly Stems possess the standard of Realm Crosser?

Wrong! If the two people whom I had defeated are from the Ten Heavenly Stems but their cultivation was only around 23 starjades!

“Later on Qin Shihuang challenged the Nine Heavens and even wished to unify the six realms! Finally, the Gods descended into the world. Over hundreds of gods but none of them could defeat Qin Shihuang. Finally, the God-Emperor used a stratagem to instigate one of the ten heavenly stems and deceived Qin Shihuang to fall into a trap and sealed himself! Furthermore, the rest of the ten heavenly stems were all beheaded and only their souls were able to escape entering reincarnation.”

Liu Yi’s heart was moved. Could it be that those two ten heavenly stems…their cultivation was what they had recultivated after reincarnation?

No wonder their souls would be kept away by the moonlight after dying!

But where did the moonlight bring them to? Could it be the rumored Qin Imperial Palace?

Liu Yi is slightly moved after all Qin Shihuang alone could defeat over a hundred gods and finally, the God-Emperor could only use strategy to trick him into a trap which is really valiant!

When can I have this kind of might!

“This is gloomy.”

Yang Mianmian sighs again, “Back then there were no techniques nor rules for cultivation. In any of the six realms, anyone can breakthrough through the first layer of heaven. Later on to prevent this kind of situation from happening again, the gods, the first generation god-emperor exhausted all of his cultivation to set up this law. If you wish to breakthrough through the first layer of heaven, then you must go to another realm. If you wish to go to another realm, then you must challenge the Realm Crossing Guardian! The Realm Crossing Guardian’s might is absolute so how is it possible to defeat them!”

“These gods are too rotten!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “But the Ten Heavenly Stems running out and restarted their activity, could it be that they wish to revive Qin Shihuang?”

Liu Yi thinks for a while and there only seems to be this possibility!

“Damn it…hearing you saying it seems like it is really the case…”

Yang Mianmian also became slightly afraid, “If Qin Shihuang really revives…then this world will really turn into a huge mess…”

“But if Qin Shihuang is able to revive, perhaps the first thing he might do is to beat up the gods in the nine heavens!”

“Nothing but expelling the wolf to chase the tiger.”

Yang Mianmian snorts, “Since young, I heard of stories regarding Qin Shihuang. That fellow is a tyrant! A complete tyrant! Those that do not submit to him will all be killed! Not to mention a person like you is the first that he will kill off!”

“Then forget it. Looks like this Qin Shihuang and Gods are nothing good!”

“Then, in essence, there is no difference!”

Yang Mianmian agrees to what Liu Yi said, “Anyways…no matter what we must also prevent Qin Shihuang from reviving…if he revives…then that would be too scary…we will all die.”

Qin Shihuang will not let off the rest of the cultivators. Back then the reason why he did not care about the inner pavilion is that he was fighting a war against the gods.

When he revived, he will wish to strengthen himself. At that time the cultivators of the inner pavilion might not be able to escape. If they do not submit to him…then it will lead to death.

Liu Yi’s heart turns slightly heavy. Little lass makes me run to all of the Inner Pavilion Sects and prepare the 5 Spirit Gathering…could it be it is to let me know of these matters?

If it was only to know about this matter? Why didn’t she tell it to me directly?

“Oh? It seems like there is something on the ground…”

Yang Mianmian looks below the location where the assassin self-exploded. There is an unremarkable wooden tablet that she picks up.

Liu Yi took it and takes a look. Indeed it is the same as the wooden tablet that I had picked up from Ye Heng earlier. Just that the character is ‘Seventh’.

Could it be that…little lass wants me to collect these?

Little lass…just what do you want me to do. Cant, you just tell it to me! My head is about to explode!


Chapter 808  [Undefeated Emperor Qin]

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