MKW Chapter 806

Chapter 806  [Title below]


Gods are naturally warlike. This is deep in their bones.

After Liu Yi cultivated Nine Yang God Qi, naturally he also possesses this kind of character!

Warlike at the deepest level!

Thus when he sees Yang Mianmian, not only did Liu Yi not turn timid, instead, he becomes even more excited.

Like to fight? Very good then, let’s have a good fight!

“Fucking hell! I just don’t believe!”

Yang Mianmian’s unyielding was beaten out. She holds the enormous ax in reverse slicing upwards at Liu Yi!

As the ax slices upwards, the friction with the air instantly causes the ax to turn hot as it becomes covered in raging flames!

If this ax lands on the body, perhaps it will instantly slice a person in two!

But Liu Yi is also not a vegetarian. He stretches out his hand and grabs the ax with his left hand causing the ax to stop rising!

Yang Mianmian’s face is red from exertion but is unable to lift up the ax. She cannot take it and glares at Liu Yi and ask, “Damn it! Are you a monster!”

“You monster.”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes. How can this girl have the right to call other’s monsters!

She has such huge strength. Is she really a girl?

Could it be a legendary gay? No, her breasts are clearly quite impressive!

Cough, what am I thinking! Committing a sin!

“Motherfucker! Why am I unable to defeat you!”

Yang Mianmian is very unhappy and wishes to slap Liu Yi to death but it is a pity that she is unable to.

Could it be that I can only use the secret technique of Kunlun? Damn it! I didn’t expect that I would need to use the Kunlun secret technique for this fellow!

“It is you who is asking for it! Being able to die under my Kunlun’s secret technique is considered as your fortune!”

“Aiyah…how can this be…” Liu Yi shakes his head, “I still have not lived enough!”

“This is not up to you! Kunlun Secret Technique!”

Along with Yang Mianmian’s shout, those tattoos on her body instantly seem to come alive and move about her body!

Within moments, those tattoos left her skin and converge into the center of her hands!

Very quickly, those black tattoos really condensed into shapes and transformed into a three meters long enormous ax!

While Yang Mianmian’s body lets out a few cracking sounds like something was snapped off.

Following which a few black chains drop-down of Yang Mianmian’s body like she had taken off some shackles.

“I have released my full strength! Accept your death!”

“Oi, oi. Why must the letter deliverer accept his death…”

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend.

“Less nonsense! Take this move!”

As Yang Mianmian speaks, she stomps the group ferociously with her right foot.

Instantly the entire Kunlun Mountain starts shaking as cracks spread out in all directions.

Liu Yi is unable to stand firmly as his body sways a few times!

What the fuck! How did this woman’s strength increase by so much! Are there no heavenly laws!

Liu Yi suddenly revolves the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and Scarlet Blood Sutra before gathering them in both his hands!

Very quickly a pair of boxing gloves appear on his hands. The left is the snow-white ice glove while the right is a golden red flame glove.

Using violence to curb violence!

Today Liu Yi shall take down Yang Mianmian!

“Take this!”

Yang Mianmian toss the ax in her hand at Liu Yi!

The rear section of that enormous ax is linked with a chain while the other end of the chain is tied to Yang Mianmian’s hand!

An enormous ax turned into a flying hatchet whizzing through the air towards Liu Yi’s head.

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

Liu Yi hits out a palm at the enormous ax and the six swords instantly appear in front of his palm like a peacock spreading its tail as they keep revolving. With a clanging sound, it blocks that sky cleaving enormous ax

Liu Yi felt his entire body trembling and nearly was forced into retreating!

Even the God Sword Protecting Body also has some difficulty blocking Yang Mianmian’s ax! It can be seen from this how perverted Yang Mianmian’s strength is!

“What the fuck! Did you take a Vigorous Pill?!”

“Hmph! How it is possible for you to understand my secret technique?”

The enormous ax was deflected before being grabbed by Yang Mianmian in her hands.

After regaining the axe, she did not stop attacking. She leaps forward and once again chops down at Liu Yi.

This time Yang Mianmian’s chopping distance was even further away. The height is even lower as she uses the lower elevation to reinforce this move!

Along with the fact that her strength had increased by countless times as well, it is too difficult to defend against this jumping chop head on!

But Liu Yi insists on fighting head-on! No other methods will make Yang Mianmian accept wholeheartedly!

He takes a deep breath before instantly exploding out with nine small golden suns!

At the same time, he raises both his hands and simply uses his hands that were covered by gloves to grab hold of this jumping chop!

An enormous clank exploded out from Liu Yi’s hand!

His legs bend as the ice underneath him sinks down a few meters!

The summit of Kunlun Mountain is not ordinary ice. This kind of ice is even harder than diamond!

At this moment, Liu Yi and Yang Mianmian are fighting, causing the entire stage to turn into a wreck like a nuke had gone off! The entire place is covered with holes making it look dreadful!

“You can still use your bare hands to receive my ax!!?”

Yang Mianmian nearly bit off her own tongue! How is this possible!

Liu Yi’s hands are holding the ax. Because of his God Transformation, his cultivation had increased countless times!

“You…are indeed slightly stronger! But in the wider world, there are people more talented than yourself. Today if I do not teach you a lesson, you won’t know how powerful am I!”

As Liu Yi speaks, his hands suddenly tug behind him!

Because of the ax being pulled, Yang Mianmian was dragged forward a few steps!

While Liu Yi moves forward and arrives in front of Yang Mianmian.

He did not have protective feelings for the fairer sex and does not treat Yang Mianmian any differently!


Liu Yi’s palm hits Yang Mianmian in his stomach causing her to fly up into the sky. She was then grabbed by Liu Yi with his other hand before being smashed down onto the ground again.


Liu Yi raises his leg before stomping on Yang Mianmian’s back jolting her body while the entire Kunlun Mountain also keeps shaking!

After eating two moves in a row, Yang Mianmian relies on her powerful flesh body and thus did not receive too many injuries.

“Damn it! Eat my ax!”

Yang Mianmian jumps up from the ground and sweeps horizontally with the ax!

The ax sweeps across the air creating heat!

But Liu Yi does a bridge and easily dodges. By the time the ax sweeps past, he stands up again before pushing forward and knocking Yang Mianmian’s chest with his shoulder.

Yang Mianmian was instantly knocked back a few steps and finally stomps, breaking a few pieces of ice before stabilizing her body.

“What is the use of only relying on brute force?”

Liu Yi walks forwards slowly as he smiles confidently, “Earlier I let you hit me. Now it should be my turn to show my might!”

As he speaks, he stomps his feet and arrives in front of Yang Mianmian. His fists are like lightning as he attacks, giving rise to a storm like punches.

Yang Mianmian raises the ax and uses the enormous ax body to block Liu Yi’s continuous attack. But her current appearance is clearly very strenuous. Clearly, Liu Yi’s attack gives her a lot of pressure!

While her ax is about to give way. Fingernail deep fist imprints were left on the ax body!

Currently, Yang Mianmian’s heart is extremely astonished. She had used Kunlun’s secret technique but was still being beaten!

Yang Mianmian’s heart moved and suddenly recalled a prophecy that a spirit master elder who had hidden up enter seclusion made for her.

// “Yang Shou. There will be a day when a youngster from outside would use his strength to subdue your daughter!” //

She recalled that back then, when her father heard this, he laughed loudly.

Because he does not believe that a youngster from outside would be able to defeat his daughter!

Back then Yang Mianmian was also proud and arrogant and did not take this sentence seriously.

Right now…could it be that…this prophecy is going to come true?

Yang Mianmian looks at Liu Yi who is still throwing out punches and feel like she is dreaming.

“Final punch!”

Liu Yi’s lips curl up as his right fist draws back to his waist like a cannonball about to blast out, “Woman, are you prepared?”

As he finished, Liu Yi’s fist that was wrapped with the flame glove punched out.

That fist carries a golden-red flame as it lands on Yang Mianmian’s ax.


The enormous ax instantly cave in exaggeratedly and was broken by Liu Yi’s punch!

The fist is still burning with flames and stops in front of Yang Mianmian’s face.

Liu Yi smiles and asks, “Still want to continue?”

Yang Mianmian is stunned. The enormous ax formed from her secret technique should be indestructible …right now it was destroyed by this fellow’s punch…

Could it be that…he is that man from the prophecy…Yang Mianmian. Did your natural enemy finally appear?

“I, I….”

At this moment, Yang Mianmian does not know what she should say as her frame of mind is very complicated.

While Liu Yi is slightly proud of himself. It looks like I have finally beaten this woman!

Kunlun Mountain is a group of fellows who believe in violence!

At this moment, an ice-cold dagger silently appears by Liu Yi’s throat.

Before Liu Yi can react, that dagger cut open Liu Yi’s artery.

Yang Mianmian stares at Liu Yi in shock as he collapses in front of her. While behind him, a Kunlun disciple wearing spirit master clothing is standing behind him without anyone knowing.

Impossible…how it is possible for a Kunlun spirit master to use a dagger!

“You are not a disciple of my Kunlun!”

Yang Mianmian swings out the shackle on her arm and that shackles immediately twist around that spirit master in front of her.

“Who are you!”

This assassin killed off that letter deliverer in front of me! Dammit! When had an outsider sneaked into Kunlun!

While that spirit master did not make any sound as his body transformed into a shadow allowing the shackle to pass through his body.


Chapter 806   [Assassin!]

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