MKW Chapter 805

Chapter 805  [Title below]


“Kill this fellow!”

“Don’t let him walk out alive!”

These Kunlun disciples are fearless. After a disciple was defeated, a hundred charge up!

Liu Yi does not have any fear at all as he jumps into the crowd.

The surrounding disciples from the three powers all leap forward. The fighters are wielding axes, hammers, all kinds of heavy weapons!

The swordmasters are holding door-sized greatswords, executing all kind of exquisite sword techniques like they are going to slice Liu Yi into pieces.

The spirit masters are even more direct as they toss out fire arrows or ice arrows from their hands. It is like a tempest of fire and ice continuously greeting Liu Yi!

Liu Yi did not take out any weapon as he releases his six swords and uses God Sword Protecting Body and blocks their attacks!

At the same time, his body expands over two meters tall as Fire-ice Armor covers his body. He clenches his fist and walks into the crowd of Kunlun disciples.

A swordmaster stabs his sword towards Liu Yi’s stomach.

Liu Yi raises his leg and kicks the sword to the ground before kicking that swordmaster away.

“Eat my ax!”

A fighter arrives in front of Liu Yi chopping down with his ax. Liu Yi did not even dodge as he relies on his God Sword Protecting Body to guard against this ax. When the ax clash with his swords, it created sparks.

Taking advantage of the fighter stopping he pulls that fighter over with his hand and headbutts him ruthlessly.

That fighter’s face is covered in blood as he collapsed onto the ground.

Two fire arrows fly in front of Liu Yi. He turns around and lets out a shout at the two fire arrows! 

The airwave instantly knocks the two fire arrows away into the two nearest fighters.

Facing over a hundred people, Liu Yi is like an undefeated war god, relying only on his hands and legs. The longer he fights, the more courageous he gets defeating the disciples of Kunlun into retreating!


Seeing how the Kunlun disciples were beaten so badly by a single person, Yang Mianmian instantly becomes angered.

“All of you trash, Kunlun’s air is used to raise idiots?! To not even defeat an outsider! Where can my Kunlun’s face be placed!”

“Sect, sect leader…this, this fellow is too powerful!”

“That’s right…he is very perverted! To fight against us with bare hands!”

“Our techniques are unable to get close to his body! Even if we hit, it does not cause any injury! The defense of the six swords are too violent!”

The imposing manner of the Kunlun disciples earlier had completely disappeared and was beaten by Liu Yi until they were dispirited.

“All of you are trash! Attack now! Otherwise, all of you will get punished and not allowed to eat for 3 months!”

Although cultivators seem to not need to eat in Kunlun, it seems like eating is a very important thing!

When Yang Mianmian says these, those Kunlun disciples who were slightly depressed all started yelling!

“Kill, kill him ah!”

“That’s right, for the banquet!”

Seeing those Kunlun disciples rushing at him yelling, Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead.

Are these fellows all foodies…

Instantly several tens of Kunlun disciples had arrived in front of Liu Yi. All of them using their best moves to attack Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi stands still without panic as he raises his palm and slaps the ground ferociously with Glorious Sun Palm.

“Army destruction!”

The ice layer underneath Liu Yi sinks down deeply as the surrounding was affected by an enormous shockwave smashing into the Kunlun disciples rushing over.

These Kunlun disciples rush over faster and fly back even faster!

Several tens of them smashed into the surroundings like rain.

“Fucking hell! What is this situation!”

Seeing this scene, Yang Mianmian clenches his teeth and says in anger, “All of you rice buckets! Could it be that you guys want to make me take action?!”

“Sect master…looks like you can only take action!”

“That’s right sect master…we…we are unable…”

The Kunlun disciples were almost crying.

“Motherfucker, I let you guys eat for nothing! How did my Kunlun’s rice nurture all of you rice buckets! Trash!”

Yang Mianmian is very unhappy but at this moment Liu Yi is displaying his might beating the Kunlun disciples until they do not know north. If she does not take action, then Kunlun’s face would be completely lost!

“Good fellow, since this is the case then today, I shall make you remain here!”

As she speaks, Yang Mianmian kicks up an ax that is lying on the ground with her naked leg.

That ax is crafted from some stone essence and looks to be very heavy. It was kicked up by Yang Mianmian high up into the air before she grabs hold of it.

But the ax is indeed too heavy as the ice underneath Yang Mianmian cracks.

This is not over yet as Yang Mianmian kicks up yet another hammer, holding an ax with one hand and a hammer with the other.

“What the! Female giant god?”

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi became speechless. Are you for real…is there a need to turn so frightening!

“Bring it on! Let me experience your power!”

As she speaks, Yang Mianmian leaps forward over ten meters into the sky. She places the ax behind her while bringing down the hammer ferociously, smashing down on Liu Yi!

This force is very enormous. Liu Yi who is standing on the ground can feel a powerful wind pressure against his face despite being a few meters away, causing him to feel pain.

Just how valiant is this girl…did she eat Vigorous Pills as candy since childhood?

The ten meters distance is cleared very quickly.

The hammer in Yang Mianmian’s hands reaches in front of Liu Yi. The surrounding ground had already been pressed down a layer due to the wind!

It can be seen how great is Yang Mianmian’s strength is!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and he did not choose to dodge.

To make Yang Mianmian accept wholeheartedly, then there is only one method! Force oneself upon her! It is meeting force with force!

Liu Yi stomps the ground causing the ground to break into pieces.

At the same time, his right fist does an uppercut. Gathered in his fist is his Fog Qi as well as all of the strength from Sky Supporting Pillar facing the descending hammer.

The fist and hammer collide into one another and instantly an enormous shockwave spreads out!

The surrounding Kunlun disciples were all sent flying by the shockwave with none being the exception.

Even the valiant physique fighters are unable to escape. They were all sent flying all over the place by the shockwave, smashing all over the place.

The normally valiant fighters are now as weak as chickens!

In front of this horrifying strength, they are pathetic.

The most astonishing one is Yang Mianmian!

For so many years, Yang Mianmian had never met another person who is of equal strength as her!

Back then when Yang Mianmian’s father was still the sect leader, he had considered his daughter’s marriage.

Yang Mianmian is rather pretty and naturally attracted the attention of a lot of guys.

But Yang Mianmian let out a sentence which makes all of the guy’s retreat.

If you want to marry me then you must defeat me!

It can be said that in Kunlun, other than those perverted elders who had entered seclusion and no longer bother about the affairs of life, no one else is Yang Mianmian’s match.

Even her father is inferior to his daughter in terms of strength. There are people who suspect that Yang Mianmian is the reincarnation of a Strength God!

Thus Yang Mianmian had always been very arrogant and very confident of her strength!

But this time, she realized that she was wrong, greatly wrong!

This guy who looks unremarkable easily received my jumping hammer!

If this hammer had landed on the ground, a section of Kunlun Mountain would have been smashed!

This guy is still safe and sound while my hammer had snapped and shattered into pieces!

In front of Yang Mianmian’s shocked gaze, Liu Yi shakes his fist and says, “What the heck, your strength is too large! My claw was nearly broken!”

His hand is perfectly fine?! Only pain?! What is this guy’s body made of? Even if it was diamond it would have been destroyed from my attack!

Yang Mianmian looks at Liu Yi for a long time and after staring for half a day she finally says, “What is your background?”

“I am here to deliver a letter!”

Liu Yi says innocently, “Why is there a need for you guys to attack or kill me? So many attacking at the same time, isn’t it bullying people?”

Fucking hell! Just who is the one bullying who! I have so many people but we are unable to defeat you! You say that we are bullying you, how is there any fucking justice!

Just how shameless is this fellow!

“Sending a letter? Today I shall make you send your life!”

Yang Mianmian is really angered. The way Liu Yi speaks is an insult to their Kunlun!

Today it is either he dies or I die!

Thinking to here, Yang Mianmian tosses away the broken hammer and grabs the ax with both her hands. She stabilizes her legs and twists her waist fiercely, turning the ax into an enormous windmill chopping at Liu Yi.

A hammer cannot be compared to an ax. Axes are very sharp, furthermore, under the angered Yang Mianmian who chops down with all of her strength, if Liu Yi wishes to use his flesh body to resist, then he might be chopped in two!

While Liu Yi still did not dodge. The six swords suddenly merge together forming a two meters long sword. Liu Yi grabs hold of the hilt and stabs it in front of him.


The axe chops onto the blade causing the blade to let out a dragon cry before trembling.

Yang Mianmian’s hands are numb, the webbing between the fingers is very painful and she nearly cries out.

Fucking hell.. how strong is this person who delivers letters!

Yang Mianmian glanced at her fingers webbing. They are split open as blood trickles down.

As for Liu Yi, he is holding the enormous sword not moving. His lips curl up like he is somewhat excited.


Chapter 805   [I just delivering the letters!]

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