MKW Chapter 804

Chapter 804  [Title below]


As the two of them continue to speed through the hole, Meng Xi says into Liu Yi’s ear, “Benefactor, I seem to have heard of this event before.”

“Oh? How did you know?”

“After all, in the past, I was Ye Heng’s spirit pet. I do know a few matters.”

Meng Xi says, “I heard that this leadership fight is very impressive. To choose the number one power, the three powers will fight against each other in a group fight. The power with a person remaining shall be the king!”

Liu Yi cannot help but say, “This method is rather barbaric…didn’t expect that Kunlun would use this kind of method to choose their king…tradition…”

“Yeah. I heard that to them, this is very holy and honorable. If there are outsiders who came to disturb, they will drop the fight and kill that outsider together!”

“What the fuck!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi start sweating, “Then how many people are in Kunlun Mountain?”

Meng Xi roughly calculated and says, “Around 10 I guess.”

“Fuck, that is still okay.”

Liu Yi breathed out a sigh of relief. Only ten or more is nothing. I should be able to challenge this Kunlun Mountain.

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While the exit of the hole is becoming closer and closer. A light shines into their eyes.

“We are exiting!”

“Mm. Benefactor, please be careful.”

“Relax. Isn’t it just 10+ people….”

Liu Yi charged out of the hole and was stunned as he looks at the large plaza that is filled with over a hundred people and swallows his saliva.

What is this fucking situation! Where are the 10+ people that we had agreed on!

This is fucking over 100 people which is a bit too deranged already right! Could it be that Kunlun Mountain does not pay attention to family planning?

Currently, on the stage is over 100 people. At the very center, two men, one with a naked upper body and a burly physique while the other is slim and slender. The burly one had some black tattoos on his body and is holding a two meters long hammer brandishing it about! The slim guy is holding a door size black great sword! His defense is very tight. Although he is a lot more slender, his strength is not smaller as he perfectly blocks the other party’s attack.

“This is Kunlun Mountain’s fighter and swordmaster!”

Meng Xi who is in a small spider form grabs hold of Liu Yi’s hair and says, “Fighters are born with extraordinary strength while swordmasters have exquisite sword-plays! By the side there are some cultivators who are wearing gowns, they are the spirit masters who can control the 5 elements in the air to attack! These are Kunlun’s three powers!.”

Liu Yi wishes to bite his own tongue and suicide, “What is going on there are a 100+ people who suddenly appeared!”

“Oh…this…after all the last time this servant came here was a thousand years ago…”

Meng Xi says embarrassed, “There will be some small deviation.”

“This is considered as a small deviation?! Hurry and scram to your mother’s mother’s home!”

Liu Yi wishes to curse.

While they are competing, when outsiders suddenly enter, this instantly attracted the attention of the people.

A barbarous girl wearing a leopard pattern shirt baring her arms and legs stands up and shouts at Liu Yi, “Who is the one who entered!”

Liu Yi looks over and cannot help but take a look at her a few more times.

Her figure is not bad, very well rounded. Those places that should be big is big while those that should be small are small. It can be said that other than her breasts which are slightly smaller, her other areas are nowhere lacking compared to Wang Lele!

Her skin is a healthy wheat color. One of her hands is on her waist while the other is hanging by her butt, completely unruly.

Especially those strange tattoos on her body which makes her have a kind of wild charm.

Liu Yi appreciates her leopard pattern clothing the most. But taking a closer look, it is really made from leopard skin…

From the looks of it, she should be a fighter. To stand on top of ice with her bare legs. If it was an ordinary person, perhaps they would have gotten sick. These fighters are too close to nature! Is there a need to be so ecological!

That girl seems to have rallying capability. With her shout instantly those 100+ people glare at Liu Yi in anger causing his heart to go pitapat.

Fucking hell what is this, a group beating?

“I apologize for disturbing everyone’s competition. This one is the messenger for the 5 Spirit Gathering!”

Liu Yi does not wish to have an unnecessary fight and hurriedly explains his identity as well as the 5 Spirit Gathering.

“5 Spirit Gathering? 5 spirits gather together? Interesting, interesting…”

The female fighter cannot help but nods her head. “Good. This kind of matter cannot be lacking the participation of Kunlun. How about this. Today we shall take care of you. You can watch peacefully by the side. Wait till our holy battle has ended, then we shall look into your matter.”

“Thank you fairy.”

“What fairy. Hearing it sounds so uncomfortable! Call me by my name!”

The female points at herself swiftly and says, “I am the Queen of Kunlun Mountain. My name is Yang Mianmian.”

What the heck you called Yang Mianmian when you are so swift and fierce?! Are you for real?

“Fine then Yang Mianmian. Then can I ask a question?”

Yang Mianmian stomps the ground causing Kunlun Mountain to trembles, “Annoying! Are you a man or not! If you have things to say then just say it! Stop delaying our holy competition!”

“That…how long does this competition need?”

Yang Mianmian waves her hand and says, “Not long. Not long. Just a year!”

What the fuck! One year is not long? One year is enough for me to make a baby!

Liu Yi hurriedly said, “A year is too long! The 5 Spirit Gathering is starting on the 15th of the first month! Why don’t you let me finish my invitation? It will end before you guys continue your fight.”

This way is the best sequence!

Yang Mianmian becomes slightly angered as she wrinkles her nose and scolds lovably, “You are looking down on our fight?”

-roaring sounds-

By the side, those hundred plus people also roar. Liu Yi says in his heart, fucking hell are you guys a sect or a triad!

Yang Mianmian is like the big sister of a triad.

“Nothing is allowed to disturb our holy fight! Watch calmly by the side. I do not wish to say a second time.

Liu Yi sighs, “Apologies. This one also does not have so much time. If your distinguished self is insisting on declining then this one can only…forcefully invite.”


Yang Mianmian and those other disciples all laugh loudly, “You do not know where this place is? To be so arrogant in my Kunlun? Very good. Since you want to decide on our holy battle then you shall prepare to accept all of our anger!”

“Benefactor…it is better to avoid…”

Meng Xi says in slight worry, “There are so many Kunlun disciples…if we fight, we will definitely be at a disadvantage…”

“I am unable to avoid this…Meng Xi.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “No matter what, this is a task that the Little Lass passed to me. Even if I become enemies with the Kunlun disciple, I will  complete it!”

“Benefactor why are you so attached to it?”

Meng Xi is unable to comprehend. Clearly, this is a dangerous matter, why is benefactor still insisting on doing so?

“Because that person is a girl that I deeply love.” Liu Yi’s voice turns slightly heavy, “Furthermore, I made her wait 1300 years…I owe her…”

Meng Xi does not know what to say, yet another bitter relationship that waited for over a thousand years? Probably that girl is also suffering quite badly.

“Meng Xi. A girl that waited for her lover for over a thousand years, just what is that feeling?”

Liu Yi had never waited for such a long time before thus he really does not know what it feels like.

Meng Xi says in pain, “In the beginning, it is looking forward to…later on, it turns into despair…finally…there are no other thoughts…time, is very scary…benefactor, do you know what this servant was most afraid of during these 1000+ years?”

Liu Yi asks, “Is it that you are unable to see him?”

“No…what I am afraid of the most is that I am unable to recall his appearance…”

After speaking, Meng Xi turns silent.

Liu Yi’s heart is moved while Yang Mianmian leads the other Kunlun disciples and shouts, “Hey kid! Do you got guts to face my 100+ Kunlun disciples?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands in front of the hole and looks at those below him, “Since everyone is idle and bored I shall accompany you.”

“Okay! Brothers what are you still waiting for! Do him in!”

What the fuck! Is this a fucking triad?

Liu Yi roast finishes in his heart while a fighter had jumped right up to Liu Yi. The enormous hammer in his hand smashes at Liu Yi’s head.

“Go and die!”

That brother is covered in muscles. If placed outside in the real society then he is a fitness champion! The hammer in his hand is also startling big. The handle is nearly two meters long while the radius of the hammerhead is nearly a meter wide!

When he swings this down, it brought about huge wind like it is going to smash the air!

Liu Yi’s expression did not change as he stretches out his right hand and blocks it, receiving the hammer in his hand.

Sky Supporting Pillar merged into his body thus in terms of strength, Liu Yi is not afraid of anyone!

“What big strength!”

That fighter brother is also stunned. There is a person who can receive my hammer and is still perfectly fine!

“After eating your fill, come again!”

Liu Yi kicks that fighter in his stomach and sends him flying away back into the ground of the plaza.

The entire plaza is created from ice. The fighter instantly smashed a hole in the ice surface.

But the defeat of a fighter did not make the rest of the Kunlun disciples afraid. Even more people roar as they charge over.

“Very good. Let us have fun playing!”

Liu Yi sensed that the blood in his body is boiling like his warlike trait is starting to surge!

He leaps forward, jumping down from the hole into the raging crowd of people!


Chapter 804   [Kunlun Mountain]

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