MKW Chapter 802

Chapter 802  [Title below]



Hearing what she said, Liu Yi instantly got a shock.

Want to follow me? How is this possible. I still have a lot of things that I need to do.

“Does benefactor feel that bringing me will be tiring?”

Meng Xi is exceptionally intelligent. She immediately guesses the answer.

Liu Yi says embarrassed, “This… recently I need to make a trip to all of the inner pavilion sects. I am the invitation letter sender of the 5 Spirit Gathering, thus I might not be able to take care of you…”

“How would this servant let benefactor take care of this me. It should be this servant who takes care of benefactor.”

Meng Xi bows slightly before saying, “Furthermore, does benefactor know the methods to enter the rest of the inner pavilion sects?”


Liu Yi cough drily, I don’t know about that…

“Benefactor relax. In the past, when this servant was following Ye Heng, this servant had gone with him several times to a lot of major sects and among them includes the large sects in the inner pavilion. With this servant here, benefactor no longer needs to worry about the problem of how to enter.”

With a step by step guide, mother no longer needs to worry about my studies anymore…

Liu Yi cannot help but think of this advertisement.

Damn it…Meng Xi using this to entice me and I cant reject it.

“Are you sure that you are going to follow me?”

Liu Yi can only confirm once again, “I will meet a lot of danger. Sometimes it will be so much that it is out of your expectation.”

“Relax benefactor, this servant has thought about that.”

Meng Xi smiles bitterly, “This servant’s husband has reincarnated. This servant also does not have any other requests and only hopes that this servant can borrow on this servant’s ability to assist benefactor. If benefactor does not need this servant, then this servant has no other attachment…why doesn’t this servant follow my bitter fated husband…”

Liu Yi hurriedly said, “Hey, hey. Don’t! I indeed need people to lead the way so you can follow by my side!”

“Then this servant shall first thank benefactor. This servant will do everything possible to serve benefactor.”

Meng Xi’s eyes turn while Liu Yi’s heart shivers. Damn it. I got schemed by this girl! Forget it. After all, I indeed need a person to lead the way. Letting Meng Xi follow me by my side also has good points. But having a lady following me by my side feels weird.

“This servant will not cause trouble for benefactor.”

Meng Xi seems to see through Liu Yi’s thoughts. She rolls on the spot and starts shrinking until she finally turns into a fingernail-sized black spider before climbing on top of Liu Yi’s head and hides within his head.

Seeing this the beauty exclaims, “Ah! This…is this a transformation technique? Too mystical…can you teach me?”

“You better keep your mind on being your Ms. Perfect.”

Liu Yi carries the beauty again before smiling at her, “The other world does not suit you.”

“Damn it, based on what!”

The beauty is unwilling, “I feel that I should be a genius in cultivation!”

“Based on the countless times I seek survival from death.”

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in sorrow. It is like the first time I had to meet Gu Yu.

Gu Yu had also warned me back then not to cultivate while I was unwilling and kept continuing to cultivate.

Perhaps back then if I did not cultivate, would I live another kind of life?

But Liu Yi did not regret as this was his choice.

Because of his own choice, he has his own path and met a lot of people whom he cherishes.

“You make it sound like you have a lot of stories…” The beauty pouts, “Can’t you take me as a disciple?”

She points at herself, “I am very smart! You can accept me!”

“Disciple…I had one.”

Liu Yi recalls Poison Jasmine that he had left behind at Raising Immortal Palace Hall. I wonder how powerful she has gotten?

“Then take another one. Raising one is raising, raising two is also the same, right?”

“You think that raising a disciple is the same as releasing sheep?”

Liu Yi does not know how to react, “Currently, we do not have any disciple master fate. If there is one, I will consider taking you as a disciple.”

The beauty cannot help but ask, “Ah? Then how to prove that we have fate?”

“The next time we meet.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he flashes while hugging the beauty. Using Shadow Step, he instantly steps 100m away and appears on the deck of White Princess.

The beauty only feels her gaze turns blurry and she is already on her ship.

Liu Yi placed her down before taking two steps back.

“Take care of yourself. Comrade Ball-breaking Sister. In the future, don’t be captured by others again.”

Liu Yi waves his hand before leaping off the deck and splits the sea as he flies off.

“I am not called Ball-breaking Sister!”

The beauty jumps onto the railing and shouts towards Liu Yi, “Remember, I am called Zhao Yali! ZHAO YA LI!”

Zhao Yali is it?

Although Liu Yi heard it he did not turn around and continued flying forward.

Hidden in Liu Yi’s hair, Meng Xi says, “Benefactor, this servant feels that she is a good seed for cultivating!”

“If I have the fate of being her master, then we will meet again.”

As Liu Yi says, “Moreover currently, I do not have the time to look after a disciple. I still have to go all over the place to send invitation letters.”

Meng Xi asks, “This…can benefactor explain to this servant what the 5 Spirit Gathering is?”

Liu Yi who is hidden in the darkness explains the situation to Meng Xi as he flies.

“So it is like this…”

Meng Xi nods her head, “No wonder benefactor wants to go all over the place to look for the inner pavilion! Luckily benefactor had met this servant. Otherwise, if you wish to find those inner pavilion sects which are hidden deeply, it will be difficult.”

“Yeah. Being able to enter Penglai Island can be considered as fortunate.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, these inner pavilion sects hide well!

“Leave it to this servant! This servant shall help benefactor resolve your difficult situation and leave worries behind.”

“Fine then…but there is a matter that I still wish to discuss with you.”

Liu Yi has a matter that he is unable to understand. Now that Meng Xi is here, he cannot help but ask her.

“Benefactor can just ask. There is no need to be so polite to this servant.”

“Then I shall ask.”

As Liu Yi flies he ask, “Other than the identity of Island Master, Ye Heng has another identity right?”

“This…this servant does not know a lot.”

Meng Xi shakes her head, “This servant only knows that behind him is a very enormous power…but in the past when he went to meet these people, he would not bring this servant along…thus…”

“Oh, no worries…”

Liu Yi’s heart sinks. Looks like this time around, this task is not as relaxing as I expected.

Could it be that the reason why Ai Ling let me travel to the inner pavilion sects is related to this?

“Ah, right! Benefactor, just now after you had killed Ye Heng, he had dropped an item. Benefactor did not notice thus this servant helped benefactor keep it.”

As Meng Xi speaks, she transforms one of her arms, stretching out from Liu Yi’s head and presents in front of him.

Liu Yi shivers, fucking hell, a woman’s arm stretching out from my hair is too strange! Luckily I am not an ordinary person otherwise, I would have peed my pants!

Liu Yi raises his slight and saw Meng Xi’s arm holding a wooden tablet.

He stretches out his hand and took the wooden plate before taking a close look.

This is not ordinary wood. It seems like it is carved out from some immortal tree. From it, there is an ancient aura.

An ancient word ‘Sixth’ was carved on the wooden tablet.

What does this word represent?

“Looks like a single tablet is unable to prove anything.”

Lin Tong had flown out without him knowing and grabs Liu Yi’s shoulder. She looks at the wooden tablet in Liu Yi’s hand carefully and says, {If you can obtain another wooden tablet, perhaps you can analyze some results.}

Lin Tong judges, {Didn’t that Ye Heng says that they are a power. That means that he is not the only one who possesses this tablet. Big idiot, that lass of yours is so smart, she let you be the person to distribute the invitation letters. Within this, there will be a ploy!}

Liu Yi is very startled, Lin Tong admitted that there are other girls who are smarter than her! This is too weird!

{Anyways, first, go to the next place. Where is our next stop?}

Liu Yi’s gaze looks far away, {Kunlun Mountain.}


At this moment inside Qin Imperial Palace.

“Sixth actually died! To hell with it!”

“As I said, you guys will regret giving up this chess piece.”

“Right now what is the point in saying all of this! Think of how we should deal with it!”

A group of guys wearing black robes keeps quarreling. Only First sits there not saying anything.

A sculpture was placed by his side. Inside the sculpture is Sixth’s soul. Currently, he does not have any flesh body thus he can only place Sixth inside this sculpture.

“Why don’t we kill him.”

Third says darkly, “With him alive, it is an enormous threat to our Qin Imperial Palace!”

“Kill him? How?”

Second crosses his arm and snorts, “This chess piece has developed beyond our expectations! With his strength can you defeat him?”

“Sometimes, some matters do not need brute force.”

A cold intent flashes across Third’s eyes, “As long as you guys allow it, I will let him die without anyone knowing!”

“You wish to do it through Tenth?”

By the side, Fourth laughs, “Stop joking. Your Tenth seems to no longer be your person anymore, right? Right now, all of her heart is on that kid!”

“Nonsense! That is nothing but the facade she created!”

“What is real? What is fake? Can you differentiate?”

“Are you seeking death?”

“Want to fight? Good, my hands are itchy!”

“That is enough from all of you!”

First finally berates making all of them quiet down.

“Sixth still needs a few days to recover. This time we should also understand that Liu Yi is no longer up to us to slaughter as we wish nor a chess piece that we can control. Right now, we must eliminate this fake spirit vein.”

“I shall let Tenth take action now!”

“No, not through Tenth.”

First did not mince words as he shakes his head, “I am unable to trust her. Seventh you go.”

Third’s face turns white while a black robe guy standing by the side immediately walks out of Qin Imperial Palace without saying anything.


Chapter 802   [He is not a chess piece]

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