MKW Chapter 801

Chapter 801  [Title below]


Ye Heng had always believed that his Moon Prison was indestructible until today!

When Liu Yi’s palm hit the Moon Prison, the Moon Prison instantly lets out cracking sound and scatters.


Ye Heng got a huge shock and for a moment, forgot to consume the Yuan Yin Qi.

At this moment, Liu Yi had arrived in front of him and roars, “Island Master Ye, the game is over!”

Liu Yi’s right hand is like lightning as his palm slap against Ye Heng’s chest.

Just how enormous is Liu Yi’s strength? It is unmeasurable.

When this palm lands on Ye Heng’s chest, Ye Heng instantly curled up like a prawn as an enormous force exploded out from his back!

A shocking enormous bloody hole exploded out from the back of Ye Heng’s chest.

This palm strength of Liu Yi is very well controlled. Not only did it explode Ye Heng’s body, but it also did not send him flying! This shows that he had used this strength to the very pinnacle.

Ye heng’s heart was destroyed as he lies on the ground. Underneath him is all blood.

“This…this seat actually…actually died…”

Ye Heng kneels down. As a cultivator, even if he no longer has a heart, he can still not die immediately.

“Island Master Ye, there is an old saying.”

Liu Yi withdraws his palm and looks at Ye Heng lying in front of him, “The saying is persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. You have done so much evil and slaughtered so many innocent young girls. Even if I do not deal with you, heaven would have dealt with you.”

“Hahaha, you…you think that I would die like this?”

Ye heng sneers without any trace of fear in his eyes, “What will die…is nothing by this seat’s flesh body…this seat’s soul will never die! Wait till the right time, you shall taste this seat’s vengeance!”

“You think that I will let your soul escape?” Liu Yi sneers, “Island Master Ye, you are looking down on me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to use Soul Recall to keep Ye Heng’s soul.

At this moment, a beam of moonlight shines down onto Ye Heng’s corpse.

Liu Yi takes action a step slower and by then Ye Heng’s soul is gone!

“What the fuck! He runs damn fast!”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the sky with a slight raise of his lips.

Although this Ye Heng had died, it left behind a very large enigma for Liu Yi.

Just where did the Moon Dream Heart technique come from? They are a race but which race?

Looks like this group is planning to restore their kingdom…but what is this plan? Although I do not know what is the concrete plan, from the looks of things, I will escape responsibility from it.

I am their so-called chess piece? What a joke! Whoever to dare to make use of me, I shall make them pay the price.

Liu Yi clenches his fist and secretly made his decision.

“Benefactor, thank you very much, thank you very much!”

Meng Xi kneels down and kowtows towards Liu Yi, “Benefactor has killed Ye Heng and saved this servant. This servant does not know how to thank benefactor!”

“No need for thanks. I help when seeing injustice.”

Liu Yi waves his hand. He himself also did not expect that he would meet such a matter coming to Penglai Island. I don’t know if I am lucky or unlucky.

“What, what should I do…”

The beauty looks around. Because of Ye Heng’s death, the mist of Trapping Demon Formation dissipates thus the surrounding once again turn back to that’s ancient woods appearance.

“I will send you back to the White Princess.”

Liu Yi gives the beauty a smile comforting her.

“Mm… I must thank you…”

The beauty is very gratified. Could it be that this guy is my lucky star?

No wonder he is not afraid of that municipal secretary’s son earlier…a person with this capability, how would he be afraid of an official’s son!

I have stayed on the ship for so many years and thought that I had seen a lot of things. But I did not think that today I would realize that I am nothing but a frog in a well.

It is like the gate to a brand new world opened in front of the beauty!

The beauty feels like she had lived very dully in the past! The world in front of her is now rich and colorful.

It is a pity that it is filled with danger. My strength can be considered as someone important, but in this world, I am nothing at all and can be pinched to death by others!

Alas, such a pity…if only I can take this person as my master how nice would it be…although he looks like he is a year or two younger than me, like the ancient saying, a capable person can be a teacher …

“Ye Heng has died and my troubles have come as well.”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “I do not have time to delay here. It looks like I can only place the invitation letter here and leave without saying goodbye.”

Meng Xi bow towards Liu Yi and requests, “Benefactor, please help this servant with one last thing.”

“Is this the legendary sending buddha all the way to the west?”

Liu Yi laughs bitterly, “Go on. What other wish do you still have?”

“This servant only wishes to see my husband one more time…”

Meng Xi wipes her tears, “He has waited outside Penglai Island for me for so many years…thinking about it, this servant’s heart is filled with pain.”

“This is a small matter. We shall leave the island now.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and a golden light shoots out from his hand and flies towards the direction of his guest room.

That is Liu Yi who is formed from his golden fog. After placing the invitation letter in the room, he will naturally leave.

As for Liu Yi himself. He carries the beauty up before letting Meng Xi follow him and flies out from the island at low altitude.

That stone lion called Blaze is currently guarding at Penglai Island gateway. Seeing Liu Yi walking out from the island, it does not even dare to let out a fart.

The trouble that enters leaves very easily.

After leaving the range of Penglai Island, the three of them appear within East China Sea. 

The beauty can see the White Princess which is far away and becomes excited.

I have returned?

“Benefactor… where is my husband?”

After exiting, Meng Xi expression had always been anxious.

“He is right over here, come along with me.”

Liu Yi hugs the beauty and leads Meng Xi and slowly lands on a reef by the side.

Reaching here, Liu Yi uses his technique to awaken the fisherman’s soul which is in deep sleep.

If a human soul does not reincarnate and keeps remaining in the human realm, it will slowly lose its power and finally, the soul will scatter.

If there is an opportunity, in some special feng shui place, the soul can slowly absorb spiritual essence of the world and slowly transform from an ordinary soul into a phantom or even a malicious spirit!

While here, this place will not allow a soul to cultivate. The reason why the fisherman could survive here for so long is borrowing the existence of this reef which postponed the erosion of his energy.

Along with the passing of time, his energy still continues to decrease until finally, he can only sink into a deep sleep.

Relying on deep sleep could lower the loss of energy. The fisherman had always persevered on and did not choose to reincarnate just to wait for Meng Xi to appear.

The moment the fisherman appears, the first sentence is to inquire from Liu Yi, “Benefactor, did you save my Meng Xi…”

But then his gaze lands on Meng Xi by the side and immediately trembles.

“Meng…Meng Xi…is, is that you?”

The fisherman’s voice is starting to tremble, “I, I am not dreaming right?”

“It is this servant…it is me…”

Meng Xi’s cheeks are streaming with tears. She wishes to hug the fisherman only to realize that she can only grab the empty air which made her cry even harder.

“I feel that I am dreaming…this servant has been thinking for you for so long, so long…this servant had thought that you had reincarnated long ago and didn’t expect that you had been trapped inside here…”

“Actually here is also rather good.”

The fisherman smiles, “Down here, I can hear news about you occasionally. As long as I know that you are still alive, I am content.”

“Idiot…why are you so silly…”

Meng Xi can’t stop crying, “You humans are stupid, too stupid!”

“You are also no smarter”

The fisherman wishes to touch Meng Xi’s face but his hand passes through Meng Xi’s body.

The fisherman’s eyes turn slightly dim before he turns around and looks at Liu Yi.

“Benefactor…is it possible to fulfill my final desire.”

“The two of you are indeed lovers.” Liu Yi smiles, “Say it. As long as it is possible for me to fulfill it.”

“Benefactor…is it possible for you to let me borrow your body for a moment…”

When the fisherman is speaking he is slightly hesitating as he also knows that this request of his is a bit too much but he still wishes to do this thing.

“One minute. Only one minute is enough.”

“Cannot! Definitely cannot!”

Before Liu Yi can reply, Lin Tong jumps out and lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder before saying, “After you borrow my idiot’s body what if you do not return it!”


The fisherman’s gaze turns even dimmer, “I have been rude…benefactor please do not blame me…”

“Not at all. I shall lend it to you.”

Liu Yi uses his finger to gently rub Lin Tong’s head comforting her, “It is only a minute. I; ll just take a nap then…oh, don’t do things that are too excessive! I will get angry.”

“Benefactor be assured. Just one minute, one minute is enough!”

The fisherman becomes excited and immediately jumps into Liu Yi’s body.

With Liu Yi’s cultivation, just a slight resistance and it will cause the fisherman’s soul to disperse but he gave up resistance and places the beauty onto the reef before letting the fisherman take over his flesh body.

When Liu Yi reopens his eyes once more, he is no longer himself but the fisherman.

“Meng Xi…let me hug you one more time…”

The fisherman spreads open his arms.

Meng Xi is crying as she nods her head and enters the fisherman’s embrace.

The two of them hug each other tightly. This hug had fully stepped across a millennium.

“Meng Xi…when I am not by your side, you must take good care of yourself…you must properly repay benefactor’s grace…”


“If there is another lifetime, I will come and find you…”

The fisherman’s voice keeps whispering by Meng Xi’s ear. She cannot help but hug tighter.

This love that steps across a millennium…is really… very hard…

“He had already left…”

Liu Yi speaks up, “If you keep hugging on, you might strangle me to death.”

“So-sorry benefactor…”

Meng Xi wipes away her tears and releases Liu Yi, “We let benefactor see a joke.”

“Not at all. He has gone to reincarnate. What plans to do have?”

“This servant wants to repay benefactor’s grace…let this servant follow benefactor.”


Chapter 801   [Stepping over a thousand years]

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