MKW Chapter 800

Chapter 800  [Title below]


Thousand Shadows!

In that split second, Liu Yi’s hands are like mirages and hit out a densely packed palm shadow!

The light ribbons flying towards Liu Yi here all destroyed by his palm shadows!

No matter how fast or densely packed, they are unable to break through Liu Yi’s defense!

Liu Yi’s current state is absolute defense!

In front of his body are palm shadows which completely cover in front of him.

“Have some capability.”

Ye heng is not startled. Seeing his light ribbons unable to breakthrough he only stretches out his hand and recalled those light ribbons.

“Hope that you can last longer in this seat’s hands!”

As he speaks, Ye Heng stretches out his hand and aims at the moonlight in the sky before grabbing.

The moonlight instantly converged into his palm before shrinking!

With the effort of a few seconds, an enormous sword condensed completely from moonlight carrying white undulations appears in Ye Heng’s hand.

This moonlight sword is over two meters long. Its sword light keeps swaying, occasionally forming wave shapes.

This moonlight sword is like a slender triangle emitting cold yin qi from Liu Yi’s hand.

“Let me use this sword to give you a final send-off.”

Ye Heng single-handedly raises that moonlight sword and points at Liu Yi and says faintly, “Although the higher up do not wish for you to die, I feel that you are useless! Chess pieces that have lost their value should all die!”

Ye heng suddenly aims at Liu Yi’s direction as the moonlight sword in his hand chops down heavily!

Instantly a crescent moonlight shoots towards Liu Yi. The edge cuts the ground, slicing an enormous gap on the ground!


Liu Yi is motionless and hits out with his left palm at the crescent moonlight!


Liu Yi’s palm clashes against that moonlight. Instantly the moonlight disappears into the air like it never existed before!

“You still have this kind of move!”

Ye Heng is somewhat startled, “Looks like if I do not take out some real power, I will not kill you.”

“Then play a bit more seriously, uncle.” Liu Yi smiles, “I am impatient.”

“Hmph, receive your death!”

Ye Heng was angered by Liu Yi’s lukewarm attitude. In any case, I am still a 22 starjade expert who also possesses Moon Dream Heart Technique. I am unable to make my opponent dreadful at all!


A white light was pulled out from his body and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi. After which the moonlight sword chops towards Liu Yi’s head!

Liu Yi sightly tilt his body to the side, dodging this chop of Ye Heng.

When the moonlight sword chops onto the ground, it instantly split the ground into two!

As Ye Heng waves the sword and attacks, he mocks, “Hahaha, don’t you have the god weapon Sky Splitting Golden Spear? Take it out to fight. Maybe it might allow you to live a bit longer!”

“Apologises, uncle,” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “To deal with you, there is no need to use Sky Splitting Golden Spear.”

“Damn it! When are you going to stop looking down on this seat!”

Ye Heng is so mad but is unable to let it out, “Die in peace!”

The sword in Ye Heng’s hand raises and a few crescent moon sword qi slashes towards Liu Yi.

Their distance is very close to each other and this kind of sword qi is truly hard to dodge.

As for Liu Yi, he did not dodge. He holds Through Heaven Sword with his left hand and Xiao Taiji with his right. Controlling both swords at the same time, he swings them about, creating sword flowers as he knocks away the crescent sword qi in front of him.

The sound of swords clashing against each other as the crescent sword qi was knocked flying all over the place slicing up the ground.

“If you only have this bit of strength then you will not retain your teeth.”

As Liu Yi stands there holding two swords, one in front and one behind, he smiles faintly as he looks at Ye Heng who is frowning deeply.

The more they fight, the more Ye Heng felt how scary Liu Yi’s might was!

This fellow… what is his cultivation grade!

Every time I increase my strength, but I still can’t defeat him!

This person…is it suitable to make him a chess piece?

Ye Heng feels that his strength is unable to control him!

Is it right or wrong to choose him as a chess piece?

“Cannot! Today you must die!”

Ye Heng turns callous as he roars at the sky.

“Supreme moonlight! Bestow upon me the strength to drive out devils!”

A beam of moonlight shines down onto his body!

Instantly a layer of faint silver moonlight cover his body.

Very quickly a pair of silver light wings emerge from his back.

His legs also turn silver carrying a surge of chill.

“Gods…what is all of this…making of a movie? Or is it a dream?”

The beauty feels like her worldview had broken.

“All of this is real,  not your nightmare.”

Meng Xi shakes her head and says, “Thus you cannot choose to wake up and can only choose to think on.”

“Then what do you choose?”

Meng Xi is rather confident, “This servant chooses to believe in benefactor. He will save us.”

Seeing that Liu Yi can’t retaliate for a long time and can only defend, she asks curiously, “But that guy…is so powerful…isn’t your benefactor suppressed?”

“Benefactor must have a move in reserve. On the other hand, Ye Heng is starting to be forced into anxiousness.”

Meng Xi is not a demon who does not have any experience. Instead, she is very smart.

She had seen a few clues from their status.

Ye Heng is indeed about to be forced into desperate straits and had taken his strongest move!

The moonlight sword that he is holding in his hand had lengthened until over four meters which are very shocking. Along with him exerting strength and waving it, a gale rises to slap at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi crosses his swords sandwiching this enormous moonlight sword between.

“In this seat’s eyes, you are merely insignificant!”

Ye Heng roars and presses down his sword.

The ground underneath Liu Yi’s feet instantly sinks down a few inches as cracks spread out.

“Hahaha, do you sense this seat’s strength now!”

Under the support of the moonlight, Ye Heng’s cultivation base had pushed through the gateway of the beginning stage of 23 starjade!

He does not believe that relying on his 23 starjade cultivation, he cannot kill Liu Yi!

“Island Master Ye’s strength is indeed not bad, I’ll take out my real power.”

Golden light emits from Liu Yi’s eyes as Sky Supporting Pillar merges into his body.

That enormous moonlight sword was immediately knocked away by his two swords.

At the same time, Liu Yi tosses the two swords into the air. Through Heaven Sword and Xiao Taiji along with Charm Fox Sword which he had just pulled out floats out him.

Not only these three swords, but the three fire god swords in his body also fly out and surrounding Liu Yi’s body like six faithful bodyguards.

“What is this technique?”

Ye Heng feels that he is unable to see through a number of techniques that Liu Yi is using.

“Technique used for beating you up.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he snaps his fingers.

Instantly, the six swords shift vertically before shooting towards Ye Heng in unity.

“Al sword controlling technique and you wish to harm this seat?”

Seeing this Ye Heng laughs before opening his right hand in front of him.

Instantly, a transparent moonlight curtain spreads open in front of him to block those swords.

This moonlight curtain is very powerful. No sword controlling technique can break through it!

But out of Ye Heng’s expectations, those swords easily stab through his moonlight curtain before stabbing into his body one after the other.

All the six swords stab in making Ye Heng looks like a hedgehog.

“Damn it…why would this happen…”

Ye Heng is unable to understand how are these flying swords could break his defense.

“Island Master Ye, this is not any sword controlling technique but my God Sword Protecting Body.” 

Liu Yi snaps his fingers again and the six swords immediately pull out from Ye Heng’s body. Carry traces of blood they flew back to Liu Yi’s side.

“God Sword Protecting Body, can attack as well. How is it, not bad right?”

“To think that there are so many weird techniques…”

Ye Heng vomits out blood before the injuries on his body starts to heal up under the shining moonlight.

“But this seat is still not defeated! Not yet…”

His gaze suddenly lands on the beauty by the side and gleamed.

Liu Yi noticed Ye Heng’s gaze and frowns, no good. This old foggy is going to play without any integrity!

“Moon Prison!”

A beam of moonlight shines down trapping Ye Heng and the girls together.

“Damn it!”

Liu Yi immediately charges over and uses the six swords to attack!

But this time around, the defense is scarily powerful. The six swords were blocked!

“It is useless. Moon Prison is a perfect defense!” Ye Heng laughs loudly, “For 30 seconds, it will perfectly block everything! While after 30 seconds, you will die!”

As Ye Heng speaks, he slashes down with the moonlight sword attacking Liu Yi’s Sky Flipping Seal.

After all, this old man’s cultivation is 23 starjades which is not bad. Just relying on Sky Flipping Seal, it can’t block his full-strength attack.

The beauty who was grabbed by Ye Heng in his hand screams in extreme fear, “Save me!”

“Hahaha, no one will save you!”

Ye Heng laughs loudly. As long as I consume this girl, my Moon Dream Heart Technique will reach major accomplishment! At that time, how would I be still afraid of this chess piece?


Meng Xi leaps over. Her cultivation was reduced and can only use her teeth to bite the arm that Ye Heng is using to grab the beauty.

“Vile creature, scram!”

Ye Heng swings out his palm tossing Meng Xi aside into the Moon Prison barrier.

Ye Heng is not weak and Meng Xi instantly vomits blood from the crash as her sight turns dark.

Consuming the beauty’s Yuan Yin Qi only needs just a short few seconds!

Ye Heng laughs in delight as he raises the beauty high up in the air. Aiming at her mouth, he opens his mouth and sucks.

A white mist flows out from the beauty’s mouth and flows towards Ye Heng’s mouth.

Mother fucker!

Liu Yi is instantly angered, to play this move in front of me! After her Yuan Yin gets consumed, she will die!

“Break for me!”

He takes a deep break as Fog Qi allows his body to grow over two meters as his muscles expand!

Fireice Armor turns even sturdier and formidable.

Liu Yi did not hesitate as he slaps out with his right palm with Desolate Flame at the Moon Prison!


Chapter 800  [Absolute defense]

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