MKW Chapter 8

Chapter 8 [There are demons]


The golden-haired explosive figure girl smiles gently, “Aiyah! Sister Xiao Die, the male students in class that you do not know are too many already!”

“Indeed you are our Miss Murong, looks like the guys in our class will be bearing a grudge.”

“Bear a grudge then bear a grudge.”

Murong Die sneers, as her little nose lifts up slightly. Her aura attracted the gaze of a lot of the guy passengers on the bus.

Oh, if I am able to get such a beautiful girl as my girlfriend, even if I have to sacrifice 20 years of my life it would be worth it!

“What does their grudge have to do with me Murong Die? Also, Lele can you not call me big missy? How many times must I tell you not to mess around!”

“Okay then…but Sister Xiao Die. Today we left home late, wouldn’t we be punished if we are late…”

“What are you afraid of. It is not like we do not know the materials for the morning self-studies.”

Murong Die is like a proud peacock.

Wang Lele laughs, “Hehe, you are indeed our Murong Big missy, so arrogant!”

“You called me big missy again! You ought to be punished!”

Murong Die pinches Wang Lele’s nose.

“Aiyah! Sister Xiao Die you cannot pinch me like this ah!”

Wang Lele’s eyes are filled with aggrievement as she covers her nose and says: “Originally it looks fine. If you pinch it flat what am I going to do…in the future, no one would want me…”

“Relax. Even if you have an upturned nose, guys would still want you!”

Murong Die looks at her friend’s chest, although she usually acts like she does not care, but her heart cares somewhat.

Tsk, the both of us obviously grew up together, but what did this Lele eat. Could it be that she had hormone jabs? Or did she drink holy milk…why is her chest so much larger than mine…

“Sister Xiao Die is making fun of me again…”

Wang Lele is aggrieved again, “Upturned nose is so ugly, definitely no one would want…”

“Your chest is enough to make up for everything…”

Murong Die suddenly smiles evilly, “Come let big sister check. Did you grow again?”

“Stop, stop messing around…”

Wang Lele immediately covers her chest causing the bystanders to salivate as they think in their heart, don’t reject ah, it is not like you will get pregnant from checking!

“Stop messing around. Sister Xiao Die, you take a look at Li Yi, he runs so fast like Liu Xiang!”

[TL: Liu Xiang is Chinese gold-medal hurdler of 2004 Olympic games.]

As Wang Lele speaks, she points outside of the bus.

“Who knows….maybe Liu Yi was born with a blessed physique….”

Murong Die is not interested in these kinds of things.

She feels like her own life is already unhappy, thus she does not wish to let other people add on to her troubles.

When Murong Die looks outside the window and sees Liu Yi, her eyes brighten up.

The back of this guy…indeed looks somewhat familiar.

Is he really one of my classmates?

Liu Yi who was overlooked by Murong Die is currently taking wide strides while maintaining his breathing and follows by the public bus side.

This fellow runs pretty fast!

Does he train daily?

Murong Die starts to become slightly curious.

At this moment Liu Yi does not know what the most beautiful girl in his class is looking at him. He is currently concentrating on trying not to be late.

If I am late I am dead!

Liu Yi is frantic but his current running gives him a very comfortable feeling.

Is this the rumored feeling of chasing after wind?

Damn this is really the peak of youth ah!

By the side of his ears comes the heart-wrenching cry of the little fox, {Quickly slow down for this miss! This miss’s Immortal Qi is about to be used up by you!}

Liu Yi ignores her cry out the Immortal Qi, who cares about it! He only knows that if he does not run then he’ll be dead!

The public bus is about to turn the corner and goes up a flyover. Just as Liu Yi is about to follow along, he suddenly sees a little loli crying under a small tree under the flyover.

The loli appears to be around 10-11 with twin ponytails, wearing yellow bubbles skirt and princess socks, looking very adorable.

She is standing under a tree crying none stop.

On a 4-5 meters tall tree by the side a Minnie Mouse size big balloon stuck up the tree.

Liu Yi’s heart sinks and he turns around and goes below the flyover.

Seeing that Liu Yi suddenly stopped chasing after the public bus the little fox immediately ask: {Eh? What are you doing?}

Liu Yi simply says: “Going to help.”

{Are you sick!}

The Little fox exclaims in shock, {Aren’t you afraid of being late? Why are you going to help other people? Are you crazy?}

“My grandfather had said before helping is a pleasure and one’s duty. If you are not willing to even put in the slightest effort to help you might as well be a demon.”

{What is wrong with being a demon!}

The little fox is immediately unhappy as she shouts, {Demons also have kindness okay! Who told you that demons must be bad ah!}

Hearing little fox’s question, Liu Yi sighs in his heart and had a bad premonition.

“My, my grandpa said…”

{Why is it your grandpa! What does your grandpa do?!}

“Butcher….pig butcher….”


Liu Yi feels that he is definitely unable to win against the little fox, thus he ignores her nagging and runs over to the little loli side. Taking two deep breaths he smiles forcefully before bending down and asks the little loli, “Little girl, do you need big brother’s help?”

The little loli sniffles as she raises her head, when she sees the messy face and clothing Liu Yi, she cries even harder,


……..this little loli is very interesting ah……


Chapter 8 [There are demons]


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