MKW Chapter 799

Chapter 799  [Title below]


“Just you?” Ye Heng laughs in disdain, “Do you really think that you are an expert?”

“Actually I am very weak.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “In this world, there are too many, too many people who are stronger than me. But this does not mean that I am unable to defeat you.”

“Naive!” Ye Heng’s killing intent is scathing, “You know this seat’s secret thus today this seat must retain you! Little kid, consider yourself unlucky!”

He forms seals with both hands before pointing at the Trapping Demon Pillar.

The surrounding black mist instantly spread out and widens the Trapping Demon Formation area until it became as spacious as a football field!

“This Trapping Demon Formation can isolate qi and sound. Even if you are exploded into slag no one will know.”

Ye Heng sneers in delight, “Tonight this place shall be where you die!”

“Do be quick.”

Liu Yi hooks his finger at Ye Heng.

“Still so arrogant! Right now I shall send you to hell!”

Ye Heng opens his mouth and breathes out a stream of water!

This water swiftly turns into a sea wave overflowing the heavens as it crashes down towards Liu Yi.

This sea wave is very majestic, over tens of meters tall. Even if it is a city, under this kind of enormous wave, it will be bowled over.

Meng Xi is still okay while the beauty hiding inside Sky Flipping Seal turns pale seeing this kind of wave. She thought that the end of the world is coming!

“Save me…”

Meng Xi holds the beauty’s arm and comforts her, “Relax. Benefactor will save us.”

The beauty who is inside Meng Xi’s embrace asks while trembling with fear, “Just…what kind of person is he?”

This guy…appears again like a dream.

The beauty had seen a number of guys on board the White Princess. But it is her first time meeting someone like this.

He is different like the coming of the new wind, entering her heart making her moved.

Meng Xi says into the beauty’s ear, “This servant also does not know what kind of person he is …but I believe that benefactor will save us…”

“Why would you believe him?”

The beauty is startled. From the looks of it, this is also the first time this beautiful woman met Lord Ball-breaking.

“Because…this servant can only choose to believe him…”

Meng Xi smiles bitterly, who else can I believe?

“Die in peace.”

Ye Heng controls that enormous wave like it is going to swallow up Liu Yi instantly.

“Apologies, I have so many in my harem so I do not wish to die yet.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his palm and slaps towards the wave!

-Army Destruction!-

A white circular ripple instantly spread out from Liu Yi’s palm and strikes the enormous wave!

Almost in a blink of an eye, that enormous wave condenses into ice and froze unable to advance at all.

“What powerful cultivation.”

Seeing the wave that was frozen into ice, Ye Heng cannot help but sigh, “So young and you have this kind of cultivation base. Indeed you possess a fake spirit vein!”

“You know that I’m a fake spirit vein?”

Liu Yi frowns as this is out of his expectations!

Ye Heng knows that I am the fake spirit vein…should I get rid of him?

“Hahaha, it is not only me who knows that you are the fake spirit vein.”

Ye Heng sneers, “When the 5 Spirit Gathering convenes everything shall be revealed!”

“What do you know?”

Liu Yi sensed that something is wrong. Little lass arranged this 5 Spirit Gathering and asked me to go all over the place to send invitation letters. It looks like it is not as simple as I thought.

“You are not worthy of knowing. You are only a small chess piece!”

Ye Heng gives Liu Yi a look of disdain.

Liu Yi retorts, “I am a chess piece? Then what are you?”

“We are a noble composer. Our might is beyond what you can imagine!”

“You guys?”

Liu Yi heard a keyword, “You are not alone?”

Could it be that the entire Penglai Island are people like Ye Heng? It does not seem to be…

Or could it be that behind Ye Heng, there are some other powers at play?

“You are not worthy of knowing!”

Ye Heng seems to realize his slip of the tongue. A fierce glint flashed across his eyes as he form seals!

Instantly that wave that was frozen exploded and rolls up into a waterspout which crazily twirls towards Liu Yi! Tearing apart every single inch of his flesh!

“Let’s use this move kill you!”

Ye Heng laughs, “This seat’s water is true water refined from moonlight. How is it possible for your frost to freeze it!”

“Indeed is not bad but where are you hitting?”

Liu Yi’s voice suddenly came from behind Ye Heng causing him to be startled!

When did he run over here?

“Twenty-two starjades are indeed very powerful but it does not mean that you will win!”

Liu Yi had already determined Ye Heng’s cultivation. He puts on Fireice Armor as his Fog Qi reinforces his body and strengthens his moves!

Taking advantage that Ye Heng had yet to react, he raises his leg and kicks sideways and kicks Ye Heng into the sky!

“Eat my fist!”

Liu Yi also shoots up the sky as a roaring fire dragon cover his fist and smacks onto Ye Heng!

Ye Heng was blasted away like he was blown off by Liu Yi!

But Liu Yi is unhappy as he feels that he did not hit his target!

-crashing sound-

In a distant place, some mist condenses together into Ye Heng’s body with blood dripping from the edge of his mouth.

Although he had escaped it seems like he was still injured.

“To injure me this Penglai Island Island Master? Good fellow, you are seeking death!”

Ye Heng’s anger is growing without restraint. Didn’t expect that after so many years of cultivating, I would lose to a junior who had just risen up!

Furthermore, he had always looked down on Liu Yi and treated him as a chess piece!

“Uncle, your defeat is confirmed.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “It is a pity that you have given your proudest magic weapon to your disciple, otherwise, you might be able to fight against me.”

“Hmph, why would this seat want that kind worldly possessions?”

But Ye Heng disapproves of it, “This seat is a person who possesses great cultivation, this seat is the greatest magic weapon!”

As he speaks, rays of white light emerge from his head like mist.

Seeing this scene, Meng Xi immediately warns Liu Yi, {Benefactor, please be careful! This is Ye Heng’s strongest Moon Dream Heart Technique!}

“Finally taking out your strongest attack?”

But Liu Yi is excited as he clenches his fists, “Really good. Let me see which sect or gate you are from!”

“I’m only afraid that you are wont to see through it!”

Ye Heng roars towards the moonlight as his clothing crumble into pieces.

His upper body is naked as a stream of moonlight flows onto his body and turns into a kind of strange tattoo.

At the same time, a large crescent moon floats out from behind his back and is slightly beautiful.

“Over the years, you are the second one who made this seat use my real power.”

Ye Heng’s muscular figure steps on the moonlight as a small crescent moon shines between his eyebrow like Bao Qingtian.

[TL: Bao Qingtian is commonly known as Justice Bao.]

“The first one was the Penglai Island Island Master but it is a pity that he is dead.”

“Saying it like this is too regretful.” Liu Yi sighs, “Because the second Island Master is also about to die as well.”

“Mad man!”

Ye Heng snorts and says coldly, “My Moon Dream Heart Technique is the strongest technique in the world! How could you be my opponent!”

“Its only moonlight, how can it strive for splendor in front of the scorching sun.”

As Liu Yi speaks, nine sun flies out from his back.

These nine suns revolve behind Liu Yi, the eye-catching golden light floods the Trapping Demon Formation giving Meng Xi and the beauty a surge of warmth.

What is this power…so warm…

“Nine Yang God Qi. The cultivation technique of gods.”

Unexpectedly Ye Heng hit the nail on the head and let Liu Yi feel shocked in his heart, “This technique is not bad but in this world, other than the already extinguished Nine Yin Demon Qi which can fight against Nine Yang God Qi, there is also another type and that is our Moon Dream Heart Technique!”

Ye Heng says arrogantly, “If it was not because the gods were afraid that we would become powerful the Nine Layers of heaven would have changed into a new regime! But those fellows did not expect that our clan would be so easily defeated! After so many years of cultivation, my clan king had already absorbed enormous strength! As long as he awakens, this world shall be ours! You shall all be our servants!”

“Please, uncle. Right now is no longer the era of monarchs.”

Liu Yi cannot help but remind Ye Heng, “Who is that monarch that you are talking about?”

“You are not worthy of knowing!”

Ye Heng does not reply to Liu Yi’s question, “What is waiting for you is only death!”

He stretches his hand towards Liu Yi.

Instantly a formless surge of qi grabs hold of Liu Yi and lifted him into the air!

Liu Yi is startled. He feels like an enormous hand is grabbing hold of him!

“This is the strength of moonlight! Die peacefully!”

My heart seems to be grabbed by something and is slowly starting to be squeezed!

If this goes on, my heart will be crushed!

Damn it, this moonlight qi is somewhat strange!

But wanting to borrow this to kill me, isn’t this a bit naive?

“Golden Pupil!”

Liu Yi’s pupils turn golden and instantly sees a vaguely transparent light ribbon twined around his body.

At the same time, one of the pieces enters deep into his chest. Perhaps this toy is the one that is pinching my heart!


A surge of shocking force erupts from Liu Yi’s mouth. He lets out a shout and instantly scatters those light ribbons that coil around his body!

Liu Yi lands back on the ground as he half kneels. A fist pressed against the ground as a chill flashed across his eyes.

“Uncle this kind of despicable move is making me angered.”

“My Moon Dream Heart Technique is a killing technique! Go and die!”

Ye Heng stretches out his hand and instantly several hundred light ribbons charge forwards surging towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi raises his head. Seeing these ribbons, his lips curl up.

“Then let us play happily! Glorious Sun Palm!”


Chapter 799   [Moon Dream Heart Technique]

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