MKW Chapter 798

Chapter 798  [Title below]


“When has there ever been another person in this Trapping Demon Formation?”

Meng Xi’s voice is as dead as usual and did not carry any emotion, “Could it be that when this servant is bored, this servant cannot talk to herself?”

“Evil creature! Still not speaking the truth!”

An ominous glint flashed across Ye Heng’s eyes as he clenched his fist towards Meng Xi.

Instantly Meng Xi’s body was lifted up and pressed against the Trapping Demon Pillar making it hard for her to breathe.

Liu Yi’s heart moved. He wishes to help but he bears with it.

It is still not time to take action! Although that Ye Heng has an ominous glint in his eyes there is no killing intent. Meng Xi is very important to the cultivation of his technique thus he will not kill her. If he could take action, he would not have taken great pains and ran to the human realm to capture her!

“So be it if you do not believe…”

Meng Xi does not have any trace of fear. Instead, she smiles, “After killing me, this servant will become free and accompany this servant’s husband…”

“Dream on!”

Ye Heng instantly becomes very angered. He waves his hand and tosses Meng Xi’s body t, smashing against the side of the black mist.

The black mist exploded out with black light knocking Meng Xi back causing her to smash into the ground. That knock causes her to vomit out blood in pain.

“Your just an evil creature that dared to betray this seat!”

Ye Heng says ruthlessly, “You wish to die?! Impossible! Furthermore, even if you die, you will not see your husband! Let me tell you your husband has been turned into a reef by this seat using the Moon Dream Heart Technique! His soul is trapped within forever unable to reincarnate! The two of you shall endure endless suffering and punishment for this seat! ”

“Ye Heng…you beast…”

Meng Xi bites through her lips, “You lied to me! You lied to me!”

“That’s right, this seat lied. What about it?”

Ye Heng sneers, “An evil creature wishes to possess love? Stop dreaming! In this lifetime you will  be this seat’s pet and contribute your qi for my Moon Dream Heart Technique!”

He raises his left hand and Meng Xi was instantly raised into the air by him!

The moonlight in the sky seems to turn slightly brighter. Threads of white qi fly down from the moonlight and enter Meng Xi’s nose but then it flies out from her mouth and was sucked into Ye Heng’s mouth below!

As he consumes it Ye Heng mocks her. “Hahaha, this kind of splendid moonlight is a waste to give to you!”

“This seat’s Moon Dream Heart Technique can cultivate to the peak! Wait till I return and consume the Yuan Yin girl that was captured today then no one in the world will block me, hahaha!”

“You devil…”

Meng Xi shouts in pain, “Not only did you suck this servant’s moonlight you also harmed the girls in the mortal world! You will not have a good death!”

“In this world, who can make me die?”

Ye Heng says in delight, “Once my technique has reached major accomplishment, in this world who can be my opponent! Hmph, today I shall let you watch some good thing. This seat shall consume that Yuan Yin girl in front of you and let you watch the scene of this seat reaching major accomplishment in my technique! Hahaha!”

He tossed Meng Xi to the side before taking out a palm-size bag from his waist.

His other hand grabs the mouth of the bag and pulls it open.

Instantly this palm-size bag turns into a two-meter big bag which he pours out.

A female figure falls out of the bag. Liu Yi who is on the pillar looks at the figure and got a shock. What the hell, isn’t this the beauty that I had met this morning?

Why would she be captured here?

That beauty is naturally both startled and afraid. When she lands on the ground, she woke up. Staring at the guy in front of her in shock, she retreats.

“Who, who on earth are you. Don’t harm me. If you want money, I can give you it!”

The beauty actually took Ye Heng as a kidnapper.

“Hahaha…wealth and the likes are all material objects.”

How would Ye Heng be greedy about wealth? What he wants is his cultivation.

“You are such a pure Yuan Yin body. You will be very beneficial to this seat’s cultivation! Hahaha, wait till I have eaten you, this seat’s technique will reach major accomplishment and from then on, there will no longer any need to consume girls anymore! Meng Xi, didn’t you think of yourself as high and pure? Wait till this seat’s technique has reached major accomplishment then I shall press you against that reef and take you a hundred different ways! I shall let that lover of yours take a good look at how this seat conquers you, hahahaha!”

Ye Heng laughs loudly causing Meng Xi’s face to turn pale.

This beast…beast!

“Wait here first. After this seat has absorbed this girl then I shall bring you to have fun, hahaha!”

As Ye Heng speaks, he stretches out his right hand and lifts up the beauty through the air.

“What, what do you want! Save me!”

The beauty shouts loudly, struggling with all her might.

“It is useless. Even if you shout till your throat burst no one will save you here!”

Ye Heng sneers, “Being able to become part of this seat’s cultivation is the glory of you!”

“You pervert! I do not want to become your strength!”

The beauty is about to cry. She only feels that everything tonight had exceeded her knowledge. This person is a pervert…or a monster!

“This is not up to you. Come, obediently sacrifice everything of yours!”

“Aiyah…why would I meet this kind of pervert on this night.  Really is an eyesore.”

Just as Ye Heng is about to take action, from the side came the voice of a guy.

He was instantly startled. Who can silently enter this place!

He raises his head and instantly sees a youngster wearing a black coat sitting on top of Trapping Demon Pillar. He stretches out a finger and a red little dragon flies out from his finger.


Meng Xi’s heart shook, so he had always been here?

The beauty was even more started. Isn’t this that Lord Ball-breaking that I had seen on the boat earlier? Why would he be here! From the looks of it, he and this pervert are not together…

“Who are you!”

Ye Heng frowns, “Why did you come to my Penglai island…”

He suddenly understands something as his brows jump, “You are Liu Yi!”

“Eh?” Liu Yi is slightly surprised as he looks at Ye heng, “This uncle is rather smart. Instantly seeing through my identity?”

“Good fellow!”

Ye Heng’s face sinks as killing intent flashed across his eyes, “Instead of staying inside your room, why did you run to this place?”

“The night scenery is so beautiful thus I came out for a stroll.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Who would know that I meet a pervert. Hey, hey. Perverted uncle. Give some face. I know this beauty that you had just captured, can you let go of her?”


Ye Heng thinks rapidly before saying, “So this is someone whom Daoist Liu is familiar with. Really apologetic. This seat does not know. Let me return her to you.”

Ye Heng waves his palm and that beauty was immediately tossed over.

Liu Yi hurriedly stretches out his hand and embraced the beauty in his embrace. At the same time, a fragrance enters his nose.

The beauty’s heart trembles. This is the first time being so close to a guy…it is actually somewhat intoxicated…

As for Liu Yi, holding the beauty in his embrace, he stretches out his other hand swiftly and with a -pa-, he seems to grab hold of something in his palm.

“Uncle, you look like a talented person but why do you this kind of shameful thing. ”

Liu Yi opens his palm and in his palm lies a hornet that was crushed.

This hornet is not small, around the size of a baby’s fist.

Meng Xi cannot help but warn Liu Yi, {This is Penglai Island’s specially raised killer wasp! The killer wasp’s poison is enough to kill benefactor over a few times!}

Meng Xi does not dare to speak directly to Liu Yi, thus she transmits her voice over to him.

Liu Yi’s lips curl up and say, “Island Master Ye, this present of yours is a rather nice surprise.”

“As long as Daoist Liu does not dislike it, it is okay.”

Ye Heng is able to stay calm as he chuckles, “Daoist Liu came from afar. This seat is this island master. I don’t have anything to gift thus I sent up my Penglai Island’s specialty. I hope that Daoist Liu will be impolite and continue to receive it.”

As he speaks, Ye Heng takes out a jade flute, placed it by his mouth and blows it.

{Be careful!}

Just as Meng Xi warns, from the surrounding came a dense buzzing sound.

Liu Yi raises his head to see a black cloud covering the moonlight.

But it is not a cloud but a shape formed by countless of killer wasps.

Ye Heng lowers the flute and says coldly, “Hope that you do not mind my small meager gift.”

At this moment those killer wasps had charged over. Surrounding Liu Yi densely within.

Meng Xi knows how powerful the killer wasps are and is already anxious.

The beauty also exclaimed in shock. After all, it seems like she was also surrounded by these impressive wasps.

“Island master Ye is really polite. So many cute bees. Then I shall be impolite and accept all of them!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he slaps towards the side with his left hand!

Glorious Sun Palm: Coloured Glass!

-cracking sound-

Space instantly starts to be torn apart as a black hole emerges bring about a powerful attractive force!

Liu Yi’s legs stand steadily on the pillar as he holds on to the beauty tightly.

This is only a small scale black hole that will not affect cultivators much but beauty is only a mortal thus she is affected.

The black hole attractive force sucked that dense black cloud of wasps in and the ears became much more peaceful.

“You are indeed Liu Yi. You indeed have some methods…”

Ye Heng withdraws his jade flute, “No wonder you can defeat Chen Sihan. But in this seat’s eyes, Chen Sihan is nothing much. You think by defeating him you will defeat this seat, that is a huge mistake!”

“Uncle you are mistaken about a matter.”

Liu Yi lightly descends and places that beauty by Meng Xi’s side before letting out Sky Flipping Seal, enveloping the two girls within. Doing all of these, Liu Yi turns around and says to Ye Heng, “I did not come here to defeat you.”

“Oh? You also know that you are not the opponent of this seat?”

Ye Heng chuckles, “Right now, there is still time if you surrender.”

“I am not here to defeat you. I am going to kill you!”

Coldness flashed across Liu Yi’s eyes, “Descend to hell uncle!”


Chapter 798   [To kill you]

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