MKW Chapter 797

Chapter 797  [Title below]


Meng Xi had a dream. She dreamt that she once again had a reunion with the fisherman Ah Hua. From then on, the two of them lived together and also gave birth to a son and daughter.

Of course, when she woke up, she realized that she is still chained up in this black Trapping Demon Pillar’s side.

Meng Xi wishes to cry but after so many years, her tears had dried up.

She blankly leans against the pillar as she sits there while her heart starts to turn empty.

After so many years passed, my boyfriend should have died.

After all, he is only a mortal and does not possess the lifespan of a thousand years.

Thus she can only sit here forever crying without tears and sound towards the moonlight.

If there is really a god on the moon then come down and save me…I wish to leave this place…

As Meng Xi is praying, a footstep breaking leaves sound is gradually getting closer from a distant place.

Meng Xi lifts her eyes spiritlessly as she looks in the direction where the sound comes from.

Is it him who came? He is here to consume my essence again…hahaha…

Meng Xi feels like she is about to become a walking corpse.

But at this moment the voice of a youngster came from the woods, “Oh? The scenery here is rather unique.”

Hearing this voice, Meng Xi shivers.

This place is the forbidden ground of Penglai Island. Why would there be the voice of other people? Could it be that he is here to get rid of this ban? Impossible! How would he be so kindhearted! This place hides his greatest, most shameful secret!

“Oh…this place seems to have a formation…”

The voice **outside while Meng Xi cannot help but warn loudly, “Don’t, don’t come in!”

“There is the voice of a girl?”

The youngster is slightly sluggish before asking, “Is this Meng Xi?”

Meng Xi knows that this island master does not have any son thus she asks, “How did you know…you are…the disciple of the island master?”

“Hahaha, I am not a person from Penglai Island.”

The youngster outside is none other than Liu Yi. Currently, he is wearing a black coat with his hands inside his pocket as he stands outside the Trapping Demon Formation.

Black mist enveloped the Trapping Demon Formation. Even those with a cultivation base are unable to see what is inside of it. They are only able to hear Mengxi’s voice that came from inside.

A demon is indeed a demon. They can live for a long time. It has been so many years and her voice still sounds so young.

Although that handsome guy’s voice is also very young he had died. What is alive is only the soul.

“Not a person from Penglai Island? Then who are you?”

Meng Xi’s voice carries a trace of vigilance. Perhaps there are very few outsiders who came to Penglai Island.

“I came here due to a request from a fisherman.”


Meng Xi’s voice clearly trembles. Clearly, this keyword touched her heart.

Liu Yi does not know that his sentence is like a lance piercing through the thick layers of casing covering Meng Xi’s heart before stabbing deep into her heart.

Is…is he talking about him…I heard of news regarding him again…this…how many years had passed? 500 years? Or a thousand years…

“Who…who on earth are you. Why did you mention him…”

“I am a kindhearted person. You can call me Lei Feng.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says but Meng Xi is still in slight disbelief.

“You are lying to this girl…he must have died a long time ago…so many years have passed… I’m afraid that his corpse had turned to dust…”

“He has indeed died.”

Recalling that reef outside Penglai Island, Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, “But he was turned into a reef just outside Penglai Island. He has been waiting outside for you.”

“What…he, he was turned into stone!”

When Meng Xi heard this, she wails, “Ye Heng! You are so ruthless! You used a demonic technique on Ah Hua! You lied to me! You lied to me! You lied to me!”

This wailing is very heart wrenching making Liu Yi who heard feel his hair stand on the end.

“Meng Xi, don’t be agitated. Let me enter and save you t. You shouting so loudly will give me trouble if you summon people over.”

“You cannot enter!” 

Unexpectedly, Meng Xi rejects Liu Yi.

“Why can I not enter?”

“There is something that you do not know.”

Meng Xi’s voice carries forlorn as she says, “Other than this girl, as long as other people enter it, this Trapping Demon Formation will be triggered and allow Ye Heng to know!”

“Who is Ye Heng?”

“Ye Heng is the Island Master of this Penglai Island! A devil who is draped with human skin! ”

Liu Yi seems to feel the appearance of Meng Xi clenching her teeth.

“Penglai Island Island Master is a devil?”

Liu Yi starts to contemplate in his heart. The way this Meng Xi speaks, doesn’t seem like she is lying. Could it be that Penglai Island has some secrets?

No matter what, I still have to first make a trip into this Trapping Demon Formation.

Liu Yi’s qi in his body starts to change. He immediately enters the second stage of dragon transformation and filled his body with demon qi.

Finishing all of these, Liu Yi steps into the black fog and enters the Trapping Demon Formation.

“You! You came in!”

Seeing Liu Yi walking out from the black mist, Meng Xi got a huge shock, “Are you crazy! You…gods, you are…a demon…”

“To be correct, a half-demon.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Now, how to bring you out.”

“It is useless…” Meng Xi shakes her head. “Even if you can enter, you cant exit. The reason why this is called Trapping Demon Formation is that it traps demons.”


Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches the black mist.

Instantly a black light shoots out and jolted Liu Yi’s back a few meters to the side of Meng Xi.

Thus Liu Yi finally sees Meng Xi’s appearance. Indeed she is a beauty, bright eyes and white teeth, clear as ice and clean as jade, no wonder she can make that handsome guy so bewildered until he hovered between life and death. Even if he had died, he also wants to make Liu Yi save her.

Why are these female demons born so beautiful?

“You see…simply cannot exit at all…”

Meng Xi bites her lips lightly, “Why did you come in…later on when Ye Heng comes, he will kill you…”

“I received a request from others, thus it must be complete. I promised that handsome guy of yours, how can I not fulfill my promise.”

“Thank you benefactor…”

Meng Xi sighs, “But benefactor, right now you and this servant are trapped inside this Trapping Demon Formation, we can only wait for death…Alas, this servant and he have harmed benefactor. I am sorry.”

“No worries, no worries. The scenery here is rather unique.”

Liu Yi waves his hand before sitting by the side of the stone. He then looks at that black pillar by Meng Xi’s side and asks, “Talking about this, what is this?”

“This is the formation eye of the Trapping Demon Formation, Trapping Demon Pillar.”

Meng Xi stretches out her hand and gently touches that icy pillar, “This is a tool forged from deep-sea cold iron. Being by its side, a demon will not be able to exert their strength. this servant was trapped here for over a thousand years by it…as for how long, this servant also is not clear…”

“Talking about this, you said that the Penglai Island Island Master is a devil, can you explain?”

Liu Yi is more concerned about this.

“Hmph! What Penglai Island Island Master. This is nothing but a mask that he puts on to conceal himself.”

Meng Xi’s voice turns cold. Clearly, she is filled with hatred towards this Ye Heng, “Over a thousand years ago, Ye Heng entered Penglai Island. Afterward, relying on his talent, his cultivation soared rapidly while he was still young. Resulting in him being appreciated by the Island Master of the previous generation who accepted him as his close door disciple. But how would that Island Master expect that Ye Heng has the ambition of wild wolves? He secretly killed the previous generation Island Master and became the next Island Master of Penglai Island!”

“Ah? How did you know all of this?”

Meng Xi lets out a bitter laugh, “Because this servant was originally an eight desolate poison female spider who had managed to cultivate into a human form. Later on, I was subdued by Ye Heng and became his spirit pet.”

“You are Ye Heng’s spirit pet?”

Liu Yi seems to understand something, “That is why back then when you snuck out of Penglai Island, Ye Heng would come out to capture you?”

“That’s right. What benefactor says is right.”

Meng Xi nods her head, “It is just that it is not because he has deep feelings for me. But Ye Heng hates to part with me because I can absorb moonlight.”

“Why do you say such things?”

“I am a special kind of special spider. We can absorb the moonlight’s quintessence and then use it to train our inner dan. This moonlight to Ye Heng is very precious. He needs to use moonlight to cultivate his Moon Dream Heart Law! This he follows this servant to the human realm and lied to this servant’s husband as well as lied to this servant…when he found this servant, he told this servant that if I do not wish to let this servant’s husband die, then this servant must follow him back to Penglai Island and enter this Trapping Demon Formation. After this servant entered, this servant did not expect that…he caused the death of this servant’s husband…”

“This guy’s jealousy is rather strong.” Liu Yi analyzes and says, “You fell in love with a mortal. This definitely caused his self-esteem to crack. Thus he took action and killed your husband.”

“That’s right…Ye Heng smiles at you on the surface but in reality, he is a man with a big smile and evil intentions. Benefactor…it is a pity that you are also going to die in his hands today…”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Why is that so? I still wish to take a longer look at this scenery.”

“Because today is the day where he comes to find this servant to consume the moonlight…”

Meng Xi raises her head and looks at the moonlight, “I’m afraid that it is almost time…”

As they are speaking from outside came the sound of the wind making Meng Xi’s complexion turn pale.

“Benefactor, he  is back, he has come…benefactor?”

Meng Xi looks around only to realize that there is no longer the shadow of that benefactor which makes Meng Xi badly startled.

Where did benefactor go?

How would Meng Xi know that Liu Yi had already used his Fog Qi to transform into a small ant sticking on the back of the iron pillar no longer moving? He also has the technique that Han Yuxin imparted him to conceal his aura. Even if gods and buddhas wish to discover him, it will be extremely difficult!

At this moment, the black mist outside split apart as a tall figure walks in.

Meng Xi hastily deepens her complexion as her eyes turn emotionless.

When Ye Heng enters, he immediately asks, “Evil creature who were you talking to earlier?”


Chapter 797   [He is a devil]

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