MKW Chapter 796

Chapter 796  [Title below]


Liu Yi creases his brows and quickly relaxes.

“Looks like it is a familiar person.”

He stretches out his hand and raises the boiled immortal tea on the table.

Based on what the servant had said, this immortal tea is boiled from the best Fog Tea as well as the dew from the wee hours. Its fragrance is delightful and can extend one’s life. Thus it is called Immortal Tea.

There is a legend that in the past, when a disciple from Penglai Island went out to journey around, he had once let a mortal taste a small amount of this Immortal Tea and that local despot lived until over two hundred years old and was revered by those local people as a sage.

This Immortal Tea was also called Penglai Immortal Tea by others, one that can be discovered but not sought.

Liu Yi leans against the back of the chair as he leisurely drinks this Penglai Immortal Tea.

Outside, the sound of knocking became louder and was then followed by a girl shouting, “Liu Yi! Quickly open the door! I know that you are inside! Don’t pretend that you are not around!”

That girl’s voice is very familiar. It is none other than Zhang Jiashuang whom he had met near the River Song.

Penglai Island junior sister.

Although this Zhang Jiashuang is young, her cultivation is impressive. She possesses 16 starjade cultivation.

It can be said that of this generation young cultivators, she is considered as a person of outstanding talent.

Just that compared to Liu Yi, she is so inferior that she is dim without any light.

But Liu Yi got some advantage over them. At the very least, he had cultivated a few hundred more years than them.

Furthermore, with a spirit vein, he cultivates very swiftly. All of these make other people envious.

Although Liu Yi’s fake spirit vein cannot be compared to the real spirit vein, his cultivation speed is still heaven-defying! Just like Fog Qi, his master needs a few years to comprehend but he only needed a few hours.

Outside the knocking sound became louder and louder. There is a barrier placed on the door thus those who are not invited in need to forcefully break it to enter. Although Zhang Jiashuang is crafty and unruly she does not dare to be unbridled in her own sect.

Zhang Jiashuang stomps her legs as she shouts, “Liu Yi! Open the door! If you do not open the door then I shall force my way in!”

“Force your way in then,” says Liu Yi leisurely sip his immortal tea, “I do not mind.”

“You scumbag! Hurry and open the door! Do you wish to let me get scolded by my sect? I secretly ran over to find you! My sect does not allow anyone to get in touch with you one, do you know?”

When Liu Yi heard this, he instantly frowns before getting up and pulls open the door.

Zhang Jiashuang’s flushed face appears in Liu Yi’s sight carrying a trace of anger.

“Hmph! You know how to open the door, is it?”

Ever since the last time they had said goodbye to each other at River Song, Zhang Jiashuang was unable to become smooth and steady. It is not because she had fallen in love with this guy or the like but due to her feeling unresigned!

Especially when she recalls how she said how powerful she was in front of him but in the end, she has no place to place her face and wished to find a hole to hide within!

Liu Yi is too hateful! He is clearly so powerful but why did he pretend that he was very incapable in the beginning!

Help! Pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger! So bad!

Liu Yi no longer has the heart to drink this immortal tea anymore. He places the teacup by the side and asks, “You said that your sect does not allow anyone to meet me, what is happening?”

“What the, they used Penglai Immortal Tea to receive you! Too extravagant!”

Zhang Jiashuang is very blunt as she picks up a teacup and pours a cup before gulping it down.

“Wow, really tasty! I seldom get the chance to drink this and they serve this to you! Too wasteful!”

“Didn’t you say that your sect prohibited getting in touch with me?” Liu Yi can’t make sense of it, “Then why did they want to use this Immortal Tea to receive me?”

“This tea is used to receive guests. Although the sect does not allow us to get in touch with you they cannot lose their way of treating guests right?”

As Zhang Jiashuang drinks the tea she says, “Later on if people get to know that my Penglai Island does not know how to treat guests, wouldn’t we become a joke?”

“Why do they not allow you to get in touch with me?”

Liu Yi is very curious. What is this Penglai Island doing?

“This I do not know. Perhaps in my sect eyes, you are a dangerous character.”

Zhang Jiashuang curls her lips, “Recently your reputation had become big. After defeating Sun Palace Hall Hall Leader Chen Sihan, who in the entire cultivation world does not know of your name? Especially since you are both in the righteous and demonic side, thus the sect is still on guard against you. Right now the sect had given the order that before my master, who is the island master has exited seclusion, no one is allowed to get in contact with you! Perhaps they are afraid that we will get lead astray by you, hehehe…”

“Then why did you still come? Are you not afraid of being punished by your sect?”

Zhang Jiashuang is like a proud dog wagging its tail, “Who in the sect can control me? Thus I ran over to find you! Furthermore, seeing you is not to be led astray by you, but to ask you things! Right, nearly forgot about the proper matter!”

Zhang Jiashuang is a bit unwilling as she places down the teacup before looking at Liu Yi seriously. “I have some matters that I don’t understand thus I wanted to ask you. If you are a hero then you must answer me.”

Liu Yi creases his brows lightly as he rubs his jaws in difficulty, “Aiyah…this might be difficult…”

Zhang Jiashuang hurriedly adds on, “I will not ask you questions that are too sensitive…”

“The crucial point is that I am not a hero…”

Liu Yi winks, “Precisely the opposite, I am a vile character…”

Zhang Jiashuang nearly vomits blood from anger, “Go die! If you do not wish to answer the questions then there is also no need to make such a big curve! Am I that dislikeable in your eyes?”

“That is not true. But I am indeed a vile character, thus I had never made a losing transaction.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “Ask me a question then I will ask you a question as well. This way it will be fair to us.”

“Eh…that seems reasonable…”

“OK, then we do it like that. You must answer it truthfully. I shall ask first.”

“Oi, oi, oi. Based on what! I am a girl. It seems like based on your current era etiquette, you must let the ladies go first, right?”

It looks like the people from Penglai Island are not behind times.

“Although that is what is said, that is western etiquette.”

Liu Yi says seriously, “Based on eastern etiquette, the one who should go first is the guest. You must let me go first, right?”

“This…is also correct. Fine then. Let’s stop delaying. Ask!”

Liu Yi smiles in his heart, I don’t believe that you will not fall for it!

“Oh, how long has your master been in closed-door cultivation?”

Liu Yi starts with some simple questions. Cooking the frog in warm water, slowly boiling it alive.

“It has been more than half a year! My turn, my turn!”

Zhang Jiashuang asks anxiously, “Are you really a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Of course I am. Replacement guaranteed if not genuine.”

“Then who did you learn your cultivation from!”

“It’s my turn now.”

“Damn it, hurry and ask!”

“Recently a lot of girls have gone missing in Penglai Island’s nearest Fog City. Did you hear about it?”

Liu Yi hammers down this thing like a huge sledgehammer and asks as he continues to loosen Zhang Jiashuang’s vigilance.

“Seems like I heard about it. It might be some perverted rapist, thief and the likes who did it! Hmph, if I meet him, I will chop him into pieces!”

As they are also girls, thus Zhang Jiashuang is rather emotional.

“Okay, next question…”

“Still the same one that I asked, who did you learn your cultivation from?”

Zhang Jiashuang seems to be quite concerned about asking this question.

“My master from Raising Immortal Palace Hall is Ma Long.”

Liu Yi’s reply is not fake at all. It is only more one-sided and rather crafty.

“Ma Long? That outer pavilion expert who had fallen into the devil’s path? He sounds rather familiar…”

Zhang Jiashuang cups her jaws like she is thinking about something.

Liu Yi catches her off guard and suddenly asks, “Do you know where Meng Xi is locked up at?”

“She is locked up in the Trapping Demon Formation at the back mountain…ah!”

Zhang Jiashuang suddenly covers her mouth in shock as her eyes widen as anger filled her eyes.

“Liu Yi! You, you tricked me!”

“Oh? How did I trick you?”

As Liu Yi smiles, he remembers that place in his heart.

Trapping Demon Formation at the back mountain? Very good. Handsome guy, very soon I shall complete the matter that you asked me to help you.

“You asked me where Meng Xi is located at! That is my sect’s forbidden ground!”

Zhang Jiashuang says in anger, “The sect had ordered that no one is allowed to get close to there! Why did you ask about it!”

“Just asking. Aren’t our rule you ask one question then I ask one question? Where did tricking you come from?”

“Are you treating me as an idiot?”

Zhang Jiashuang clenches her teeth, “Let me tell you! Don’t have any plans for Meng Xi! She has been sealed there for a very long time. The people in the sect says that she is a supreme demon! If you release her then all of us will suffer a calamity! Don’t get close, do you understand?!”

“When did I say that I am going to get close. Fairy Zhang, you are thinking too much.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders as he sits back into his chair. Taking advantage that Zhang Jiashuang is not playing attention, he smiles faintly.

It looks like there are plans for tonight.

Although it is slightly dangerous, Liu Yi will still do it. After all, he had promised other people. Being entrusted by others, one must complete it!


Just as Liu Yi is planning to get close to Meng Xi, Daoist Xiaoyao San is currently kneeling in front of the closed-door room.

“Island Master, I have arranged a place for him to stay. Don’t know if island master had prepared any other instructions?”

“5 Spirit Gathering?”

From behind the door came a deep voice. It is that Island Master Wuyi, “Whoever can control the spirit vein shall control the six realms. Although no one knows if this is real or not, it shouldn’t be considered as a baseless claim. This seat feels it is still worth it to make a trip for this 5 Spirit Gathering. As for the specifics, let this seat ponder over it first. Go receive that Liu Yi properly. Based on the jianghu rumors, he is a person who is both righteous and demonic. Without my orders, no one is allowed to provoke him, understood?”

“Understood. I have passed down words that no one is allowed to get close to Liu Yi.”

“Mm. Not bad you did well. You are indeed this seat’s trusted aide. You can retreat first.”


Daoist Xiaoyao San retreated. Island Master who is sitting within mutters to himself, “Hmph…Liu Yi is it…you came at the time…I am still lacking a yin body, then this seat’s cultivation technique shall be cultivated fully…at that time, who in the world can block us?”


Chapter 796   [Being a guest]

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