MKW Chapter 795

Chapter 795  [Title below]


Liu Yi did not move because he knows that these two stone lions do not wish to attack him.

Indeed, when that stone lion leaps in front of him, it immediately stands still. It opens its mouth before breathing out a stench of foul air at him.


After it roars, it laughs loudly.

“Hahaha, you tiny human. Are you still not afraid after seeing us, two brothers?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Just two house pets. Why should I be afraid of you?”


The two stone lion looks at each other before laughing loudly, “Stupid foreigner. Us brothers are the guardian gods of this Penglai Island! We have bitten countless earth realm experts with our teeth! Since you are not afraid then let us show you how impressive we are!”

The fire lion no longer hesitates and arrives in front of Liu Yi. He opens his bloody maw and breathes out a stream of red flame.

The flame sprays out very far and forms a three meters thick fire column, instantly reaching the sea from the island evaporating quite a bit of the seawater!

The white mist became even denser!

The people from Penglai Island also sense this flame. Within a building on the islands sit a few immortal like old men.

One of them opened his eyes faintly and says, “Seems like a guest had come.”

“Island Master is currently in closed-door cultivation, what should we do?”

“No worries. Blaze and Crystal will deal with him. They are our guardian beasts.”


Currently, Liu Yi is also on fire while the fire lion is laughing non-stop, “Hahaha, how is it. You are burned to death!”

“Big brother! What a good flame you breathed out !”

That ice lion immediately cries out  “That fellow is burnt into ashes.”

“That’s right. Us brothers have killed how many earth realm experts already!”

The two lions speak one after the other.

At this moment, Liu Yi who is burning waves his hand.

The flames on his body were instantly dispersed as he stands there completely fine.

“What the heck! Big brother! He is fine!”

“Could it be that he is a fire attribute cultivator? Old two, I’ll leave it to you!”

“Okay! Big brother, watch carefully!”

The ice lion who was called second brother nodded his head before attacking Liu Yi!

The cold ice qi engulfs the air.

Liu Yi shakes his head before saying regretfully, “It is a pity that I am a heaven realm expert.”

Liu Yi did not retreat as he appears in front of the ice lion before punching it in the face in front of its shock gaze.

That ice lion was instantly sent flying away by Liu Yi’s fist. It smashes through the board between the pillars and continues to roll until it smashes into the woods that extend out from the isle. It had knocked down countless trees and plowed up a long stretch of dust.


Fire lion’s stone eyes nearly pop out. What is this situation! Old two was sent flying out of sight with just one punch?!

When did Old Two become so weak? Could it be that this fellow is really a heaven realm expert?

“Stinky fellow! How dare you bully my second brother! Die for me!”

The fire lion opens its jaw and breathed out numerous sun-like fireballs aiming at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi still did not dodge. He raises his legs and kicks those fireballs away like kicking footballs!

The fireballs land on the ground of the surroundings creating black mushroom clouds! It can be seen from this, how powerful the fireballs were!

It is only a pity that no matter how many fireballs there are, they cant harm Liu Yi.

“Aiyah. Take a look. You destroyed the surrounding.”

Liu Yi is in heartache as he looks at the surrounding trees and ground that was ravaged. “No civility.”

“Stinky fellow! You dare to toy with me!”

The fire lion suddenly transforms into a fiery light and appears in front of Liu Yi before opening its jaws trying to bite Liu Yi.

“A house pet biting people is wrong.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and sends out a hook at that fire lion jaw.

Instantly that fire lion was sent flying high up into the sky. Its enormous body flies over ten meters into the sky.

That fire lion was beaten into a daze and still does not know what is happening. Its sight is dark as it flies up.

As for Liu Yi, he appears in front of him around the same height as him.


Liu Yi raises his leg and stomps down kicking the head of the fire lion.


The fire lion instantly descends again smashing a huge hole in the ground.

The two moves had beaten up the fire lion until it was confused. Its eyes are seeing stars.

“How is it? Did you having fun playing?”

Liu Yi sits on top of the fire lion. Although the entire fire lion is formed from flames it is unable to injure him at all.

Liu Yi is fireproof and protected against the cold. His body can be described with two words, super-resistant!

Being ridden by Liu Yi, the fire lion does not dare to move at all. It asks apprehensively, “Just…just who are you…”

“I came to deliver a letter, that’s all. Now you can bring me to meet your master, right?”

“This, this…”

Fire lion thinks rapidly when Liu Yi smiles suddenly.

The seawater by the side suddenly boils as the ice lion that was blown away into the woods ran into the seawater. It then does a sneak attack, leaping at Liu Yi.

“Mischievous house pet.”

Liu Yi did not even stand as he slaps out a palm.

“Illusion extermination!”

That ice lion which was sneak attacking was struck by Liu Yi’s palm wind even before it could touch Liu Yi. After which it exploded in midair and turned into broken ice.

“House pets who are too mischievous can only be killed by humans.”

Liu Yi smiles at the fire lion that is trembling underneath him.

The fire lion is about to cry. Where did this perverted fellow pop out from!

Is he only here to deliver a letter?

Earlier he called us sirs and now it turns into house pets.

Wu, who let him have a bigger fist.

“Right, now you can bring me to find your master?”

Liu Yi pats the fire lion underneath him, “I do not have a lot of time. I hate people who waste my time.”

“Daoist, daoist don’t be mad. This one shall lead the way.”

Even if it was a created god beast, it is also unwilling to get killed in vain.

The fire lion obediently carries Liu Yi on his back and leaps out. Stepping on four fire clouds, it flies into the air before flying deep into Penglai Island.

This Penglai Island’s surface area is not small. There are a lot of buildings on the island.

As the fire lion carries Liu Yi, it swiftly flies in front of a huge hall before shouting loudly, “Daoist Xiaoyao San! Daoist Xiaoyao San! There is an outsider who is requesting to meet!”

This fire lion’s voice is not soft. Very quickly, it spread into the hall.

Very quickly from the hall came a faint voice, “Blaze. What person can make you make a clamor in front of Sun Moon Palace Hall?”

“Daoist Xiaoyao San, we are unable to, this time! This person defeated me and killed Crystal!”

“Oh?” That guy’s voice carries a bit of astonishment, “I do want to see who can break my Penglai Island’s island protecting beasts.”

The palace hall’s door suddenly opens on its own like wind swept out from inside.

A water wave surges out from the door before condensing into a human shape in front of the fire lion.

This person has long hair which is tied up in a bun. With his immortal appearance, he does have an immortal demeanor.

“Who is sire? Why did you break into my Penglai Island?”

This Daoist Xiaoyao San is wearing a completely blue robe. On it, a water moon is embroidered making it very elegant.

“Junior Liu Yi greets Daoist.”

Liu Yi jumps off the fire lion before clasping his hand and greets Daoist Xiaoyan San, “Junior is here to deliver the invitation letter for the 5 Spirit Gathering. I have come to Penglai Island to deliver the invitation letter.”

“5 Spirit Gathering?”

Daoist Xiaoyao San frowns and he strokes his white beards and says, “Seem to have heard of it.”

It seems like the matter regarding Sky Splitting Golden Spear coming into being had spread out quite far in the cultivation world.

Don’t see that these inner pavilion cultivation sects seldom come out normally, but their news is never behind times.

It is almost common knowledge regarding the matter of snatching the Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

Daoist Xiaoyao San suddenly recalled and asks, “Are that guy who defeated the Sun Palace Hall Hall Leader, Liu Yi?”

The fire lion nearly peed, what the heck, this guy defeated Sun Palace Hall, Hall Leader?

Bullshit, what kind of big character is Chen Sihan and this guy defeated him!

Me and Old Two arrogantly went to deal with him…no wonder Old Two got killed…

Thinking about these, fire lion starts to feel fear.

“I am.”

Liu Yi nods his head. He did not avoid it and admits straightforwardly.

After all, everyone knows that I am the letter deliverer for 5 Spirit Gathering which is much more convenient.

No need to explain much and the other party immediately knows my identity.

“So that is the case. No wonder someone would come to my Penglai Island.”

Daoist Xiaoyao San strokes his beard, “But it had been a long time since my Penglai Island went outside. I am unable to make the decision on whether or not are we taking part in this 5 Spirit Gathering.”

Liu Yi asks, “Then who in your sect can make this decision.”

“This shall be up to the island master. But currently, my master is still in closed-door cultivation. So can Daoist Liu please stay in my Penglai Island for a few days.”

What the fuck, want me to stay? If it was normal time, I do not mind staying on this island to tour around a bit, but now I am pressed for time ah!

“This…perhaps there will not be enough time…”

“Daoist Liu does not need to worry. The shortest is a day, the latest is three days. We will use a secret technique to pass the news to the island master who is in closed-door cultivation. As for whether to take part in the 5 Spirit Gathering, it will be up to the island master to decide.”


Liu Yi cups his hands again before following Daoist Xiaoyao San’s arrangement and stays in a villa on Penglai Island.

I hope that that island master will be quick. I do not have a lot of time.

Just as Liu Yi is deciding on where to go next, someone knocks on his door.


Chapter 795   [I am here to deliver a letter]

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