MKW Chapter 794

Chapter 794  [Title below]


Liu Yi leaps into the sky and immediately descends close to the reef.

His legs step on the surface of the water like it is level ground.

If someone sees him, they will definitely exclaim ‘Wah God!’

Liu Yi looks at the human-shaped reef in front of him as he creases his eyebrows slightly.

It seems like…it is no ordinary stone…

Liu Yi can sense a faint qi and it seems to belong to a human.

Lin Tong flies out from Liu Yi’s body in the form of a little fox. Landing on his shoulder, she says, {Eh…there is a faint human aura on this stone…}

{Is that so…} Liu Yi grabs his lower jaw, {Could it be that this is indeed transformed from a human? Could it be that the legend is real?}

{Perhaps it is so. But wouldn’t we know if we give it a try?}

Lin Tong leaps lightly and lands on top of the reef. Wagging her tail, she says, {Isn’t it simple to use your Netherworld Qi and awaken the soul of this fellow.}

{Thank you Immortal Fox sister for your reminder.}

Liu Yi nods his head. I nearly forgot that I also have a technique specialized in dealing with souls.

He follows the methods of Netherworld Qi and mutters the chant. After which he taps the ‘forehead’ of the reef, “In my name, awaken from thou sleep! Wake up for me comrade!”

The reef suddenly moves slightly but a stream of faint green smoke slowly emerges from within the reef. After which it condensed into the shape of a handsome man.

Liu Yi starts to become jealous looking at him. This guy is damn handsome!

Suntanned skin and his masculine face make him practically a sunshine good-looking guy.

No wonder that Penglai Island girl would be moved by her heart. He is a woman killer!

“How long have I slept for..” When that handsome guy comes out, he gently rubs his forehead and mutters, “Mengxi…where are you…”

“Brother, wake up. Now is no longer that era of yours.”

Although he is somewhat unwilling, Liu Yi still reminds that handsome guy, “A long time has past and you had also turned into stone.”

As he speaks, he pats the cold reef by the side.

“Right…I remembered…I died…”

The handsome guy trembles before howling in grief, “Ahhhh!!!! Damn old Daoist! Return my Mengxi!”

Hearing what he said, Liu Yi is confused, “Wait a minute. What are you talking about? Can we have a chat?”

The handsome guy did not reply to Liu Yi. Instead, he stares at him and asks, “Benefactor was it you who awakened me?”

“If it was not me then who else could it be. Don’t tell me that you want to snatch my body?”

“Benefactor is thinking too much. I do not have that kind of ability. Even if I did, I would not be able to do it. The reason why I ask is to beg benefactor to help me take revenge and help me save my Mengxi.”

“Mengxi? Is she that girl whom you fished up?”

Liu Yi points at the sea below him.

“That’s right. I and Mengxi had fallen in love with each other at first sight. Originally we were going to discuss marriage but a daoist butt in! He lied to me and said that my Mengxi is a demon. If I wish to help Mengxi remove her demon qi, I must go to the sea before sunset and use the amulet that he had given me to remove the demon qi that is remaining in the sea! I believed him and brought the amulet over. In the end, I turned into a reef! As for my Mengxi, she must have been captured by that daoist! Benefactor, since you are so powerful to awaken me, you must also be able to save Mengxi as well!”

“Saving her is not a problem.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, story and reality are indeed different.

He sighs, “But you have turned into a ghost. Humans and ghosts walk different paths. It is impossible for the two of you to be together anymore. Furthermore, so many years had passed. That Mengxi of yours might no longer be alive.”

“She’s alive. She’s definitely alive. I can sense it!”

The handsome guy becomes slightly emotional, “I do not beg to be together with her. All I need is her to be free and happy, that is enough! Humans and ghosts have different paths, humans and demons have different paths, all of it is nonsense! As long as both love each other, then they will be together!”

Liu Yi turns taciturn while Lin Tong by the side meets his gaze.

Aren’t the two of us the same. I didn’t expect that this handsome guy would also have this kind of awareness.

“Benefactor please help me! I am willing to lead the path for benefactor!”

Liu Yi trembles, “Oh? You know how to enter Penglai Island?”

“Of course. Before I had fallen asleep, I guarded here for countless years. I was used to the methods that they use to enter and exit Penglai Island.” The handsome guy immediately says, “Actually it is very simple to enter Penglai Island. It is just an incantation. As long as benefactor possesses qi, you can open the barrier and enter it.”

“What is the incantation?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, wearing out iron shoes to find it, only to obtain it without any effort.

“I don’t mind telling benefactor, but benefactor must promise to save Mengxi.

He is about to gasp but Liu Yi is unable to reject him.

After all, his nature is a softhearted person.

“Fine then. I promise to help you save your Mengxi. That is, if she is still alive.”

“Thank you, benefactor. You are a good person!”

The handsome guy is crying a river of tears in gratefulness.

“Of course I am a good person!”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says arrogantly making Lin Tong who is standing on top of the reef curl her lips.

“Then after benefactor has saved Mengxi  please help me take good care of her…”

“Fuck, who speaks like you! Do you believe I won’t start chanting Buddhist scripture to send you into the reincarnation cycle!”

The vein of Liu Yi’s forehead twitches while Lin Tong is gasping in laughter.

“Benefactor don’t be angered, benefactor don’t be angered. Let me tell you the incantation!”

The handsome guy also seems to know that he had forgotten his manners and tells Liu Yi the incantation.

“Is it this?”

After listening, Liu Yi’s expression turned heavy, why is it such a scary incantation?

“It is indeed this. I stayed here for countless years and remember it very clearly. It is definitely correct!”

“Fine, fine then…”

Liu Yi stands on the seawater as he looks at the faraway setting sun. He revolves his qi before using his qi to say these words, “My Penglai Island beat up the nine heavens, trampled down the 18 layers of hell! Unequaled throughout the universe and world, ascending heaven, capturing dragons, enter the sea and capture the turtle! I stand here and shout open, open, open, open, open for me!”

[TL: in the chinese sentence structure, open is behind for me. And you have to shout open 5 times]

After Liu Yi shouted, the setting sun in front of him suddenly starts to distort. Behind him the handsome guy urges, “Hurry, hurry! The gate is about to open! Benefactor must enter otherwise it will be too late!”

“Understood. Don’t rush me. I will be on time.”

Liu Yi recalls Lin Tong back into his body before leaping out and steps on the wind, flying through the afterglow of the setting sun.

Liu Yi’s speed is faster than a bullet and in a blink of an eye, he pierces through the shapeless barrier and enters another world!

In front of him is still a boundless ocean but above the ocean is an island surrounded by white fog, like it is a wonderland.

Above this island floats two scalding golden characters, [Penglai Island]

Liu Yi says in his heart, this Penglai Island is very imposing to make such a large spectacle.

A powerful barrier protects this island leaving an entrance allowing entry.

Liu Yi is not here to pick fault but to send the invitation letter for the 5 Spirit Gathering.

Thus he did not choose to forcefully break the barrier but flies over to the gate.

The gate is located at the very south of the island. Two tall golden pillars prop up a floating board with ‘Penglai Island’ written on it.

By the two sides of the pillars is two lofty lion statues. Each of them is 4-5 meters tall. It looks very spectacular like two-door gods!

As Liu Yi took a step forward, the two stone lions suddenly awaken. That left statue opens its mouth and berates, “Who is the one who has arrived! Report your name!”

What the heck, a stone lion also knows how to speak. Looks like Penglai Island is indeed interesting. Oh, when did I get master’s speaking habits.

Liu Yi holds his roast and cups his hands before saying slowly, “I am the letter deliverer for the 5 Spirit Gathering. I am here to send Penglai Island an invitation letter. Can the two of you please report it.”

“Invitation letter?”

“5 Spirit Gathering?”

The two stone lions look at each other like they are unclear what the 5 Spirit Gathering is.

“Big brother, what to do? We did not meet this kind of situation in the past!”

“Fuck, old rules fuck him up!”

The two stone lions speak like rogues causing Liu Yi to blush with shame upon hearing them.

He wipes off his cold sweat as he looks at the two lions who are eager to pounce forward and says, “Two honored sirs, I am only here to send an invitation letter. There is no need to go so far as to fight, right?”

“Hey, you do not know Penglai Island’s rules!”

The left stone lion yawn and says, “Anyone who wants to enter my Penglai Island must first pass through the test of us two brothers! But it has been over a thousand years since anyone came making us brothers lonely as snow! Come, come, come. This time around let the two of us meet you properly.”

As it is speaking, the two stone lions suddenly jump off their platforms as radiance shines out from their eyes!

The left stone lion lets out red blazing rays of light while the right stone lion explodes out blue ice qi. One fire one ice which is of different nature from Liu Yi’s two kinds of qi.

Looks like Penglai Island is making this awkward for the visitors, that’s why they got these two opposite attributes. This way no matter what the visitor’s attribute is, there will be one that can restrain them.

“Since that is the case, then I shall accompany you.”

Liu Yi smiles. He stands there before placing his hands into his pocket. At the same time he let Little Jade play Wang Yuzheng’s songs.

The melodious musical voice sounds out around Liu Yi, scaring the two stone lion into crying out, “Where did the sound come from?”

“It seems like it is coming from that person’s body!”

“Who cares about him! Beat him up!”

The two stone lions roar and pounce towards Liu Yi.

“Two brutes who do not know how to appreciate music.”

As Liu Yi shakes his head, the left fire stone lion is in front of him. Its entire body is burning in flames as it opens its maw biting towards Liu Yi!


Chapter 794   [Penglai Island]

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