MKW Chapter 793

Chapter 793  [Title below]


Liu Yi blinks. Still can be related to the sunset. Do you want to add on a most beautiful sunset song?

“In legend, back on Penglai Island, there was a beautiful fairy who fell in love with a mortal fisherman…”

What the heck, isn’t this a typical loser being reversed pushed down by a beauty? It seems like there is a lot of  legends like this in ancient China. Those hardworking impoverished young men can always meet a fairy and the likes. For example, Conch Lady, Cowherd and Weaving Maid ah and the likes…

Then let’s look at those gongzis, they had never met this kind of good matter.

Looks like these loser’s counterattack stories had started since ancient times.

“To be able to love each other, the fairy secretly snuck out of Penglai Island and transformed into an ordinary woman. She pretends to have fallen into the river and was fished up by the fisherman.”

As the beauty says the story, she looks at the sunset with a trace of longing in her eyes.

Liu Yi roasts in his heart, is this fishing up a mermaid? This method of getting acquainted is too weird!

“Just like that, the two of them fell in love with each other. After which they lived together for a very long time, treating each other as honored guests. All along the fisherman wished to marry this woman but he always felt that her background was unclear. Along with the fact that people in his family also oppose with all their might, he never opened his mouth, making the fairy very sad.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the heck man, of course! A girl fished up from the sea, perhaps in our current generation it would be okay, but in ancient times, who would dare to marry them! They would be afraid that she is a water monster and the likes!

Seeing the beauty stop speaking and take a sip of her martini, Liu Yi inquires, “What happens afterward?”

“Afterwards it was a sad story.”

The beauty leans against the railing as she cups her jaws and says in grief, “After a while, a Daoist suddenly came to the fisherman family and tell that fisherman that that woman is a water demon. The reason why she entered their house is to absorb all of their vital essence! The fisherman and his family members were badly frightened thus under the inciting of the daoist, they drugged that woman during their evening meal. After which that fairy was taken back to Penglai Island by the old Daoist.”

“What happened afterward?”

“Afterwards it was said that the fisherman was very regretful. He realizes that he is unable to endure it the days without the fairy. Thus he did everything he could to find a method to find where Penglai Island is. Finally, he once again met the old Daoist. That old daoist passed him an amulet and let him go to the horizon during the sunset. At the very moment the sunset was falling, he is to throw out that amulet. He cannot toss the amulet out the next day, otherwise, he will turn into a stone.”

Liu Yi starts to become curious, “Then, did he find Penglai Island?”

“Did not. A second before tossing out the amulet the fisherman hesitated and the setting sun had already fallen into the sea. Instantly he turned into a stone. You see, it is that piece of rock!”

The beauty points into the distance and Liu Yi y sees a piece of a small black dot far away.

He revolves his qi to his eyes and increased his vision.

The black dot was magnified and he sees a stone that looks like a person towering among the water.

Perhaps this legend might be real. Looks like I need to get close to that stone and take a look to see if it contains any method to enter Penglai Island.

“Looks like our journey is going to end here.”

Liu Yi finished the entire cup before placing it on the tray of a waiter.

“Hehe, could it be that you want to find Penglai Island?”

The beauty smiles, “Could it be that you are seeking immortality??”

“Everyone wishes to become an immortal,” smiles Liu Yi, “But I am not here to seek immortality. I only wish to live on.”

“Mister is really humorous. But recently it had not peaceful around Penglai Island.”

The beauty’s complexion is filled with worry, “A lot of girls have gone missing without any reason. Yanyun City is in a panic about this. The police have been investigating but they are unable to find any result.”

“Then there is even less need to worry. After all, I am not a beautiful girl but a beautiful guy.” Liu Yi winks, “Thus I will be fine.”

“Perhaps that rapist or kidnapper has a heavy taste.”

The beauty smiles wickedly making Liu Yi’s hair stand.

But seeing that the sun is setting soon, Liu Yi does not have any time to chatter idly with her anymore. Right now, he is focusing on Penglai island.

Just as he is dusting off his clothing and plans to leave, from the side came a rampant voice.

“Wen Lai, it is him who hit me just now! Help me deal with him!”

This voice is none other than Wang Jingyu who ran away earlier.

The son of the municipal committee is indeed wildly ruthless, “This is… Luo Wenlai…”

Seeing that 5-foot guy, the beauty cries out.

“Mister…please bear with it…that person is Luo Wenlai from the armed police squadron. I heard that he is a black belt expert in Karate… ”


Liu Yi glance at the 5-foot man by the side and mutters apprehensively in his heart, nowadays the armed police have degenerated into hired thugs?

“Is it him? Okay, relax. Leave it to me.”

Luo Wenlai pats his chest and laughs. He looks at Liu Yi and says, “Little fellow, don’t blame me. Of all people to provoke you had to provoke our Wang Gongzi. Tell me, which leg do you wish to keep? I’ll help you break the other.”

The beauty hurriedly advises, “This…Mr Wang, Mr Luo. This is my ship, can you give this girl some face and don’t fight.”

“Zhao Yali don’t speak!” Wang Jingyu snorts and says bluntly, “I will tidy things up cleanly and will not create trouble for you. Furthermore, you do not have the right to speak here!”

The citizen is unable to fight against the government nor are merchants able to fight against the government.

Although the beauty possesses such a large luxurious cruise ship, perhaps her family is as rich as the country but in front of this municipal committee’s son, she does not dare to speak loudly.

She can only look at Liu Yi in worry, afraid that this unique guy that she had just gotten to know would be at a disadvantage.

After all, it was because he stood up for me that he had provoked this kind of trouble …

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I like both of my legs. I don’t wish to give you either one. Furthermore, can you move aside? I am in a hurry.”

“I see that you are in a hurry to go to the hospital!”

Luo Wenlai steps forward, no longer hesitation and punches at Liu Yi.

To an ordinary person, a black belt in karate is considered very powerful.

This straight punch is formidable, creating wind. If any ordinary person was hit directly, blood would flow out from his nose and instantly faint.

As for Liu Yi, he raises his left hand and uses his palm to easily block that punch.

“I said that I am in a hurry. Why are you so unreasonable?”


Luo Wenlai pulls back his fist only to realize that it was like his fist was stuck like it was jammed in metal!

Damn it! What is this situation!

Luo Wenlai sensed that something is wrong.

I have been in the police force for such a long time and I had never met an opponent! Today if I throw away my face in front of the municipal committee’s son, then my future will be finished!

This ruthlessness flashed across Luo Wenlai’s eyes as his other hand smashes ruthlessly towards Liu Yi’s lowest rib.

Liu Yi’s face is slightly hazed. If this fist hits an ordinary person, the shock to his heart would have killed him. As a law enforcement member, this Luo Wenlai secretly uses this kind of sinister style! He cannot be forgiven!

“Helping a villain do evil, ought to be punished!”

As China’s Law Enforcement Official, Liu Yi is in-charge of disposing these people.

His palm suddenly grabs that Luo Wenlai’s fist before pulling it firmly behind him.

-dislocating sound-

Luo Wenlai’s arm was instantly dislocated. The pain causes him to wail loudly.

“Using your kungfu to bully the common people. You deserve to be punished!”

As Liu Yi speaks his finger jabs at Luo Wenlai’s other shoulder.

That shoulder instantly breaks. His two arms dangle here no longer listening to Luo Wenlai’s orders.

That armed policeman who was vigorous earlier had now turned into a cripple.

Luo Wenlai screams in pain, no longer having any of his earlier bearings.

Wang Jingyu who was standing by the side in delight was also stunned. He did not expect that he would meet a busybody who is an iron board!

“You, you, you dare to attack the police!”

Wang Jingyu’s complexion is very frightened as he shouts out, “You are dead!”

Liu Yi sneers and says shamelessly, “Attack the police? Who says that he is a policeman?”

Luo Wenlai’s complexion turns green as he bears with his pain and says through clenched teeth, “I, I  carry my police ID on me!”

“Aiyah, thank you for reminding me.”

Liu Yi nods his head before reaching into Luo Wenlai’s pocket and searched for his police ID. In front of  Luo Wenlai’s and Wang Jingyu’s stunned looks, he tore it into half before tossing it into the sea.

“Now no one can prove it.”

“You! You are bullying people!”

Luo Wenlai vomits blood and fainted. Wang Jingyu shouts, “If you got guts then tell me who you are!”

“Ah, mister don’t!”

The beauty hurriedly reminds. If he really says it, this sir will be implicated!

“Go back and tell your father that I am the Law Enforcement Official and he will know who I am.”

“Law Enforcement Official? Fuck! If you got guts then say your real name.”

“Tell him Law Enforcement Official and he will know.”

Liu Yi curls his lips. The stately municipal committee secretary gave birth to such a son. But I have seen too many heroic fathers with a cowardly son. This one is not one too many.

“Fuck this! You wait for me…”

Before Wang Jingyu can finish, Liu Yi suddenly appears behind him and chops him on the back of his neck.

Wang Jingyu’s eyes roll up and collapse onto the ground.

“Now it is much quieter.”

How would Liu Yi have time to be in a tangle with this group of people. After he had dealt with the two fellows, he prepares to leave.

“Mister… who are you…”

The beauty stares at Liu Yi in shock as her thoughts turn complicated.

“I am Lord Ball-breaking.”

Liu Yi winks at the beauty, “Thank you for your story. If we are fated, we shall meet again.”

He bends his knees and leaps up high into the sky.

-scattering sound-

The wine cup in the beauty’s hand scatters on the ground.


Chapter 793   [I am Lord Ball-breaking]

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