MKW Chapter 792

Chapter 792  [Title below]


Liu Yi does not know what Ai Ling is thinking about.

At this moment he had already left Jingdou City and is standing on a luxurious cruise ship on the East China Sea.

The Penglai Island from the legend is in the East China Sea. It is different from other tourist attractions.

The real Penglai Island is hidden within the illusion barrier. It is reportedly said that only people who are fated will see it.

Illusion barrier is different from illusion technique. Even if Liu Yi possesses True Eyes, he will not be able to see through it.

He stands on the deck as he gazes at the surrounding sea. He raises a wine bottle as he frowns. It looks like this task of sending invitation letters is not as simple as I thought.

Penglai Island, where are you?

“Sir is in a good mood. Tasting good wine in this beautiful dusk scenery.”

A female traveler on the cruise walks over slowly as she makes idle talk with Liu Yi.

At this moment, it is dusk. The setting sun falls over the seaside rendering the seawater into a field of rainbows. It is like flames burning on the surface of the sea making it look very beautiful.

“Nothing much. I came out to take a look.”

Liu Yi glanced at the female traveler in front of him. She appears not bad and seems to be around 23, 24 years old.

Those who can play on this cruise are usually rich people.

From the looks of it, she should be a Ms Perfect who came here to pass the time. But I reckon that she finds it too boring, thus she found me to strike up a conversation.

“This afterglow scenery of the sunset is still very pretty.”

The female traveler leans on the railing, “It is much more pretty then the cruise.”

“Oh? Why do you say such things?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly. Could it be that I had met a literature and arts young woman?

The beauty smiles faintly as she crosses her arms, squeezing her breasts as she says, “It must be sir’s first time boarding White Princess to play, right?”

“That’s right. I seldom leave the house.”

“This White Princess has driven to the international waters. Right now the cruise has started to commence trading.”

The beauty winks at Liu Yi, “If mister has an adventurous heart, why don’t you go and try gambling. Perhaps you might be lucky and win.”

“So it is gambling.”

Liu Yi suddenly realizes, “I am not interested in such things. Money can be slowly earned. As for a meat pie that falls from the sky, I do not dare to think about those. Since I have this time, I might as well stay here to appreciate the scenery.”

“Mister indeed stands out from the masses.”

The beauty seems to be slightly interested in Liu Yi, “May I know mister’s name?”

“Strangers coming together by chance, why is there a need to know my name.” Liu Yi pretends to be cool, “Just call me Lord Ball-breaking.”

Right now it is very ball-breaking …

The beauty instantly starts giggling, “Hahaha. Didn’t expect that mister is also so humorous. Then since I do not have an egg than what should I be called?”

“How is it possible that you do not have an egg. You have one.”

Liu Yi smiles mysterious making the beauty curious.

“Oh? Where did my egg come from?”


[TL: in this case, it is a word play using chinese character. Egg(蛋)which is present in cheek(脸蛋) and ball-breaking(蛋疼)]

“Puff, this also counts!”

“Of course it count. Isn’t face also egg.”

“Okay then. Since mister insists on it then call me Sister Ball-breaking.”

Under the nightfall, above the luxurious cruise ship, Lord Ball-breaking and Sister Ball-breaking were born just like this.

Just as Liu Yi feels that there is no problem, that beauty Sister Ball-breaking suddenly asks, “Mister do you know about Penglai Island?”

Liu Yi was startled. Why did she ask what I am thinking about?

“Ah? Are you talking about that tourist center Penglai Island?”

“No, no, no. I am talking about the real Penglai Island.”

The beauty leans against the railing with a longing expression. She gazed at the descending sunset over the sea. “I live here all year round and have heard the story of Penglai Island. When I was young, I was incomparably fascinated. But after I grew up, I had set off repeatedly to the seas but I have never seen it. Right now, I am very regretful. The Penglai Island in the legends, does it really exist…I wish to take a look.”

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up, “I am also very curious.”

The beauty smiles charmingly, “Hehe, how is there any free story in this world. Why doesn’t mister first treat me to some wine?”

What the, so calculative! But this kind of beauty, perhaps there are countless men who want to treat her to wine. Furthermore, I also would not lose out.

Liu Yi snaps his fingers. This luxurious cruise ship is a place to spend money. On the deck, there are waiters.

That waiter immediately walks over and Liu Yi orders, “Martini.”

Although it is not a particularly expensive wine, the beauty did not nitpick.

Liu Yi had understood from the Dragon Group courses, towards this kind of beauty, pretending to be rich in front of her is useless. Their taste is greater than everything.

The richer you pretend to be, instead will make them feel more disgusted and think that you are a local tyrant.

The beauty received that glass of red Martini and smiles sweetly.

“Mister is so miserly. You are only treating me to a martini?”

“Actually, I feel that in front of this kind of blazing sunset, it is much more suitable to drink erguotou.” Liu Yi smiles and says, “It is a pity that the boat does not have it. Otherwise, I would have treated you.”

“Mister is indeed different from the rest.”

“This is not the main point. The main point is your story.”

Liu Yi is only thinking about the matter regarding Penglai Island. This fucking island is hidden too deeply!

“Mister is a rather impetuous person.”

The beauty tastes the cup of martini. Just as she is about to speak, from the side suddenly came a frivolous voice.

“Yali. Why did you run over here. I have been looking all over for you!”

Liu Yi and the beauty turn their heads over to see an oily faced man wearing a western suit walking over.

The beauty’s brows clearly crease slightly. “Mr Wang, why did you come up? What is the matter, did you become unhappy playing downstairs?”

“Damn it! Don’t mention it any more!”

That oil face man’s lips twitch as he says in a bad mood, “Today my luck is bad and I lost over a million! If I lose anymore later my old man will definitely beat me to death! Yali the sea wind up here is so strong why did you run up here for. Let’s go. I heard that your ship had recently imported fresh Australian lobster. Let us go. I’ll treat you!”

Liu Yi heard a clue…your ship.

Looks like this beauty has a deep relationship with this White Princess ah!

“As for the Australian lobster, if Mr Wang wishes to eat, I can ask people to send it to you.”

The beauty’s smile is unnatural as she says, “If you wish to find people to accompany you that is also okay. There is a lot of rabbit maidens in the casino. Mr Wang can choose a few to accompany you.”

“What is good about those girls. I had come from afar to White Princess just to find you, Zhao Yali!” The oily face guy says unhappily, “Zhao Yali, don’t tell me that you are not giving me any face?”

“How is that possible…”

The beauty is clearly hesitating but she can only continue to say good things, “It is just that my stomach is somewhat unwell, thus I came out to get some air..”

“Your feeling unwell? Come, let me find a place to give you a massage!”

Wang Jingyu laughs as he walks over.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh. Looks like it is not that easy to know about the matters regarding Penglai Island.

“Really cannot be happy wherever I go. Wanting to listen to a story is also so difficult.”

Liu Yi walks forward and blocks in front of the beauty and says, “Can this sir yield to me first. Currently, she belongs to me.”

“What?” That oily guy is slightly angered, “Who the fuck are you! When did Zhao Yali belong to you?”

The beauty is also startled. Standing behind Liu Yi, she covers her mouth as she looks at him.

“Because she had drunk my wine. Thus for this period of time, she belongs to me.”

Liu Yi tries to make himself look polite.

The oily face guy scolds fiercely, “Fucking hell! Who do you think you are to dare to bother my business!”

“I am only a person who wishes to listen to a story.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Please move aside. Don’t disturb me from listening.”

The beauty does not understand. Is this story of mine really that attractive to him?

“Hmph! I see that you must be sick of living!”

In front of beauty, the oily face guy does not wish to lose face thus he rolled up his sleeve before yelling as he charged towards Liu Yi head first.

Liu Yi is delighted. Isn’t this the rumored onager running into people’s style?

This kind of hoodlum style of fighting only makes Liu Yi amused.

He slants to the side before stretching out his leg to trip.



That oily face guy immediately falls flat on his face, lying on the ground with a very graceless posture.

At this moment, if there is someone who likes to throw the soap bar, he will be super happy.

It is a pity that Liu Yi’s sexual orientation is normal.

The oily face guy’s lung is about to explode in anger as he climbs to his feet and roars, “Damn it! How dare you touch me!”

Liu Yi does not admit to it, “It is you who fell down on your own. It is not related to me.”

“You got guts! Wait for me!”

The oily face guy seems to know that he is not Liu Yi’s opponent. After throwing behind a hard sentence, he turns around and runs off.

“You should not have provoked him…”

The beauty says in slight worry, “He is Wang Jingyu, the son of Cloud City’s municipal committee secretary. Even I have to put on a smiling face.”

“No worries. On this ship, I am not afraid of him.”

Liu Yi smiles as he raises his winecup, “Furthermore, dying under the peony flower, becoming a ghost is also very cool.”

“Hehehe, you are amusing.”

The beauty was amused again, “Even at this point in time, you can make a joke.”

“So what about this. The municipal committee secretary is not related to me nor does he know me.”

Liu Yi winks at the beauty. “If he asked for my name, I’ll just say that I am Lord Ball-breaking.”


The beauty wishes to laugh but feel helpless, “Fine then. Looks like advising you is useless.”

“I’d rather you tell me the story. I took such a big risk. You must satisfy me, right?”

“Fine then. Seeing that you have taken such a big risk, I shall tell you.”

The beauty feels that she is unable to see through the guy in front of her. She had stayed on White Princess for such a long time and is aware that she had seen a lot of guys before. All forms and shapes, but this is the first time she had seen Liu Yi’s type.

I am unable to see through him…just what kind of person is he?

“Regarding Penglai Island, there is a very beautiful legend…”

As the beauty speaks, she points at the sunset far away, “And it is related to this sunset.”


Chapter 792   [Don’t delay me from hearing]

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