MKW Chapter 791

Chapter 791  [Title below]


Jiang Xin suddenly feels that the inside of his body is in burning pain. Every single part is super painful!

It is like millions of ants are biting him, instantly making him cry out in pain!

But his entire body is unable to move at all. Like his arms and legs no longer belong to him!

It was to the point where he is unable to move his throat as well!

He wished to scream out but his throat is badly burnt, making him unable to speak!

What that guy said is right…right now other than living, I am left with nothing!

Even if I am alive, I still need to endure endless suffering!

He wishes to die! He really wishes to die! But he does not even have the strength to bite his tongue!

He can’t beg anyone. He is unable to speak nor write!

Endless dread deeply wraps up his heart.

His expression suddenly turns greens as his body turns peaceful while his pupils enlarge.

“To die from fear?”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “Do you think that you will be free when you die?”

Liu Yi grabs hold of Jiang Xin’s soul that is about to fly away before forcefully stuffing it back into his body.

At the same time, Liu Yi nails a Penetrating Soul Nail into his chest!

After nailing in the Penetrating Soul Nail, it disappears. Even the most advanced technology will not be able to discover it.

Furthermore, from this moment onwards, Jiang Xin had turned into an undead. He is still unable to move, furthermore, he had to endure the pain of his blood boiling.

Why…why can’t I die!

Jiang Xin had fallen into despair.

“I said that I will let you live, thus I will fulfill what I said.”

Liu Yi smiles coldly, “Even if your flesh body has rotted, you will still live on.”

He stands up as he looks at Wang Zhaoyu by the side.

Wang Zhaoyu instantly trembles and her soul nearly flies away in fear.

This, this man is too scary…how did I provoke him…

Mad about money… too mad about money…

At this instant, Wang Zhaoyu is remorseful. She instantly kneels on the ground as she kowtows towards Liu Yi.

“I beg you, I beg you to let me off. I beg you…in the future, I will no longer dare to do anything. Really no longer dare to do it!”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to deal with Wang Zhaoyu as he calmly asks, “How much money did he give you?”

Wang Zhaoyu trembles with fear as she says, “5, 5 million…”

Liu Yi sighed, “5 million is enough to make you sell your conscious. Zhou Ziying misjudged you To choose you to be Yuzheng’s manager.”

“I beg you. Let me off!”

Wang Zhaoyu cries until her face is covered with tears, “In the future, I will not dare to do anything! It is all because of that Jiang Gongzi who forced me! Seeing that I had been looking after Wang Yuzheng in the past, please let me off this time!”

“It is because you had always been looking after Yuzheng, that is why I allowed you to be so rude to me earlier.”

Liu Yi is expressionless, “You can insult me, curse me, but you should not have taken action against Yuzheng. Since you had touched my reverse scale, how can I let you off?”

“Don’t, don’t kill me, I beg you!”


Wang Yuzheng seems to be a bit unwilling. Liu Yi did not turn his head around and says softly, “Yuzheng. Close your eyes.”

Wang Yuzheng obediently closes her eyes. She knows that Liu Yi’s character is very stubborn. The moment he had decided on something, no one can change his mind.

But Wang Zhaoyu can only blame herself. To think that I believed her so much but she betrayed me because of money.

If it was not for me suddenly erupting with power, I would have lost my chastity. If it was not for Liu Yi arriving in time, I would have died.

“Remember to be a good person in your next lifetime.”

Liu Yi condensed a golden sword and stabs Wang Zhaoyu is her heart before nailing her onto the wall.

“Okay. Everything is fine now.”

After Liu Yi had dealt with these people, he turns around and hugs Wang Yuzheng warmly.

“Husband…sorry…I made you kill people…”

Wang Yuzheng shrinks into Liu Yi’s embrace.

“No worries. They are all bad people. If I do not kill them, heaven will also punish them.”

Liu Yi gently pats Wang Yuzheng’s back.

“But, but killing these people…why should you…you have become a murderer…”

“Hahaha. So you are worried about this. Relax. I still have some privileges.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he borrows Wang Yuzheng’s handphone and makes a call to Long San.

Right now his identity is no longer the same. When Long San picks up the call, hearing Liu Yi’s voice, he becomes respectful.

“Senior Officer, do you have any instructions?”

“There is a bit of trouble here. Come over and help me deal with it.”


Long San immediately send people over to deal with what happened next. As for Liu Yi, he piggybacks Wang Yuzheng and walks out of the private room.

Wang Yuzheng leans against Liu Yi’s back only feeling an incomparable warmth.

The apprehension in her heart gradually dissipates as Wang Yuzheng falls asleep.

Liu Yi walks out of the Entertainment City and sees that the vehicle that Dragon Group uses had stopped outside of the building.

They came rather quickly. They are much more efficient than the police.

A familiar person jumps down from an SUV. It is none other the half stone man Chen Zhengang.

When Chen Zhengang sees Liu Yi, he immediately does a military salute. Only after Liu Yi waves it off did he relax and ask, “Senior officer, who was the blind person this time?”

Recalling Wang Zhaoyu shouting out Jiang Gongzi and the likes, Liu Yi says, “Seems to be surnamed, Jiang.”

“A person from Jiang Family? It seems to be the behind the scene boss of this Entertainment City.” Chen Zhengang rubs his jaws and says, “Heard that they had some power in Jingdou…but no worries. What powers can fight against the government.”

“Mm. Then it will be hard on you this time.”

Liu Yi places Wang Yuzheng in the nanny van that she had taken over. The driver is still sitting in the car.

It seems like the driver is a stranger to this kind of matter.

“Oh? What happened to Miss Wang?”

The driver also asks curiously, “Why was she carried back by you?”

The driver knows that Wang Yuzheng is Liu Yi’s girlfriend and had seen him at the party.

Liu Yi replies casually, “Nothing.”

“Where is Sister Wang?”

The driver is still below thirty years old. Thus he calls Wang Zhaoyu, Sister Wang.

“She went to see Satan.”

Liu Yi smiles, causing the driver to feel goosebumps rising.

“What, what do you mean…”

After Liu Yi placed Wang Yuzheng in the back row, he says to the driver, “It means that you can change your job.”

“Hmph, you are nothing but Miss Wang’s boyfriend. You do not have the right to fire me.”

“You have misunderstood. You can continue to work in Redstar Entertainment, but in the future, there is no need to drive for Yuzheng anymore.”

Liu Yi also did not have the intention of firing him. After all, it is not that easy to earn money.

“What do you mean?”

“You will understand very soon.”

Liu Yi had already sent Ling Zhouyi an SMS. Very quickly that driver’s handphone starts ringing.

“Ah? President Ling, I will be driving for President Chen in the future. Okay …I understand…”

The driver feels that it is very strange. Just how did this fellow do it. With just a sentence, I was transferred away!

“Enough. You can go back. I will arrange a new driver for Wang Yuzheng.”

Liu Yi waves his hands. Suddenly he feels a bit tired.

Recently there had been too many matters causing him to have a feeling that he had his hands full.

He lets Chen Dahai find a reliable Scarlet Cloth Guard to be Wang Yuzheng’s driver as well as bodyguard.

After all, in the future, Wang Yuzheng will also be a big star. Perhaps she will have even more troubles. If he does not find an expert to protect her by her side, he will not be relieved.

“Husband…I am afraid…”

As Wang Yuzheng lies in the backseat, she mutters as she sleep talks.

Liu Yi cannot help but squat by her side and hugs her tightly.

Alas, I am unable to protect her side daily. I am not qualified for being a boyfriend.

Little Lass ah Little Lass. Of all things, why did you want to host this 5 Spirit Gathering? And also want me to go and send those invitation letters. You are making me waste quite a bit of energy ah.

Furthermore for 5 Spirit Gathering…if all 5 people who possess the 5 spirit body are present, doesn’t that mean that Wang Yuzheng will also join?

Damn Little Lass. What am I supposed to do if Wang Yuzheng gets into an accident…

These girls make Liu Yi have a headache.

While Liu Yi is fretting over this matter, in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.


Xue Luo kneels in front of Ai Ling who is sitting in the shadow.

“Master, I passed him the task.”

“Mm. You have done well. Leave the remaining things to him.”

Ai Ling nods her head. It is unclear if she is happy or upset from her voice.

“Master…you had invested so much for him, would he understand your thoughts?”

Xue Luo is unresigned as she says, “That guy.. has too many women by his side.”

“SHUT UP! There is no need for you to evaluate his matters!”

Ai Ling berates, scaring Xue Luo into no longer daring to speak.

It seems like she also knows that she is too angry. Looking at Xue Luo’s wronged expression, Ai Ling alleviates her tone before saying, “In the future, there is no need for you to butt in regarding his and my matters, understood?”

“Understood Master…it is Xue Luo who offended master…”

“I do not blame you.”

Ai Ling waves her hand, “During this 1300+ years, it was always you who accompanied me by my side. Although you are my subordinate in my heart, you are no different from my sister.”

“This, this servant is too undeserving!”

Xue Luo’s expression is slightly moved as she hurriedly says, “This subordinate is very satisfied being able to accompany master’s side and assist master!”

“If you say such things, it is regarding me as an outsider.”

Ai Ling smiles and says, “To me, you are also very important. But to me, he…is even more important…you will not understand the feeling between the two of us…”

“But…master, isn’t it because of the Spirit Vein and Fake Spirit Vein that is why the two of you are mutually attracted…”

“Perhaps, in the beginning, it was like that.”

Ai Ling forced out a smile as she stands up and gently caresses Xue Luo’s hair tenderly, “Xue Luo let me ask you. Have you ever fallen in love with a person?”

Xue Luo’s heart moved as she looks at Ai Ling before shaking her head and says, “Never.”

“Alas. That is why you do not understand.”

Ai Ling sighs gently, “The hardest thing to understand in this world is the feelings between a man and a woman. Even if I am able to conquer the entire world, there will be a day when that single guy comes into being to conquer me. Yours has not appeared yet. But mine has appeared.”


Chapter 791   [He had appeared ]

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