MKW Chapter 790

Chapter 790  [Title below]



After Wang Yuzheng had exploded out with strength, her body had turned back to her past state.

Being choked like this, she is immediately unable to breathe. After dry coughing a few times, she is starting to suffocate.

At this moment the ceiling of the private room was suddenly cut open.

A golden red sword descends from the sky and stabs into the ground.

“What is this?”

Seeing the sword that lands in front of her, Wang Zhaoyu is unable to comprehend it.

A golden arc suddenly shoots out from the sword and attacks Wang Zhaoyu, instantly sending her flying away crashing into the wall behind. Her organs were badly jolted causing her to vomit blood.

The sword also split open and transformed into a golden fog. It then condensed together in front of Wang Yuzheng and instantly forms the appearance of Liu Yi.

This is the avatar created by Liu Yi using his fog qi. After he had received Wang Yuzheng’s cry for help SMS, he immediately condenses his fog qi into a sword shape and instantly flew over.

This way of flying is way faster than running over himself. The flexibility is also much better.


Seeing Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng’s worried filled heart finally is at peace.

Liu Yi immediately pulls her into his embrace. She is still shivering lightly. It looks like her fear is not that easy to dissipate.

Liu Yi gently pats her back and transfers qi into her.

“Yuzheng, what is going on?”

Although he had received the SMS crying for help, there was only ‘Save me’ and the location thus he still does not know what’s going on.

Wang Zhaoyu is stunned as she kneels by the side watching all of this foolishly.

“Husband…Sister Wang, she….”

Wang Yuzheng is lying in Liu Yi’s embrace as she tells Liu Yi the entire situation under the mad hammering sound of the door being smashed.

“Wang Zhaoyu…”

Liu Yi’s eyes immediately turn red.

Earlier he had naively thought that she was thinking for Wang Yuzheng, thus she wanted to break the two of them apart.

But from the current look of things, she’s a wolf in human skin!

“What, what kind of monster are you!”

Wang Zhaoyu’s eyes are filled with horror as she looks at Liu Yi.


The ax outside suddenly chopped through the door as the entire door, causing the door to scatter as wood shavings fly all over the ground.

“Hmph, I shall deal with you later.”

Liu Yi is filled with hatred towards Wang Zhaoyu. Since she had touched his reverse scale then no one will save her.

“Stinky prostitutes, today this master shall rape then kill you!”

After his arm was broken, Jiang Xin leads his underlings and rushed into noticing that there is another guy in the room.

Jiang Xin’s broken limb was simply wrapped up, thus he can move freely.

Seeing Liu Yi standing there, he instantly frowns and ask, “Who the fuck are you?”

Wasn’t this place sealed off, where did this fellow pop out from?

“The person who is going to kill you.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stares at the young master who is missing an arm.

Looks like his arm was exploded by Wang Yuzheng’s water spirit qi. The majority of a person’s body is made up of water. Right now Wang Yuzheng does not know how to cultivate. If she cultivates, she will easily explode every single blood vessel in his body.

What does exploding an arm count as? Towards this kind of ordinary person, she will explode them into pulp!

“You can end yourself. That way it will be less painful.”

Liu Yi speaks bluntly, “Otherwise if you land in my hands, I will make you unable to live or die..”


Jiang Xin laughs loudly, “Fucking hell! Today this master had lost an arm and I also met an idiot. Today I am damn unlucky!”

He is crazy now as he holds a large machete with one hand and swings it about as he says, “Do you know that today I am going to chop those girls? I am first going to fuck her then let my underlings fuck her before chopping her up!”

“Then I can only send you to die peacefully.”

Liu Yi’s eyes burst out with light as he cracks his bones.

Young Master Jiang roars in anger, “Kill this idiot!”

His underlings holding axes and blades immediately charges over with cries. The cold weapon chops down towards Liu Yi’s head!

“Those who help the tyrant must die.”

Since these underlings are ruthless, Liu Yi shall also be impolite. After all, he still has a belly full of anger that had not been vented.


A fatty who is holding an ax had charged up to him and Liu Yi slaps a palm into his chest.

That fatty instantly exploded into meat paste. Blood and flesh fly all over the place scaring the rest badly.

Is, is this person a monster?

“Go and die!!!”

Another skinny fellow charges up and Liu Yi does a spin kick, kicking off that fellow’s head!

That skinny fellow’s body continues to walk a few more steps before collapsing onto the ground as blood sprayed out from the neck. After twitching twice, it no longer moves.

“Mon-monster ah…”

Jiang Xin’s underlings peed their pants in fear as it was too scary!

They had seen those who can fight well but they had never seen one who was so ferocious!

“Damn it! What are you afraid of! Kill him!”

Before he had lost an arm, Jiang Xin’s eyes had turned red, “Whoever can kill him, I shall give him ten million!”

Ten Million!

This sum of money is too alluring and is enough to move countless hearts!

Like the ancient says, In the face of a large sum of money, there will definitely be heroes!

Instantly his underlings who were frightened instantly charge up as they yell.

“Seeking death!”

Liu Yi slaps the marble tabletop behind him and the dices placed on top of the table fly up. Liu Yi grabs a handful before tossing them out.

“Ah!!! My eye!”

These dices then pierce through their eyes causing them to cry out in pain.

As for Liu Yi, he kicks that marble table causing that two-meter long table to fly up. Liu Yi then grabs it with his hand and swings it.

A few underlings were slammed away by that marble table, causing them to vomit blood when they land.

Just how hard is marble? Those who were hit no longer possess a human shape.

When Jiang Xin sees this scene, he is completely stunned.

Over seven underlings who are professional fighters had claimed their lunchbox?

[TL: similar to Superstars of Tomorrow chapter 300-318 lunchbox in this case means death]

Liu Yi tossed the marble tabletop back before dusting off his hands and says to Jiang Xin, “Now that the hindrances have been tidied up, it is now your turn.”

“Fuck it, just you!”

Jiang Xin tossed away the machete before pulling out a Type 54 pistol and points it at Liu Yi,

[TL: Type 54 pistol is a chinses copy of Soviet type Tokarev TT-33. Also known as Black Star]

“I will shoot you!”

“Before you pull the trigger, remember to flick the safety first.”

Liu Yi points it out and kind-heartedly reminds.

“Scram! There is no need for you to talk! This master knows!”

Jiang Xin flicked the safety but realizes that Liu Yi’s expression is still calm like he does not fear his gun at all.

“Do you think that this is a toy gun?!”

As Jiang Xin speaks, he pulls the trigger while aiming at Liu Yi.


Jiang Xin’s shooting technique is not that good. The bullet hit Liu Yi’s feet before deflecting away and scatters a wall lamp on the ceiling.


Both Wang Yuzheng and Wang Zhaoyu scream.

“Hahaha, hahaha, do you see this. Now you know fear!”

Jiang Xin laughs madly as he points the pistol at Liu Yi and says, “I shall let you know that there are some people that you cannot provoke! Right now I shall send you off to meet King Yama!”

As he speaks, Jiang Xin raises the pistol again and points at Liu Yi before pulling the trigger repeatedly.

-bang, bang, bang-

A few bullets pierce through the air shooting towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi only stretches out his hand and catching those bullets like lightning.


Jiang Xin’s eyes nearly pop out!

Is this still a human!

To catch bullets using bare hands!

Under the stunned looks of Jiang Xin and Wang Zhaoyu, Liu Yi opens his hand and lets those yellow bullets drop on to the ground letting out -ding,ding,ding- sounds.

This sound is like a hammer, smashing the heart of Jiang Xin.

“Im-impossible! Die!!!”

Jiang Xin raises the pistol and shoots a few more times until he had used up the bullets.

But Liu Yi’s arm dances about catching all of the bullets.

Finally, his pistol only let out clicking sound causing Jiang Xin to fall into despair.

“I should let you know that there are some people that you cannot provoke.”

Liu Yi squeezes out a bullet from all of the bullets in his hand before flicking it out with a finger.


That bullet shoots into Jiang Xin’s kneecap causing him to shriek and fall onto the ground.

Jiang Xin crawls slowly on the ground as he cries out, “Don’t, don’t kill me! I can give you money! Give you a lot of money!”

“You can do a lot of things as you have money,” Liu Yi squeezes out another bullet and says, “But of all things, you choose to do evil things. Right now even if you have money, it cant save you.”

That bullet breaks the other kneecap of Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin instantly wet his pants and no longer has the strength to scream.

“I said that I am going to make you wish that you were dead.”

Liu Yi also breaks Jiang Xin’s remaining elbow before strolling over to the ooze like Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin is now very stinky, apparently, he had lost control of his bowels.

Jiang Xin says slowly and roughly, “I…I do not wish to die…don’t kill me…I beg you…I, I can give you…however much money you want…”

“Relax. I will not kill you.”

Liu Yi smiles making that Jiang Xin immediately sense that spring is coming and also wish to smile. But Liu Yi’s following sentence causing him to fall into the valley.

“But from now on, other than living, you cannot do anything else.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he squats down and taps between Jiang Xin’s brow with a finger.

Instantly, like an electric current had run through Jiang Xin causing his body to keep trembling before he no longer moves.

“Your vertebrae has been destroyed. From now on, you can only lie in bed and be a cripple. No medical technique in the world will cure you.”

Liu Yi’s voice is like a devil, ringing in Jiang Xin’s ears.

“Furthermore, I had planted my flame seed in you. Three times a day, this flame will flow through your veins making you feel the pain of your blood boiling. You’re welcome. Remember to call me Lei Feng.”


Chapter 790    [Your Punishment ]

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  1. Um he broke his vertebrae then cursed his to feel pain all over his body, does the author not know very basic biologically? Its pointless to cause pain to the body after braking the spine at the neck, other that visually tormenting someone, but here its clearly about pain, pain he can’t feel.


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