MKW Chapter 789

Chapter 789  [Title below]


Wang Yuzheng realizes that the van came over to a very luxurious amusement park and instantly asks, “Sister Wang, where are we going?”

“Today’s concert was very successful. Thus the company found a place to let us celebrate.”

Wang Zhaoyu is very composed as she laughs and says, “Relax a bit. Recently I have made you busy with work matters. You must be very tired. Today you can relax.”

“Thank you, Sister Wang…”

Sensing Sister Wang’s care about her, Wang Yuzheng felt warm in her heart.

During the entire party, she had sung and danced all the way until the end. After a concert of nearly an hour, she is indeed very tired.

Now that she can relax, it is great.

Wang Yuzheng did not suspect anything else and follows Wang Zhaoyu into the luxurious amusement park.

This amusement park is decorated sumptuously and is very impressive. It is clearly not a place where ordinary people can enter.

Wang Yuzheng is slightly gratified. This proves that recently, she had indeed earned quite a bit of money. With how much money the company spends on grooming me, if I do not earn some back for the company, I will owe them.

But how nice would it be if Liu Yi could accompany me to play?

Without Liu Yi around, Wang Yuzheng feels that she will not be happy playing.

Why do I keep feeling that there is something lacking?

“Sister Wang, why are there only two of us here. Where are the rest of the company?”

After Wang Yuzheng enters the private room, she realized that in such a big private room there is only she and Wang Zhaoyu.

“In a while, they will. Let us play first.”

As Wang Zhaoyu speaks, she snaps her finger at the handsome waiter standing by the side.

“Bring over the wine that I stored in counter 10.”

“Understood. Please wait a moment..”

The waiter immediately turns around and withdraw. Wang Yuzheng is very curious as she looks at the surrounding gorgeous decoration.

Everything in the private room is very extravagant. The enormous TV, dermis sofa, marble tabletop.

The two of them sit in the private room like this and seem to appear somewhat lofty.

“Your performance today was really good. Your popularity will become greater.”

Wang Zhaoyu smiles merrily and says to Wang Yuzheng, “You are very talented. In the future, perhaps you will be able to become a Heavenly Queen. It had been a long time since a Heavenly Queen singer had appeared. You will slowly complement this blank space.”

“Thank you, Sister Wang. I will do my best.”

Wang Yuzheng says gratefully, “Also thank you, Sister Wang, for bringing me around and making nothing of the hardships.”

“Don’t mention it. It is something that I should do.”

As the two of them speak, the waiter is now holding a bottle of high-grade red wine and is walking over.

Wang Zhaoyu smiles merrily as she lets the waiter open the bottle of red wine. She first pours a cup for Wang Yuzheng before filling another cup for herself.

At this moment, she heard her handphone notification and picks it up. Delight instantly flashes across her eyes.

Wang Yuzheng asks, “What is the matter, Sister Wang. It seems like you are very happy.”

“Mm. Nothing. My family members sent me an SMS.”

Wang Zhaoyu casually deletes the notification from the bank and says, “Come, let us drink a cup to celebrate the success of this concert.”

As she speaks, she raises her winecup first.

“Mm. Thank you, Sister Wang, for all of your care.”

Although Wang Yuzheng is unable to drink, she still raises her winecup and klinks it against Wang Zhaoyu’s cup.

As she raises the winecup to her mouth, Wang Zhaoyu smiles and says, “I know that you are unable to drink so a small gesture of goodwill will do.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head before sipping a small mouthful and her face instantly turns slightly red.

“In the future, you must continue to work hard.”

Wang Zhaoyu narrows her eyes at Wang Yuzheng.

“Mm…” Wang Yuzheng nods her head but she feels her vision go blurry as she starts to feel faint.

“This…this alcohol is very strong…”

Wang Yuzheng is no longer able to link up her words.

“Yuzheng ah. I hope that you do not blame you.”

Wang Zhaoyu sighs lightly, “When entering the entertainment circle, you will take this step one.”

“Sister Wang…what…what are you saying…”

Wang Yuzheng feels her body heating up and she is unable to use any strength.

“Silly lass. Don’t blame Sister Wang.”

Wang Zhaoyu makes a call.

“Jiang Gongzi, you can come in.”

After she speaks, the door to the private room was immediately pushed open as a guy wearing branded clothing swags in.

Wang Yuzheng is very familiar with this man…it is none other than a young master in Jingdou that chased her before, Jiang Xin.

“Hehehe…my beauty. Now you are mine.”

Jiang Xin looks at Wang Yuzheng who had become strengthless and licks his lips.

He had played with countless girls before and can see that Wang Yuzheng is still a virgin with just a glance.

Thus she is worth 5 million. Perhaps to some people, 5 million is unimaginable but to him, it is nothing but pocket money.

Jian Xin feels that it is worth it to use a few months worth of pocket money to buy such a pure female celebrity.

“That…Jiang Gongzi, enjoy yourself. I shall leave first.”

Wang Zhaoyu turns around preparing to leave.

“Stay there! Do you think that it is easy to earn that 5 million?”

Jiang Gongzi snorts coldly, and takes out a DV and tossed it to Wang Zhaoyum “Record for me!”

“Is…is this okay?”

“Be careful that I make you have no life to spend the money!”

“Ok, okay…”

Wang Zhaoyu has no choice and can only pick up the DV and starts to record.

This group of rich gongzi…why do all of them like to play like this…

“Don’t…don’t come over…”

Wang Yuzheng felt extremely horrified but she does not have any strength to resist. She can only watch as that Jiang Gongzi walks over to her.

“Hehe…little beauty. Today you shall let me ride you! Relax, this young master will let you soar to heaven!”

As he speaks, Jiang Xin stretches out his hand preparing to undo Wang Yuzheng’s button.

Wang Yuzheng is very horrified in her heart, am I going to lose my virginity…

Cannot…I belong to Liu Yi! I definitely cannot let other guys touch me!

Definitely cannot! Whoever touches me, must all die! Must die!


When Jiang Xin’s hands were undoing the third button of Wang Yuzheng’s blouse, Wang Yuzheng suddenly lets out a shriek.

Instantly, a formless force exploded out!

Jiang Xin’s body was sent flying out before crashing into the wall of the private room.

“What, what is this!”

Jiang Xin was badly frightened. He is unable to control his body like there is an imaginary hand grabbing his throat pressing him against the wall.

Wang Zhaoyu was also badly frightened as the DV dropped from her hand, crashing into the ground.

“What, what monster are you! Let go of this young master!”

Jiang Xin nearly peed from fear as he did not expect that the beauty that had entered his mouth had turned into a demoness!


Unexpectedly Wang Yuzheng actually shrieks as blue light erupts from her palm!


One of Jiang Xin’s arms exploded as he screamed and peed in his pants.

“My mother ah…”

Wang Zhaoyu falls on her butt as her face turns pale.

When Wang Yuzheng sees that blood on the ground, she was shocked awake.

What is with me…where did this strange power come from…

“Fucking prostitute! My arm! Today this master shall kill you!”

Jiang Xin wretchedly climbs up from the ground and immediately crashed through the door and ran out!

“Jiang Gongzi, Jiang Gongzi! This matter is not related to me!”

Wang Zhaoyu almost peed from fright. At this moment, she is in despair.

This place is Jiang Family’s territory, looks like I am really going to die!

“You, you, you, you monster! What did you do!”

She can only curse Wang Yuzheng, “You just killed us both?!”

By the side, Wang Yuzheng secretly sends Liu Yi an SMS as she tries her best to calm down.

She is still trembling slightly as her horror is unable to dissipate in such a short time.

She hugs herself as she looks at Wang Zhaoyu kneeling there.

“Sister Wang…why did you want to harm me…I trusted you…”

“You bitch! Do you think that you are a big star?!”

Wang Zhaoyu curses, “In this line of work there is no one who is clean!”

“I do not know how others walk but I wish to choose my own path.”

Recalling how the person whom she trusted lied to her, Wang Yuzheng’s tears cannot help but fall.

She bites her lip and looks at Wang Zhaoyu and asks, “Furthermore it is not like you did not know that I have a boyfriend. Why did you still treat me like this!”

“Haha…what is the point of saying this anymore. This time you harmed Jiang Gongzi thus both of us are dead. Since you are going to die, why did you implicate me!”


Wang Yuzheng’s body had recovered by quite a bit. She glanced at Wang Zhaoyu before walking over to the door and uses the leather strap of her bag to bind the door handles together.

“What is the use of that? Sooner or later they will enter. Could it be that you are hoping for the police to come and save us.”

“Someone will come and save me one.” Wang Yuzheng bites her lips, “I believe him.”

“Naive girl!”

Wang Zhaoyu is in despair as she leans there smiling coldly, “After provoking Jiang Gongzi, both of us will die…since you had harmed me, I will never let you off in this lifetime!”

Hearing Wang Zhaoyu’s poisonous curse, Wang Yuzheng to grief in her heart.

Why is she like this. It is she who harms me but in the end, it turns into me harming her.

At this moment, outside the door came a shout, “Fucking hell! Bitch! Open the door!”

The door keeps shaking as people kick it.

Hearing that it seems like several people are kicking the door, furthermore, there is the sound of an ax chopping the door!

“Kill them all! Kill them all! My arm! Do both of them in! If something happens, this master shall cover for you guys!”

Outside, Jiang Xin shouts like a mad dog.

“Finished…we are finished…”

It seems like she is afraid of the arrival of death as Wang Zhaoyu trembles as her pants turn damp.

So in the face of the arrival of death…it is so scary…

Damn it! It is all because of Wang Yuzheng! It is all because of her that I am like this!

“I, I am going to kill you first!”

Wang Zhaoyu turns mad as she charges forward and grabs hold of Wang Yuzheng’s throat ruthlessly.


Chapter 789    [It is because of you]

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