MKW Chapter 788

Chapter 788  [Title below]


Every girl has a fragrance. Which boys cannot help but envy.

Between yin and yang, naturally, there is a disparity.

Boys possess masculine qi while girls possess feminine fragrance.

Like Murong Die, hers is a kind of faint delicate fragrance while for Wang Yuzheng, it is a kind of fragrance that is similar to lavender.

As for Wang Lele, hers is the smell of milk which is somewhat alluring. Like a cute hand tickling Liu Yi’s nose.

Liu Yi is unable to hold back. He opens his mouth and nibbles on Wang Lele’s earlobe.


Wang Lele cannot help but shiver before gently slapping Liu Yi’s cheek.

“Brother Xiao Yi…itchy…”

Liu Yi says evilly by Lele’s ear, “Do you want Brother Xiao Yi to help you stop the itch?”

“Brother Xiao Yi…you are bad…”

Wang Lele’s face turns hot, “Here…cannot ah…”

“Occasionally changing the environment is also not bad.”

Liu Yi smiles mischievously, “Our life also needs a bit of excitement, isn’t that right?”


Wang Lele’s petite body twists coyly as her face burns up, very hot.

Although this is not the first time being so intimate with Brother Xiao Yi…but doing it in this kind of dangerous place, it is the first time…

Thus, Wang Lele cannot help but be nervous. After all, this place is the dressing room, a public location. Even if the door is closed, it does not mean that it is secure…

“My good Lele, just give in…”

Liu Yi had a craving for too long. And right now he cannot help but wish to eat up Lele.

No choice, after all this beauty is too alluring. Not eating her up is offending Heaven and reason!


“Good Lele…”

“Let, let me lock the door first…”

Wang Lele is unable to resist Liu Yi’s continuous request and succumbs to him.

“No need. Watch me.”

Liu Yi snaps his fingers and his black darkness qi immediately condenses into a large iron cabinet which lands in front of the door, blocking the door tightly.

Liu Yi winks at Lele. “This way no one can enter.”

Wang Lele’s face instantly turns even redder and starts trembling on Liu Yi’s leg.

Looks like I am finally handing over my first time…mm…in any case, sooner or later I will be his person anyway…

I really love Brother Xiao Yi…but I do not know why I have a bit of resistance…like if I do the pa pa pa thing with him…something disastrous might happen…

Why would I have this kind of mood…didn’t I understand a long time ago…the most important thing can be given to Brother Xiao Yi any time he wants…then where did that confusion in my heart come from?

Wang Lele is unable to understand.

The moment Liu Yi’s palm stretches into her skirt and covers her butt, she shivers from head to toe.

Is, is it going to start…I had heard that the first time will always be very painful one…hope that Brother Xiao Yi will take pity on me…

Thinking till here, Wang Lele completely opens wide her inner heart waiting for her Brother Xiao Yi to completely possess her.

But at this moment, from outside came a shout, “Lele! Liu Yi! Where did you guys run off to? The party is going to end, where are you guys?”

Astonishingly, it is Murong Die who is shouting for them.

Liu Yi and Wang Lele instantly quiver. What the heck…why of all time did she choose to come and find us at this moment! Such sabotage!

As Liu Yi grumbles in his heart, the voice becomes closer and closer.

“Brother Xiao Yi…let’s do it next time.”

Wang Lele can see that Liu Yi is unhappy and giggles. She consoles Liu Yi, “We have plenty of opportunities…Lele is yours. You can eat whenever you want to eat…let’s not be anxious about this time, Brother Xiao Yi…if Sister Xiao Die realizes it, the two of us will be dead…”


Liu Yi also knows that this opportunity had died in a blink of an eye and sighs helplessly.

But having Lele, what is there to complain about?

He give Lele’s lips a light kiss before placing her down.

After which he waves his hand and the large cabinet blocking the door disappears.

Wang Lele arranges her clothing and hair before standing up and walks to the door. She pulls open the door to the dressing room and shouts outside, “Sister Xiao Die, we are here!”

“What the, when did you sneak over!”

Wang Lele hangs on Murong Die’s arm and says mischievously, “Hehe, I came over to find Brother Xiao Yi to play. It is too boring backstage.”

“Hmph! I just knew that you were unreliable!”

Murong Die did not think too much. She walks into the dressing room along with Lele. Seeing Liu Yi who is sitting there like a boss, she angrily gives him a kick.

“All of us are so busy in the backstage and you are goofing off here!”

“I am done with my matters!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “After all, I am also not a person from the Student Council. The party matters are not related to me!”

“What the! You have the nerve!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes, “Right now you are a guide! Your students are busy and you have the nerve to lazy around here!”

“Don’t let the students be busy then.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “There is only this bit of privilege in being a guide. If I don’t use it, wouldn’t it be a pity?”

“Go die!”

Murong Die lets go of Wang Lele before dragging up Liu Yi, “Let’s go! This miss doesn’t believe that I can’t make you tormented over how to not let the society down!”

“Yamate! I don’t want to go to work!”

“Protest is ineffective! Hurry and walk!”

Liu Yi was forcibly dragged out leaving Lele along in the dressing room.

“Brother XiaoYi! Sister Xiao Die! Wait for me!”

Just as Wang Lele is about to chase after them, the door to the dressing room suddenly closes on its own!

This scared Wang Lele. What is this situation?

When did this place have an automatic door?

At this moment, the dressing room turns slightly gloomy and cold while Wang Lele also shivers as her eyes turn scarlet.

A faint ancient character appears in between Wang Lele’s brow.

At the same time, a figure appears in front of Wang Lele.

This figure is wearing a black robe and wearing a mask. On the mask, there is an ancient character ‘Third’.

Third berates using the figure, “Tenth! What on earth are you doing! Do you realize that you nearly got discovered?”

“He is the fake Spirit Vein. If he dual cultivates with you, he will absorb your cultivation! Could it be that you wish to betray Emperor Qin?”

“I am completely devoted to Emperor Qin.”

At this moment Wang Lele’s voice turns slightly cold and carries an air of arrogance. Completely different from her normally endearingly silly manner.

Those who did not know would have thought that this is another person and would never have thought that she is Wang Lele!

“But I had made another character. She doesn’t even know who Emperor Qin is!”

“The other character that you had created is too flawless!”

Third says unhappily, “If this goes on. Sooner or later it will spoil our plans!”

“There is nothing that I can do about this.”

Wang Lele shrugs her shoulder, “I and my power can only silently watch all of this. Furthermore, even if we did anything, because of the Transformation Spell he will not absorb my cultivation.”

“Could it be that you are not worried that you are going to be taken by him?”

Wang Lele says calmly, “For the glory of Emperor Qin, so be it if I am a sacrifice.”

“Rubbish!” Third is very angry, “Don’t forget that you are my wife that I had not married yet! Bear in mind that I am your man!”

“Your heart is placed on these childish feelings. I look down on you.”

Wang Lele curls her lips, “You are not fit to be a grand imperial soldier.”

“Hmph! Anyways, if there is a next time, I will kill him!”

Ruthlessness flashes across Third’s eyes.

“This does not suit your character.”

Wang Lele laughs in disdain, “Third is a cautious advisor. Violence is more like Fifth.”

“There is no need for you to care! Anyways, don’t forget about your identity, even more so, don’t forget about your mission!”

After Third finished speaking, his body turns into speaks of light and disappears from the dressing room.

As for Wang Lele, she seems to suddenly lose her strength and collapsed into the sofa behind her.

Her red pupils did not recede as she smiles bitterly.

If only…I was a simple Wang Lele. That would have been great…

Alas, back then why did I want to die for that man. After dying why did I reincarnate.

After reincarnating why did he appear again and restart my past memories and strength.

“Lele! What are you doing, why are you still not coming out?”

From outside came Murong Die’s shout.

The red light in Wang Lele’s eyes suddenly retreated. She blanks there foolishly for a few seconds before standing up and replies, “Ah, coming now!”

After the party ended, Liu Yi stays behind with the girls to help them tidy up.

As for Wang Yuzheng, she boards the van following Wang Zhaoyu’s order. Although she wishes to accompany Liu Yi for a while more the time does not allow her nor will Wang Zhaoyu agree to it.

Just as Wang Yuzheng is waiting in the van, Wang Zhaoyu hides in a place where there is no one and secretly picks up a call.

“Aiyah, Jiang Gongzi. How anxious you are.” Wang Zhaoyu’s voice is filled with fawning, “It is just a matter of time and you keep calling so much. What if that lass detects it?”

“This young master has always had an anxious character.”

Jiang Xin shouts from the other side, “Still not bringing Yuzheng over to this young master immediately!”

“Aiyah, Jiang Gongzi, I believe that we need to discuss this matter again.”

“What is the matter? Do you regret? You already have the deposit!”

Jiang Xin’s voice turned cold, “Do you know what the price of regret is?”

“It is not that I am regretting Jiang Gongzi. It is a matter of price.”

Wang Zhaoyu’s gaze shines with greed, “Previously Yuzheng’s popularity was ordinary. But now, my Yuzheng is starting to become famous. As for that amount of money that you gave, I am afraid that it is no longer enough…”

“Greedy old scorpion!”

Jiang Xin scolds angrily, “5 million. Bring that person over and I shall transfer everything over to your account.”

“Hehe, okay. I knew that Jiang Gongzi is straightforward!”

As long as I can earn money, even if I get scolded it is worth it.


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