MKW Chapter 787

Chapter 787  [Title below]


“Pigheaded! Pigheaded!”

Liu Yi’s words had completely angered Wang Zhaoyu. Why is this man like a cowhide sugar which cannot be thrown away!

“What is the use of saying beautiful things! Reality is reality! Let me tell you that between you and Wang Yuzheng, it is impossible! Want to date Wang Yuzheng? NO WAY! Do you understand?”

“Don’t understand.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders giving off an indifferent appearance, “Anyways this is a matter between the two of us and it is not related to you. Whatever you say is useless. You better keep your mind on being your manager. Things that you should not care about, don’t involve yourself.”

Although it is for the good of Wang Yuzheng, as a sweet lover, Liu Yi really feels that this woman is being too meddlesome.

What she should think about is how to help Wang Yuzheng get connection and publicity, and how to help Wang Yuzheng measure up and forge her career! Not thinking of how to make her leave her boyfriend!

Inverting root and branch!

“I am very disappointed in you!”

Wang Zhaoyu says in anger, “Originally I thought that you loved Wang Yuzheng and will think for her! But from the look of now, you are nothing but a guy who is selfish! You being by Wang Yuzheng’s side will not benefit her!”

“Perhaps you had mistaken a matter. I am already a part of her life.”

Liu Yi emphasizes, “With how the two of us love each other, no matter who leaves, the other person will not have an easy time. Let’s take a thousand steps back and say that even if I leave Wang Yuzheng. Right now her career had just started to rise. This will affect her greatly! How are you being a manager, did you have brains?”

Wang Zhaoyu immediately raises her voice and says angrily, “Hmph, then you just need to slowly bit by bit retreat from Wang Yuzheng’s world! This way she will not receive any harm!”

“I feel that your brain has a problem.”

Liu Yi feels that Zhou Ziying had found an idiotic manager. Later I need to have a good talk with Zhou Ziying!

“It is exactly because I love Wang Yuzheng, that’s why I guard by her side. Because I love her, thus I would not leave. If I did not love her, then I can not care about her feelings and leave. You are unable to comprehend this kind of matter, how are you a manager?”

“Then you should leave Wang Yzuheng! NOW!”

Wang Zhaoyu is very angered as she kicks the sofa fiercely. But she kicked the leg of the sofa, causing her big toe feel like it had split into two.

She is very angered and knows that she can no longer communicate with Liu Yi, thus she turns around and hobble away.


Liu Yi gives Wang Zhaoyu’s back view a middle finger. Who does she thinks she is to meddle with my and Wang Yuzheng’s matter. This kind of manager is intolerable!

Liu Yi immediately gives Zhou Ziying a call but her phone seems to be off. Without any choice, he can only settle for the second-best and call Lin Zhuoyi.

“Aiyah, Big Boss Liu, what do you need?”

The moment the call connected, from the other side comes Lin Zhuoyi’s teasing voice.

“Don’t mess around. I’m looking for you for a proper matter.”

Liu Yi wishes to go straight to the subject.

“Hmph, calling me is a proper matter then why don’t you call me during other times?”

Lin Zhouyi is slightly unhappy, “Let me tell you. My chest is starting to develop. Right now, my size is about to explode the heaven. Are you sure you don’t want to come and take a look?”

“What the, you are already so old and your breasts can still develop. Did you insert silicon gel?”

“Insert your sister!”

Lin Zhuoyi says angrily, “It is hereditary in my family. Girls only start to develop their breasts after 20, okay? Not silicon gel. Wouldn’t you know when you come over and touch?”

“Senior sister Lin. You are my big sister in the jianghu. Don’t tease me. I am looking for you for proper business Furthermore, right now I have a belly full of anger and am very unhappy!”

“That, don’t tell me you called me to yell at me?”

“Of course not!” Liu Yi hurriedly shakes his head, “I wanted to call Zhou Ziying but I cannot get through, thus I called you.”

“Fuck! So I am only a substitute!”

“Can you not mess around. I am very angry!”

“Fine then. Seeing that you are unhappy right now, I shall not tease you today. Ziying went to Paris today to discuss business. Perhaps that side’s phone is temporarily unable to get through. You can tell me about your problem and I will help you inform her later.”

Liu Yi asked bluntly, “It is like this. Who is the one who arranged Wang Yuzheng’s manager?”

“She is the one who accepted the job offer. What’s going on, something happened?” asked Zhou Ziying, “Although she is slightly old, but she has an abundance of experienced and is very clever. Being a manager is a very suitable job for her. Back then we had also hesitated for a long time and felt that Yuzheng’s experience is not enough. After all, she is only a newbie that had just started her career. Letting this kind of veteran manager to look after her would be better.”

“Mm. I understand…”

Liu Yi hesitated a bit. After all, it is something that is good for Wang Yuzheng. It is nothing much if I suffer a bit of anger. Who asked her to be my girlfriend.

Lin Zhuoyi urges, “What’s the matter? Did something happen? You can tell me.”

“Nothing. If there is a problem, I will call you again.”

Liu Yi sighs in his heart and then hangs up while Lin Zhuoyi is scolding him over the home.

But in a blink of an eye, he gives Chen Dahai a call, “Dahai. Help me investigate Hongxin Entertainment Manager, Wang Zhaoyu’s background. The more accurate the better.”

He decided to keep an eye on her.

“Okay. Commander…eh, I remember that old woman ah. What’s the matter, Commander’s taste have changed recently?”

“Changed your sister!”

Liu Yi does not know how to react, “Can you be serious. This is for proper business.”

“Okay, Boss. Give me some time and I will give you a reply.”

Chen Dahai hangs up, perhaps it is to help Liu Yi investigate.

Liu Yi hangs up feeling rueful.

I don’t know when it started but my influence had become able to cover the sky. Back then I was still a person who got bullied by the school bullies with no backing or helpers, just an ordinary high school student.

Just as Liu Yi is sighing, from outside came familiar footsteps.

He instantly smiles and hides behind the door.


A petite figure rushes in and lets out a loud shout like she wants to scare the person in the room.


When the voice’s owner realizes that there is no one in the changing room, she is instantly startled, “Strange…I saw Brother Xiao Yi enter here earlier…”

Liu Yi holds back his smile and walks quietly before suddenly embracing the sweet-smelling beauty from behind.


The beauty instantly shrieks, so frightened that her body and soul separated and nearly started crying.

“Wuwuwuwu…who, who are you. Don’t you bully me. If you bully me, my Brother Xiao Yi will beat you!”

Seeing how endearingly silly Wang Lele is, Liu Yi almost cannot hold back his laughter. But he holds it back. Holding his nose, he says eccentrically, “Hey, little beauty, you better obey me! No one will save you here! Let me tell you. I like eating your kind the most!”

“No, no, no!”

The beauty in his embrace was so frightened that she hurriedly said, “I, I am not delicious. I am stinky!”

“No worries, I have a heavy taste and like to eat stinky ones! Hehehe, little beauty, let me tell you honestly. I also like **! Today your ** cannot be protected!”

“Wuwuwu, don’t! I beg you, let me off! If you let me off, I can introduce a great beauty to you! She is very pretty and her figure is really good! It especially is ** and is surely very tender! Definitely satisfy your needs! She is my classmate called Chen Cai. She is just outside! I can help you call her in and let you sample as you wish!”

Liu Yi is instantly covered in cold sweat, fucking hell! Chen Cai got shot lying down!

“Shut up, I am only interested in you! Come, let me touch!”

As Liu Yi speaks, one of his hands starts moving into her skirt.

“If, if you dare to touch me then I shall commit suicide by biting off my tongue!”

Unexpectedly although this girl is endearingly silly, she is very unyielding!

Liu Yi was badly frightened and his hair nearly turns white. He hurriedly let go and turn Wang Lele around towards him and says, “Don’t, is there really such a need to resist your boyfriend like this when I am teasing you…”


Seeing that it was Liu Yi, Wang Lele cries even harder as she hammers Liu Yi’s chest with her hands.

“Brother Xiao Yi! You are a bad person! You scared Lele! Wuwuwu…I almost died from fright!”

“Hey, hey…aren’t I only teasing you…who knows that you are so stupid…”

“I am precisely stupid, that is why you cannot bully me as well! You should protect me!”

Wang Lele says angrily, “Who would come back and immediately bully others! I wanted to come over and give Brother Xiao Yi a surprise then accompany you! But you scared me!”

“Okay, okay. Lele, it is my fault.”

Liu Yi hugs Wang Lele and sits on the sofa before waving his hand. The palm wind closes the door to the changing room.

The moment the door closes, the atmosphere inside the small changing room immediately turns somewhat charming and gentle.

Wang Lele also stops crying as her face turns red. She cutely shrinks into Liu Yi’s embrace like a little cat.

“Not going to cry anymore?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and wipes away her tears gently with his finger.

“Not going to cry…if I keep crying, Brother Xiao Yi will dislike me…”

Wang Lele says choked with anxiety, “After all, Lele is used to having no one loving or being affectionate…”


Liu Yi pinches Lele’s nose in heartache, “Who says that no one loves and is fond of my Lele! I cannot be more fond of you!”

“Then you still bully me!”

“I was only teasing you…”

“I am not a 5-year-old! Why still tease me! All of my chastises was set aside for Brother Xiao Yi! In this life, alive Lele will be Brother Xiao Yi’s woman! Just now I thought that my chastity was about to be lost and nearly made me suicide by biting off my tongue!”

Hearing what she said, Liu Yi’s heart is touched.

What man does not seek a woman like this?

Liu Yi gently sticks to Wang Lele’s ear and says softly, “Lele, in the future, I will no longer scare you. Forgive me for this time okay?”

Wang Lele’s face turns even redder and subconsciously nods her head.

Smelling the fragrance from Wang Lele’s body, Liu Yi feel like he is about to lose control.


Chapter 787    [Scaring people!]

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