MKW Chapter 786

Chapter 786  [Title below]


This world is not such a beautiful world like in children’s fairy tales.

Children’s fairy tales are always beautiful. The princess will definitely marry the prince and justice will definitely win over evil. The kind-hearted person will finally live a happy life.

But in reality, it differs way too much. Although there is a radiance side, there is also a dark side.

Because of her tragic experience, Great God turned into her current self.

She detests everything and wholeheartedly only wishes for vengeance. As long as she can take revenge, she will not hesitate to use any methods!

But she knows that it is really too difficult for her to restore her strength back to her standard.

The single once in a blue moon body that she had come across was forcibly deprived away by Liu Yi.

But as long as she can take revenge, she does not mind paying with her life!

“Sword Emperor, in this life of yours, you must take revenge for this zun!”

Great God’s body burns up before transforming into a golden red fireball floating within Liu Yi’s conscious world.

“What is this…”

Liu Yi sensed that that fireball contains an enormous flame qi.

While the Fire God Dragon in his body seems to have been drawn over. It roars as it flies out from his body and bites that fireball, swallowing it down.

At that instant, Liu Yi sensed that the flames in his body suddenly began to surge!

Great God seems to have gifted me with her essence! What the heck! How come this lady is so liberal-minded?!

The vengeful heart of a woman…is indeed very scary!


Scarlet flames suddenly erupt from Liu Yi’s body turning him into a fire person!

The red Fire God Dragon is very excited as it keeps circling Liu Yi’s body and finally drills into the sky and scarlet clouds form below it!

The temperature in his conscious world starts to rise like the blistering heat of purgatory!

Volcanoes started rising all over the place erupting with boiling lava!

“What…what a powerful fire qi…”

As Fire Spirit Body, Lin Tong senses fire qi the clearest, “Liu Yi…this time around you seem to have a large harvest!”

Indeed the harvest is very big! Because of Great God’s ‘selfless’ contribution, Liu Yi’s third sunjade had progressed by a large amount. The distant to breaking through is only just a small step now! 

Especially his Scarlet Blood Demonic Flame, it had basically entered the peak! The third Fire God Dragon has already been natured. The moment he lights up his third starjade, it will completely mature!

“Very good…fire god dragon come!”

Liu Yi trembles and instantly two fire god dragons fly out from his body. One is over a hundred meters long, mighty and majestic while the other is several tens meters long similarly impressive.

Liu Yi senses that the fire god dragons might is very limited. It is still okay to deal with earth realm cultivators but it is completely useless against heaven realm experts.

Fire god dragons’ body is too illusory. The heaven realm experts can destroy fire god dragon’s body with a single move!

If he wishes to improve the fire god dragon, Liu Yi must come up with an innovative method!

He frowns slightly as this matter had perplexed him for a long time. How could I have the face to be called Sword Emperor by others. To be honest, I am very stupid!

Wait a minute…Sword Emperor…

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something as his eyes glint!

That’s right…I am Sword Emperor! Then why don’t I start from the sword!

My fog qi can do anything so there is no harm in trying!

Thinking till here, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and starts performing spells!

The three fire god dragons immediately roar as their bodies keep trembling.

Golden fog qi keeps revolving around their bodies before compressing their bodies.

Liu Yi completely mobilizes all of the qi in his body just for this!

Sky Splitting Golden Spear that was stabbed into the ground by the side also seems to sense something and shakes excitedly letting out dragon roar.

After a long time, Liu Yi also roars as he grasps his hands resolutely together! 

“Transform for me!”

Instantly, the three fire god dragon transforms into three golden-red swords which float by Liu Yi’s side as they swim about.

The three scarlet swords with the dragon head as sword hilt, dragon claw as sword edge. The sharp sword point carries radiance of blaze. The entire sword edge seems to be formed from scales!

Lin Tong as stunned as she watches by the side. Liu Yi had forcibly kneaded the fire god dragon into a fire dragon sword!

This…is inconceivable!

Liu Yi’s current strength is not merely valiant, but he had also finally reached the stage of changing the technique and creating his own technique!

The earlier God Sword Protecting Body had already caused Lin Tong to be quite startled. But she didn’t expect that he can still continue to breakthrough!

Liu Yi shouts, “God Sword Protecting Body!” and the three fire god sword immediately float around him, protecting him.

“This way fire god dragon’s attack and defense will greatly increase and its flexibility will improve as well.”

After Liu Yi completed his new technique, he becomes slightly proud of himself.

“Three sunjades along with the strength of God Sword Protecting Body, now I have more confidence during 5 Spirit Gathering.”

Liu Yi is very excited. Right now if he uses God Transformation, he will immediately become around the standard of peak 22 starjades. If he uses Fog Qi to explode out with his real body, he will be able to fight against enemies who have 23 starjades!

Very good. This rhythm is very awesome! I must continue to maintain it!

Liu Yi gently let out a breath and prepares to continue to consolidate his new technique.

But at this moment, he senses someone getting close outside.

He immediately retreats from his consciousness world and opens his eyes.

Indeed, a figure is striding towards his changing room.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly because this person is none other than Wang Yuzheng’s manager Wang Zhaoyu

After Wang Zhaoyu enters, she closes the door before sitting opposite Liu Yi.

“Mr Liu, let’s have a discussion.”

What does this old hag want to discuss with me? Discuss love? Definitely now. Even if she wants to keep a gigolo, she will not keep me.

Furthermore, although she is Wang Yuzheng’s manager, the amount of money she is earning is not a lot.

Liu Yi had once asked before Zhou Ziying who is the chairman in charge of Hongxin Entertainment. Because right now Hongxin Entertainment is considered losing money to help give Wang Yuzheng publicity, thus her manager’s pay is not very high.

While Wang Zhaoyu was someone who I had attracted over. Her annual salary is roughly a hundred thousand which is around how much Wang Yuzheng is recently earning for the company. That is why her wages increased by a bit.

Earlier Wang Yuzheng was a trainee and went through training in Japan, basically, she was in a situation where she was not exposed.

But afterward, Wang Yuzheng will definitely hit the big time. At that time, it is estimated that Wang Zhaoyu’s income will become quite considerable.

This manager shouldn’t have interactions with me. After all, she does not know my real identity.

“Let us discuss.”

As Wang Zhaoyu speaks, she takes out a case of lady cigarette from her Chanel bag. She unhurriedly lights up a stick, “Don’t know what Miss Wang wants to discuss with me about?”

Liu Yi has a bad feeling in his heart, “Is it related to Yuzheng?”

“Mr Liu should be a smart person.”

Wang Zhaoyu breathes out smoke making Liu Yi crease his brows slightly.

To be honest, he is not disgusted with women smoking but on the prerequisite that some women can smoke while others cannot.

Some women have a lot of charm. When smoking, she is very attractive and turns very beautiful.

While other women, when they smoke, they will make people feel disgusted.

Very clearly, Wang Zhaoyu is the latter.

Although she exhausts all of her capability to wish to assume that kind of cultured manner, but she is nothing but a mimic, making a fool of herself. A failure and ugly to look at.

“Then we shall not mince words then.”

She flicks her cigarette and asks, “How long have you and Yuzheng dated?”

“Over three years.”

Liu Yi counted, we should be considered together since senior year two.

“Over three years?”

Wang Zhaoyu is startled, “You are also a person from North Dragon City?”

“Of course,” says Liu Yi as he nods his head.

“Looks like you must be an acquaintance then. At that time, Yuzheng should have been a very pure young girl right?”

“Mm. She wholeheartedly threw herself into studying. It is very hard to imagine that she has become a professional singer.”

Recalling Wang Yuzheng, Liu Yi’s heart felt warm as he smiles.

“That’s right. You also know that right now she is different from the past.”

Wang Zhaoyu holds her cigarette before saying, “In the past perhaps you could help her but the current you will only become her burden. Mr Liu. If you really love Yuzheng that much you should leave her. In the future, she will become a person of the Heavenly Queen’s level. Dating will only drag her down, obstructing her development.”

When Liu Yi heard this, no matter how stupid he is, he also knows just what Wang Zhaoyu is here for.

“So what Miss Wang means is to ask me to leave Yuzheng?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly. This is rather interesting.

Liu Yi knows that this is definitely not Wang Yuzheng’s notion. Instead, it is this Wang Zhaoyu who took the initiative to seek him.

Perhaps she has good intentions, hoping to let Wang Yuzheng’s career to become even better.

But no one or anything can tear me and Wang Yuzheng apart.

Even if it is Wang Yuzheng’s dream or my cultivation, nothing can!

In this lifetime, I and Wang Yuzheng are destined to be together! No one will leave the other.

Can a fish survive leaving the water? Definitely cannot.

Thus Liu Yi leans back against the sofa and smiles faintly before saying, “If Miss Wang wishes to discuss this matter today, then please go back.”

He issues the notice to leave. The reason why he did not explode in anger is also seeing that Wang Zhaoyu is considering about Wang Yuzheng.

“Mr Liu. What you are doing is burdening Yuzheng!”

Seeing that Liu Yi did not leave, Wang Zhaoyu immediately became angry, “Yuzheng is the future Heavenly Queen but you, are nothing but a university guide! Do you understand that you will not be able to give her what she wants and will only burden her? No matter how deep your feelings are for each other, it will also not be able to stand against reality!”

“Thank you, Miss Wang, for being so concerned about Yuzheng. But I have something that I still need to tell you.” Liu Yi continues and says, “If there is a feeling between two persons who are able to endure the test of reality, that will be mine and Wang Yuzheng’s love for each other. Don’t say that she is the female celebrity, Heavenly Queen, even if one day she becomes the female president, she, will be my woman!”


Chapter 786    [She is my woman]

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