MKW Chapter 785

Chapter 785  [Title below]


Because of the Asura Barrier, although the crowd outside only felt like it was only a blink of an eye, to Wang Yuzheng it was over an hour since she last sang.

A nice Christmas evening party had turned out like this.

Liu Yi senses that his body is slowly fusing with Sky Splitting Golden Spear and cannot help but feel rueful.

A god weapon coming into being had attracted how much carnage.

If I did not take action today, perhaps those cultivators would be badly bruised as they curse each other while snatching this thing.

Therefore in the cultivation world, what one needs is absolute strength. Without absolute strength, you can only be bullied.

After Liu Yi and Chen Cai returned to the backstage, although the world inside the Asura Barrier was badly destroyed, the outside world is still perfectly fine.

Wang Yuzheng restores her calm and continues to finish her song on the stage. The latter half of the Christmas evening party is Wang Yuzheng’s individual stage. The organizer had placed her concert and the evening party together.

After Liu Yi returns to the backstage, he finds a quiet dressing room and sits down in a lotus position.

He still has a lot of things that he needed to do. For example, having a heart to heart talk with Great God.

Liu Yi’s conscious enters his consciousness world. After which he takes out the jade and lets Great God’s figure condense above the jade.

Great God’s body is burning with flame making it impossible for him to see her appearance.

At this moment, the flames on her body are very dim. Looks like this failure had shocked her badly.

“Great God, it had been a long time since we last met. Did you live well these 1300 years?”

Liu Yi thought out a chair and sits on it before asking the depressed Great God opposite him.

At the same time, he breathed out his fog qi, creating two pretty maids to stand by his side to massage his shoulders and legs for him.

One must say that this fog qi truly has endless usage!

Lin Tong is currently sitting by the side practicing with Fire God Armour. Seeing Liu Yi’s free manner, her mouth twitches.

This big idiot is becoming more and more corrupted!

“Hmph, after winning, the defeated is a bandit! You’ve already won, but this zun definitely will not take your humiliation! Kill this zun!”

Great God shouted. In her voice, her unwillingness can be heard clearly.

“Great God, you did a lot of evil and dominated my Yaoyao for many years! Based on all of this, I indeed should kill you without any discussion. But do you know why I want to let you live?”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes making Great God shiver in her heart.

When did this fellow become so black-bellied…

Is this still the Sword Emperor that I had known back then that was very direct?

“What…what do you want to do?”

This is the first time Great God feels dreadful about Sword Emperor in front of her!

In the past, she was only slightly afraid at most, not daring to fight against Sword Emperor head-on…but now…it is fear…Looking at his eyes, Great God’s soul cannot help but tremble.

“Don’t be so anxious ah!”

Liu Yi enjoys the two girls massage before smiling and says, “It is not like I am a bad person. What are you afraid of.”

If you are not a bad person then who is a bad person?

Although Great God had done a lot of bad things, in her heart, Liu Yi is not good!

“Just what are you planning! If you are a hero then say it!”

Great God’s voice carries a bit of trembling.

“Apologises. I am not a hero.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “But there is no harm telling you. Do you see my two girls, do you know what technique was used to form them?”

Hearing what Liu Yi said, Great God, narrows her eyes and carefully sizes up the two realistic-looking girls.

After starting for a long time, her expression suddenly changes.

“This…this is…Fog qi! Gods, you are the inheritor of the Heavenly Dragon God!”

“That’s right. You have the ability to make a discerning judgment.”

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction. Originally he planned to sound out but he did not expect that Great God would really recognize his technique.

“So it is like this! So it is actually like this!”

Great God suddenly sees the light, “No wonder you will let this zun live! You wish to make discreet inquiries about gods from this zun’s mouth!”

“That’s right.” Liu Yi speaks bluntly, “The reason why you can live until now is because of this reason.”

“Hmph! Dream on!”

Great God snorts coldly, “Even if the nine heavens have abandoned this zun, do you think that this zun will turn into a traitor because of it? Sword Emperor, you are looking down on others!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry.”

Liu Yi says unhurriedly, “In our mortal world, there is a saying. The enemy of my enemy is a friend. Could it be that you think that gods are still your friend?”

Great God turns taciturn, “….”

“Furthermore, you think that with the current situation, it is up to you to choose?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand as flames suddenly burn in the center of his palm.

“Since Yaoyao left me, my Scarlet Blood Sutra’s strength had become slightly weaker. Lacking a fire essense indeed made me have a headache. If I refine you, I believe that my Scarlet Blood Demonic Flame will improve.”

“You…you cannot be like this…”

Hearing that she is going to be refined, Great God finally feels fear.

Her voice is trembling while her gaze dodges Liu Yi’s line of sight.

“Hateful ah…if it was not because this zun was deprived of my cultivation before being sealed away, how would I had fallen to my today’s end…originally, this zun was also a god who stood high up in the 7th layer of heaven ah…”

Great God’s expression is very dejected as she blankly stands there.

“That is why I say who you should hate is not me but the gods.”

As Liu Y speaks, he pulls out Sky Splitting Golden Spear with his left hand and with a -dang-, he tossed it on the ground in front of Great God.

As Great God’s gaze lands on that spear, Liu Yi says, “You are a smart person. You should know that I have the strength to take revenge for you.”

“This zun no longer has any other path to choose…”

Great God seems to had given up as she sits there and says, “Ask what you wish to ask.”

“I wish to know everything regarding gods.”

Knowledge of this kind of thing is very important.

“Then first let’s start talking about matters from the ninth layer of heaven.”

The knowledge that Great God possesses is just what Liu Yi does not have, furthermore it is what Liu Yi needed!

He pays full attention as he listens to everything that Great God said.

“In this universe, other than the six realms, there is also nine heavens. From the first heaven to the third heaven, that is the limit where the Heavenly Court rules. As for fourth to sixth heaven, it belongs to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Further up is 7th heaven to 9th heaven which belongs to us gods. Our gods; strength is not balanced. From the 7th layer to the 9th layer. Those that are in the 7th layer are considered inferior gods. As for the 8th layer, they are considered as ordinary gods. The gods that are in the 9th layer are the elites god. For example, this zun. Further up is the Six God Races. Six God Race’s status is incomparably majestic. Within the 9 heavens, they have very high authority. But it is not easy being the Six God Races. Every ten years, the Six God Races will have to accept the challenge from other gods. If they lose the war, they will have to give up their God Race position.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he nods his head and says, “Cultivation world, it is very common for the powerful to be beheaded.”

“That’s right. Originally it sounds very normal when hearing this. Six God Races are the six most powerful god and that was what I had always thought.”

Great God laughs bitterly, “So when I had cultivated my Scarlet Blood Demonic Flames to its strongest, I went to find Fire God and challenged him. In the end, he poisoned me first making me unable to use my strength! When we fought, he went to the extent of destroying my flesh body! In the end, I could only flee with my soul, escaping in a panic. In the end, I was sealed in the Demon World, never to be reincarnated forever!”

Thinking about these, Great God’s eyes turn red, “That so-called Fire God is a shameless despicable vile person! The reason why I am still alive until now is to take revenge! I want to kill Fire God and take revenge for all of the unjust and disgrace that I experienced!”

“So you also had this kind of story.”

Liu Yi cannot help but glance at Great God a few more times. I had thought that this fellow was purely a bad person. But unexpectedly she is hiding this kind of background.

“Haha…there are too many matters regarding the nine heavens. If you wish to take revenge against gods, with your current strength, it is still far from enough.”

Great God cannot help but mock Liu Yi, “Let us not talk about anything else. The moment you cultivate to 28 starjades, who knows if you can defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian! Not to mention those Gods high above! Furthermore, when you are cultivating the nine layers of heaven, the calamities that you will meet during each layer of heaven are all very scary. Even if you cultivated to there, when you reached the 6th layer of heaven, you will be eliminated by Gods. Let me advise you to not think too much about the matter of getting revenge. Why don’t you honestly remain in your mortal world and live free and unfettered happily?”

“How can I stop here and have a happy dream to lie to myself?”

Liu Yi stands up and waves his hands, causing the two maids to instantly disappear.

“Either I not cultivate or I cultivate to become the greatest immortal! Furthermore, on my Liu Yi’s body, I am also shouldering the fate of Heavenly Dragon King! No matter what enemy I shall face all of them. If I am afraid of dying, afraid of the future, then what am I cultivating for! Why don’t I go home and till the field instead!” said Liu Yi loudly.

Great God mocks, “Hmph, too ignorant. Not knowing life or death!”

“How can you have the nerve to talk about me?”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Great God, “How are you not the same? Take a look at your current self. Are you stronger than me? My strength is countless times stronger than yours! Although your methods are slightly evil but didn’t you risk your life, hoping to take revenge against the Gods?”


Being choked speechless by Liu Yi’s sentence, Great God kneels there blankly.

That’s right. How am I qualified to laugh at others when I am currently nowhere better?

Aren’t I also like a stray dog. Although my strength is around the standard of Heaven Realm, how far away is it from the Ninth Layer of heaven?

“How is it. Are you going to remain in this world being a strand of roaming soul or have you decided to lend me your strength?”

Liu Yi’s expression is overbearing as he looks at Great God who is kneeling in front of him.

“This zun will never surrender to anyone!”

Great God suddenly raises her head and looks at Liu Yi, “This zun only has a single conviction that keeps this zun living and that is revenge! Sword Emperor! This zun shall see how you are going to take revenge for this zun! True God Fire!”


Chapter 785    [Great God’s belief]

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