MKW Chapter 784

Chapter 784  [Title below]


Motherfucker, this scary cat. Only knows how to bully the weak and fear the strong!

Right now Liu Yi is truly more and more disappointed with the cultivation world. Everyone is greedy for life but afraid of death, striving for fame and pursuing benefits. How can they be counted as righteous people?

Ai Ling, without any rhyme or reason, why did she want to have this 5 Spirit Gathering and invited all of these fellows?

What Great God Sect, Sole Sect as well as the righteous sect in the world. When this group of people gathers together, wouldn’t they be fighting against each other?

After these people had left, Mo Lan and Gu Yu also say goodbye to Liu Yi one after the other.

“Husband, wait till my World Manor has obtained the Spirit Vein treasure during the 5 Spirit Gathering then I shall grandly marry you into my family.”

Mo Lan cups her hands toward Liu Yi before comforting him, “There is no need for you to wait too long or bathe your face in tears every day. I will quickly marry you.”


Liu Yi’s head is big and only feels that this side of Mo Lan really makes people unable to comprehend, “I am not going to marry and live with the bride’s family?!”

“No worries. We can nominally let husband be World Manor’s Master.”

Mo Lan waves her hand and says, “I only need to have the real authority behind the scenes. As for face and the likes, I shall leave all of it to husband!”

“What the, I am not a gigolo!”

Liu Yi cannot expose his anger, “Moreover, how did you know if you can take away the spirit vein treasure? During the 5 Spirit Gathering, there will be a number of people from both the outer and inner pavilions ah!”

“Because I am the inheritor of World Manor.”

Mo Lan’s eyes flash with determining light, “Even if I sacrifice my life, Mo Lan shall once again let my World Manor rise! Husband, wait for me!”

She did not give Liu Yi a chance to explain and steps on a black cloud, flying into the sky.

“Don’t care about that lass. She just hates to be married off!”

Gu Yu comforts Liu Yi, letting Liu Yi’s heart to broaden a lot.

It is still Gu Yu who is better. Although in the beginning, she kept wanting to beat and kill me, at the very least, she knows how to understand people ah.

But Gu Yu’s following sentence destroyed Liu Yi’s beautiful fantasy of her.

“Your life is this fairy’s. How is it possible for a person who is going to die to be the husband of other people!”

Fucking hell…these two girls are clearly the same trash! Both trash who speak their own language!

“Anyways, before this fairy takes away your life, protect yourself properly.”

Gu Yu waves her hand towards Liu Yi, “Hope that the next time we meet, this fairy’s cultivation can catch up to yours…”

Even Gu Yu herself does not believe in what she just said…she will need a lot of luck to catch up to Liu Yi’s cultivation.

How is Liu Yi’s cultivation speed any different from riding a train? It cannot be looked at straight!

“Good. I also hope that you can become even stronger.”

Liu Yi is very relaxed towards this matter. In any case, when she becomes stronger, I would also keep improving myself.

Strife to restore my 4th sun jade. That way my strength will greatly increase.

At the very least, before the 5 Spirit Gathering, being able to restore a bit more strength is better!

After Gu Yu had said goodbye to Liu Yi, she also steps on her ice sword and flies into the sky, chasing after the moon.

In a blink of an eye, in the earlier lively KeDa, most of the people had left and only a few are remaining.

Only Liu Yi, Chen Cai as well as Wang Yuzheng and Wenren Qian who had fainted in Liu Yi’s embrace are left.

“Chen Cai. Wait till I help Wenren Qian to heal then you can undo the barrier.

Liu Yi let Chen Cai continue to maintain the Asura Barrier. This Asura Barrier is indeed very mystical. It can actually isolate the mortal out to a space where time is at a standstill.

It is a pity that it cannot be maintained for too long. At most 2-3 hours before it needs to cool down for a very long time. Otherwise, if he can continue to maintain it, they would have cultivated in the Asura Realm forever, wouldn’t that be defying nature?!

“Okay boss. Leave it to me.”

Chen Cai pats his chest. As Asura Emperor, he is able to maintain Asura Barrier for an even longer period of time.

Good men must last longer!

Only then did Liu Yi start to heal Wenren Qian in ease.

The majority of Wenren Qian’s injuries came from the soul. Because her soul and Great God’s soul had fused together for too long, This forceful removal has some side effects.

Liu Yi uses his golden body to slowly mend Wenren Qian’s injured soul.


Little Annie followed her mother to travel to China. Their entire family is pious Christians.

The airplane is a night flight. Because this is the first time, Little Annie is taking an airplane, thus she had chosen the seat by the window.

Because it is night, the rest of the people on the plan are asleep. Only Little Annie who is excited, continues to lean against the window looking at the dark clouds outside.

Little Annie was having a fantasy about the shape of a cloud when she suddenly sees a golden ray of light illuminating far away.

She stares at that distant place in amazement only to see an enormous imperial palace situated above the cloud.

“Ahhh! Mommy, mommy, look! Heaven, its heaven!”

Little Annie thought that she had seen heaven and shakes awake her blond mother who is sleeping by her side.

“Hmm, honey, how could there be heaven. You must have been muddled from sleep.”

The blond young woman looks out of the window. It is pitch-black outside without any novelty. “Even if it is heaven, it should be at our side.”

“Wuwu…but mommy, I just saw it…”

“You are too sleepy. Pray for God to bless you with a beautiful dream…”

The plane swiftly flew away from this place. While at this moment, within that enormous barrier above the cloud, there is indeed an imperial palace situated there.

There does not seem to have any living thing but there are countless golden armored sculptures of golden men standing all around like they are defending this place.

A black figure suddenly appears in front of the imperial palace before walking deep within with large strides.

Six figures are already kneeling inside the imperial palace, all of them wearing black robes.

While at the very top of the dragon throne sits a golden sculpture.

This sculpture is of a majestic man. His appearance is dignified and realistic.

That guy sits there holding an enormous sword with both hands. On that sword is carved three words, Emperor Qin Sword.

While underneath this golden king statue stands two rows of soldier statues!

One row has 36 people wearing golden armor with golden wings.

The other row has 72 people wearing silver armor with silver wings.

Within this imperial palace carries a stand of somber and desolate aura making people shudder.

After the last person walks in, one of the people kneeling down cannot help but complain, “Second. Can your movement be smaller when entering? Just now you nearly let outsiders notice our Qin Imperial Palace!”

“Hmph! Fourth, I see that you are as cowardly as a rat!”

That figure that had just entered snorts before saying arrogantly, “So what if the world notices my Qin Imperial Palace! My Great Qin has hibernated for so long! We should have gone out and reestablished our prestige!”

Another black robe man stands up. Holding an ax, he roars, “That’s right, I am unable to wait anymore! Let us go out and slaughter to our heart’s delight!”

The guy at the head directly stands up and roars, “Stand still! Fifth what are you being impetuous for! Calm yourself!”

This person is the same as others, wearing a black robe. While on his face he is wearing a mask. On the mask was written in ancient words a large ‘First’.

“What Fourth says is very correct. This is not cowardice but prudence. Us Ten Heavenly Stems are currently left with 8 people now. Of the remaining two, one betrayed us while the other died. Emperor Qin’s revival still needs time. Right now what we need is self-control, do you understand? All of the Heavenly Stems take note for me. Right now the Six Realms are moving, the 5 spirits are on the verge of coming into being. Whether or not are we able to revive Emperor Qin depends on whether or not we obtain the Spirit Vein Treasure!”

First, seems to be quite prestigious among the Heavenly Stems. With him speaking, the rest do not dare to say anything as they obediently kneel in front of Emperor Qin’s golden body.

After pacifying the rest, First ask, “Third, how is the matter regarding Tenth?”

“Obtained their trust.”

Third hurriedly reports, “Just that something happened today and nearly exposed her identity. Luckily I had in advance secretly placed a spell on her, assisting her in dodging this time.”

“Very good. Our plan must never fail.”

First nods his head and says, “That damn woman! To actually sense our existence. This time she actually hosts the 5 Spirit Gathering. Perhaps this matter is a trap. But within this trap also means that there is an opportunity. Ten Heavenly Stems listen to my command!”


“All out prepare for war and wait for 5 Spirit Gathering. Let Tenth also prepare to take action and seize that person’s strength! Very soon our Grand Qin Empire will once again rule this world!”

“Only my Qin can unify the whole world!”

These people shout together as their voice keeps resounding in the Qin Imperial Palace.


How would Liu Yi know that right above his head is a Qin Imperial Palace? Perhaps no one in the entire cultivation world knows about it as well.

At this moment, he had just finished healing Wenren Qian’s injury. Watching her eyelashes moving a bit before she slowly opened her eyes.

-Liu Yi-

Wenren Qian stretched out her finger and writes with flames in the air, -so…sorry…-

“I don’t blame you.”

Liu Yi gently rubs Wenren Qian’s head, “It is all because that Great God causing mischief. Right now she has been dealt with. In the future, you will be you and no one will control you.”


Wenren Qian nods her head as her expression relaxes.

“Right. Take this invitation letter back to the Great God Sect. During the 15th of the first month, Raising Immortal Palace Hall will convene 5 Spirit Gathering. In the invitation name list from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, there is your sect’s name.”

Seeing the invitation letter, Wenren Qian frowns faintly.

“You can just come on your own…there is no need to tell that foster father of yours…”

Recalling Great God Sect Sect Leader, Liu Yi cannot help but shiver.

Fucking hell. The Great God that they believe in was pressed down and beaten on the ground by me! While the Sect Leader of Great God Sect can press me down onto the ground and beat me up!

What is this fucking story!

Liu Yi really wishes to curse.

Wenren Qian keeps the invitation letter properly and stands up before writing four words in flames.

-Take care of yourself-

It seems like this time around she had secretly run out. That is why she hurriedly transforms into flames and leave.

“Finally settled everything…”

Liu Yi lets out a breath of relief and probes around a bit. Realizing that there is no longer the aura of other cultivators, only then did he recall Sky Flipping Seal, “Yuzheng. You can continue to sing your song…I let you wait for a long time.”

[TL:…interesting ending for the chapter…]


Chapter 784    [Let you wait for a long time]

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