MKW Chapter 783

Chapter 783  [Title below]


After God Transformation, Liu Yi’s cultivation had entered the beginning stage of 22 stars.

While Mo Wang’s cultivation is only in the middle stage of 21 stars which is way inferior to Liu Yi’s!

When Liu Yi suddenly attacks, it scared Mo Wang into quivering and nearly falling on his butt.

But recalling that his younger sister is watching behind, how can such a shameful thing happen!

Mo Wang hurriedly revolves his Unmoving Ming King’s qi. He holds a halberd and smashes it onto the ground before Liu Yi had yet to reach him.


Black buddist qi instantly flows along the halberd and strikes the ground. It spread out and attacks the closest person, Liu Yi.

This force is not light. After all, it is the strongest fighting strength of Buddhism.

Liu Yi only feels like it is a truck is smashing towards him but he has no fear as his two feet lands on the ground heavily. His body did not move as he stands straight within this storm.

-boom, boom, boom-

The surrounding ground was lifted up by this force. Pieces of broken stones fly out while Liu Yi who is standing in the center is fine!

Some of the broken stones fly in front of him and crash within a ten-meter radius of him. But was broken into pieces by his protective aura.

“If Daoist Sis-con only has this bit of strength, I am afraid that it is not enough to accept my challenge ah.”

Liu Yi stands within the storm and can smile unfettered.

“What the! Who is a sis-con! I still have a lot of skills! Eat this move!”

Mo Wang raises his leg and stomps on the ground.

Instantly a crack follows along the sole of his feet and spread rapidly towards Liu Yi.

While the crack on the ground split open wide and instantly the ground opens up like a bloody mouth wanting to swallow Liu Yi inside.

“Doing such destruction is not good.”

Liu Yi’s legs are standing on the two sides. He exerts strength and pulls his legs together. Instantly with a rumbling sound, the originally split open ground was forcefully pulled back together and close back up!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Mo Wang really wishes to curse. Fucking hell! What a fucking monster!

How am I going to fight! The difference in strength is too big!

“If you are afraid then move to the side!”

Mo Lan grabs her halberd and looks at Liu Yi, eager to fight, “World Manor does not have any cowards like you!”

“Who is a coward! You need to be responsible for what you say!”

Mo Wang glares at his younger sister, “I only like to use my brain when fighting understood?”

He turns around and looks at Liu Yi, “Say, how do you determine if I am qualified! Otherwise, if we continue to fight on like this, when would it end!”

“Yea what senior says is right.” Liu Yi nods his head, “How about this. Senior just needs to eat a move from me. If senior can receive it then World Manor shall be considered as qualified. How about it?”

“Just a palm will do?”

Mo Wang is delighted in his heart, oh boy! This youngster is still impatient!

Just a palm. If I am unable to block a single palm, then why did I turn into a devil!

“That’s right. Just a palm is enough.”

Liu Yi nods his head letting Mo Wang feel even more relieved.

“Good, good, good. Then just one palm! Bring it on! I am prepared!”

Mo Wang takes a deep breath as he revolves all of his qi.

Unmoving Ming King supports him as a black glow covers his body protecting his body.

Isn’t it just one palm. I will receive it!

“Okay senior. Then junior shall take action now.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his palm as he revolves his Glorious Sun Palm technique.

Golden sun vein appears behind Liu Yi. Because of the palm qi the ground beneath him keeps scattering. Dirt also flies up before floating around Liu Yi after being turned into a fine powder.

Because Liu Yi’s current strength is too tyrannic, even the weather changes due to Liu Yi.

The clouds in the sky fluctuate along as well and form an enormous maelstrom as it slowly rotates.

Sensing that terrifying strength, Mo Wang swallows his saliva.

Mo Wang starts to regret, “That…perhaps we can change the method again…”

“Senior, receive my attack!”

Liu Yi then would not give him the chance to regret it. He charges forwards a few steps and arrives in front of Mo Wang instantly before hitting a Desolate Flame towards Mo Wang’s chest!

Before this palm lands, Mo Wang’s chest muscles were already trembling!

Fucking hell! Is he a Saiyan who is going to blow apart the planet?!

At this moment, Mo Wang no longer has time to dodge. He hurriedly pushes all of his strength in front of his body, trying to block as much as he can!

Sister, in the future, big brother will be handicapped. You must remember to take care of me!

Mo Wang can only shout in his heart before closing his eyes waiting for death.

But after waiting for half a day, the pain that he been expecting did not appear.

Mo Wang slightly opens his eyes only to realize that Liu Yi’s right hand had stopped right in front of him.

Mo Wang asked blankly, “You…what is this meaning?”

“Suddenly I feel a bit of discomfort.”

Liu Yi rubs his chest, “Definitely must be that blow from earlier was too deep. Right now it is starting to feel a bit painful.”


Mo Wang does not know what to say. He had been talkative but is now speechless.

“You are insulting my World Manor!”

Mo Lan does not want to do this anymore, “Cannot! You must strike this palm down!”

Mo Wang is about to cry, what the heck, are you really my blood sister?

“Mo Lan. I am not a god. I will feel pain okay?”

Liu Yi rubs his chest, “Why don’t you help me rub it, Xiao Lanlan.”


Mo Lan’s face instantly turns red. Although she is direct, bold and unrestrained, she is somewhat shy from being taken liberties by Liu Yi so blatantly in front of so many people.

Mo Wang’s palm carries black light as he raises his hand and says to Liu Yi, “What the! Why is there a need to trouble my sister for this kind of matter! Come, let me help you massage it!”

“How would this one dare to trouble senior you ah. If senior is really idle, in a few days, when this junior pays a visit to your sect, you should cross blows with junior.”

“That. Today’s weather is really good, hahahaha …”

Mo Wang laughed dryly as he rubs the back of his head, avoiding this topic.

“Anyways, World Manor had already obtained the invitation letter qualification.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out an invitation letter clasped between two fingers before tossing it towards Mo Lan.

Mo Lan stretches out her hand, catching the invitation letter.

“Who is the next one?”

Liu Yi stands in the center of the space before taking out Sky Splitting Golden Spear and draws a line behind him, “No matter which sect, which expert. As long as you are able to force me, behind this line, that means that you had obtained the qualification.”

In front of all of the cultivators in the world, to dare say this!

But no one has the courage because this youngster indeed has this capability!

“My Concealed Sword Pavilion shall forget it.”

Liu Shuyao thinks rapidly, “Among the people present, there shouldn’t be anyone who is Daoist Liu’s opponent. Why doesn’t Daoist Liu make a trip to my Concealed Sword Pavilion.”

“This…forget it.”

Liu Yi cannot be bothered to make a trip to Conceal Sword Pavilion, “Earlier I had already fought with the experts from the major sects. I am clear about your strength. So Immortal Snow Peak, Concealed Sword Pavilion, Tiger Dragon Sect, as well as the rest of the major sects from the outer pavilion, have the qualification to join the 5 Spirit Gathering.”

After Liu Yi speaks, he takes out a few invitation letters before tossing to those major sects.


At this moment, Chen Sihan who is propped up by others by the side suddenly coughs blood into his palm.

After fighting against Liu Yi, he had indeed gotten heavily injured.

“Right…Fuxi Palace Hall is also on the name list.”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at that group of Fuxi Palace Hall people, “Hall Master Chen. This is your invitation letter. Please keep it properly.”

After speaking, he tossed the invitation letter to them.

“Hmph! This seat wants…cough…want to see just what is this 5 Spirit Gathering playing…some more, Liu Yi, the next time we meet, it shall be your death day. You will not be arrogant for long!”

5 Spirit Gathering ah, if the Spirit Vein, as well as 5 Spirit Bodies,  gather together, just what kind of situation would it be?

The person who possesses a Spirit Vein is equivalent to possessing strength without equal!

This kind of strength, how can it be given to others?

Chen Sihan endures the wrath of losing to Liu Yi and decided to endure silently until the 5 Spirit Gathering!

“Then I shall respectfully welcome Fuxi Palace Hall.”

Liu Yi had the awareness that since he dares to beat Chen Sihan up, he made the preparation to start a war with Fuxi Palace Hall.

Just that the remaining sects on the name list, hope that they can speak nicely a bit…

“Senior, this is your Ruyi Sect’s invitation letter. Receive it properly.”

Being able to have a lesser place to go to is one lesser place. Liu Yi tosses Ruyi Sect’s invitation letter to Mo Wang.

Mo Wang’s smile contains other meanings, “Aiyah? You are not going to make a trip to my sect?”

“Rather now. There is also no one whom junior can submit my travel expenses account. Naturally, I will go to lesser places. Junior had also seen Ruyi Sect’s capability, thus there is no need to take a look again.”

The time is very tight thus Liu Yi does not wish to run to too many places, thus if he can leave out then he will leave out.

“Really is regretful ah. My Ruyi Sect has a lot of pretty ladies whom I wish to introduce to Daoist Liu ah.”

When Mo Wang finished, he suddenly felt his back being eyed by two rays of cold gaze.

This gaze…seems to be from little sister…

“Let’s forget about it. Junior appreciates senior’s kindness.”

Liu Yi knows that Mo Wang is teasing him thus he does not take it to heart.

“Fellow daoists, today’s snatching treasure time had already ended. Fellow daoists had also seen the excitement. The invitation letter that you guys should take had been taken. Now please go back.”

After Liu Yi distributed the invitation letter, he cups his hands at the rest of the cultivators and starts to send them off.

What a joke. My Wang Yuzheng still had not finished singing and the Christmas Party still had not ended where would I have the skill to continue wasting time with these fellows.

“Daoist Liu, then we shall leave now.”

The cultivators also do not dare to remain. After all, the god weapon had been snatched away by others, there is no more meaning for them to stay.

Thus one by one, they step onto their magic tools and rise to the sky.

Although the heaven realm experts hate Liu Yi deeply, their legs were also trembling in fear. Old Man Ice Fog is very clear that his front teeth can be considered as preserved. Taking advantage that Liu Yi did not recall this matter, he slipped away.

“Daoist Liu, Qingshan does not change while crystal-clear water forever flows, we shall part here!”

When Chen Sihan leaves, he tosses behind a sentence, “Before my Fuxi Palace Hall seeks you, you better preserve your dog life!”

“Then why don’t we fight now!”

Liu Yi pretends to roll up his sleeve, scaring Chen Sihan to escape in a panic.


Chapter 783    [Let’s part here]

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