MKW Chapter 782

Chapter 782  [Title below]


Xue Luo says come here then come there, say go and go, treating this place like a public toilet.

Liu Yi also has no choice. Who asked her to be Ai Ling’s runner!

I doubted who is the one controlling Xue Luo behind the scene. Liu Haisheng shouldn’t be able to control Xue Luo. After all, the current Liu Haisheng is no longer the Wuli back then.

As for the one who is able to make Xue Luo so obedient, perhaps only the methods of my girl can do it.

Especially this 5 Spirit Gathering, only my little lass who is the spirit vein has the right to host it.

But why would she make this thing? Just what does she want to do?

Everything is like a riddle making Liu Yi sigh. After this, he takes out a name list from the bag and takes a look.

Major sects in the outer pavilion are on it. For example, Concealed Sword Pavilion, Immortal Snow Peak and the likes.

The remaining ones are a few inner pavilion major sects, the five great sects are among them. Apart from them, Liu Yi saw White Cloth Religion, Ruyi Sect, and even Sole Sect!

So be it if White Cloth Religion and Ruyi sect are on it. One is in Woman Country, the other is a thousand-year-old devil sect. But at the very least, I can make a trip over…but Sole Sect…what is with it…where do I need to go to invite this sect?

As for the rest of the sects, behind their name is their rough location while behind Sole Sect, it is a blank.

So be it if there is Sole Sect why is there also a Great God Sect!

Isn’t this sabotaging me!

But the Great God Sect… I have a good method to deal with it!

As for the rest of the outer pavilion sects, isn’t it a good time now?

“Fellow Daoist, since all of you are here, then it shall save me the effort of making a trip to your territory.”

He follows little lax’s decree and cups his hands toward the rest of the cultivators and says, “For those sects who wish to take part in the 5 Spirit Gathering, please send a representative to cross blows with me.”

Liu Yi summons out Sky Splitting Golden Spear and stabs it fiercely onto the ground.

Instantly, arcs of red lightning exploded out. The golden net spread over the floor was shattered into pieces before fading away.

The force that is binding the cultivators had disappeared, allowing them to finally regain their freedom.

But who dares to go up to fight against Liu Yi…this little shit is too powerful!

“Let me fight for my World Manor’s invitation letter!”

For World Manor, only Mo Lan came. She pulls out her halbert and walks towards Liu Yi.

What the heck!

Liu Yi was instantly covered with cold sweat. This girl wants to challenge me…isn’t this just teasing me?!

“Although you are the man that I, Mo Lan fancy, but when taking action, I will definitely not be lenient!”

Mo Lan says loudly causing Mo Wang who is sitting by the side quiver.

What is going on? After I had left the house for a while, my arrogant little sister had found a husband? What the heck…little sister’s insight is a bit too high. Of all people to like, she falls in love with a monster!

Mo Wang’s train of thought seems to have returned to the past. Mo Lan is wearing a florid skirt as she chases behind him daily like a small tail calling big brother all the time.

The past Mo Lan is nothing but a carefree young girl without worries that’s all…

But how, she had turned into a masculine woman, making Mo Wang feel like his memories seem to be somewhat vague.

This fellow…actually…stole away my little sister’s heart!

Cannot be forgiven…

At this moment, Mo Lan had walked in front of Liu Yi. At the same time, Mo Lan enters Unmoving Ming King’s state!

Black lightning swims around her causing Mo Lan’s might to enter around 15 starjade of the earth realm.

One must say that with this kind of might, to a youngster, it had already exceeded the norm!

It is a pity that it is still too far in comparison to Liu Yi!

“Mo Lan, there is no need for this!”

Liu Yi hurriedly persuades, “The difference between our strength is too large. Why is there a need to fight against each other? I recognize your World Manor qualifications.”

“Hmph! You are looking down on me!”

Mo Lan is very unhappy. After all, she is also an outstanding talent among the younger generation. Although she cannot be compared to Liu Yi, at the very least, she must keep her face!

“World Manor does not want the invitation from charity! Let’s fight!”


Seeing through Mo Lan’s intention, Liu Yi nods his head as he stands there. He hides a hand behind his back as his other hand beckons Mo Lan.

“As long as you are able to make me take a step, I shall recognize your World Manor’s qualification!”

“Hateful! How dare you look down on me! Take this move!”

The black lightning on Mo Lan turns stronger as she jumps high up before smashing down with her halberd towards Liu Yi!

Buddha is merciful ah. But facing those stubborn and obstinate persisting in going about things the wrong way, living things who were deceived by evil creatures, Buddha would transform into Unmoving Ming King, scaring awake or scare Mara into retreat!

Mo Lan’s Unmoving Ming King is what a Buddhist uses to fight!

This body of Buddhist qi is not golden but black! Which is filled with destructive power!

While Liu Yi condenses his qi into his finger and jabs at the descending halberd.


The halberd smashes heavily onto Liu Yi’s finger. Liu Yi is motionless while a shockwave frantically spread out causing the surrounding ground to sink down a few meters.

“Although you have powerful strength you are irascible.”

Liu Yi says, “Mo Lan. If you wish to improve, you must change your nature.”

“Let’s talk about this kind of matter later! Eat this!”

Mo Lan raises her leg and kicks fiercely at Liu Yi’s stomach.

Liu Yi smiles and lightly flicks his finger.


An enormous force collides into the halberd causing it to fly out. Mo Lan who is holding onto the halberd was also carried back a few meters. She flips a few rounds in the air before withstanding it and lands on the ground.

“Damn it…”

Mo Lan is shocked in her heart. Only after fighting did she know just how scary Liu Yi currently is!

Why did his strength improve so quickly ah…did he turn on hacks!


Liu Yi stretches out that hand and beckons Mo Lan.


Mo Lan was not injured. She once again lifts up her halberd and takes a deep breath before preparing for the second round.

“Let me receive this invitation letter for World Manor!”

At this moment, Mo Wang suddenly blocks in front of his younger sister.


Mo Lan frown as she looks at that guy in front of her who had disappeared for many years.

“Aren’t you from Ruyi Sect?”

One of the cultivators by the side cannot take it and ask, “How can you represent World Manor?”

“Ruyi Sect…then we shall have Daoist Liu make an exhausting trip to my sect then.”

Mo Wang rubs the back of his head and pretended to be stupid and say, “Right now ah, I am an older brother replacing my younger sister to fight!”


Everyone cannot help but curse in their hearts, this Mo Wang is too shameless. Who would regard in this manner?

“Shut up! You are no longer a person from World Manor!”

But Mo Lan does not care about her older brother’s feeling, “From that day when you left World Manor, the glory of World Manor is no longer related to you!”

“Hey, hey. You cannot say it like this !”

Mo Wang knows his younger sister’s temper thus he rolls his eyes and says, “After all my surname is also Mo. I owe World Manor a lot so let’s treat it as I am paying back a debt for World Manor!”

“You indeed owe a lot!”

Seeing her older brother’s soft-spoken manner, Mo Lan’s heart turns soft but she still says coldly, “If you want to pay it back, you will never be able to finish paying all of it!”

“Anyways, this time let me work for World Manor.”

As Mo Wang speaks, he takes a deep breath as black lightning erupts from his body.

“Let me use World Manor techniques to ask you for the advice!”

“That’s fine as well.”

So long as there is no need to fight against Mo Lan it is fine. Liu Yi is eager for a replacement, “Thank you senior.”

“This. I must say something first!”

Mo Wang suddenly makes a stop gesture and says, “You see you are so powerful and I am also injured as well. At the very least you need to yield to me! Why don’t you not use a hand while I let you retreat a step? Let’s treat it as World Manor’s win, how about it?”

What the heck. This cheap brother-in-law of mine is really shameless!

Liu Yi is stunned. This is the first time he had met a fellow who is even more black-bellied than himself!

“Enough! World Manor’s face is about to be thrown away by you!”

Mo Lan also became angered, “Who else is like you!”

“What the, Mo Lan, it is your lover who is too powerful!”

Mo Wang cries out in injustice, “If he does not let me then I am also unable to win!”

“Hmph! Of course, he is very powerful.”

Mo Lan becomes somewhat arrogant, “If he was not powerful, I would not choose him as a person that I like! Liu Yi is a genuine powerful expert who is different from a person who only knows how to escape!”


Mo Wang clenches his teeth, “How is it possible for you to understand what I shoulder? Can you understand older bother a bit?”

“Who wants to understand you! Traitor!”

As Liu Yi listens to the brother and sister quarreling, he suddenly understood.

“Ah! I finally understand! So Daoist Mo Wang from Ruyi Sect is a sis-con!”

“Who, who is a siscon!”

Mo Wang instantly turns pale and hurriedly defends himself, “Don’t divert the topic! Are you going to give ground or not?”

“What Daoist Mo is saying is wrong ah.” Liu Yi cups his hands and says, “Talking about seniority, talking about background, Daoist Mo is way superior to this junior. How can junior yield and disgrace senior’s face? Based on what junior sees, for senior who had been famous since long ago, it ought to be senior who gives me three moves.”

Everyone present starts vomiting blood. Fucking hell, these two fellows are even more shameless than the other!

“Ah pui!”

[TL: basically spitting on what Liu Yi is saying.]

Mo Wang gives up, “Good fellow. I thought that I was already shameless enough. I didn’t expect that you are even more shameless than me! I Mo Wang had walked jianghu for so many years. Other than my sect leader, I had never admired anyone else. You are the second one!”

“Senior loves me too much. Then junior shall not be polite about these three moves then.”

“Fuck you! Who is yielding you three moves! What the fuck you’re really attacking!”

Liu Yi had instantly appeared in front of Mo Wang and slaps his palm towards Mo Wang’s stomach.


Chapter 782    [Say go then go]

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