MKW Chapter 781

Chapter 781  [Title below]


“Damn it, you dare to anger me!”

Thunder God who no longer has his head starts waving his arms all over the place as he roars, “Don’t let me catch you! The moment I catch you, you shall die!”

“I was wondering how powerful you were. So you are only this powerful.”

Liu Yi uses his darkness qi to condense a tall chair that floats in the sky. He sits on it as he looks at the enormous headless figure yelling and waving its arms all over the place.

“Wouldn’t it be very good to just remain inside the Sky Splitting Golden Spear? Why do you want to come out and snatch a body?”

“I cannot die! I am the grand Thunder God!”

Thunder God roars and instantly red lightning keeps smiting down landing around his body.

Liu Yi raises his hand from time to time and slaps aside the lightning that is falling towards him.

Thunder God’s might is much weaker than what I had imagined. Perhaps this was Thunder God’s predestined fate.

If he had found other people, perhaps Thunder God would have taken over his body.

But it was a pity that Thunder God found me. Not only is my strength tyrannical, my soul is also very valiant.

The little lass had once stolen a Golden Body for me which greatly strengthened my soul!

It will be difficult if Thunder God wishes to destroy my soul!

“Damn it! Why is your soul so powerful! Damn it!”

Thunder God did not think that after he had hibernated for so long a powerful fellow would come!

“Thunder God. Harming others will end up hurting yourself in the end. If you obediently go and reincarnate you would not suffer like this now. But you chose not to reincarnate and wished to harm others. Sorry, Thunder God, I can only express my regret. Looks like your soul shall fall today.”

“I will never die! I am the grand Thunder God!”

Thunder God roars as red lightning swims all over the place.

“From the moment you wanted to take over others’ flesh body, you were no longer the grand Thunder God anymore!” Liu Yi descends from the chair and freefalls towards Thunder God, “You are only a ghost!”


Thunder God is angered. He grabs two lumps of red lightning with his hands before combining them together and points towards the direction that Liu Yi’s voice comes from.

Instantly, his two enormous hands slap together erupting with eye-catching red lightning. Thick, long lighting makes a beeline towards Liu Yi warping the surroundings!

Thunder God contains his anger and strikes, unable to tolerate being despised!

While Liu Yi did not dodge. He breathes out golden fog which is his fog qi!

Although he is only thought currently Liu Yi’s fog qi is incomparably powerful and can take corporeal form in his mind!

Snow blue and scarlet red, Ice Fire Armour once again covers Liu Yi’s body as he charges into the red lightning!

Trial lightning is indeed very powerful. When it strikes Liu Yi’s armor, he can hear the sound of his armor scattering continuously.

As he forcefully took this trial lightning, he grabs the void with both hands!

Darkness qi activate!

An enormous ten-meter long hammer appears in his hand. Liu Yi grabs the handle and swings his arms!

That hammer is raised high up before smashing down heavily.


The false body was unable to see before being scattered by this enormous hammer!

Fog qi combined with darkness power allows Liu Yi’s move to undergo numerous changes!

“I, I am unwilling!”

After the false body scattered, Thunder God’s final strand of conscious became even weaker and was going to disappear at any moment.

“I, this grand Thunder God would fall to such state in the end! Damn fellow! Even if I am going to die, I am going to curse you!”

“Curse yourself.”

The black hammer smashes onto the ground as Liu Yi gently descends on top of the hammer. Standing there he looks at the enormous figure that is continuously falling apart and says, “Everything in this world has a karma cycle and appropriate retribution. Thunder God. Back then as one of the Six God Race, you were rude, unreasonable, tyrannical and wantonly massacred. Right now, this kind of ending shall also fall on your head!”

“Hmph, this world is the weak being the food for the strong!”

Thunder God snorts coldly, “What do you know! My God Race was a race that cannot give birth! Only by killing away the rest of the races could we guarantee our eternal existence! Those not of my race cannot be trusted! Could it be that your human race is also not the same? You hypocrite, you are not fit to discuss with me about karma!”

“You feel that everyone in this world is your enemy but that does not represent what everyone thinks!”

Liu Yi retorts, “But you indeed said something right! I, Liu Yi am the inheritor of Heavenly Dragon King. Sooner or later, I shall slaughter my way up the nine heavens and kill all of the rude and unreasonable gods to take revenge for my Heavenly Dragon King!”

“You…you are the successor of Heavenly Dragon King…”

Thunder God suddenly understood. “No wonder. No wonder you would know how to use that god qi…”

Because of the difference in color, Thunder God overlooked it.

“Damn it! Heavenly Dragon King actually found a person who possesses Nine Yang God Qi as his successor! But you are too naive. My God Race is incomparably powerful! I had already planted a Thunder God Seal in your body! The moment you enter the Sixth Layer of Heaven the gods will come and kill you! Hahahaha!”


Facing death this fellow is still so savage. Liu Yi breathes out a stream of dragon breath angrily and shatters that figure in front of him.

That final bit of conscious of Thunder God also dissipates.

Liu Yi breathes out a sigh of relief as he lets his consciousness go to his flesh body.

Although a long time had passed in the conscious world, it is only just a short moment in reality.

Everyone sees Liu Yi tremble before reopening his eyes and grabs that Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

That god weapon that was unyielding earlier is now obedient like a young married woman, lying in Liu Yi’s hand obediently.

Liu Yi holds Sky Splitting Golden Spear with a single hand. He raises it into the sky before smashing it down firmly in front of him.

-sparkling sounds-

Red lightning flies along the ground and smashes into a building in front!

Thick red lightning immediately falls from the sky and turns that building into ruins!

“Finished…from now on, no one in the world can block his footsteps…”

Zhang Boyue who is standing far away feels his back covered in cold sweat when he sees this scene.

Who else can be Liu Yi’s opponent in the cultivation world?

Perhaps even if those old men from inner pavilion come out, they might not be able to move him…

This youngster has become too horrifying!

Mo Wang who is sitting by the side silently did not utter a word as vigor flashes across his eyes. He mutters in his heart, this person is a formidable opponent. Wait till I return, I must think of a method. Either I rope him in or I get rid of him…but to defeat this youngster…perhaps only the Law Protector of the sect or Sect Leader stepping forth personally would it be possible…

Being so young and already possessing such horrifying cultivation. How did he cultivate?

“Good treasure.”

Liu Yi cannot help but smile as he holds Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

Being able to obtain this kind of treasure is indeed worthy of being happy. Especially for close combat martial cultivators. This god weapon is truly a fine thing.

Furthermore, with this kind of god weapon, I will have more guarantee to face those gods.


Before Liu Yi took the spear back to Chen Cai and the girls to show it off, he suddenly frowns as he swings out the spear and point towards his right.

The cold spear point pressed against the lower jaw of a young girl. That young girl did not show any expression and did not have a single bit of fear as she stands there calmly.

“I am here to pass the words of my master Ai Ling. If you do not welcome me then I shall leave.”

As the woman speaks, she prepares to leave.

Indeed the master behind Xue Luo is not Liu Haishen but my girl Ai Ling ah!

Liu Yi immediately turns pale with fright as he hurriedly keeps away his spear and stops that woman.

“Xue Luo! Stop! If you got things to say then talk!”

“Are you threatening me?”

Xue Luo’s manner makes Liu Yi somewhat angered but for the little lass, he can bear with this anger.

That arrogance was tossed to be back of Liu Yi’s head as he cups his hand towards Xue Luo and lowers his head and says, “Fairy Xue Luo, if you have any words that you wish to pass on, please say it as things are. Just now I had accidentally offended fairy, may fairy forgive me for that.”

Liu Yi’s attitude causes everyone to collapse.

Just now the impressive Liu Yi is lowering his head and apologizing to a woman!

What kind of joke is this! What is this woman’s identity? Ninth Layer Heaven God?

“This is more like it.”

Xue Luo’s complexion became slightly better. She then raises her hand and tosses Liu Yi a storage bag that was caught by Liu Yi.

“Inside is the things that you will need.”

She turns around and says to everyone present loudly, “All cultivators in the cultivation world, I am the disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Xue Luo! Today taking advantage that fellow Daoists are here, I shall announce a matter. This year on the fifteen of the first month, my Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall be holding the 5 Spirit Gathering! At that time, the five spirit bodies and the spirit vein will gather at Raising Immortal Palace Hall. We welcome all cultivators in the world to join the 5 Spirit Gathering. But if you wish to participate in the 5 Spirit Gathering, then you must possess the invitation letter that my Raising Immortal Palace Hall has given out. As for who is given this invitation letter, it will be up to Liu Yi to decide. He will bring the invitation letter and seek advice from every sect one by one.”

What the heck… you’re making me give out the invitation letter?

At that moment, Liu Yi is stupefied. Just what is lass trying to do!

“Daoist Liu.” At this moment Xue Luo turns her head over and says to Liu Yi, “Hope that you will be careful when giving the invitation letter.”

Liu Yi hurriedly asks, “Is there any condition in giving out the invitation letter? Must they win me or something else?”

“As long as Daoist Liu feels that they are qualified then it is okay.”

Xue Luo does not have any expression as before like a robot!

“The invitation names are all inside the bag. Within this one month plus, it will be exhausting for Daoist Liu to run about. Let us meet again on the fifteen of the first month in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Xue Luo’s body transforms into a stream of blood light and disappears in front of everyone.

What the hell! You ran away too fast!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, I still have a lot of matters that I still do not understand, okay?

Is there a manual inside this bag or not?


Chapter 781    [Inviting people]

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