MKW Chapter 780

Chapter 780   [Title below]


When Wenren Qian was born, a huge fire burnt down the hospital. Other than her, everyone else died in the fire.

Wenren Qian who was in swaddling clothes was then taken away by Great God Sect.

For so many years, Wenren Qian had been receiving the teaching of Great God Sect Sect leader.

Great God Sect Sect Leader had told her that no one in this world can be trusted.

The only relative that she had by her side was the Great God Sect Sect Leader.

After being alone for so many years, Wenren Qian had forgotten this matter.

She had always been pondering about the meaning of her existence. Just what is it for, for her to exist.

To assist the Great God Sect? Or is it to become the Great God?

Foster father keeps saying that I am the reincarnation of Great God…but I am not, right?

I also wish to have friends …furthermore, I also wish to date.

But I do not know just where is my real fate.

Perhaps, I do not exist at all…

She always had this thought until she met Liu Yi.

The first time she met Liu Yi, her heart was like being ferociously hammered by a mallet!

She feels like she had already known Liu Yi long beforehand…and she has a kind of familiar feel with him.

It was this feeling which makes her even more so intimate with Liu Yi. Originally she wants to kill him but she changed her decision. Instead, she passed down her Scarlet Blood Sutra to him!

She does not know why she did so, anyway it is a curious coincidence…

She also does not dare to tell this matter to her foster father as she is afraid that after her foster father had learned about it, he might take action and kill Liu Yi!

Wenren Qian is unable to comprehend just how powerful her foster father was! Thus to protect Liu Yi, she chooses to remain silent.

At the same time, she slowly got in touch with Liu Yi. After getting in touch with him more and more, Wenren Qian started to have deeper feelings for him.

She always feels like…she had seen this idiot somewhere before…

For Liu Yi, she started speaking.

Anyways, Liu Yi is a unique one. He is the home whom she is seeking.

But this guy…does he also love me the same way I love him…

Wenren Qian had always been thinking about this question but she also does not dare to ask him.

Furthermore, she had also heard that a guy’s mouth cannot be believed.

Now that Great God asks this, it undoubtedly jabs into Wenren Qian’s weak spot. Great God very quickly senses that the earlier Wenren Qian who was resisting is no longer saying anything.

She instantly becomes delighted. In the end, she is just a woman. Since she is a woman that means she has a weak point!

Great God’s index finger turns red like a branding iron and stabs towards Liu Yi’s heart.

Liu Yi got a huge shock. If he continues to use God Sword Protecting Body, his swords’ might be enough to rend Wenren Qian’s finger apart!

This is definitely not a result that he wants!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and forcefully undos God Sword Protecting Body!

The six swords lose their glow and stab into the ground by Liu Yi’s feet.

While Wenren Qian’s arm was thus preserved, the scarlet finger stabs into Liu Yi’s heart.

“Hahaha! Idiots! Two exceptional idiots!”

Great God did not expect that she would really get away with it and laughs loudly.

At the same time, her entire right-hand turns completely red and stabs through Liu Yi’s chest and emerge from behind him while her hand is holding a beating heart.


Great God’s laughter rings out throughout KeDa.

“Liu Yi!”

Wang Yuzheng’s sight turns black and fainted while Gu Yu and Mo Lan lose their complexion and their hearts ache badly!

It was like the one whose chest was pierced through was not Liu Yi but themselves!

How could this be!

Didn’t Wenren Qian risk her life to save Liu Yi back then? Why did the two of them turn into enemies now?

Furthermore, isn’t Liu Yi always very powerful? Why would he be heavily injured by Wenren Qian who is in the beginning stage of the heavenly realm!

It is almost like….almost like Liu Yi purposefully took that hit!


Chen Cai’s eyes turn red as an enormous Asura Warrior appears behind him like he is about to charge over.

“Don’t come over!”

Although his heart was dug out, Liu Yi relied on his powerful flesh body to maintain his clear-headed consciousness.

He coughed out blood and stops Chen Cai.

“This is a matter between the two of us. You don’t come over! Protect them properly for me!”


Chen Cai clenches his fist. What is this ah boss! Just a woman only, why are you so softhearted!

If it was not for boss undoing God Sword Protecting Body, how would it be possible for that woman to harm him?

“Hmph, even when you are going to die, you are still so dissolute!”

Great God snorts coldly, “Let me end you!”

As she speaks, she starts exerting strength to crush Liu Yi’s heart.

At this moment Liu Yi is smiling.

“Great God. Do you think that after such a long time, I did not think of a method to deal with you?”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes Great God to pause. Originally she was paranoid. With Liu Yi saying this, she immediately starts to become suspicious.

“You plan to use this kind of method to scare this zun?”

Great God feels that Liu Yi is just bluffing.

“Hahaha, let us watch on then.”

As Liu Yi speaks, two glints of light flashed across his eyes.

Following which Great God suddenly feels like she had lost control over her arm like it was stuck firmly by Liu Yi’s body!

Great God sensed that something was wrong and exclaims, “Damn it! What do you want to do!”

“You damn robber, scram out!”

Liu Yi grabs hold of Great God’s arm with one hand as he raises his other hand aiming at Great God’s head.

“Recalling Spirit!”

Demon Sword Technique activated!

Great God instantly feels a powerful suction force pulling her soul, pulling her out from Wenren Qian’s body.

“Ahhh! Don’t! Don’t ah!”

Great God shrieks in pain. She still wishes to borrow this body to strengthen herself and kill her way back into the god world sooner or later!

But now, she was about to be removed, thus she is deeply afraid!

With half of her red soul being pulled out, Great God keeps wailing, “I beg you, let off this zun ah!”

“It is too late!”

This fellow did too many evils! How can I forgive her?

Liu Yi does not have any hesitation as he continues to use Recalling Spirits, forcefully pulling out Great God’s soul completely!

He takes out a green jade pendant and seals Great God’s soul within!

“I was unable to find you but on the contrary, you sent yourself up to my door.”

After Liu Yi’s heart returns to its original place, the hole on in chest swiftly closed up.

This kind of perverted self-healing capability is truly not something that a human can have.

After sealing Great God into the jade, Liu Yi kept it away. Although he has a lot of questions that he wished to ask, now is not the time.

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear, now it is your turn.”

Although a Great God suddenly appears in the midway, it did not delay with the big matter. Liu Yi gently places Wenren Qian who had fainted on the stage and let Chen Cai look after her before appearing by Sky Splitting Golden Spear’s side.

At this moment, Sky Splitting Golden Spear is violently trembling like it was a wild beast that was constrained until the peak!

“Be honest for me!”

Liu Yi grasps the spear with his right hand!

-cracking sound-

Red lightning instantly exploded out from the spear but was suppressed by Monarch Shield.

Liu Yi revolves his Nine Yang God Qi and tries to subdue this god weapon!

But when the god weapon senses Liu Yi’s qi, it suddenly calms down.

Following which it was like it was delighted. Originally it was repelling! But now it actually changes into taking the initiative to accept!

Liu Yi discover a powerful suction force emerges from Sky Splitting Golden Spear which sucks his conscious into it!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi appeared in a spacious and empty grassland.

Black clouds assemble in the sky as red lightning emerges from the clouds from time to time, streaking across the vast sky!

My conscious…seem to arrive in the internal world of this Sky Splitting Golden Spear?

“Great…really great. I found a person who possesses Nine Yang God Qi!”

A voice that is like metal rubbing against each other rings out beside Liu Yi.


Liu Yi instantly frowns deeply as a trace of bad feeling flashed across his heart.

“Who am I? Hahaha! You ask me who am I?”

The lightning in the sky suddenly gathers together before forming an enormous image in the sky.

It is the appearance of a formidable man wearing golden red war attire, looking very impressive.

“This one is one of Six God Race, Thunder God!”

Fuck! I didn’t hear wrongly, Thunder God?

“What are you joking about, didn’t Thunder God die?”

“My flesh body died but my conscious is still alive!”

Thunder God snorts, “That damn Heavenly Dragon King destroyed my flesh body, thus I could only hide my conscious in Sky Splitting Golden Spear! Hahaha, I did not waste my time waiting for so many years. Today a person sends himself to my door! Little fellow, consider yourself fortunate for today, your flesh body shall be taken over by me to use!”

That enormous figure suddenly stretches out his hand and grabs hold of Liu Yi’s body and raises him high into the air.

Liu Yi senses a startling pressure, pressing down on his conscious like it is going to be turned into dust at any moment!

Motherfucking hell, what the fuck is going on!

I had just pulled out the Great God who occupied other people’s body and now, my body was going to be occupied by others?

Fuck his sister! Based on what! The body is mine! Whoever wishes to possess must ask me first!

“Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Expermination!”

Liu Yi struggles free a palm which he then slaps out towards the enormous figure in the sky.

Instantly, the head of the enormous figure was scattered by Liu Yi’s palm!

“Damn it!”

Thunder God’s conscious retreated two steps. Without his head, for a moment, he is unable to find his directions.

Liu Yi suddenly perceives that this Thunder God’s conscious seems to have something wrong!

Perhaps this conscious is only a strand of remnant conscious, otherwise, it would not be so weak!

Fucking hell, if I still do not take the opportunity then when should I wait till!

“Thunder God you fucking sick tiger, you still wish to pretend to be mighty? Watch how I deal with you!”


Chapter 780    [Thunder God]

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