MKW Chapter 779

Chapter 779   [Title below]


Liu Yi uses one move to take down Chen Sihan. This kind of huge technique had caused all of the cultivators to be badly frightened!

Liu Shuyao had woken up without anyone knowing and is standing by the side as she watches how Liu Yi easily defeated that Sun Hall Hall Master. This kind of might…how is it something that our heaven realm experts from the outer pavilion could match…

But just how did this youngster cultivate?

Even if he started cultivating from his mother’s womb, his improvement speed should not be such so fast…

Could it be that this fellow is blessed with fortune?

Damn it…originally Ai Ling from my sect was also a very fortunate girl but I heard that she was kidnapped by Liu Yi!

Furthermore, right now, I also do not know where she is. It is like she no longer has any relationship with my sect!

This cannot do…it seems like relying on myself is not enough to defeat Liu Yi already!

Could be it that my Concealed Sword Pavilion is going to decline on like this? Cannot, definitely cannot!

Sky Splitting Golden Spear can be lost but Concealed Sword Pavilion’s prestige cannot be thrown!

This sword technique of Liu Yi’s is very mystical…I just need to remember it and comprehend the profoundness within then go back and teach that newcomer in the sect!

I just accepted her as my last disciple and use the best pills and treasures in the sect to cultivate her!

Perhaps only she could rival Liu Yi!

That’s right…it is her! She is my Concealed Sword Pavilion’s hope!

[TL: any guess on who she is?]

Liu Yi, don’t be too proud! Sooner or later, there will come a day where you shall regret provoking my Concealed Sword Pavilion!

At this moment, the six swords are revolving Liu Yi as he stands by Chen Sihan’s side.

His gaze lands on Mo Wang and asks, “Senior do you want to have a go?”

“I’d rather not…”

Mo Wang laughs bitterly as he says in his heart, just who is this fellow. He is too powerful. He is a freak, when I was still in the righteous path, why had I not heard his name before.

When did he emerge? Even if a new force emerged, this emergence is a bit too sudden! 

Thinking about it, it is a joke…I had always thought that I was the most talented youth…but compared to this fellow in front of me, I am just a slag!

Damn it… so perverted!

This youngster will definitely be Ruyi Sect’s formidable opponent!

Especially right now he is a formidable opponent that I do not have the capability to eliminate!

“Since you are not coming then forget it.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Although I am quite hopeful to cross blows with senior.”


Mo Wang laughs bitterly as he says in his heart, crossing blows with you, isn’t that seeking death! Didn’t I saw just now how Chen Sihan was beaten up like a dog!

“Since no one is standing out then I shall not be polite.”

Liu Yi looks around the surrounding once again before saying loudly, “Seniors, I, Liu Yi am a junior. I should give in a bit to seniors! Now, I had already yielded to the seniors, it is seniors who gave up the chance on your own. Later on, don’t say that I, Liu Yi do not have etiquette ah! What I, Liu Yi hate the most is people who do not have etiquette. Being a person ah, must know how to respect the old and cherish the young ah.”

Fuck your respect the old and cherish the young!

Everyone is about to vomit as they were all seething with anger from being angered by Liu Yi!

You are tyrannizing us and now you are talking reason with us! How is this talking reason ah?

Liu Yi looks around. Seeing that no one is speaking, he smiles.

“Looks like seniors are yielding Sky Splitting Golden Spear to this junior. Alas, how is this proper! Letting this junior take Sky Splitting Golden Spear this kind of powerful god weapon, this junior is really apologetic!”

Go to hell! If you are not taking then fucking put it there! Apologetic your sister! Who is as black-bellied as you!

The group of cultivators is about to curse as they forcefully stifle their profanity in their hearts.

“Fine then. Since seniors love me so much, this junior would be impolite to refuse!”

Liu Yi rubs the back of his head as he says embarrassed, “Junior, shall with difficulty accept it.”

Go to hell! Are you still a human!

The souls of everyone nearly fly away from anger!

This fellow is a pervert and is not humble at all!

Not to mention taking away Sky Splitting Golden Spear, he also says things that make people want to die from anger!

Fucking hell, what kind of person is this!

Liu Yi more or less knows that everyone present is definitely cursing crazily in their hearts. After he had achieved his objective, he walks over towards his Monarch Shield which is suppressing the Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

But at this moment, the sky suddenly turns golden red.

It seems like the end of the world is coming as a scarlet fireball falls from the sky like a meteor before landing in front of Liu Yi.

Instantly flames burn in front of Liu Yi. The ground also starts burning as a lot of the area was turned into lava.

A female figure walks out of the flames. Her appearance is quite familiar.

When Liu Yi sees here, he exclaims, “Wenren Qian!”

He had been seeking her for a long time! After knowing that she is the reincarnation of Liang Mengyao, this is the first time he had seen her!

Just that she no longer has the memories of her past.

No worries. It can be considered as the two of us have a new beginning!

While at this moment Wenren Qian is somewhat different and seems to be slightly strange.

Her face is pale as her expression is slightly in pain.

Wenren Qian stretches out her right hand and writes a few words using flames.

-Liu Yi…Be careful…-

While she is writing, a ruthless glint flash across Wenren Qian’s eyes as her hair flutters in the sky as she points at Liu Yi.

An enormous fire god dragon instantly flies out and charges at Liu Yi!

The strength of the heaven realm!

Wenren Qian’s strength had actually improved to this stage?

But why would she suddenly attack me?

God Sword Protecting Body!

Liu Yi forms a seal with his right hand and the six swords by his side immediately let out an eye-catching golden light!

When that enormous fire god dragon had arrived in front of Liu Yi, it was instantly shattered by Liu Yi’s sword light.

“Wenren Qian, what are you doing?”

Liu Yi does not know why Wenren Qian’s character would undergo such a huge change!

Could it be…

Liu Yi suddenly thought of a bad thing and his heart instantly sinks.

While Wenren Qian did not say anything as she continues to attack.

Fire God Dragon was used by Wenren Qian to perfection. Its angle is crafty and occasionally it would be very open. It is a move that she had trained for a long time!

Luckily Liu Yi has the protection of his sword. Thus turning peril into safety several times and did not receive Wenren Qian’s attack.

Liu Yi suddenly waves his fist and scatters an incoming Fire God Dragon before saying coldly, “Great God, it is you right?”

Wenren Qian laughs weirdly as she says, “Hahaha…you still remember this zun? The arrogant Sword Emperor ah. This zun thought that you had already forgotten about this zun! This zun struggled bitterly in the reincarnation cycle for over a thousand years just to seek your aura! Now that this zun has finally found you! It is time for you to die!”

“Since you had already found me earlier, why didn’t you take action against me back then?”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to kill me before I started cultivating?”

“Kill you?” Great God cannot help but laugh loudly, “Are you an idiot? Back then if I had killed you, then who would go to the Demon Realm and release this zun? Although this zun was defeated by you and escaped into the reincarnation cycle wretchedly, it is way better than being forever sealed inside that damn mountain! Furthermore, this zun had obtained such a good body…I let that lass’s soul be in the main position for too long already…Sword Emperor, do you think it was easy for this zun to bear with it until now? Today if you do not let this zun kill until I am happy, how can it be worthy of this zun enduring for over a thousand years!”

Liu Yi had to admit that Ai Ling, Zhang Yunyun all of them had also endured for over thousands of years.

Endure your head!

A Fire God Dragon flies in front of Liu Yi as its enormous head bites at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not move as he stands there and roars at that descending Fire God Dragon.

His qi transforms into a shockwave and exploded out, scatter that Fire God Dragon.

“Hmph, 1300 years ago you were not my opponent. 1300 years later, what else can you do?”

Towards the Great God, this fallen god, Liu Yi does not place her in his eyes.

Furthermore, he has the thought of capturing the Great God. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. Through Great God, he will be able to understand more matters regarding gods.

“Then you came and hit this zun ah!”

Wenren Qian directly appears in front of Liu Yi before spreading open her arms and did not put up any defense, “Bring it on. This zun definitely will not retaliate!”

“You…” Liu Yi frowns deeply. How is he going to take action?

This body is Wenren Qian’s body while the Great God is nothing but a strand of soul that is occupying this body!

“Hahahaha, aren’t you arrogant? What can you do about me!”

Great God laughs, “Still wish to take Sky Splitting Golden Spear? Let me tell you, stop dreaming! With this zun here, not only will I not let you take the god weapon, I shall bury you here!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, this damn Great God, she is too despicable!

While the surrounding cultivators tremble. This kind of unexpected matter would actually happen!

Just now Liu Yi who was so majestic was now suppressed by this Great God Sect lass!

This is an unexpected situation!

“If you are not going to kill this zun, then this zun shall kill you!”

As Great God speaks, he takes two steps forward as her fingers turn bright red. Like a branding iron, it stabs straight at Liu Yi’s heart.

At this moment, it is like time had stopped as a voice rings out in Great God’s mind.

{Cannot! I will not allow you to kill him!}

Great God trembles, this lass can still influence me?

Shouldn’t be ah…I had bitterly struggled in the six paths of reincarnation strenuously for so many years, my soul is already incomparable!

This lass…should be suppressed already!

That voice shouts again, {I will not allow you to kill him!}

{Idiot lass!} Great God can only comfort her, {Could it be that you do not wish to know what this guy thinks about you?}

{Thinks, thinks about me?}

{That’s right!}

Seeing that there is a show, Great God immediately bears with the joy in her heart and continues to say, {This guy is very powerful. If he loves you, he will not bear to let you get hurt even if he gets hurt. If he does not have you in his heart, just based on your capability, are you able to harm him? Thus, what do you think about taking this opportunity to test his heart?}


Chapter 779    [Test his heart]

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