MKW Chapter 778

Chapter 778   [Title below]


Fuxi Palace Hall Hall Master Chen Sihan, Ruyi Sect Genius Devil Cultivator Mo Wang. The two of them are currently fighting over Sky Splitting Golden Spear and are locked in battle.

Although there is some disparity between their strength, Mo Wang’s attacks are like ghosts causing Chen Sihan to be under pressure for a moment, thus making them evenly matched.

Sky Splitting Golden Spear keeps swaying between the two of them like it is hesitating to choose who to be its master.

The rest of the heaven realm experts can only cheer by the side. That two fellows are too powerful thus it is not a fight that they are able to interfere with.

They are unable to snatch Sky Splitting Golden Spear while it seems like that Water Spirit Body is also untouchable.

Not to mention the protection of that heaven realm expert, just talking about Liu Yi…he is so powerful that it is basically heaven-defying!

Just wondering what would be the situation if Liu Yi fights against the two of them.

Perhaps he might be unable to as well…Chen Sihan is at the peak of 20 starjades and had become famous a long time ago. Perhaps Liu Yi is unable to win against him.

Chen Sihan and Mo Wang fight more and more intensely as all kinds of seals and specters fill the sky mutually hitting each other. If it was not for the injuring power contained within, it would be even more beautiful.

“Give it up little fellow!”

As Chen Sihan releases his techniques, he exerts pressure on Mo Wang.

“It should be you who should give up. You are already so old already. If we continue to fight on, you would start panting for breath already.” Mo Wang is smiling as he calmly retorts back. “The god weapon should be yield to the younger generation!”

“How is it possible for you to be fit to take such a god weapon!”

Chen Sihan suddenly sends a seal flying towards Mo Wang’s heart.

“Relax. I will properly use it to protect justice instead of someone who is such a hypocrite.”

Mo Wang’s body was scattered and once again reformed.

Mo Wang’s body is like an undying body that is not afraid of any attack which causes Chen Sihan to raise his eyebrows.

Liu Yi is also apprehensive in his heart. How should I break this kind of technique?

Don’t know if my fog qi would be able to deal any damage to him.

“Even when death is near at hand, you still do not know to repent! Fine! Today, this seat shall send you to heaven!”

Chen Sihan increases his attacking tempo and for a moment, he suppresses Mo Wang, hitting him until he is unable to retaliate.

On the other hand, Mo Wang turns cruel as his left hand condenses a lump of black fog which he aims at Chen Sihan.

Chen Sihan’s reaction is very swift as he immediately tosses out a Heavenly Master Subduing Devil. Their qi once again collides against each other, resulting in a deadlock.

A surge of shockwave spread out, causing the surrounding ground to cave in, as several layers of ground were blown away! From this, it can be seen just how powerful their strength is and how violent was their clash!

The red light from that Sky Splitting Golden Spear is becoming more and more eye-catching like something is going to explode.

{Big idiot! It is almost time, you cannot wait anymore!}

Lin Tong recalls the matter that Han Yuxin had privately exhorted them and hurriedly remind Liu Yi.

{Understood, Immortal Fox Sister. In that case, I shall take action.}

Liu Yi nods his head and suddenly walks towards the direction of Mo Wang and Chen Sihan slowly.

“You also wish to butt in?”

Mo Wang is smooth and slick in his heart and noticed Liu Yi who is walking over, “It is better for you this newcomer to give up. Wouldn’t it be better for you to have a life to do something?”

Chen Sihan does not place Liu Yi in his eyes at all, “Hmph, coming equals to death!”

The surrounding cultivators also start discussing.

“This Liu Yi…is he sending himself to death?”

“That’s right. To get involved in the fight between two experts…he is really mad!”

“Pitiful fellow. So young and he is going to send off his bright future. It is such a pity. How nice would it be if his cultivation was mine…”

Liu Yi does not care about the discussion of those in the surrounding. It is a must for him to obtain Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

After obtaining it, he would have more guarantee against the gods!

Liu Yi crouches before jumping above that Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

“Seeking death!”

Chen Sihan points and instantly a lightning bolt falls from the sky towards Liu Yi who is coming over.

“Since that was the case, then do not blame me for being impolite.”

Mo Wang raises his right hand and releases a stream of devil fog. That devil fog transforms into a skeleton skull that bites towards Liu Yi.

“Lightning come!”

Liu Yi does not fear their combine attack. He raises his lance and stabs into the lightning, wrapping the lightning around the lance point!

At the same time, he exerts strength with his waist and sweeps his lance in a circle, instantly drawing a lightning arc which scatters the devil fog skeleton skull that Mo Wang formed!


Finally, he lands on the ground as his lance stabs into the ground!

The enormous force was imbued into the lance by him which then poured into the ground!

The ground instantly sunk by over three meters as strength and light exploded out battering everything in the radius of over ten meters. It sent Chen Sihan and Mo Wang flying away!


“To have this kind of strength!”

Chen Sihan and Mo Wang were startled as they did not expect that Liu Yi could force them into retreating!

At this moment, Sky Splitting Golden Spear suddenly flies up on its own and spurt outside like it wishes to escape.

“The god weapon has awakened!”

Everyone let out a shocked cry and without hesitation, they simultaneously rush at Sky Splitting Golden Spear wanting to snatch it.

Chen Sihan and Mo Wang are also the same. The two of them ignore their astonishment and chases after the god spear.

As everyone gets close to Sky Splitting Golden Spear, at this moment, Sky Splitting Golden Spear suddenly swings a few times before descending to the ground and pierce into the ground.

Arcs of scarlet lightning explode from the spear attacking the surrounding. This powerful trial lightning sends those heaven realm cultivators flying to the side.


Chen Sihan was also struck by lightning causing him to spray out red blood.

“Didn’t expect that….without an owner, this god spear would still so powerful…”

Mo Wang is also not much better. His body was split into two by large lightning and was burnt black.

His fog incarnation does not seem to have any effect. Perhaps it is unable to block the might of the trial lightning.

“What a scary god weapon…no wonder Sect Master wants it so much. Looks like, even if I am unable to obtain it, I must destroy it.”

Sky Splitting Golden Spear is like a hard to tame wild horse. No one is able to get within two meters of it.

Angry trial lightning keeps revolving around it, warning everyone who comes close to it.

Sky Splitting Golden Spear keeps letting out a humming sound like it is delighted.

“Only a weapon. Don’t be too arrogant.”

Liu Yi’s nose nearly crooks from his anger. Does this Sky Splitting Golden Spear still wish to defy heaven?

He leaps forward towards the Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

At the same time, his Fire Ice Armour that strengthened his attack power starts dispersing as a black Monarch Armour covers his body.

-boom, boom, boom-

Red trial lightning keeps striking Liu Yi but was deflected away by his Monarch Armour.

“What kind of armor is that. To have such defense!”

“It seems like…is it an armor that a Monarch Scorpion transforms into ah!”

Seeing how Liu Yi does not fear that trial lightning, everyone got a huge shocked.

“Stand still for this seat!”

Chen Sihan is the most afraid. If Liu Yi obtains Sky Splitting Golden Spear, how dreadful would it be?!

He immediately starts drawing seals, preparing to attack.

“Monarch Shield, go!”

Liu Yi takes off his Monarch armor letting it transform into a black shield.

Monarch Shield carries a mystical power that attracted all of the trial lightning before pushing down on Sky Splitting Golden Spear and subdues this god weapon!

Monarch Armour had been refined into a god tool by Liu Yi. Although it still cannot be compared to Sky Splitting Golden Spear, it can suppress it for a while.

After Liu Yi had suppressed the god weapon, he flashes and appears in front of Chen Sihan.

“Turn into ashes for this seat!”

Chen Sihan forms a rather violent seal before pointing at Liu Yi.

Brilliant Fire Curse!

Seven red loti appears by Liu Yi’s side before instantly crashing into Liu Yi.


Liu Yi’s entire body is instantly ignited as enormous red flames charges up the sky.

Chen Sihan laughs loudly, “Hahaha, this is the Samadi True Fire that was refined by this seat! Even your soul shall be burnt into ashes!”


While Liu Yi who was currently burning up like a fireman suddenly waves his hand and the flames on his body were dispersed!

Nine golden suns shine brightly behind his back illuminating the night like it is daytime!

“This…how is this possible!”

Chen Sihan’s eyes nearly pop out from opening wide. What is this situation!

My Samadhi True Fire was shaken away?! And what are the nine suns behind his back?

There has never been this kind of cultivation technique seen in the cultivation world!

“God sword protecting body.”

After Liu Yi had entered God Transformation, he raises his hand and activated his self-created technique.

He feels that he had cultivated too many techniques and is diluted. Especially sword techniques, there are so many!

Emotion Sword, Demon Sword, Wine Sword…learning too many various things is not a good thing. If one does not harmonize everything together, not only would it not allow one to become stronger, instead, it will make one’s essence mixed up!

This God Sword Protecting Body is a technique that Liu Yi had self-created!

Demonic Fox Sword flies out from Lin Tong causing Lin Tong who is in Liu Yi’s body to let out two moans. As for Wang Yuzheng, Mo Lan and Gu Yu these three sisters, they are also unable to escape as three emotion sword flies out from their body.

Xiao Taiji, Through Heaven Sword, was also released by Liu Yi into the air. A total of six swords surround Liu Yi as they keep revolving.

These six swords not only strength Liu Yi’s defensive ability, but it also strengthens his combat capability even more!

“Trying to be mysterious!”


Unexpectedly the six swords by Liu Yi’s side flash and instantly scatter Chen Sihan’s attack.

At the same time, Liu Yi places a hand on the top of Chen Sihan’s head and presses down. With a boom, he was forced into the ground in front of him, instantly creating an enormous hole!


He instantly defeated Chen Sihan with a single move and raises his head as he looks around coldly.

“Who wants to be number two.”


Chapter 778    [Who wants to be number two?]

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