MKW Chapter 777

Chapter 777   [Title below]


“Ruyi Sect is the number one devil sect in the world. Its history is nearly as ancient as the sects in the inner pavilion. I heard that Ruyi Sect is the most enormous influence among devil sects in the mortal realm.”

Gu Yu whispers into Liu Yi’s ear, “Mo Lan’s elder brother, Mo Wang, who was the most talented genius in World Manor joined this sect…”

Only then did Liu Yi suddenly realize. “No wonder Mo lan would be so meticulous. So it is because the sect that her older brother is in appeared.”

“It is not just my elder brother’s sect…” Mo Lan clenches her fist, “That person talking…is my elder brother.”


Liu Yi instantly glances towards the direction of the building. That devil sect fellow who had spoken earlier was Mo Lan’s elder brother Mo Wang?

No wonder Mo Lan would have such a huge reaction!

“Cannot. I must go and take a look!”

Mo Lan becomes emotional as she struggles with all her might to get out of the golden net. But the golden net is very firm. Along with Sun Hall Hall Leader’s powerful qi on in it, it is not something that Mo Lan who is at the beginning of earth realm can get rid of.

“Don’t struggle. Let me help you go and look.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he orders Chen Cai, “Protect them properly. I’ll go and take a look.”

“Understood boss.”

Chen Cai gives Liu Yi an OK gesture. Liu Yi immediately flashes and instantly appears above that building and lands on the ride side of the building.

Within the red light inside the building, red lightning swims about like agile snakes.

Liu Yi can sense the horrifying power within this lighting. It is actually scarlet red lightning! Or should we say it is the legendary trial lightning!

Indeed is the lightning god among the legendary six god race. Even if he died, the god weapon that he had left behind is so violent.

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear is this seat’s. No one else is going to take it away!”

Sun Hall Hall Master Chen Sihan moves deep into the building while a black light suddenly blocks in front of him.

“Hall Master Chen. I said that this god weapon is my Ruyi Sect’s. Why don’t you help someone fulfill their wish, why is there a need to insist on it?”

The one who dares to say this is none other than Mo Lan’s elder brother, Mo Wang.

Mo Wang is wearing a black robe. On the chest, there is two golden words ‘Ru Yi’. On the back, an eye-catching enormous black jade ruyi is also drawn.

“Utter rubbish!”

Chen Sihan explodes in anger, “Just an insignificant devil sect child dares to be impudent in front of this seat! Seeking death!”

As he speaks, he swiftly draws an enormous seal in the air.

“Heavenly Master Subduing Devil!”

This is the curse that broke Liu Yi’s move earlier and right now, it is rumbling towards Mo Wang below.


Mo Wang’s body instantly scatters causing Liu Yi to get a huge shock.

But very quickly he realized that Mo Wang’s aura did not disappear.

“Hall Master Chen’s nature seems to be hurried. To make a killing move like this, it really scares me quite a bit.”

A black figure slowly recombines by the right of Chen Sihan as he sits on a protruding piece of slab.

“Specter technique!”

Chen Sihan turns his head around and looks at Mo Wang who is sitting on the stone slab, “After not meeting for a long time you cultivated this technique successfully?”

“No choice.”

Mo Wang rubs the back of his head and says helplessly, “Even sect head also say that I am a once in a thousand-year devil cultivating genius. I also do not wish for it.”

Liu Yi cannot help but roast. This fellow is too arrogant ah, what is his face made of?

It is still me who is low-profile. When had I said that I am a genius? There is no need to announce this kind of thing.

“So what if you are a genius?” Chen Sihan snorts coldly, “Your Ruyi Sect is nothing but a remnant influence of the devil path. Do you really think that you are a large sect? Specter technique. Today this seat shall use Subduing Devil great technique to exterminate you!”

As the two of them stand in the center of the building, they are like two door-gods making the rest of the heaven realm experts not dare to interfere.

Liu Yi is also not in a hurry. He crosses his arms as he stands on top of a reinforced cement bar as he continues to observe the two experts.

The appearance of Mo Wang makes him somewhat unexpected. This fellow appears at this moment.

It can be seen just how important Sky Splitting Golden Spear is to these cultivators.

“I feel that there is no need for the two of us to fight each other first.”

Mo Wang smiles as he points at the cultivators who are hesitating above, “There are still so many people wishing to be a fisherman. Could it be that Hall Master Chen wishes to fulfill their wish?”

“Hmph! There is no need for you to play such tricks on this seat!”

Chen Sihan does not place these heaven realm experts in his eyes. Instead, he looks at the eye-catching spear that is emitting red lightning deep inside the building.

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear is indeed a good thing ah. But there is no need for Hall Master Chen to go so far as to sacrifice your life.”

Mo Wang is not anxious at all as he keeps a languid appearance, “This god weapon will go to a person with virtue. Although Hall master Chen has some fame, your virtue is still not enough.”

“You still wish to question this seat?”

Chen Sihan clenches his fist, “What qualifications do you have?”

“I have no qualifications?”

Mo Wang chuckles before saying, “80 years ago, in the outskirts of Shanxi, there was

 a small sect that had incidentally obtained a Wuxin Lotus. While Hall Master Chen who needed this Wuxin Lotus to refine your treasure went up to their door and demanded it. The other party was not willing to give up thus Hall Master Chen could only return without it. After a day, this small sect was completely massacred. Not even a chicken remained. The Wuxin Lotus had also mysteriously disappeared. I don’t know if this kind of matter is considered as a coincidence?”


Hearing this, Chen Sihan trembles but swiftly calm down and snorts, “That sect had threatened a village and did evil in extremes. After this seat had discovered that it was a devil sect then did this seat take action and exterminate them!”

“Aiyah, if it was our same sect then it is worth it if they had died.”

Mo Wang shrugs his shoulder, “It is a pity that that sect for a lifetime had never offended anyone but in the end, they died because they were harboring treasure. This sect protects the village from the treatment from mountain bandits. After the sect was exterminated, the entire village was immediately massacred by the mountain bandits, tsk, tsk…”

Liu Yi scowls after hearing this. After doing this they have face to call themselves from the righteous path? Really is a complete joke!

He suddenly has some understanding of why Mo Wang fell into the devil path.

“Misleading the public with rumors!”

Chen Sihan dows not admit to Ma Wang’s words, “You can forget about disturbing this seat’s mind! Devil, if you dare to touch the Sky Splitting Golden Spear, this seat shall kill you!”

“Aren’t I here? If you wish to kill me then bring it!”

Mo Wang does not bother about Chen Sihan’s threat and he challenges him, “Why dilly dally. If you want to fight then fight. If I am afraid of you then I am not surnamed Mo.”

“Hahaha. So young and you are quite good at psychological methods.”

Chen Sihan does not have Old Man Ice Fog’s temper. Although he is angered, he is still smiling coldly as he hides his shrewd in his heart. “Your strength is nothing much but your ability to speak is quite impressive. It looks like you are nothing but a group of people who can only talk.”

“You can forget about infuriating me.”

Mo Wang’s lips clearly twitch. It is very clear that to him, World Manor still has some impact on him.

Chen Sihan this old man indeed plays the correct hand!

“Aren’t you very impressive?”

Chen Sihan sneers, “What is the matter, you can’t hold your temper so quickly? Do you really think that with just you, you will be able to fight against this seat? Sky Splitting Golden Spear is mine!”

As he speaks, he claws at the ground with his hand.

An enormous suction force emerges as the black spear that was stabbed into the ground trembles slightly before flying up and flies towards Chen Sihan’s hand.

“Don’t think about it!”

An ominous glint flashed across Mo Wang’s eyes as the shadow behind Chen Sihan suddenly flies up and transforms into an enormous shadow man which then reaches out for Chen Sihan’s throat.


Chen Sihan raises his hand and instantly cast out a fix curse, instantly freezing his shadow in place.

But with that fix curse of his, his body became unable to move as well.

“Hall Master Chen seems to be stupid. Your shadow is yourself. Freezing him in place is equivalent to freezing yourself! Hahaha!”

After Mo Wang speaks, he stretches out his hand and a black shadow flies out and coils around the Sky Splitting Golden Spear.


As for Chen Sihan, he forcefully broke his own fix curse before roaring, “Stinky kid! After learning some parlor tricks, you dare to be arrogant towards this seat! Eat this move from this seat! Thunderstorm Technique!”

As Chen Sihan speaks, he drew a seal in his hand before pointing at Mo Wang in front of him.

“Shadow Devil!”

Mo Wang opens his mouth and belched out a black fog. This black fog instantly transforms into a skeleton skull which sinisterly crashes into Chen Sihan’s finger.

Chen Sihan’s finger instantly erupts with an eye-catching blue lightning ring. This lightning ring instantly spread out and battered the entire building.

As for the shadow devil, it was also blasted away and in a blink of an eye, changed into numerous small skeleton skulls which crash all over the place in randomly!

Facing such attacks, the heaven realm experts above choose to dodge!

In a blink of an eye, this building was turned into rumble by the attack from the two of them!

As for Liu Yi, he stands firm against the impact. When broken rocks fly in front of him, it would be easily scattered by him with a finger.

The two of them are experts in the 20 starjades. Chen Sihan is slightly more powerful, at the peak of 20 starjades. Mo Wang seems to be slightly weaker in the middle of 20 starjades. But he wins in the fact that devil path techniques are weird, thus he is able to fight against Chen Sihan evenly.

Their strength clashes against each other before affecting that Sky Splitting Golden Spear.

Sky Splitting Golden Spear does not seem to be damaged as it sways left and right in between the clash of powers.

“Didn’t expect that you would have such cultivation despite being so young! It really makes this seat have a whole new level of respect! But you are still far from enough if you wish to defeat this seat!”

Chen Sihan also senses the difference between the two of them, thus he laughs nastily.

“Strength does not imply everything.”

Mo Wang does not seem to mind as he suddenly shows a weird smile.

Chen Sihan suddenly feels that something is wrong, while at this moment, yet another black figure stood up from within his shadow.

This black figure is none other than Mo Wang!

Specter technique allows him to have another incarnation!

Even Liu Yi was also shocked.

It seems like there is really going to have a good show to watch!


Chapter 777    [Good show on screen]

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