MKW Chapter 776

Chapter 776   [Title below]


Chen Cai combines bodies with Rammus, the armadillo. Thorns cover his shell as he curls up into a ball.

A radiance covers his body. This is Rammus’s unique reflecting damage skill.

Not afraid of people attacking, just afraid that people do not attack!

Chen Mingzhi snarls repeatedly. How would he know that Chen Cai would use this kind of skill?

When he sees Chen Cai curl up on the ground, he laughs loudly.

“You think that with these two thorns you are able to harm me? Eat my claw!”

As he speaks, golden light covers his right claw as he claws Chen Cai’s shoulder.

Originally, as long as he clenches his fist, this junior’s body should have exploded into pieces!

But Chen Mingzhi trembles as his arm jolted and was pushed back a few steps by Chen Cai’s unusual strength!

Rammus can only reflect back a small portion of damage but when Chen Cai uses it, at that split second the reflection result is 50%!

As for the remaining 50%, Chen Cai uses his asura qi to resolve it.

As Chen Mingzhi did not have any guard up, after eating half of his own attack back, he was so astonished.

This fucker…what is he playing!

It is clearly me who is attacking but why is it that the person who was injured was also me?

Chen Cai smiles merrily as he stands up. This move of his can only reflect close combat damage and has no effect against long-range attacks.

“I do not believe it! Again!”

Chen Mingzhi’s temper rises as he flashes in front of Chen Cai again.

This time around, Chen Cai did not choose to be passively beaten. He dodges Chen Mingzhi’s attack as he stomps the ground.

Within 10 meters radius of Chen Cai, the ground starts rumbling! Like waves, the ground keeps rocking!

Chen Mingzhi keeps receiving the attack from these earthquake waves causing his complexion to turn pale.

Chen Mingzhi tries his best to stabilize his body as he lets out a weird cry, “What are all of these messy techniques!”

He had cultivated for so many years and had fought countless battles. This is the first time he had seen such messy techniques which really causes him to be slightly flustered.

“The real move is over here!”

At this moment an enormous asura warrior forms behind Chen Cai!

This asura warrior is over ten meters tall covered in purple light armor!

The asura warrior suddenly hammers his fist at Chen Mingzhi blasting Chen Mingzhi tens of meters away. He crashes into the road lamp behind him causing it to bend.

“Asura…so it is an asura!”

Chen Mingzhi had also seen a lot of things and realizes Chen Cai’s real move. He cannot help but exclaim in shock, “Such powerl…it must be an Asura Emperor! Damn it! Why would asura run into the human realm!”

“Isn’t it because we miss you.” Chen Cai gives Chen Mingzhi coquettish looks, “Let us have gay sex.”

“Crazy ravings!”

Due to the shameless Chen Cai, Chen Mingzhi trembles in anger as he roars, “What are you still watching for! The opponent is also a heaven realm expert,  attack him together!”

Watching to here, the rest of the heaven realm experts know that it is not time to have their own ulterior motive anymore. They hurriedly rush down together and start attacking Chen Cai.

“Asura Gate!”

Chen Cai does not dare to take on too many as he hurriedly releases asura gates one after another blocking those cultivators!

-boom, boom, boom-

The other seven heaven realm experts keep attacking the asura gates. Although the asura gates have a very powerful defense, in front of seven heaven realm experts, they are still very weak.

Chen Cai’s expression starts to turn heavy. Although he possesses the strength of a heaven realm, he is still not the opponent of seven heaven realm experts!

Just before the last asura gate was broken, the seven heaven realm experts had already arrived in front of him. They are using their own techniques, preparing to kill Chen Cai!

“How many fights can there be in a lifetime! Bring it on!”

Just as they are in front of him, Chen Cai is surprisingly calm as he laughs heartily, “It is worth it being able to fight this time around!”

“Then go and die!”

The heaven realm experts had already arrived in front of Chen Cai. At this moment another figure blocks in front of Chen Cai.

“Sweeping thousand army!”

That figure waves the lance in his hands. Carrying huge force and wind, it forces all of the cultivators into a retreat!

Liu Yi holds a lance in his hand as he stands in front of Chen Cai indifferently.

“If you wish to touch my brother, ask me first.”

“Fuck, this junior is too arrogant!”

“Kill him!”

The heaven realm experts roar in anger.

Chen Mingzhi charges at the foremost. Golden dragons cover his claws as he slashes at Liu Yi’s face.

The lance in Liu Yi’s hand also pierces forward and instantly an enormous force erupts from the ground rushing at Chen Mingzhi, sending him flying into the sky.

While Liu Yi’s figure appears in front of him as his elbow strikes against his back.


Chen Mingzhi was instantly smashed into the ground, creating a hole.

“Eat my technique!”

While Old Man Ice Fog takes advantage of this and appears behind Liu Yi. Thousand of ice swords created with one hand which he sends them piercing towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not even turn around as he swings his lance backward. The butt of the lance smashes into Old man Ice Fog’s stomach.

Old Man Ice Fog was sent flying away. After flipping a few rounds, he finally crashes into the building by the side.

As for those incoming ice swords, Liu Yi turned around and let out a roar.

His qi converges in the air and exploded out, instantly causing the ice swords to fly away. As for those at the very front, they were turned into ice fragments!

“Sword Qi!”

Liu Shuyao form sword seals with her hands. Her sword qi transforms into a tornado that revolves at high speed around Liu Yi, trying to break Liu Yi’s body into pieces!

Liu Yi only uses a fist covered in Nine Yang God Qi to smash the tornado before his fist lands on Liu Shuyao.

Without any mishap, Liu Shuyao was sent flying away and crashes into the roof by the side, causing a corner of the building to collapse.

Within a few movements, he had instantly defeated 3 heaven realm experts!

Although Liu Yi was also slightly injured, these injuries are swiftly healing up.

His armor is also self-mending. As long as Liu Yi has abundant qi, this Fire Ice armor will keep repairing itself!

As for the remaining four heaven realm experts, seeing how fierce Liu Yi was, they were so frightened that they do not dare to step forward.

“Who else still want to continue. I can accompany you.”

Liu Yi stands there holding his Scorpion Tail Lance like a god of war. For a moment, he is very imposing!

“I still have strength that I have not taken out. If you guys still wish to fight, I, Liu Yi do not mind sending you guys on.”

Liu Yi still has a newly researched move that he had not used. When he said it out, it causes those four heaven realm experts to be stunned.

Fucking hell! So powerful and he still has cards that he had not used?

Is this fellow going to defy heavens?

He had only cultivated for a few years why is it that he is so powerful!

“You are Liu Yi?”

At this moment, Fuxi Palace Hall, Sun Hall Hall Master Chen Sihan finally speaks.

“That’s right. I am Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, is it coming?

“Indeed it is you!”

Killing intent flashed across Chen Sihan’s eyes, “It is you who snatched the secret treasure of my Fuxi Palace Hall as well as killed my Fuxi Palace Hall’s disciples! Very good! Instead of walking the heaven path, you choose to walk into the doorless hell! Today, this seat shall send you to the West and take revenge for my Fuxi Palace Hall’s disciples!”

Those heaven realm experts suddenly become delighted, are the two of them going to fight?

That is really great! There are changes in the situation! Let the two of the perverts fight till the very end and I can be a fisherman and reap the benefits!

“Speak! Where is that woman!”

Chen Sihan roars, implying Ai Ling.

“If you have any ability then come at me.”

Liu Yi uses his Scorpion Tail Lance to point at Chen Sihan in the sky.

“I take responsibility for everything the lass has done!”

Chen Sihan laughs coldly. “Hmph, just afraid that you are unable to shoulder everything!”

“This kind of matter, how would I know if I do not try it?”

As Liu Yi speaks, his arm suddenly trembles as Scorpion Tail Lance was thrown at Chen Sihan in the sky!

This move was him imitating his master’s Han Yuxin’s White rainbow piercing sun. In Liu Yi’s hands, he had slightly modified it.

Entering the sky, Scorpion Tail Lance instantly starts burning up in flames and instantly transforms into ten meters long golden-red fire lance which rushes aggressively at Chen Sihan.

“Heavenly Master Subduing Devil.”

Chen Sihan did not dodge. Standing on the cloud, he drew a seal at the incoming fire lance.

Instantly, a meter wide bagua emerges in front of him.

This bagua carries some kind of peculiar force. When it was released, it shatters the fire lance!

“You wish to fight against this seat alone?”

Chen Sihan seems to not place Liu Yi in his eyes, “Today, this seat shall…”

Before he can finish, an enormous lightning bolt descends from the sky! And it was several meters thick!

With a thunderous explosion, this lightning cleaves an enormous building in front! That ten stories tall building was instantly cleaved into two while in the middle. In the middle of the ripped part, there is a dazzling red light!

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear!”

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear had come into being!”

Everyone becomes excited as they fly towards the direction where that red light comes from.

“Hahaha, everyone, today this Sky Splitting Golden Spear shall be taken by my Ruyi Sect!”

A black figure flies swiftly towards that building.

“Ruyi Sect also dares to be impudent here!”

Chen Sihan who is originally thinking of attacking immediately became angered as he turns around and flies over.

The rest of the experts also hurriedly rush over, afraid that they would not be able to get any soup.

“What is this Ruyi Sect!”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to rush over. After all, he also enjoys sitting on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.

Especially snatching the Sky Splitting Golden Spear…other than him, the rest of the people will not be able to take it away.

Thus he let them go and fight over it while he watches the fighting happily by the side.

“Ruyi Sect…”

Hearing this term, Mo Lan’s complexion turns pale as she starts trembling.

“What is the matter, Mo Lan?”

This is the first time Liu Yi had seen Mo Lan being so beside herself.

“Ruyi Sect…”

By the side, Gu Yu crease her brows as she explains, “That is the devil sect which her elder brother is in!”


Chapter 776    [Ruyi Sect]

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