MKW Chapter 775

Chapter 775   [Title below]


Liu Yi is very curious and asks, “What is the matter. Is this fellow very strong?”

“He is. Very powerful…furthermore, it is not just power…”

Gu Yu and Mo Lan nod their heads at the same time. After which Gu Yu says, “His name was known by the people in the cultivation world a few hundred years ago…I believe that you should understand how powerful the disciples from inner pavilion are. As for Fuxi Palace Hall, it is split into Sun Hall and Moon Hall. The two hall masters were nicknamed Twin Heroes. Once there was an ancient devil sect that was very powerful in the cultivation world back then. Its influence could be found everywhere. Back then when people from the righteous sect saw them, they can only take a detour. In the end, this devil sect was arrogant and went to provoke Fuxi Palace Hall…in the end, the entire devil sect was exterminated by the Sun Hall hall master, on his own.”

“Looks like he is very strong.”

Liu Yi nods his head. No wonder these people were so frightened.

Alas, the world righteous sects are actually a group of soft eggs who bully the weak and fear the strong!

Liu Yi truly despises these fellows.

“Chen Sihan…don’t, don’t be too arrogant!”

Old Man Ice Fog has the most right to speak among them. He shouts, “We have so many heaven realm experts here. I don’t believe that we are unable to defeat you!”

“Hahaha, this seat advises you to not have any thoughts about the Sky Splitting Golden Spear.”

Chen Sihan smiles faintly. “Even if all of you work together, you guys are still not this seat’s opponent. You guys are very clear about this seat’s strength and methods.”

He stretches out his hand and points at Sky Flipping Seal below.

“Sky Splitting Golden Spear will definitely be this seat’s. But this seat will not let you come here for nothing. Do you guys see the person below? She will definitely let you guys be very interested.”

He points to Wang Yuzheng.

Hearing what Chen Sihan says, Wang Yuzheng herself is also stunned as she points at herself.

What is interesting about myself that these cultivators would be interested in. Could it be that they need a singer?

Or could it be that they would be able to cultivate faster when they listen to music?

Liu Yi also raises his eyebrow faintly. What does this Chen Sihan mean? Trying to drive a rift between us?

“She is the water spirit body.”

The moment he said this, everyone present was stunned!

Unexpectedly the water spirit body that everyone was bitterly looking for is in front of them!

Even Gu Yu’s eyes also widen as she stares at Wang Yuzheng, who is standing by her side in shock.

That spiritual qi that I sensed back then was her?

Liu Yi also trembles. So Wang Yuzheng is the water spirit body!

No wonder her emotion sword is like that…no wonder she could move about freely in this Asura Barrier!

Motherfucking hell! Why did I not notice it before!

That Sun Hall Hall Master is too insouciant. A casual look and he instantly knew that Wang Yuzheng is the water spirit body? Did he turn on hacks?

“Looks like…it might be impossible for us to obtain Sky Splitting Golden Lance…”

When Liu Shuyao heard this, she is the first to become restless, “Everyone from the righteous path…this Liu Yi was our enemy. It seems like we should take the opportunity to snatch back our face, right?”

Liu Yi almost can’t hold back his laughter. This woman…

Old Man Ice Fog also joins in as well, “That’s right! Kill this damn kid! The water spirit body should belong to our righteous path!”

The rest of the heaven realm experts from other sects also nod their heads. With Chen Sihan here, perhaps they are unable to obtain Sky Splitting Golden Lance…but they can still snatch the water spirit body!

Although Old Man Ice Fog is unable to deal with Liu Yi, that was just him alone!

There are around eight heaven realm experts here, are they still unable to take down a junior?

Thinking here, the heaven realm experts start to surround Liu Yi from all directions.

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh. As he laughs, he claps his hands.

“Not bad, not bad. Hahahaha!”

“What are you laughing about!”

For some unknown reason, Liu Shuyao is flustered.

With so many heaven realm experts attacking him simultaneously, it is guaranteed for us to win.

But Liu Shuyao is flustered for some reason!

Could it be that there is something amiss?

Seeing how Liu Yi is still laughing, her heart starts to feel even more unsteady.

What is he laughing about? Could it be that he still has some hidden trump cards?

“I am laughing at you people from the righteous path. Because all of you are indeed funny. Very funny.”

Liu Yi laughs even happier. “I should really take a video of the current appearance of you guys. Timid, greedy, everything for self and selfish profits. Such people dare to call themselves people from the righteous path! Wouldnt you say that it is very funny?”

As he laughs, he points at Chen Sihan in the sky and says, “Although that fellow makes me unhappy when I look at him, what he said is indeed right. You are a group of scoundrels! What righteous path! All of you are scoundrels! A group of scoundrels dare to call yourselves people from the righteous path, isn’t it funny?”


“This…this fellow…”


Being told off like this, the people of the righteous path were all angry but they do not know how they should retort.

Mo Lan and Gu Yu were also standing by the side. Their faces are completely red and speechless.

Their faces are very hot, feeling shame for the heaven realm experts.

What Liu Yi said is right. How are these people from the righteous path, they are clearly a group of vile characters who bully the weak and fear the strong.

“Hmph, dealing with you, is there even a need to be honorable?”

Seeing that everyone’s mood is not good, Liu Shuyao hurriedly changes the topic, “If you are a hero, we will naturally use the methods to deal with a hero to deal with you. But you are not a hero but a devil! Dealing with a devil what is the use of being honorable? Stop being hilarious! Everyone, don’t buy into it! Let’s kill this devil! If we do not kill him now, after he has seized the water spirit body and from this treasure, who among us can be his opponent!”

One must say, Liu Shuyao’s sentence makes sense.

Right now Liu Yi is very powerful. If he obtains the water spirit body…who else among the experts in the righteous path could block him?

Why don’t we take advantage of now before he had formed his treasure to kill him first!

Liu Yi sees their expressions change one by one, turning cruel.

“Looks like you guys had already made a firm resolution. No worries. After killing me together, you guys can go out and proclaim without restraint and pour dirty water on me. Ultimately the glory and beautiful ones are you.”

“Less nonsense! Today is your death date!”

Old Man Ice Fog stares at Liu Yi coldly, “Being able to die in the hands of us heaven realm experts can also be considered as you dying at your appointed place! In our eyes, you are just an ignorant junior.”

“In my eyes, you guys are a group of arrogant clowns.”

Liu Yi snorts. He knows that today’s fight is unavoidable.

“It is destined that you will forever belong in the devil path!”

Liu Shuyao mocks, “In this world, who else will help you? Even if you survive, you will only have more and more enemies. Perhaps, the entire world will be your enemy!”

“Boss! Let me fight alongside you!”

Chen Cai becomes excited as he feels the speed of his blood flow increase.

Isn’t his bitter cultivation for over a thousand years just for today?

“Good brother.”

Liu Yi pats his shoulder, “With you by my side, even if I really become enemies with the entire world, I would also not be afraid.”

Chen Cai roars, “Long live bromance!”

Liu Yi who is originally passionate nearly vomits.

What the heck, can you not be so sick!

Chen Cai is too casual!

“Then we shall just kill the two of you then!”

Old Man Ice Fog laughs malevolently, “Killing one is killing, killing two is also killing! All devil path people shall just go and die!”

“Old Man Ice Fog, this time around let me be the vanguard!”

A man who is wearing half golden and half white robe suddenly dashes out and lands on the ground.

On his golden side, a white tiger was sewn while a golden dragon was sewn on the white side which is somewhat domineering.

{Dragon Tiger Sect, Dragon Tiger Sir, Chen Mingzhi!}

Gu Yu transmits her voice to remind Liu Yi, {He is a heaven realm expert from Dragon Tiger Sect who was famous a long time ago. His strength is slightly inferior to Old Man Ice Fog.}

“Liu Yi, everyone said that you are an expert in close combat. Today I shall take a look just how powerful you are!”

He charges towards Liu Yi as his body emits a golden glow.

The rest of the heaven realm experts stand in the surrounding, preparing to attack Liu Yi together at the same time at any moment.

At this moment Chen Cai steps forward, “Boss. There is no need to use a cleaver to kill an ant. Let me help you block this fellow!”

“Just you?”

Chen Mingzhi did not place Chen Cai in his eyes. He did not even glance at him and leaped towards Liu Yi.

“Aiyah…I got looked down upon ah…”

Chen Cai shakes his head before grabbing a longbow that was formed from ice from the void. He pulls the bow open and aims at Chen Mingzhi. “Stay behind for me!”

An enormous ice arrow was immediately shoot out and streaked through the air. With a -dang-, it instantly hits Chen Mingzhi and freezes his body inside ice!

“What is this technique!”

This is the first time Chen Mingzhi had seen this kind of technique causing him to be startled.

“Technique that is used for beating you up!”

After Chen Cai had become an Asura Emperor, he is able to use his LOL champions’ abilities which is also combining his body with the champion.

This way is much more convenient than summoning out the champion. It can also enhance his battle tactics to have multiple changes and make it hard for his opponent to predict.

This fellow…it seems like his strength is also not ordinary!

Why is this kind of expert by Liu Yi’s side?

“I am not alone putting up a brave fight.”

At this moment, Liu Yi smiles, “It is just that I do not need you people to recognize me.”


Chen Mingzhi suddenly roars as a tiger formed golden light erupts from his body which frees him from the surrounding ice seal.

“Little fellow, don’t be too arrogant! I shall kill your brother then kill you!”

Chen Mingzhi charges at Chen Cai.

His hands from dragon claws carrying the force of tigers and dragons clawing towards Chen Cai’s chest.

His palm can break golden and jade. Breaking a human body is a piece of cake.

While Chen Cai smiles weirdly. A carapace suddenly grew out from his back and sharp thorns grew all over it.

“Hurry up and hit me!”


Chapter 775    [No brothers don’t go on a military expedition together]

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