MKW Chapter 772

Chapter 772   [Title below]


When he had lit up one sun jade, Liu Yi’s fourth stage of Dragon Transformation boosted his cultivation all the way to the peak of 18 stars.

Right now after Liu Yi had absorbed Zhang Meixin’s yuan yin, he had successfully lit up the second sun jade!

His strength also increased greatly. Right now after entering the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation, he broke the door of heaven realm and entered the 19th stars.

Arcs of golden lightning shoot out of his body stunning the group of people present.

“He…he actually broke into Heaven Realm!”

Sensing that overbearing might coming from Liu Yi, Zhang Boyue starts shivering as disbelief filled his eyes.

The youngster who had forged his fame in World Manor back then…in a blink of an eye turned into a Heaven Realm expert…

Just how did he cultivate?!

Sensing Liu Yi’s aura, Old Man Ice Fog who is in the sky preparing to attack hesitates again.

If I start fighting against this Heaven Realm little kid…then my qi usage would no longer be ‘a bit’ anymore.

Later on when Sky Splitting Golden Spear comes into being, perhaps I would be just passing by!

Old Man Ice Fog uses his divine conscience to secretly look around. Indeed the experts from the other sects are all watching him cooly waiting for him to take action.

This bunch of old scumbags. They must definitely be looking forward to me to take action, that way they would be able to reap what they did not sow!

Hmph! What a good plan! I will not let them have their way!

“Hmph…right now is still not the time to take action. Later after obtaining Sky Splitting Golden Spear, it will not be too late to teach you a lesson!”

Old Man Ice Fog is terrified again. Making others mock him secretly. Even Liu Yi cannot help but give him a middle finger.

Although this old man has a bad temper, he is rather sly! He is not willing to fight with me, perhaps it is to preserve his strength to snatch the god weapon!

But even though he does not wish to fight, Liu Yi will not let him off.

To dare to attack my woman, that is unforgivable!

In Liu Yi’s heart, his only reverse scale is his women.

Even if someone makes life difficult for him, there is still room for discussion.

But whoever who dares to make life difficult for his woman, then sorry. There is no room for discussion.

“You say not fighting then we are no longer fighting?”

Liu Yi snorts as he clenches his fist. The golden lighting arcs around his body like it is showing that he is angered.

“You damn fellow. Right now I do not wish to fight with you but you still wish to fight with me? You are overestimating your capabilities!”

Seeing how Liu Yi is not giving him any face at all, Old Man Ice Fog is angered again.

“Even if you are a senior, why should I give you any face?”

Liu Yi says in disdain, “If you wish to be respected by others then you must first respect others. When have you respected me before? And now you wish to let me respect you? What a joke!”

“Little kid, you have quite a sharp mouth ah!”

Old Man Ice Fog grinds his teeth, “Fine. Today I shall throw caution to the wind! Since you want to fight then I shall let you seek your own death!”

When Old Man Ice Fog finished, he condensed a ball of ice fog in his palm.

It looks like that startling palm move is about to used again.

But Liu Yi will not give him this chance. His body flashes and appears in front of Old Man Ice Fog.

“Hmph! Seeking your own death!”

Old Man Ice Fog had already made a firm resolution to kill this youth. As a Heaven Realm expert, his reaction is very quick. The moment Liu Yi appears, his palm had already stuck onto Liu Yi.

“Go and die!”


Circles of ice fog instantly spread out from Liu Yi’s body pounding the surrounding.

This kind of ice fog is enough to turn a person’s body into ice and then explode into ice fragments!

But Liu Yi stands there as if nothing had happened. Instead, the surrounding ice fog starts revolving and with Liu Yi’s breathing in, the ice fog was sucked into his nose.

“How…how is this possible!”

Old Man Ice Fog stares blankly. Even if it is a Heaven Realm expert, in front of this palm move of mine, if they did not get heavily injured, they will also be turned into a wretched figure!

But this youth is completely fine. Instead, he sucked away my ice fog!

What is this situation…this is impossible!

“Indeed very supplemental.”

After Liu Yi refined Old Man Ice Fog’s mysterious ice qi, he raises his right hand and his entire right hand had turned into white jade. Faint frost fog floats above his palm.

“You actually know Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!”

Old Man Ice Fog trembles, “ZHANG BOYUE!!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!”

“This…this…he stole and learned it!”

Zhang Boyue really loves the disciple that he is proud of deeply. If he let this old man know that it was Gu Yu who taught Liu Yi Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, perhaps, Gu Yu will be out of luck.

“Hahaha, your people are too stupid. Wanting to stealthily learn it is too easy.”

Liu Yi also did not expose Zhang Boyue. After all, his relationship with Gu Yu is not bad and he also does not wish to implicate Gu Yu because of him.

Currently, Gu Yu who is standing below is feeling quite deeply moved.

Indeed. Liu Yi is still that Liu Yi from back then. He is still that fellow who only thinks about others!

Why can’t he think more for me…wu…

“To secretly learn my Immortal Snow Peak cultivation technique! It looks like there is no need to let you live anymore today!”

A glimmer of ruthlessness flashed across, Old Man Ice Fog’s eyes. “I wished to teach you a lesson, but now you must die! If you want to blame, then blame yourself for learning the wrong thing!”

He takes a deep breath before grabbing an ice sword with his right hand and stabs it into the ground.

Heavy snow starts falling heavily from the sky engulfing the entire KeDa campus.

This heavy snow is not a natural occurrence but something that was formed by Old Man Ice Fog’s qi!

Sensing this scary strength, a lot of cultivators start to shiver.

“Indeed he is Old Man Ice Fog. To have this kind of strength.”

Even Liu Shuyao cannot help but feel rueful.

The rest of the Heaven Realm experts from other sects also have their own thoughts. Old Man Ice Fog’s strength can be considered as the top among them.

Luckily there is Liu Yi this fellow who came and weaken his strength. Otherwise, later on, when fighting over the god weapon, it will not be worth it.

Fight on…the fiercer you guys fight the better! When the two of them fight until they become weakened, we will be able to obtain benefits as a fisherman.

“Little kid, it is your fate that is bad!”

As Old Man Ice Fog speaks, he prepared to use both his hands to deal with Liu Yi. He slaps both his hands together.

Immediately, an enormous ice crystal condenses on Liu Yi and freezes him within turning him into an exhibit.

Seeing this scene, Wang Yuzheng cannot help but be afraid. She collapses inside the Sky Flipping Seal as she screams, “Liu Yi!”

“Relax. Boss is fine.”

By the side, Chen Cai comforts Wang Yuzheng. “This old man’s strength is not enough to deal with boss.”

He knows that Liu Yi’s strength had increased again from the time he had fought against the Demon Emperor!

Because back then when Liu Yi fought against the Demon Emperor, he could only breakthrough Heaven Realm by using God Transformation. But now, he does not need to use God Transformation and is able to enter Heaven Realm standard…this kind of strength really makes Chen Cai envious.


Hearing what Chen Cai says, Old Man Ice Fog sneers, “After being struck by my ice crystal even if he was not sealed up for a hundred years, he will not be able to come out! Within these 100 years, his vitality will slowly be consumed by the ice crystals and then die. This is the result of provoking me!”

Old Man Ice Fog is also very uncomfortable in his heart. Although he had killed that youngster, he had used up a large amount of his qi.

With my remaining qi, I will definitely lose out during the fight for the god weapon later!

This damn youngster!

“Are you sure?”

Chen Cai laughs instead, “You daft old man. Do you really think that you are unequal in this world? If you wish to defeat my boss, you still need to train for another 100 years!”

“Hmph, rotten mouth kid, you should also die for me!”

Why is this group of juniors so arrogant!

Recalling back then before I had not retired, wherever I go in Jianghu, which junior would not be respectful, not daring to loud in my presence!

Old Man Ice Fog raises his hand and condensed out an enormous ice sword. It is several meters long and instantly shoots towards Chen Cai within the heavy snow.

“You’re looking down on people.”

Chen Cai raises his hand as two enormous Asura Arm flies out from his back and grabs hold of the sword hilt of the ice sword. After this, it drags the enormous ice sword and tosses it out, chopping it towards Old Man Ice Fog in the sky.


Old Man Ice Fog was astonished. My technique was ineffective, furthermore, it was exploited by the opponent?

Just as he is shocked, the enormous ice crystal in front of him suddenly lets out a cracking sound and scatters.

From inside, a flame flies out and smashes the falling ice sword!

While Liu Yi stands there as scarlet flames cover his body. It is like he is wearing a flame overcoat.

Liu Yi rebukes softly, “Chen Cai, this old man is mine. Don’t snatch the kill from me!”

Chen Cai hurriedly admits his mistake, “Sorry boss! In the future, I will no longer snatch from you!”

“Mm, that is good then. You just need to stand by the side and watch the show. Remember to help me protect Yuzheng.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his gaze lands on Old Man Ice Fog who is still shocked.

“Just now I rested for a while. We can continue now.”

“You…you are fine!”

Old Man Ice Fog feels like he is dreaming today. He had received too much shock, “How is it possible for you to also possess fire attribute cultivation technique…these cultivations are clearly clashing!”

“It is you who only has superficial knowledge.”

Liu Yi sneers, but he feels like himself is indeed a ‘bug’.

Let’s not talk about double cultivating two kinds of attribute qi, also an expert in creating objects. Using dark attribute to creature dead matter, using qi to creating living animals.

If this goes on, Liu Yi feels that he is no different from god.

But his strength is way weaker than a god. At the very least, he cannot defeat a first layer immortal.

The path of cultivation is still very long!

“You youngster! How dare you be so impudent!”

Being looked down upon by a junior again, Old Man Ice Fog is becoming more and more angered, “If I don’t use my real ability I will not be able to subdue you! Good! Since you are the one who is asking for it then do not blame me for being heartless!”

Old Man Ice Fog condenses a head of white hair as his body spread out cold air!


Chapter 772    [Old Man Ice Fog]

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