MKW Chapter 771

Chapter 771   [Title below]


Wang Yuzheng was actually not isolated in the original world!

What is this situation!

At that moment, Liu Yi was shocked!

Seeing Liu Yi coming out, Wang Yuzheng is like she had found her pillar. She runs over to his side and holds his arm and asks worriedly, “Liu Yi…what, what is this?”

Mo Lan is unable to hold back and asks, “Oh? So this girl is a cultivator as well?”

Chen Cai is even more curious, “Boss, Sister Yuzheng also started cultivating?”


Liu Yi himself also does not know what is going on and can only shake his head.

Wang Yuzheng has spiritual qi in her body? Could it be some other qi?

But why have I never sensed it before?

For a while, Liu Yi is unable to comprehend this question.

But soon I will not be able to stop this from happening. It is best to hurry in protecting Wang Yuzheng properly.

“Yuzheng, a situation had happened. Stand inside this circle and don’t move.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses Xiao Taiji and draws a circle on the floor before tossing out Sky Flipping Seal to protect this circle.

“No matter what you see, you are not allowed to come out do you understand?”

Borrowing my strength, Sky Flipping Seal will be enough to block the shockwaves from the fight.

“Mm…I shall listen to you.”

Wang Yuzheng had never been suspicious of what Liu Yi said. She obediently hides in the circle.

“You do have some techniques to handle woman eh.”

Gu Yu curls her lips, “When I just got to know you, why didn’t I see that you have this kind of capability? Hmph, back then I should have killed you so that there will be one less disaster in this world.”

“Aiyah, who is the one who risks her life to protect me back then in World Manor?”

Liu Yi cannot help but smile. This girl is really got a hard mouth.

Gu Yu’s face is red as she stomps her foot and says, “Hmph! Back, back then I must have been confused!”

“A woman who is not honest at all.” By the side, Mo Lan mocks, “If you like a guy and just say it. There is no need to be secretive and try to cover up! Take a look at me. Since I like Liu Yi, I tell him to his face, so what about it?”

“Shameless woman!”

Gu Yu is flustered and exasperated and starts arguing with Mo Lan. Very quickly the two of them are quarreling.

Liu Yi can only cover his forehead. Really is natural foe ah….

Wang Yuzheng who is standing in the circle cannot help but feel rueful seeing the two girls being rivals for Liu Yi’s affection.

At this moment, the lightning in the sky suddenly became even more intense.

One bolt after the other keeps striking across the sky. Like someone is releasing fireworks!

Indeed it is not a naturally formed lightning ah! If it was natural lightning, it should also turn stationary just like the floating snowflakes in the sky.


A few more white light suddenly flashes across the sky. Following which cultivators standing on swords flies over from the east.

It looks like they are people from Hidden Sword Pavillion.

The rest of the cultivators also rush over from all directions.

Among these people, there are sects that Liu Yi is familiar with as well as those that he is not familiar with.

But most of them are sects from the exterior.

When they appear, they were all startled seeing Liu Yi who is standing on the stage.

Isn’t this the number one wanted criminal, Liu Yi?

He is actually here as well!

Gods! Could it be that he is also eyeing that Sky Splitting Golden Spear?

Fucking hell! Who is afraid of who! After all, for the god weapon, my sect had invited Heaven Realm experts over!

“Liu Yi!!!”

No one can surpass the Sect Leader of Immortal Snow Peak, Zhang Boyue in terms of his hatred towards Liu Yi!

When he sees Liu Yi, he instantly roars angrily, “You dare to come out!”

“Why would I not dare to come out?”

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Boyue who is standing on clouds floating in the sky as he crosses his arms and smiles, “The god weapon is coming into being. Such an interesting matter, how can I not take part in it?”

“Hmph! Do you think that you are unequaled under heaven! And you can go wherever you want to go?”

Zhang Boyue stares at Liu Yi and sneers, “Liu Yi, don’t look down on my Immortal Snow Peak!”

“Is that so? Then take out whatever method you have.”

Liu Yi provokes Zhang Boyue, “I shall stand here. If I escape then I Liu Yi will follow your surname from now on.”

“What the heck, this fellow is too crazy!”

“Sect Leader Zhang, let us attack together and kill this fellow!”

Seeing how Liu Yi is such so arrogant, the surrounding cultivators instantly become angered.

Wang Yuzheng, who is standing in the circle behind Liu Yi, saw all of these.

These people…are all of them enemies of Liu Yi…

Why are so many of them want to make life difficult for Liu Yi…Liu Yi is also not a bad person ah…

“Ignorant younger generation. Today if I do not teach you a lesson, you really would not know how high the sky is.”

At this moment from the direction of Immortal Snow Peak flew over a bearded old man in white robe.

Seeing the appearance of this old man, Zhang Boyue smiles in delight while the face of the surrounding cultivator’s changes.

Liu Yi feels that this old man’s strength should be quite impressive thus he asks, “And who the heck are you?”

“Hmph, my surname is Du, my name is Wenkuo. I am also known as Old Man Ice Fog!”

“Sweat…Old Man Ice Fog…why don’t you call yourself Santa Claus!”

“Impudent! How dare you mock my name! When I started cultivating, you were not even born yet!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi retorts, “Originally I should call you senior. But seeing how you are using your seniority to oppress people then don’t blame me for not giving you any face.”

“How much is your face worth? What a joke.”

Du Wenkuo sneers, “Furthermore, today, I shall make you lose all of your face!”

“Old people indeed talk too much. If you want to fight then fight!”

Liu Yi enters a ready stance while Du Wenkuo does not have any intention to attack despite what he said.

He does not wish to be the first to take action!

Being able to defeat all of the heroes in the righteous path in the World Manor, his strength is definitely not ordinary!

If I rashly fight against him. Even if I am able to teach him a lesson, I will also need to use up some of my qi.

There are also a lot of Heaven Realm experts from other large sects watching covetously by the side. That group of old fellows more or less have the same strength as me. If I waste a bit of strength here, it will not be beneficial for the struggle for the god weapon later on!

That is why this old man is very astute. He does not wish to do things that will cause him to suffer a loss.

“You are not worth mentioning. Wait for me to subdue Sky Splitting Golden Spear first and it will not be too late to come back and kill you.”

This old man really thinks that everything will be his! He is really dreaming!

Liu Yi holds back his sneer as he roasted in his heart.

“Boss do you want me to help you teach this old man a lesson?”

By the side, Chen Cai is unable to watch anymore. Does that damn old man really think that he is a protagonist! Keep relying on his seniority!

“No need for now. Let us see the situation first…”

Liu Yi plans to first preserve his strength. After all, in a while, the god weapon will come into being and it will be a chaotic and bitter battle.

It is not worth it to waste strength now.

“Old Man Ice Fog. Looks like you are incapable ah.”

From the Concealed Sword Pavillion, a woman who appears to be around 30+ covers her mouth as she lets out light chuckles.

“Back then the fame of Old Man Ice Fog when it was said out, those younger generations and juniors ah would instantly pee in their pants. But now, it seems like it no longer works…”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows lightly. This woman is intentionally provoking ah!

She seems to wish to make the two of us fight. This Concealed Sword Pavilion woman really has wicked thoughts in her heart!

“Liu Shuyao! You dare to look down on me!”

Hearing the mocking from that woman, Du Wenkuo instantly flies into a rage.

What the heck! You are clearly cultivating an ice system cultivation technique! But why is your temper so bad ah?

Liu Yi cries out bad in his heart. This is clearly an indirect psychological method ah, you are too easily duped already ah!

“Hehe, how is that so. But the truth is clearly displayed in front of us ah.”

Liu Shuyao shrugs her shoulders, “That junior had already let out word that he is waiting for you there. He does not fear you at all ah. Your prestige is useless.”

“Hmph! It is useless for you to use this kind of method!”

“Looks like Old Man Ice Fog is not as impulsive as I thought ah…why don’t we act together then?”

Liu Shuyao smiles very prettily but in the eyes of the crowd, there is a trace of coldness. “All of the Heaven Realm experts present most probably would not take action rashly right. Why don’t all of us give this junior face and kill him together.”

“That is possible!”

Du Wenkuo and the rest of the Heaven Realm experts from the other sects nod their heads indicating that they agree.

“You trash. It is your fortune that you are able to make us Heaven Realm experts to take action at the same time!”

Old Man Ice Fog says to Liu Yi, “Even if you die, it is enough to let you become famous throughout the world! You can smile as you go down to the underworld!”

“That is enough from you guys!”

Just as this group of people is about to take action, Wang Yuzheng who is standing behind Liu Yi is unable to take it anymore and shouts loudly, “You guys are too bullying! Do you guys still have any face? I as a mortal also feel shame for your actions! And you guys still have the face to call yourselves seniors of the cultivation world? You are just a big joke!”

Wang Yuzheng’s words instantly cause those Heaven Realm experts to feel that they have no place to place their faces.

“You doll know how to speak! When is it up to you to decide the methods of the world righteous path?”

Old Man Ice Fog is the first to be unhappy as his lips twitches, “Just a mere mortal and you dare to talk back here. You must be seeking death right? Then I shall fulfill your wish!”

Immediately he raises his hand and presses down towards Wang Yuzheng below.

Instantly circles of ice exploded around Wang Yuzheng!

This ice circle is enormous. One circle surrounds the other. The smallest circle is 2 meters wide while the biggest is 10 meters wide!

The entire stage was instantly frozen but Wang Yuzheng is standing there safe and sound.


Old Man Ice Fog was startled, “You are safe and sound? You doll…ah! It is the Sky Flipping Seal!”


Liu Yi finally exploded in anger and scolds, “That’s enough from you old foggy! You dare to bully my woman! You don’t even let off a mortal! It seems like what my woman says is right! Your face was already like farts!”

“Liu Yi! You are seeking death!”

“The one seeking death is you!”

Liu Yi roars as he directly enters the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation!

After opening two sun jades, Liu Yi’s fourth stage of Dragon Transformation instantly allows him to enter the heaven realm!


Chapter 771    [What my woman says is right]

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