MKW Chapter 770

Chapter 770   [Title below]


The two of them fought for a while again as they use all kinds of beautiful technique attracting screams from the audience.

Following the script, it is almost time for Liu Yi to defeat Chen Cai before declaring his sovereignty over him. After being convinced by Liu Yi’s strength, Chen Cai falls in love with him and from then on abandoned the little monster and chooses to live together with Blood Emperor until death.

But Liu Yi strikes down Chen Cai with a palm before hugging Wang Lele, who is watching the show by the side while squatting on the ground, into his embrace in a princess carry.

“You have been defeated. From now on, Little Godzilla is mine!”


Chen Cai swallows his saliva not knowing how to continue on the script.

Liu Yi hugs Wang Lele as he bows towards the audience, “From then on, Blood Emperor and Little Godzilla live happily together. Thank you all for watching the show!”

“You scumbag! The script is not like this!”

Murong Die charges out from behind the heavy curtain as she stomps her foot in anger, “It is you and Ultraman who live happily together?!”

“I don’t care! Thank you for watching! Goodbye!”

Liu Yi immediately runs off while hugging Wang Lele.

“Damn it, come back!”

Murong Die immediately chases after him brandishing her fist. Chen Cai is at a loss. Finally, he can only follow along and bow towards the audience.

“That…thank you all for watching. The performance shall end here!”

After he finishes, he also walks off the stage.

The audience laughs non stop. This special effect show turns into a farce! This is rather interesting. At the very least, this Christmas party is no longer that monotonous.

At the backstage, Murong Die grabs Liu Yi’s throat as she says angrily, “Damn Liu Yi! How dare you change this miss’s script!”

“Cough…isn’t the reaction very good…”

Liu Yi coughs, “Letting me act out a gay part, why don’t you kill me.”

“Acting! Don’t you understand, acting!”

Murong Die puffs up her cheeks, “You are an actor, my, Murong Die’s directed actor! You must respect my work do you understand!”

“What the, I am only just a substitute! I don’t have such a strong job spirit!”

“This, this is not how you should talk!”

Murong Die also found out about this important issue. It seems like Liu Yi is only an able-bodied man that she had captured at the last moment.

Although I had already planned everything, but capturing Liu Yi was indeed a last-minute decision.

Ahhh! Why does it seem like I was led into a trap by Liu Yi!

So unhappy!

“Anyways you need to take responsibility for recklessly changing the script! So you must remember to invite me and Lele to a meal!”

“We also want to ah, Head!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Let us have a cast and crew meal together!”

By the side, the girls started shouting along.

“Okay, okay, okay. Invite everyone, invite everyone…”

Liu Yi wipes away the sweat on his forehead and can only choose to promise them.

“Nice! This is great, I can slaughter!”

“Get lost, what are you saying! You are too much! Even if you know, you cannot say it out loud do you understand?”

“Wuwu, understood…”

The girls indeed cause Liu Yi to have a big head. Thinking about his harem in the future, he suddenly has the urge to cry.

Those girls…which one of them does not have personality ah!

Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng, Ao Susu, Yoko Nishikawa, Zhang Meixin, Ai Ling, Yunsen Ameki, Wakabayashi Rika and more…which one of them is a vegetarian?

Suddenly feel like my future is rather scary…

Liu Yi cannot help but shiver.

“Boss, Yuzheng went up the stage!”

By the side, Chen Cai who is watching the tv suddenly alerts Liu Yi.


Liu Yi immediately turns around and looks at the tv.

Liu Yi is filled with expectations, I wonder what song would Yuzheng sing this time around.

This time around the album that she had released, there is a total of seven songs. Every single one of them is very nice to listen to, especially the title song which Liu Yi likes the most.

When he is free, he would let Little Jade play it several times. He is not tired of listening to it even after a hundred times. The more he listened to it, the more he likes it.

Her album this time round is a love song album. Some of the songs inside are slow songs. One must say that Wang Yuzheng is really suited to singing those slow songs. Her voice possesses a lot of drawing power.

A familiar melody was played making Liu Yi slightly excited.

Indeed it is Wang Yuzheng’s title song!

The audience was also s excited. After Wang Yuzheng had returned to the country and released her new album, her popularity started to increase.

The fresh and pure appearance, as well as voice that is infectious, are factors that attracted a large number of fans.

Liu Yi especially went to take a look at Baidu about Wang Yuzheng. She originally had around a thousand plus fans but now, the number of fans that she had had already broken through a hundred thousand and is still continuously increasing.

Wang Yuzheng can be considered as just making her appearance. Later on, her popularity will be even crazier.

Back then I wished to help Wang Yuzheng to be a star. Originally I only wished to satisfy her dream and make her happy.

Unexpectedly, my company seemed to have really picked up a treasure.

“Wang Yuzheng! Wang Yuzheng!”

“Wang Yuzheng! WE LOVE YOU!!!”

The audience is already shouting while Wang Yuzheng is also slightly stirred up. Her small face is blushing as she holds the mike and says some words of gratitude.

After which she starts to sing her title song, a love song that is able to let people calm down.

“Once I remember, the years that we walk together.

Seeing street corners, as we stroll past the romantic stores.

You said before that you will protect me forever, but I had waited for you for too many days.

You said before that you will keep me warm till dawn, but I find it hard to sleep on my own.

Should I or should I not forget, those sweet words of yours…”

Liu Yi was spellbound once again as he listens. His heart is somewhat aching. This is the power of Wang Yuzheng’s singing.

Even Murong Die also did not utter a word. It is clear that she was somewhat awed by Wang Yuzheng’s singing.

Although she is still unconvinced, she must admit that her singing is indeed flavourful.

Looks like Wang Yuzheng is a natural singer.

Hey, I am just tone-deaf. Otherwise, I would also go and be a singer…wu, even if this miss is unable to become a singer, I can also go and be an actor …in China, actors are more popular…

Murong Die starts to sink into her fantasy.

While the audience also seems to be intoxicated. This is the power of Wang Yuzheng’s singing!

 All the way until Wang Yuzheng finished, they still did not react. The entire stage is very quiet. It is so weird that it might be possible to hear the sound of a needle dropping.

This situation is maintained for 30 seconds before someone reacts and starts clapping.

-clapping sounds-

This clapping sound jolts the rest of the people awake and everyone starts clapping.

Very quickly applause filled the entire stage!

The applause, as well as cheering, is like a tide circling the entire stage!

Snowflakes also join in the fun and start floating down. This Christmas season finally started to snow.

“Today I am really happy to be able to stand on this stage.”

Wang Yuzheng looks at the snowflakes in the sky and smiles.

“I have a song that had not been released which is called <Snow> to present to everyone.”

-loud cheering sound-

“Yuzheng! We love you!”

“Yuzheng! Look over here!”

The audience is about to go crazy.

Wang Yuzheng is really very happy. She had really done it.

In the past, she can only dream of standing on the stage and be a singer that is welcomed by people.

And now…she had really stood there and in the stands, are her fans.

Even though right now it is only a school party. But, in the future, there will definitely be an even larger stage waiting for me!

Yuzheng! You can do it! You definitely will be able to do it!

Liu Yi is so impressive! You cannot be too inferior!

Taking advantage of the enthusiastic atmosphere, just as she is about to start singing, muffled thunder starts rumbling in the sky.

-the sound of thunder rumbling-

When everyone heard this sound of thunder, they cannot help but raise their head and looks at the night sky that is snowing.

Really strange. It is obviously winter, why would is there thunder?

Just as everyone is feeling curious, enormous lightning flashes across the sky!

-thunder sound!-

The entire sky seems to be split into two! That lightning bolt is like a distorted white dragon which causes everyone to be startled.

What a scary lightning…

It is clearly winter…thunder is too weird?

While Liu Yi trembles while Gu Yu and Mo Lan by his side stand up.

This lightning…is definitely not a natural occurrence!

Could it be…Sky Splitting Spear is coming into being?

What the! Are you for real ah, it actually occurred at this time?

“A lot of people came…”

Gu Yu’s brow raises slightly. She senses the aura of a number of people in the vicinity.

“That’s right…looks like it is time.”

Mo Lan also rolls up her sleeves for battle, preparing to go all out.

“Damn it…why must it happen at this time!”

Liu Yi is very unhappy. He pats the shoulder of Chen Cai by the side.

“Chen Cai prepare an Asura Barrier!”

“Understood Boss. Watch carefully!”

Chen Cai knows that Liu Yi does not wish to implicate innocent people. Only people who possess qi will be able to exist inside the Asura Barrier, otherwise, without exception, they shall be excluded outside!

Chen Cai stretches out his hands and pats his palms together.

-sound of bubble expanding-

A black-light instantly spread out swiftly and encase the entire KeDa campus within it!

For a moment, the entire KeDa campus turned incomparably quiet.

All creatures that do not possess qi to disappear while the remaining building was also draped with a mysterious aura. The earlier unusually bustling with noise and excitement KeDa had turned into something similar to a ghost city right now.

Mo Lan looks at the surroundings and cannot help but ask, “Oh? What technique is this? So mystical!”

“A barrier that protects the mortals.”

Liu Yi says, “Let us go out and take a look. Since so many guests had come, how can I who is the master not receive them enthusiastically..”

His body suddenly flashes and he instantly disappears from the spot. Perhaps he had run outside.

“Boss! Wait for me ah!”

As Liu Yi’s follower, Chen Cai naturally follows Liu Yi wherever he goes.

Gu Yu and Mo Lan glance at each other before chasing after them.

As for Murong Die and the rest of the girls, they had already disappeared from this barrier and were excluded outside. Liu Yi had protected them very well.

Originally he thought that he will not implicate any innocent. But when Liu Yi appears on the stage, he got a huge shock.

As he sees Wang Yuzheng standing on the stage with an expression of losing her head out of fear.


Chapter 770    [It is almost time]

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