MKW Chapter 769

Chapter 769   [Title below]


Murong Die also has a number of fans in the school. Most of the girls in the school are members of her club and not to mention her male fans. After all, Murong Die is one of the top beauty of Qingbei.

A lot of Qingbei students had especially obtained tickets to attend this concert just to watch her performance and cheer for her.

Murong Die is wearing the black suit of Blood Emperor which also has golden flame marks making her look very pretty.

Murong Die is wielding a knockoff Xiao Taiji as she points it at Wang Lele and shouts, “Monster, today, I, Blood Emperor shall act in place of heaven and kill you!”

Liu Yi sweats, what the heck, why is my dialogue so stupid!!!

“Wuwuwuw, don’t kill me…”

The monster was frightened into running away as she wags her tail while Blood Emperor chases behind her.

The two of them run two laps around the stage and the audience starts yawning.

“This play is too boring already…”

“No worries. Just treat it as looking at beauty.”

“True as well, at the very least can heal my eyes!”

The audience starts discussing with one another.

After chasing for two rounds, Murong Die seems to be tired,

The monster also collapses onto the ground panting, “Don’t, don’t chase me anymore…I cannot run anymore…”

“Can-cannot…today I must kill you…”

Murong Die is also panting as she curses in her heart.

Your sister ah, where did Ultraman go? She should have appeared by now!

As the monster hides from Blood Emperor, she pants out, “If..if you chase me anymore, I shall shout for people…”

“You call ah! Even if you shout until your throat burst, no one will come and help you one!”

Murong Die glance at the backstage, where did Zhang Xin ran off to!

“Call! Don’t you regret!”

The monster gathers her remaining strength and shouts, “Ultraman! Ultraman!”

Liu Yi sweats. This is the first time I had seen Godzilla shouting for Ultraman to come out and help fight ah.

Currently, Zhang Xin who is hiding at the backstage eating sponge cake heard the shouts and got startled awake. She immediately lets out a whimper before stuffing the remaining sponge cake into her mouth before putting on her mask and charges out.

“Outrageous! Who is so outrageous and dare to touch my family sponge cake…ah no, touch my families Godzilla!”

As her mouth is bulging, it is not very convenient for Zhang Xin to speak, causing the audience listening to laugh.

Is this a drama or a skit ah! These girls are too funny already!

“Ultraman! I always respected you as a warrior!” Murong Die says bitterly and hatefully, “But you actually fell from grace because of a monster! Just how am I inferior to it!”

Murong Die points at the monster by the side.

Finally…right now should be their emotional show right! Ah wrong, it is fucking bromance show ah!

Liu Yi feels that the amount of sweat that he had sweated is enough for him to bathe with.

“Is there any need to ask?”

Ultraman snorts, “Your breasts are not as big as hers.”

Liu Yi dares to guarantee that this dialogue is ad-libbed!

Because Murong Die is already hopping mad.

“What a good Ultraman, you Chen Shimei! I…this emperor is going to fight it out with you!”

[TL: Chen Shimei means heartless and unfaithful man]

Murong Die runs over with her raised Xiao Taiji. Following the setting in the script, Ultraman runs off without any integrity. She leads Murong Die and rushes between the curtains.

The audience also starts to become slightly excited. This plot is not bad ah!

Indeed this world is rotten!

“It is youe guys turn now!”

Murong Die and Zhang Xin slap hands with Liu Yi and Chen Cai, indicating that they are handing over.

Liu Yi nods his head and pulls down his mask, blocking his face. After which, he leaps out and jumps out from behind the heavy curtains lightly.

Liu Yi’s figure is very relaxed as he jumps 3 meters into the sky over 7 meters away before landing in front of Godzilla.

“Gods! Are these special effects?”

“Is there a suspension system? This performance is ferocious enough ah!”

Seeing how ‘Blood Emperor’ re-enters the stage in this kind of matter, all of them start exclaiming.

“Monster, Ultraman was fended off by me already. There is no one who can protect you now.”

Liu Yi stands there. But in reality, the one who is speaking is Murong Die, who has the microphone, in the backstage.

All Liu Yi needs to do is to pose.

Wang Lele follows the script and waves her hands shouting, “Yamate, yamate, yamate,” which instantly attracted all kinds of howls from the audience.

Liu Yi is sweating a waterfall. Letting Lele shout ‘yamate’ this kind of unrestrained dialogue…Murong Die had indeed tossed away her bestie’s integrity for popularity ah….

Perhaps Lele does not know what ‘yamate’ meaning…

Perhaps she only knows the meaning…but does not know the underlying hidden meaning!

“Hmph! Your shouting is worthless! Today, it is your death date! Ultraman is mine!”

Liu Yi follows after this swift and fierce dialogue and raises his right hand.

A white Xiao Taiji appears from the void and floats above Liu Yi’s arm. It whirls and rotates about, like it is going to fall along with Liu Yi’s arm at any moment.

“Wah! This special effect is too impressive!”

“Just a stage performance can do such things?”

The eyes of the audience shine as they watch! This is too impressive!

“Hold your hand!”

While at this moment Chen Cai who is acting as Ultraman enters the stage. He jumps up from the backstage, jumping 7 meters into the air. After which, with a flying kick, he kicks towards Liu Yi.

“Hmph! Parlour tricks!”

Liu Yi turns his head over as he pointed with his index and middle fingers and Xiao Taiji instantly sweeps in front of his body, blocking Chen Cai’s kick with a ‘dang’ sound.

Receiving the rebound, Chen Cai flips in the sky before steadily lands back onto the ground.

The audience let out all kinds of cheers and seems to be excited.

How is this any different from watching a blockbuster movie! Too exciting!

Chen Cai only points at Liu Yi before shouting, “Earlier my ** was not well thus I need to go back and recover a bit. Now I shall fight with you again!”

Liu Yi guesses that Chen Cai himself is about to cry already. The dialogue that Zhang Xin matched to him is too explosive!

While Liu Yi follows the script requirement and can only tremble, pretending to be incomparably shocked.

He turns his head and glares at Godzilla squatting on the ground.

“Just what did you do to him!”

With this roar, the audience instantly exploded in laughter.

This meaning is way too clear and easy to see!

Ultraman actually speaks forcefully and with justice, “This is our matter, can you please not be wordy.”

“Your ** is mine! No one is able to take it! What I cannot get shall be killed!”

Liu Yi feels slightly weird in his heart, why does it seem like this dialogue seems to be not the same as the previous dialogue?

Could it be that Murong Die and the girls purposefully spoof me? What the, this seems to be quite possible ah!

Me and Chen Cai are only on the stage to act out a fighting scene only ah, we are definitely not going to do any other part of the scene!

“Rubbish! Let’s fight!”

Fortunately, Ultraman cut back to the original script at this moment allowing Liu Yi to let out a sigh of relief.

Ultraman jumps in front of Liu Yi and starts attacking him.

Liu Yi returns blow for blow and the two of them start fighting.

Every time when their limbs crash against each other, it will let out ‘slamming’ sound! The audience thought that it was just some sound effect but in reality, it is actually Liu Yi and Chen Cai using their qi aura to clash against each other.

“This fighting feeling is damn real!”

“That’s right, that’s right. The acting is damn real! That sound effect is also very good ah!”

The audience is in great joy watching while Liu Yi and Chen Cai are in full swing fighting.

In this manner, the two of them fought for over two minutes. Perhaps it is because the audience are starting to get weary watching, they change their attacking method.

“Did not expect that I would actually fight you to a standstill!”

Chen Cai retreated a few steps while Zhang Xin dubs for him in the backstage, “Looks like without taking out my real abilities, you wouldn’t know how impressive I am!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, these idiotic lines…

“Bring it on! Today your ** is destined to be conquered by me!”

Right now Liu Yi really wishes to curse himself.

Is Murong Die trying to troll me!

Chen Cai no longer wishes to wait for the dubbing anymore. He directly shouts himself, “Let’s fight then!”

Instantly the audience were tickled. They had already noticed that the two of them were substituted. Right now hearing them shouting themselves, they started laughing. Clearly there are no longer able to take the trolling from the girls.

“Good. Let’s fight! And get it done quickly!”

Liu Yi hurriedly adds, “By the way, this lord is not interested in your **! The little monster is this lord’s dish!”

The audience instantly explodes in laughter while Wang Lele who is squatting there has a red face.

“Hahaha, then bring it on!”

Chen Cai retreated a few steps before grabbing a meter long stone slab that was behind the heavy curtain and tossed it at Liu Yi!

When the stone slab flew over, there is the sound of wind being cut.

“Go, Xiao Taiji!”

Liu Yi formed a sword seal and Xiao Taiji instantly shoots over. It pierces through the stone slab and blasted it apart!

Stone fragments immediately fill the sky causing the audience to be stunned.

“What an impressive special effect ah…”

“Even a blockbuster movie…wouldn’t be so impressive!”

“Holy @$#%#$@!!!”

Seeing the reaction of the audience while being in the backstage, Murong Die is secretly delighted.

Hmph, how is this impressive, the real impressive one is later on!

She arrogantly raises her chin and glance at Wang Yuzheng by the side.

Her meaning is very clear. She wants to use her performance to defeat Wang Yuzheng’s performance.

But Wang Yuzheng only smiles as she gives Murong Die a thumbs-up praising her thinking.

Letting Liu Yi and Chen Cai have a real fight is indeed very impressive. She is about to be dazzled watching them fight.

While Wang Zhaoyu by the side prop up her spectacles and asked puzzledly, “What special effects is this? A school actually has these standards?”

Hearing her words, Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die smile at each other. Everything cannot be said.

“Watch my ultimate killing move!”

Chen Cai suddenly assumes Ultraman’s signature posture as he half-squat there and intersects his arms together as he aims at Liu Yi opposite him.

He gathers his Asura Qi which then forms a line of purple black ray shooting towards Liu Yi.

A group of people exclaim loudly in shock.

There is an Ultrabeam as well!!!

Fucking awesome ah!

While Liu Yi is calm as he stretches out his right hand and place in front of him.

Xiao Taiji immediately flew in front of him before rotating on the spot. Over ten similar sword splits out and spread out like the tail of a peacock forming a circle which blocks the purple Ultrabeam shooting over.

All of the audience exclaims as a lot of them instantly becomes excited!

This, this is a real super-production ah!


Chapter 769    [Major work!]

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