MKW Chapter 768

Chapter 768   [Title below]


Gu Yu is dressed up in ancient attire, along with her original temperament, she is like a beauty that stepped out from a drawing. For a while, she attracted the sight of everyone in the audience.

Skin like jade and radiating light. That snow-white wrist, soft and delicate. That star-like gaze, lovely faint smile. The beauty in the eyes gives a lovely smile.

[TL: fuck this sentence….fucking chinese poetry for describing beauty!!!!!]

Using this kind of sentences to describe Gu Yu’s beauty is the most appropriate.

At this moment sitting at the very center of the stage, holding her pipa, she did not have any expression like an icy mountain. But it is because of this which makes her possess even more fairy-like untainted temperament.

“Gu Yu knows how to play pipa!”

Liu Yi does not dare to believe it. She is so multi-talented?

Just as he was suspecting, Gu Yu is already lightly plucking the string. The pipa lets out a clear beautiful sound.

Very quickly, a very loud <Ambush from Ten Sides> rings out in Liu Yi’s ear!

When this pipa sound rings out, the entire backstage turns calm as all of them bend their ears to listen to Gu Yu’s pipa.

Liu Yi himself is also stunned. Gu Yu is playing the pipa so well!

In his mind, it is like a real hero had appeared and he is in an impasse. Like he was ambushed from ten sides.

This pipa sound seems to carry a kind of demonic power that pulls people into it…

This is somewhat scary!

Didn’t expect that Gu Yu also had such a talent, which is really out of my expectation.

A single tune of <Ambush from Ten Sides> is not very long and very quickly it is over.

Everyone was still engrossed within that mood, unable to free themselves.

Until Gu Yu had already stood up and left the stage with her pipa, only then did the audience react and start clapping thunderously!

Even Liu Yi also applauded. Indeed she played it very well!

After Gu Yu walk off the stage, she gives Mo Lan a provoking look.

Mo Lan snorts before turning around to the changing room to change her clothing.

“Next performance would be Mo Lan’s turn. It looks like there will be a good show.”

Gu Yu hugs her pipa as she smiles faintly.

Besides Gu Yu, Liu Yi says, “Did not expect that you play the pipa so well…”

“That is just some insignificant talent.”

Gu Yu is slightly delighted, “But, in the entire Immortal Snow Peak, there is indeed really none who plays the pipa better than me.”

“Mm, you did singing in the old society before right?”

Liu Yi chuckles making Gu Yu stomp his leg in anger.

Would he die if he says something nice!

Gu Yu is very mad.

This fellow is too much, really too much! How can he treat a girl like this!


Since she is angered, Gu Yu chooses to ignore Liu Yi. After waiting for a short moment, it is Mo Lan’s performance.

Liu Yi thought that Mo Lan will be doing a martial arts performance, after all, this suits her character.

Unexpectedly, when Mo Lan walks out onto the stage, she is actually wearing a skintight leather shirt and pants, revealing her beautiful two long white legs which are completely alluring.

In her hand, she is holding an electric guitar. The moment she walks out, she stunned everyone.

Even Liu Yi is also the same as he did not expect that Mo Lan would dress up in such a gothic attire. Around her pants is also chains and she is also wearing riding boots. She is basically like a professional rocker!

Behind her is a few guys who are either holding a bass guitar or sitting behind a drum kit. It is like they are a band.

Mo Lan lets out a loud shout while holding her guitar, “Let’s use our courage to light up tonight’s passion!!!”

Just a beautiful woman who is also so wild, it instantly stirs up all of the males present into howling.

Liu Yi is stunned as he watches. What the heck….is this really Mo Lan?

She is actually playing the guitar in a band?!

What the heck on earth is going on ah!

“Mo Lan! Mo Lan! Mo Lan!”

Under the stage, there is also a group of Mo Lan’s fans! Furthermore, this group of fans is actually girls! They excitedly raise the banners in their hand cheering for Mo Lan.

“Let us all high~~ together~~!!!!!!!”

Mo Lan raises her hand and the group of people under the stage boil over in cheer.

After which Mo Lan starts strumming the guitar as intense rock music exploded out resonating the whole audience and lights up the passion of everyone present!

The band behind her also start to cooperate with her performance. Mo Lan is the lead guitarist. Standing in front of the microphone, she starts singing a very impressive rock ‘n’ roll song.

Liu Yi cannot help but give a thumbs up when he heard her sing. Indeed very impressive…

Today truly gave him a number of surprises. Expectedly Mo Lan and Gu Yu actually have these kinds of skills…

Looks like similar to Dragon Race, even if they are cultivators, they will also keep accepting new knowledge.

For those who are unwilling to accept the new knowledge, perhaps it is only the minority.

Last time when I use WeChat to cheat those FuXi Palace Hall people, didn’t I get exposed in the end…

Thus this proves that just how important it is to grasp the modern age knowledge…

Mo Lan and her band indeed ignite the mood of everyone. When they got off the stage, the audience is still shouting. A lot of girls are still yelling Mo Lan’s name passionately.

While the originator arrogantly walks backstage with her guitar.

“How is it. I win, right!”

Mo Lan snorts, “During my performance, the applause had never stopped before.”

“So what about that. I am better than you.”

Gu Yu says calmly, “The audience had forgotten to clap while listening to my performance.”

“Nonsense! It is obvious that I am better!”

“It is me who is better. Don’t quibble!”

“Who is the one quibbling!”


“It is you who is unreasonable!”

“Good, then let the others judge.”

The two girls turn around and all of the surrounding people watching retreated a step as they look away pretending to be busy.

“Liu Yi! You come over and judge!”

Mo Lan directly pulls Liu Yi over and shouts, “You say between the two of us who is more outstanding?”

“That’s right! Come and judge!”

Gu Yu also nods her head, “Just who is the one who won?”

Liu Yi’s head instantly became big.

Bullshit…even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute! How is it possible for me to judge this kind of matter!

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and can only say, “Mo Lan’s rock ‘n’ roll was very good. It is full of soul and even I cannot help but have my blood racing.”

“That’s right! It is still you who have good taste!”

Mo Lan pats Liu Yi’s shoulder in delight while Gu Yu by the side becomes anxious.

Liu Yi hurriedly adds, “But Gu Yu’s <Ambush from Ten Sides> is also very impressive. Even I was also stunned when I heard it. It is almost like a grandmaster’s performance!”

“So??” x2

The two girls raise their eyebrows.

“So…today’s moon seems to be very bright ah, hahaha…”

Liu Yi suddenly coughs while the two girls scold, “Liu Yi! You scoundrel!”

“Do you think that you will be able to get rid of us just like this!”

“Then what do you girls expect me to do!”

Liu Yi is also unwilling as he grumbles, “The two of you are obviously both very impressive, why must there be a winner and loser? I do not care what the two of you are thinking about but if you want to let me judge, there are only five words! Both share the limelight! Nothing else!”

“Hmph! Crafty fellow!”

“That’s right. Guys are indeed unreliable!”

“Oi, oi, oi. Why is it that both of you are so united when the two of you are roasting me ah!”

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears. But at the very least, he had escaped from this calamity.

“Our performance is about to start! Prepare to enter the stage!”

Murong Die steps forward and interrupts their deep talk. Liu Yi nods his head before following Murong Die and walk towards the stage.

As he is leaving, he sees Wang Yuzheng walking out from the make-up room.

Their gazes meet and Wang Yuzheng clenches her fist at Liu Yi to encourage him.

Afterward, she points at the tv by the side indicating that she will be watching from the tv.

Liu Yi smiles faintly and feels much more steady in his heart.

Liu Yi and Chen Cai change their clothing before standing by the sides behind the scene.

While Murong Die and the rest of the girls had gone up the stage first, after all, they are the main lead while the two guys are just their body doubles.

On the stage, there are a few miniature buildings placed around. Wang Lele with a moe face swings her hips as she enters the stage.

Because of her clothing, the way she walks is like a penguin. She does not look scary at all, instead, it is very adorable.

While everyone is laughing, Wang Lele wags her tail with a red face before pretending to let out a few endearingly silly roars. She uses her legs to stomp on those building models that appear to be made from paper.

Effect sound keeps ringing out, the startled cries of people, the roar of a monster, police sirens and the likes.

Just as the ‘monster’ is wantonly destroying everything, Zhang Xin who plays the role of Ultraman go onto the stage. 

“For justice! I shall defeat you!”

Ultraman waves her fist as she walked towards the monster.

Seeing this Ultraman, the monster immediately hugs her head and squat on the ground, “Wuwuwu, don’t hit me, I am only passing by…”

“Such a cute monster ah!”

Ultraman exclaims, “It seems different from the baddies that I had met before in the past.”

“Wuwuwu, don’t beat me, Mommy save me, I’s afraid…”

The monster continues to display her cute ability causing the guys below the stage to become fired up wishing that they are able to rush up the stage to protect Wang Lele.

Liu Yi cannot help but roast, what the heck man, indeed is a moe creature…letting Lele act as the monster is really too praiseworthy…

“I beg you…don’t beat me…”

“I…I will not beat you…”

Ultraman walks over and stretches out his hand and gently rub the monster’s head, “In the future, you are my monster. Follow me.”

The monster says naively, “Mother said…I cannot follow strangers…”

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood, bullshit, is this really a monster?!

Countless guys under the stage start howling, ‘Follow me! Follow me! I am not a stranger! I guarantee to treat you well ah!’

“I am not a stranger!” Ultraman says unreasonably, “In the future, call me husband do you understand?”


The monster sucks on a finger, obviously not understanding the meaning of this term.

Liu Yi really wishes to cry. Fucking hell! This is a term that belongs to me ah!

“Right, call me husband, in the future, I will protect you!”

Following this twisted storyline, Ultraman and the monster start to live their happy life. Every time when the monster destroys the city, Ultraman will lovingly watch by the side.

Finally, it is time for Murong Die who is acting as Blood Emperor to appear on the stage!


Chapter 768    [Attacking small animal]

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