MKW Chapter 767

Chapter 767   [Title below]


Murong Die is wearing that classic Blood Emperor attire which is a black suit with red patterns. A white face mask is also hanging slanted on top of her hair.

Murong Die was a rich missy. Now that she is wearing this attire, it makes her rather heroic-looking.

As for Wang Lele, what she is wearing is rather interesting…she is wearing green dinosaur clothing and a long tail is hanging down from her butt.

Zhang Xin’s dressing is also very valiant. She is wearing a red and white Ultraman clothing and it is also a skintight one which wraps up her figure.

Liu Yi and Chen Cai are standing by the side. Looking at Murong Die and the girls’ attire, they cannot help but ask, “You girls…what are you all going to perform?”

“Hmph, today this miss is going to perform a play of gods. The screenplay was personally written by this miss!”

Murong Die says arrogantly, “This miss had personally written a godly script which will guarantee to instantly kill Wang Yuzheng’s performance! Hmph!”

In Murong Die’s heart, she always has an urge to not lose to Wang Yuzheng.

After all, Liu Yi is their common ‘property’. Both of them are equally proud. Even if they can be harmonious in the harem, but privately, neither of them are willing to lose to each other.

Liu Yi is unable to hold back his curiosity and asks, “Sweat, what script?”

“Blood Emperor fights against Ultraman!”

Liu Yi vomits out blood, “Are you for real? What weird script is this?”

Chen Cai by the side is holding back his laughter but is also not daring to laugh while Mo Lan and Gu Yu are holding their bellies with both hands as they laugh

Both of them know Blood Emperor’s real identity.

“How is it weird?”

Murong Dis is like a protective mother hen and instantly ruffled her feathers, “This script that this miss wrote, you dare to say it is weird?”

“What kind of plotline is it…why don’t you tell it to me…”

Liu Yi is very curious. Just what kind of script is it that makes Murong Die so nervous.

“Hmph, it is an incomparable romance and war perfect script!”

Murong Die excitedly leak out, “My script is that Godzilla suddenly invades the human world and is wantonly destroying the human society! At this moment, an Ultraman came forward to put an end to Godzilla to protect humanity. At the end, when Ultraman saw Godzilla, the hardcore Ultraman fell in love with the adorable Godzilla! Finally, the only one who is able to save humanity is only Blood Emperor! When Blood Emperor went to kill Godzilla, he meets Ultraman who is fighting for his love! This the two of them started fighting!”

What the heck…what is this weird script.

“Then…the ending?”

Chen Cai, why the fuck do you want to know about the ending ah!

“As for the ending, the ending is this miss’s finishing touch!”

Murong Die gives a mysterious smile before saying with excitement, “Finally, after the two of them had fought for a long time, they start to appreciate each other’s talent and realized that the other person is their true love! Finally, the two of them get together and join hands forever. Since then, they live a happy and blessed life!”

“What the! You are joking, right! My big miss!”

At that moment, Liu Yi is completely bowled over by this formidable script!

Murong Die says proudly, “How is it, did you realize that this miss has the talent for writing! I just knew that this miss is capable in all matters!”

“You win!”

Liu Yi sincerely admires her. This ending is to please those fujoshi right! This cannot be watched!

By the side, Wang Lele pulls at her dinosaur attire and says with grievance, “Boohoo… I don’t want to act as Godzilla ah…”

“Cannot! You must be the one who acts as Godzilla!”

Murong Die rejected Wang Lele’s proposal.

Wang Lele pouts, “Why… there are so many people who are interested in acting…”

Murong Die strongly emphasizes, “That is different. They did not fulfill the requirements like you did!”

“How did I fulfill the requirement? I am also a moe girl ah…how did I fulfill the requirement for a monster ah…”

Murong Die says ruthlessly, “Your breasts do not belong to a human!”

The other girls by the side also cannot help but nod their head making Wang Lele feel like crying.

“Right the two of you better not take part in the program, especially you Chen Cai, breaking stone on your chest, are you an idiot?”

Murong Die changes the topic and mocks, “What is the current society now. You will only scare the girls badly with this technique do you know?”

“Ah? Real, really?”

When Chen Cai heard this, he instantly became serious.

“Of course. You better not do such things. You and Liu Yi be our body doubles!”

Muong Die points at herself and ‘Ultraman’ by her side.

“The two of us are girls and naturally are unable to act out those violent fighting scenes! It will not be a problem for the two of you.”

“What the, you girls are too self-important ah!”

Liu Yi really wants to point out, I am the real Blood Emperor! Letting the real Blood Emperor be the body double for a fake one, hmph, to think that this lass would think of it!

“Okay, then it is decided! Our item will appear before Wang Yuzheng’s! We must suppress her! Sisters!”


“Hehe, actually I am also a fan of Wang Yuzheng…”

“Either way is okay. Hehe, as long as my boyfriend likes it, it is okay!”

The girls’ discussions are not in tune causing Murong Die to vomit blood.

“Enough! Hurry, go and prepare! Lele pass the shirt to Chen Cai!”


Wang Lele immediately takes out a set of Ultraman clothing and stuffs it into Chen Cai’s hand.

Chen Cai wishes to cry but has no tears as he holds that red and white alternating Ultraman clothing.

Chen Cai asked, “Can I act as a small monster?”

“Cannot. There are no fighting parts for small monsters! That is a moe creature!”

As Murong Die speaks, she pinches Lele’s cheek, “How can this kind of moe creature fight!”

Liu Yi naturally does not need clothing as he is able to transform out the most accurate Blood Emperor’s clothing.

Fighting Blood Emperor exploding clothing!

“Guide we are very much looking forward to your performance!”

“Mm, that’s right. It will definitely be very nice to watch!”

At this moment, Gu Yu and Mo Lan actually have similar thoughts which cause Liu Yi to be shocked.

Just as the few of them are joking around, from outside came a racket attracting their attention.

“It seems like Wang Yuzheng has come!”

“Ahhh!!! I must definitely get a signature!”

“Finally can meet my idol already!”

A lot of girls immediately change their standpoints and start yelling profusely one after the other.

“This bunch of no moral fellows!”

Murong Die places her hands on her waist in anger and says, “Isn’t it just Wang Yuzheng! In the past, this miss saw her daily!”

“Right now Wang Yuzheng is an idol…”

By the side, Lele comforts Murong Die, “Sister Xiao Die is also very impressive ah…both of you share equal limelight ah…”

“Hmph, at least you have some conscience!”

Only then is Murong Die satisfied.

Wang Lele’s eyes turn into stars, “But how nice would it be if Sister Yuzheng is able to take a photo with me…”

Murong Die leaps up in anger, “Ahhhh!!! You traitor!”

Liu Yi immediately went to comfort Murong Die but at this moment the backstage suddenly calms down as a group of people walks over hurriedly.

In the surrounding stands several guys in black suit while at the very front is that Wang Zhaoyu that Liu Yi is familiar with.

While the one being surrounded by the guys in black suit is none other than Liu Yi’s girlfriend, Wang Yuzheng.

Wang Yuzheng is wearing a red jacket with a yellow scarf that completely covers her face. She is also wearing a pair of reverse fur winter shoes.

After all, not everyone has the ability to resist the cold. Wang Yuzhen is an ordinary girl who is afraid of cold during the winter, thus she is wrapped up very warmly.

When she walks in, her gaze connects deeply with Liu Yi’s gaze.

At that moment, the two of them exchanged countless feelings and only feel that the entire world had turned calm like there is only the two of them.

Just that this atmosphere was very quickly broken by Wang Zhaoyu. She walks forward and blocks their gaze.

A lot of students cannot help but rush over and exclaiming excitedly.

“Wang Yuzheng sign for us!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Give us your signature!”

“Wang Yuzheng, I love you!”

The students were slightly crazy and were blocked by the guys in black suits.

“Everyone, for signature and the likes, we will arrange it later!”

Wang Zhaoyu explains, “Wang Yuzheng has just rushed over from the hotel, thus she needs a bit of time to prepare for the show. I hope that everyone can understand!”

These students were not that fanatic, just that they were slightly excited after meeting the idol that they like. When they heard Wang Zhaoyu’s words, they move to the side.

Wang Yuzheng can only follow behind Wang Zhaoyu to their stand-alone makeup room.

Liu Yi watches her back view while feeling rueful in his heart.

“Hmph, to think that she puts on airs!”

Murong Die sneers, “Didn’t even greet us after meeting us!”

“After greeting us, it will be very troublesome.”

Liu Yi helps Wang Yuzheng explains, “A star needs to maintain a certain amount of mystery feeling in the public one.”

“Is there a need for you to say such things? This miss naturally knows! You are really protective of your Yuzheng, seeing her a bit and you are already feeling heartache!”

“Hey, hey! Not at all ah…”

“Don’t explain anymore, hurry and change! Hurry and rehearse with us!”

Murong Die drags Liu Yi away.

Just as Liu Yi and Chen Cai were dragged away by Murong Die and the girls to pair up for the performance, the evening party had already started.

At the backstage, there is a tv which allows them to be able to watch the performance on stage directly.

As Liu Yi and the rest rehearse, they occasionally watch the performance on stage.

There are singing and dancing, short skit and the like which is rather wonderful. There are also a few hot girls in the English department who did a passionate dance. A uniform of small leather clothing and small leather skirt, all kind of white legs dazzling the eyes of people!

[TL: what the heck??? A bit lost but I think it should be a cheerleader like of performance???]

Liu Yi cannot help but admire…Right now is winter ah, although the winter in Jingdou is not as scary as in North Dragon City, but it is still around zero degrees! Revealing so much, they are really defying the cold ah!

For the performance, they really sacrifice too much….

But Liu Yi is rather happy watching it. After all, it is white tights.

What they are dancing is <The Boys> by Girls’ Generation. They did it quite accurately and the applause from the audience is very loud.

[TL: Okay…never mind then it is a hot girls performance then…]

After a few minutes, they came off stage. A familiar figure is wearing an interesting and appealing gauze skirt holding a pipa went up and sits in the middle of the stage.

What the heck! Did I not see wrongly!

Liu Yi’s eyes widen, isn’t this lass Gu Yu?

[TL: personally I prefer the suit concept in Mr Mr by SNSD hehe]


Chapter 767    [Eight immortals crossing river]

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