MKW Chapter 766

Chapter 766   [Title below]


This woman’s attitude makes Liu Yi very unhappy.

Just a manager and she acts like she is very important?

“Sister Wang. This one is my…boyfriend…Liu Yi.”

Wang Yuzheng hesitates slightly but still introduces Liu Yi to that manager Wang Zhaoyu.

“Ah, Mr Liu, nice to meet you.”

Wang Zhaoyu nods her head lightly and stretches out her hand, casually shaking hands with Liu Yi.

“Why have I never heard that you had a boyfriend.”

Wang Yuzheng’s face is slightly red as she explains, “This…I find it embarrassing to tell everyone…”

“You can tell sister anything. Don’t treat Sister Wang as an outsider.”

After speaking, Wang Zhaoyu looks at Liu Yi and sized up his clothing. Realizing that it is Semir, a student brand, she smiles faintly before asking, “What does Mr Liu work as?”

“I am working as a guide at the university.”

It is normal for these people to not know of his identity. After all, within Redstar Conglomerate, only Chen Dahai knows of him.

How would any ordinary people have the qualification to know of him.

Wang Zhaoyu relies on his guess and asks, “Oh, Keda?”

“That’s right. Keda.”

Liu Yi calmly replies which causes Wang Yuzheng to be puzzled.

When did Liu Yi become a guide?

But recalling Liu Yi’s identity, she more or less understands a bit.

Perhaps it is another task which is why he was arranged as a guide.

Talking about this, being an agent seems to be rather interesting…but I prefer to be a singer, hehe…

“Mr Liu, we still have some matters, thus we are unable to entertain you today. When we are free again some other day, let’s get together to have a meal.”

As Wang Zhaoyu speaks, she pulls out a gold embossed card and passes it to Liu Yi. “This is my card.”

“Okay, then I request that you to take care of my Wang Yuzheng.”

After all, she is a manager from the company, thus Liu Yi did not make things tough for this woman. He nods his head and receives the card and placed it in his pocket.

“Yuzheng, follow me back. There are still a lot of matters that we need to do back at the company. Today you still have two interviews.”

After speaking, she pulls Wang Yuzheng and turns around walking away.

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly turns her head over and waves goodbye to Liu Yi with unwillingness in her eyes.

Liu Yi can only say goodbye to Wang Yuzheng. At the same time, he finds that woman somewhat loathsome.

That woman is too loathsome. She is just like the Queen Mother of the West who breaks up Cowherd and Weaving Maid.

But this is for the good of Wang Yuzheng’s career and I just said that I will unconditionally support her.

If I become narrow-minded in a blink of an eye, it will not be so good.

Liu Yi thinks for a bit and endures the resentment in his heart. After all, I also have things that I need to do this I cannot place all of my attention on my relationships.

What’s more, in two days’ time, it will be Christmas. At that time, the two of us can meet each other again.

After comforting himself, Liu Yi also turns around and leaves the airport.


“Today I disappointed Sister Wang…”

After boarding the nanny van, Wang Yuzheng continues to speak softly to Wang Zhaoyu.

[TL: Nanny van, in this case, is not a minibus but rather a car similar to Toyota Alphard Nanny Van]

“No worries. Take note of it next time.”

Wang Zhaoyu waves her hand before boarding the car as well and sits at the front row.

Wang Yuzheng had taken a plane for an entire day and is slightly tired. She was very sleepy and now after boarding the car and sitting at the back row, after lying down, she falls asleep very quickly.

At this moment, Wang Zhaoyu’s cellphone starts ringing. She takes a look and it is a familiar number.

“Stop by the side for a bit. I’ll go down to buy something.”

Wang Zhaoyu waves her hand and let the driver stop the car by the side while she and walks into a nearby supermarket.

After entering it, Wang Zhaoyu calls back that number.

“Why did you call after such a long time?”

The voice from the handphone is slightly impatient.

“Aiyah, Jiang Gong-zi, didn’t I hide from Yuzheng to come out and call!”

Different from the way she speaks towards Liu Yi earlier, right now Wang Zhaoyu’s voice is very solicitous and extremely deferential.

Jiang Gong-zi questions, “Hmph, what is the progress with the matter that I passed to you?”

“I am always working on it. Jiang Gong-zi relax. With your identity, sooner or later, that Yuzheng will be yours.”

“That is also true, but this one is anxious! You better watch over Yuzheng for me properly! You are not allowed to let any guy get close to her do you understand me?”

“Mm, understood, understood! I will definitely do as you ask! Jiang Gong-zi can be relieved!”

“Good. I am hanging up now, go and be busy!”

From the other side came the sound of women urging and the other party hangs up.

Wang Zhaoyu keeps away her phone and looks at the nanny van parked outside.

Although I am working in Red Star company and am the manager of this Wang Yuzheng. But by chance, I got to know this Gong-zi from Jiang Family, Jiang Xin.

That Jiang Xin instantly took a fancy of Wang Yuzheng at first sight. But at that time when he personally went to find Wang Yuzheng, he got rejected by her.

Thus this Jiang Gong-zi came and looked for me to let me keep an eye on Wang Yuzheng. Furthermore, make insinuations to help him obtain Wang Yuzheng.

Before this, Jiang Gong-zi had slipped to me quite a bit of money. After this matter is completed, he promised to give me a million! A million ah…just how many years do I have to work to be able to earn so much!

Thus Wang Zhaoyu is busy all over the place, wholehearted helping Jiang Xin facilitate this matter!

The temptation of a million is too big!

Wang Zhaoyu casually bought a chewing gum before returning back onto the nanny van.

Wang Yuzheng who is in dreaming talks in her sleep, “Sister Wang…don’t be angry anymore…”

Wang Zhaoyu trembles faintly and suddenly feel a bit like she is letting down this pure girl.

But…recalling that 1 million, Wang Zhaoyu turn ruthless.

“Don’t blame me…if you want to blame, then blame society…”

She mutters before closing her eyes.

The pitiful Wang Yuzheng does not know that she had already been sold away by the manager that she trusted.

She is currently dreaming that she is standing with Liu Yi on stage singing together. And then Liu Yi proposed to her in front of everyone, which makes her feel very fortunate at that instant.

Liu Yi also does not know that there are people who have designs on his girlfriend. He returned to the school and remain there for two days, as he starts to be busy dealing with the matter regarding the Christmas Party.

After all, a lot of people are going to take part in this party. Including the two classes that Liu Yi is in-charge of.

The party is rather big-scale and they had built a large stage outdoors.

The school had also invited professionals to design it as well as fence up the surrounding. Only students who had obtained a ticket will be able to enter and watch the party.

This is to prevent people who are not from the school from entering the party, thus they came up with this policy. After all, for the party this time round, they had invited the recently famous Wang Yuzheng to take part. At that time, it will definitely be a full house.

What makes Liu Yi somewhat surprise is that even Mo Lan and Gu Yu are also preparing an item for this party well!

“Are the two of you sure?”

Liu Yi is standing backstage as he looks at the two girls who are currently making their preparation.

“Rubbish, did you think that we came up with this item!”

Gu Yu rolls her eyes, “Who asked the two of us to be the class monitors of the class! Those fellows are unable to come up with a program and let the two of us come out with it. Damn it!”

“What are you afraid of, no matter what the challenge is, I, Mo Lan shall accept it!”

Mo Lan pats her ample chest, “Wait for me to oppress everyone present!”

“Oi, oi. This is a performance item, not a martial arts competition ah!”

Liu Yi said in his heart, how did these two lasses pass the primary selection in the first place ah!

“Mo Lan, this time around, we shall determine the winner!”

Gu Yu crosses her arms and gives Mo Lan a provoking look.

Mo Lan says loudly, “Okay then, sure! Liu Yi shall belong to whoever wins!”

Liu Yi starts sweating.

What the hell is going on!

Gu Yu coughs before saying, “Hmph…I am not interested in Liu Yi. But if you lose, you must leave here. Your World Manor shall have no parts to the Sky Splitting Lance!”

“Less of this nonsense. We shall use Liu Yi as the stake do you dare to compete?”

“Who says that I do not dare! Let’s compete!”

Gu Yu naturally is unable to endure this indirect challenge and immediately falls for it.

“Good. Indeed you are the disciple that makes Immortal Snow Peak proud. You are indeed a bit imposing!”

Mo Lan laughs, “Then let us compete on whose program is more well-received!”

“Okay! It’s a deal!”

“It’s a deal!”

Fine then! These two girls are in a dispute!

Seeing the two of them glaring at each other at the backstage, Liu Yi raps them on the back of their heads.

Liu Yi reminds the two of them, “Both of you exercise restraint for me! This place is an evening party, not your battlefield!”

“Hmph! This is a battle between us girls! Don’t you interfere!”

Mo Lan rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Don’t think that you can bully us with your stronger cultivation. I, Mo Lan definitely will not be afraid of you! Worst come to worst we shall just fight!”

“Wait a minute!”

Mo Lan’s voice attracted the attention of a number of people making pressing down her shoulder and say, “The two of you better put our mind on preparing your program.”

“Boss! Boss, what do you think of this slab of mine!”

Just as Liu Yi planned to placate the two girls, from the side comes a joyful cry.

Liu Yi turns around to see Chen Cai walking over happily. On his shoulder is a large meter long green stone slab. He is holding a large hammer in his right hand as well as carrying a large iron spear on his back!

“What the, what are you going to do ah, besiege a city?”

Liu Yi is dumbstruck.

“No ah boss. I also have a program ah!”

Chen Cai places down the large stone slab and nearly smashed a hole in the backstage.

“What program? Besiege competition?”

“A preserved China’s traditional program ah!”

Chen Cai’s excitement causes Liu Yi to have some bad premonition.

“Wh-what preserved program? Game?”

“No ah! It is using the chest to break stone as well as using throat to resist an iron spear!”

Chen Cai pats his large wall brick, “How is it boss, it is very cool right?”

“What the…”

Liu Yi nearly vomits out his blood while from the side came the laughter of girls.

“Hehehe…Chen Cai are you a clown?”

Everyone turns around and takes a look. The one who is laughing is none other than Murong Die and Wang Lele!

A group of girls walking over attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Liu Yi looked down. These people are none other what that seems to be his fan group.

And Zhang Xin is also inside…furthermore, with the individual bizarre dress, it seems like they are going to be doing a performance?


Chapter 766    [Pretending to be a clown]

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