MKW Chapter 765

Chapter 765   [Title below]


Liu Yi finds a place and uses Imperial Sword Technique. His speed is very fast and reaches the airport in less than 5 minutes.

He ran to the place which was state on the SMS which is a coffee shop in the airport hall to wait for Wang Yuzheng.

In the coffee shop sits a familiar figure. But she is wearing a white hat as well as black sunglasses and a white face mask.

She is holding a cup of fruit juice in front of her but she is not in the mood to taste it as she looks around.

Seeing Liu Yi walking in, this figure is unable to sit still and jumps up. She waved her hands at Liu Yi immediately and runs over.

This fully wrapped up figure is none other than Wang Yuzheng.

The two of them are too familiar with one another. Even though she completely covers up, Liu Yi is still able to recognize her with a glance.

“Welcome to Jingdou.”

Liu Yi uses proper Japanese and says, “The entrance to Jingdou is always open, always open to embrace you.”

“Get lost, annoying!”

Wang Yuzheng miss Liu Yi a lot. After hugging him tightly and hearing how he still has the mood to tease her, she immediately hammers his chest lightly.


Liu Yi changes back to Chinese before gently rubbing Wang Yuzheng’s hair, “It has been exhausting, right?”

Wang Yuzheng is rather optimistic and she intimately leans on Liu Yi’s shoulder and says, “Still okay…if I wish to succeed, I need to invest great effort, hehe…”

She sniffs lightly before pouting and says, “Hmph, you are rather free and easy ah, there is the smell of a woman on you!”

“Cough, were you born in the year of the dog?”

“Hmph, the nose of a woman is very sensitive especially regarding the smell of another woman!”

Wang Yuzheng is somewhat resentful, “But seeing how you immediately came to find me, I shall forgive this matter! Next time when this official summons you, you still need to come and appear in front of this official!”

Liu Yi pats his arms then pretends to kneel down and says, “This subject received the imperial decree!”

“Obedient! Xiao Liu, piggyback Ai-jia out of the palace!”

“This one obeys.”

[TL: Ai-jia is how a widowed empress refer to themselves.]

Liu Yi squats down while Wang Yuzheng jumps up onto Liu Yi’s back and this way the two of them walked out of the airport hall.

Leaning on Liu Yi’s back, Wang Yuzheng feels a sense of calmness. This feeling of at ease makes her have an urge to lean on Liu Yi’s back and sleep. But she does not wish to sleep as she has very little time to meet Liu Yi thus she does not wish to sleep, does not wish…

Thus Wang Yuzheng bites her lips and uses the pain to wake herself up.

As Liu Yi piggybacks Wang Yuzheng while he walks on without any destination, he asks, “Talking about this, why did you return to the country at this time? Did you finish your studies in Japan?”

“Ah…teacher say that I learn very fast…thus I came back. Furthermore, this time round I was also invited back to your school to perform. Hehe, my manager says that this event will be very beneficial to my popularity, after all, I come from KeDa. This time around, returning to KeDa to take part in an activity, there are a lot of benefits!”

“What the, so the superstar that KeDa invited was you ah?”

Liu Yi was shocked. And here I was thinking who could it be, so it was actually my girl!

Looks like Wang Yuzheng had really reaped quite a bit of popularity going to Japan!

“How is it, did the Redstar Entertainment treat you well? If it was no good, let me know and I shall help you exterminate them!”

Liu Yi teases Wang Yuzheng, after all, Wang Yuzheng does not know that he is the behind the scene boss of Red Star.

“Get lost. Don’t mess around. The company treats me rather well! All of the resources were all given to me immediately. Even this time around the opportunity to go to Japan was also the same. A lot of other idols in the company were all jealous about it.”

“That is good then. No one can bully my woman.”

Liu Yi nods his head, how can it be not good. You are the girlfriend of the Redstar boss!

I am your boss and you are my boss…

“But the manager is rather strict towards me. I do not have any private space. This time around I took advantage of the fact that the manager went to get in contact with the company and secretly ran out to find you…hehe, originally my manager didn’t allow me to run about, perhaps she will be very angry when she realizes that I am not in the VIP room.”

“What the, who dares to stop my woman to come and meet me!”

Liu Yi snorts, “It is right and proper for a wife to meet her husband!”

“Give me a break! This is also for my own good! After all, I am already starting to foster my popularity and the path that I am walking on is the path of a fresh and pure young lady idol…if people got to know that I have a boyfriend…perhaps my popularity will disappear. But…if it makes you suffer…or you do not like it, I can also not do it and find another job. Which I can do forever ah…”

Hearing what Wang Yuzheng says, it causes Liu Yi to feel warmth in his heart.

“How can you say such things!”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “I am only joking with you. I will not meddle with your dream. Since you have chosen this path, then you must persevere. Your husband, will support you all the way!”

“Mm… husband is the best…”

Wang Yuzheng places her cheek against Liu Yi’s neck and feels warm all over her body.

With his support…it is really good…

“As long as I have time, I will secretly come out to meet you! I will not let you be too lonely! Hehe, even if this official is not present, there is still a large group of girls surrounding you!”

“Cough…talking about this, today’s weather is really good.”

Liu Yi coughs as this topic is too embarrassing.

“Hmph, still not admitting? Do I not understand you? Wherever you go, you always have luck with ladies!”

Wang Yuzheng says softly into Liu Yi’s ear. Although her tone is reproachful and jealous, Liu Yi is able to hear more tolerance.

“So, when this official is not around, I will not be worried that you will be too lonely. Thinking about this, it is also quite good.”

Liu Yi suddenly asks, “What if I miss you too much?”

“This ah, easy!”

Wang Yuzheng giggles and says, “This official has a method to handle it which is guaranteed to make you satisfied!”

Liu Yi hurriedly asked, “What method? ”

“Here you go!”

Wang Yuzheng pulls out a CD from her bag and stretches in front of her and waves it in front of Liu Yi, “Special limited edition CD! Inside there is my personal signature!”

“Wow! You produced an album already ah!”

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten. The pure neighbor girl in pigtails on the CD is none other than his Wang Yuzheng.

“Hehe, of course! Who is this official!”

Wang Yuzheng wags her little tail in delight.

“In the future, if husband misses me, you can take a look at my cover to relieve boredom as well as listening to my song! How is it, this official is very smart, right?”

Wang Yuzheng says in delight, “Quickly praise me!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Very smart. Then husband shall accept it!”

Liu Yi is filled with delight while Wang Yuzheng moves away the CD. She stretches out her other hand and opens it in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

“Thank you for your patronage, 100 dollars!”

“What the, you lass! Still, dare to earn your husband’s money! I see that your butt is itch!”

“Not at all! This is the first album! The significance is very profound. You as my husband should be the first to buy it and support your wife’s career. Don’t you agree?”

Wang Yuzheng had stayed outside for a while already and now she becomes much better at talking.

Liu Yi forces out a smile, really do not know how to explain ah.

“Fine, fine, fine. 100 then 100…after all my money is your money.”

Liu Yi can only reach into his pocket and pull out a 100 dollar note and pass it to Wang Yuzheng.

“Hmph, this is not the same! This 100 dollar was earned by this official with much hardship! This official did not force you to buy. It is you who is willing to buy it one, right?”

Wang Yuzheng is still pleased with herself.

“Yes, yes, yes. I am your number one fan ah!”

Liu Yi takes the CD from Wang Yuzheng and keeps it away.

To be honest is a while more, Wang Yuzheng’s song will be turned into a music origin and be posted online.

At that time, he will let Little Jade download into her memory space then it will be OK. But like what Wang Yuzheng had said, this CD’s commemoration feeling has an even larger significance.

My school flower girlfriend. That little girl who loves singing back then had now turned into a small star.

Liu Yi has a kind of success in cultivating feelings.

“Hehe, superstar, come let your fan kiss you!”

Liu Yi twists his head over and wants to kiss Wang Yuzheng’s face.

“Hmph, cannot! A celebrity needs to maintain a distance from fans. How can I let you take small advantages of me!”

Wang Yuzheng deliberately bickers with Liu Yi and turns her face to the side, dodging Liu Yi’s mouth.

“Aiyah such cruel temperament ah. I just do not believe it. This fan must kiss you no matter what today!”

Liu Yi placed Wang Yuzheng down before kissing towards her face.

The mask and spectacles had covered too much of Wang Yuzheng’s face. There is only a small cheek exposed which is Liu Yi’s target.

But Wang Yuzheng keeps dodging not letting Liu Yi kiss.

The two of them play around in the airport like there is no one else around.

They had been separated for too long. A small separation surpasses newlywed.

As the two of them are messing around happily, from the side comes a female coughing sound. “Cough, cough…”


Wang Yuzheng instantly turns around in shock as she looks at the girl wearing a red coat by the side.

That girl is wearing black frame spectacles and appears to be around 30 years old.

“Ah…Sister Wang…”

Wang Yuzheng is clearly slightly afraid of this girl which makes Liu Yi purse his brows.

Who is this woman?

When that woman speaks her voice contains a kind of rebuke, “Yuzheng ah, I have been looking for you for a very long time. It is wrong for you to act in this manner.”

“So-sorry Sister Wang…”

Wang Yuzheng is like a little kid who had done something wrong as she lowers her head.

The woman continues to lecture, “Next time around don’t be like this. Remember your current identity. You cannot be as willful as in the past.”

“Understood Sister Wang…”

Wang Yuzheng is perfectly happy to be lectured but Liu Yi is unhappy and asks, “Who is this?”

“Ah right…I forgot to introduce…”

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly introduces to Liu Yi, “This person is my manager, Wang Zhaoyu, Sister Wang.”

So she is the manager?

Only then is Liu Yi relieved. but he is still unhappy as he looks at this woman.

“You do need to tell me a bit right, Yuzheng. Who is this guy?”


Chapter 765    [Who are you]

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