MKW Chapter 764

Chapter 764   [Title below]


Wu Jianyu looks at his genuine Switzerland wristwatch and says coldly, “There is one minute left.”

The bride crosses her arms and says haughtily, “That’s right. After a minute, perhaps these two clowns will be unmasked and the truth exposed.”

Liu Yi shakes his head. It looks like this bride only sees the good about herself but is unable to see the good in others.

Jealous of others, this attitude is the most intolerable one. It can destroy oneself or a group of people.

“I’ll give you this one minute.” Liu Yi sighs and says, “There is still time for you to reflect upon yourself.”

“Hahaha, are you crazy? Why did you give up treatment?”

The bride starts laughing again and almost lost her breath.

“Some people’s thinking is too interesting. Even when he is about to die, he does not even know how he died.”

Wu Jianyu sneers, “It is almost time already. Mr Liu, there is no need for me to ask you to leave, right….”

Before he finished, his phone starts ringing.

Wu Jianyu takes out his phone and takes a look. He frowns slightly before picking it up.

Liu Yi stands behind Zhang Meixin as he gently massages her shoulder, helping to relax the nervous her.

After picking up the call, Wu Jianyu’s face turns pale as his body sways and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

His phone falls from his hand as he turns completely stunned. His expression as he looks at Liu Yi is filled with horror.

“Husband, what is the matter with you?”

The bride also does not know what had happened. Just as she is about to inquire, her own phone starts ringing.

The bride takes out her newest iPhone and picks up the call.

“What? Fired? Why? Based on what did you fire me for?”

The bride’s voice increases by an octave and instantly exploded.

“Was my service bad? What is the matter?”

Redstar Bank’s job postings are currently very mightly. The bride does not wish to give it up. She persistently asks but the counterpart’s single sentence causes her to fall into a valley.

“What…I, I provoked the chairman…”

Hearing this, even if the bride’s mind is slow, she should also understand.

Her phone also dropped as she looks at Liu Yi who is standing there by her senior sister’s side massaging her shoulder.

It is like thunder from a clear sky striking her.

Why…why would this happen….this guy is the boss of Redstar Conglomerate?

How, how is this possible! How could this be!

Isn’t today the day of my marriage? Shouldn’t I be marrying a wealthy husband and the start to live a comfortable life?

By why…why is everything done for…

Both I and my husband were both laid-off…although we can still continue to find a job later, but…we need to restart from the beginning ah…

Why have things become like this…

“Liu Yi…”

The most emotional one is actually Zhang Meixin. She did not expect that Liu Yi would have such ability!

Other than his relationship with the government, he is also secretly the boss of Redstar Conglomerate!

Right now, not even did I now know how powerful he is, even my classmates also got to see his might.

“We should leave now.”

Liu Yi gently pulls Zhang Meixin’s hand and walks out under the dumbstruck gaze of the crowd.

This wedding ceremony had already fallen apart. The reason why it had turned like this is not just because of Liu Yi, but because of the two of them.

One is jealous while the other had perverted thoughts. This is why it had turned like this.

Like the ancient saying, ‘Serve you right for doing something so stupid’.

“Don’t leave!”

Wu Jianyu suddenly begs, “I beg you don’t leave. Help me ask for mercy, I do not wish to be laid-off!”

Wu Jianyu is a very smart person. He knows that he had provoked a person whom he should not have provoked.

Liu Yi is the chairman of Redstar Conglomerate. In Jingdou City, he can be said to be very influential. He will definitely not have a good time after provoking him.

Today I got fired by East China Trading Company and this matter will definitely swiftly spread throughout the entire financial circle of Jingdou. In the future, it will be hard for me to join another company. After all, who would still dare to use me?

Furthermore, I have just bought a house in Jingdou! The enormous house loan is still pressing down on me!

Without a job, without a stable income, what am I going to do in the future?

Why did I provoke such a person…right, that’s right? It is all because of my wife, it is all because of this woman!

If it was not for her, I wouldn’t have become so miserable.

As for the bride, she instantly started crying, not knowing what to do as she asks, “Husband…I, what should we do…”

“What’s to be done? What’s to be done? You still fucking have the face to ask what’s to be done?”

Wu Jianyu instantly raises his hand and gives his bride a slap, “It is all because of you. You this failure of a wife. It is was not for you being jealous of your senior sister, would be become  so miserable?”

“You, you dare to hit me!”

After being slapped, the bride also exploded.

“You still dare to beat me despite being incapable! I am going to fight it out with you!”

“Damn it, stinky woman, seeking death!”

The originally wedding reception that was full of joy change completely changed the atmosphere. The bride and groom are fighting as their relatives start to go up step forward to try and stop the fight. Finally, they were injured accidentally and also join in the fight. After which it developed into a group brawl. The two families fought into a huge mess as the entire hotel had turned into a completely mess.

While Liu Yi had already pulled Zhang Meixin and left the hotel. The progress of the fight is no longer related to the two of them and was all caused by themselves. Like the saying, it serves them right for doing something so stupid.

“Good fellow. I did not think that you were also the boss of Redstar!”

After leaving the hotel, Zhang Meixin had turned even more casual. She slaps Liu Yi’s butt and says excitedly, “Big sister, I had pucked up a treasure?”

“Sweat…in broad daylight, can you not be so casual.”

Liu Yi grabs hold of Zhang Meixin’s hand that is about to slap him again, “It was a long time ago since I established Redstar. Back then I was only in second senior high and Redstar was also not that big. It was only slightly impressive in North Dragon City. But because of my other identity, my relationship with the government is not bad. With the government opening a green light for me, naturally Redstar Conglomerate became bigger and bigger.”

“You were already so impressive when you are in second senior high…simply not human…”

Zhang Meixin curls her lips and suddenly thought of something as she lets out an exclamation!

“Right! Recently, Redstar Medical Industry is going to distribute that cosmetic that is able to let one maintain a youthful appearance, did that come from that whatever youth-preserving pill of yours?”

This woman is rather smart, she actually thought of it so quickly.

“That’s right. But it is a youth-preserving pill that was diluted multiple times so the effect is only so-so. As for the real youth-preserving pill, after you had taken one, you will be forever youthful.”

“Hehe, big sister had indeed picked up a treasure. This is then the main point ah!”

No woman does not wish to be forever youthful. Thinking here, Zhang Meixin becomes very happy.

So what if that junior sister of mine had married the richest man in the world. In the end, wouldn’t she still turn old? As for me, I will be young-looking forever who will make all of the girls envious to death about me!

“Talking about this, what is there you cannot do in this world? Why do I feel like you can do anything!”

Zhang Meixin is slightly jealous as she says, “Don’t know what is the use of us.”

“You cannot put it like this. I am not omnipotent. In this world, there are still a number of things that I unable to do .”

Liu Yi strongly emphasizes, “At the very least, I alone am unable to do things like sex.”

“Tsk, in your mind you only think about ** this kind of matter!”

Zhang Meixin rolls her eyes, “Don’t you men still have your left and right hand? What are you afraid of! Aren’t there this saying, ‘Doing it yourself gives ample food and clothing’.”

“That, this sentence is not right.”

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood, did Zhang Meixin learn her literature and language from the P.E teacher!

“Who cares, this is called creatively combine learning with usage!”

Zhang Meixin casually waves her hand. After all, she is in biology. There is no need to perform an in-depth investigation of language and the likes.

“Right, recently there is an activity in the school are you going to attend?”

“What event?”

When Liu Yi heard that there is going to be an event, he instantly becomes curious.

In this late winter, what other events can there be?

“Christmas evening party ah, idiot!”

Zhang Meixin rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Have you never celebrated Christmas day before?”

“I never remember such events…”

Liu Yi coughs drily before saying, “I am too busy.”

“Fine then. Then right now it is still not too late to tell you.”

Zhang Meixin says, “On the 25 of this month, Keda and Qingbei are going to host the Christmas Merriment evening party. It will be held in our Keda’s Dew auditorium.”

“Oh, that sounds quite good.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “University is so good. So many fun events. Junior senior high was so bitter. Other than supporting studying, the school does not support anything else.”

“Yeah, they needed to diversify the development.”

Zhang Meixin loathes bookworm type education the most, “I heard that this time around, they had invited a very famous star to take part in this evening party!”

Liu Yi recalls that arrogant star from the previous time and exclaimed, “What the, it wouldn’t be that whatever Huang Dan?”

“If she comes, I am not going!”

“Haha, this time around, it is not her!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s unhappy expression, Zhang Meixin cannot help but laugh, “I also know of the matter back then. Relax. This time around the one who was invited is not her. As for who it is, the school still has not informed us. The moment they inform us, I will be the first to inform you.”

“Mm, okay then. Let us go back.”

Just as Liu Yi is about to flag down a taxi to return to school with Zhang Meixin, he suddenly received an SMS.

‘Husband! I am at Jingdou Airport, my plane had just landed in the airstrip, quickly come and pick me up!’

This SMS was sent by Wang Yuzheng. After accepting this SMS, Liu Yi was startled.

Wang Yuzheng returned to the country? This is a piece of good news!

“Aiyah, your little girlfriend had come back to look for you. Quickly go and pick her up then!”

Zhang Meixin’s sight is not bad. Along with her curiosity, she peeks at Liu Yi’s SMS from the side and says with a bit of jealousy, “You better not let her wait too long. Right now her identity is different from the past.”

“That… what about you?”

“I can take the taxi back myself. It is not like I do not know the way back!”

After Zhang Meixin speaks, she waves her hand and immediately flags down a taxi before leaving.

Although she is slightly jealous Zhang Meixin grasps the big picture very clearly. Liu Yi is very clear about this point thus he becomes much fonder of her.

But right now the top priority job is to hurry up and meet Wang Yuzheng!


Chapter 764    [Returning back to home country]

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