MKW Chapter 763

Chapter 763   [Title below]


The bride and groom echo one another on the stage making Liu Yi and Zhang Meixin slightly curious.

What are they doing?

“Now let us invite this pair of new people.”

A trace of treacherous flashes across Wu Jianyu’s eyes, “Come, come, come. Let’s give our new couple a round of applause. They seem to be a bit shy.”

“What should we do?”

Zhang Meixin is hesitant as she feels that going up seems to be not a good thing.

“No worries. Let us go up.”

Liu Yi pulls Zhang Meixin’s hand and confidently walks up the stage with her.

“Our new pair is really an ideal couple ah. I hope that the next wedding ceremony will be the two of you.”

The bride beams as she says, “All of us know this beautiful woman, she is my senior sister Zhang Meixin who was also the school flower back then. The number of guys who chased after her can line up all the way to Qingbei University!”

When she is saying this, Liu Yi can hear her jealousy.

“Right now our school flower had already been taken and it is this Mr Liu. Since everyone still does not know our Mr Liu, why don’t we let our senior sister to once again introduce this fortunate guy!”

Everyone’s gaze lands on Liu Yi. A lot of them come from guys who are either envious or jealous.

Zhang Meixin becomes nervous. Letting Liu Yi pretend to be a boss is to not lose face in front of her junior sister. Unexpectedly it would turn into such a big matter.

She does not know what to do while Liu Yi takes a step forward. He smiles as he says, “Let me introduce myself instead. My name is Liu Yi, this year I am 24. Although I am younger than my girlfriend by three years like the ancient saying ‘Woman older by three is like embracing gold’. Right now I am hugging a large piece of gold in my embrace which makes me very blessed.”

Liu Yi’s words attracted a lot of goodwill from people while a few cannot help but laugh.

Of course, there are even more who are jealous. Being able to find Zhang Meixin this kind of girlfriend, how would others not be jealous?

But if they got to know of Zhang Meixin’s character after they had graduated, perhaps they will no longer be jealous.

Only Liu Yi is able to take a girl with such a heavy taste.

“Our senior sister has found a decent boyfriend.”

The bride continues to say, “I heard that he is the boss of a company! Really is an ideal couple, really is worthy of celebrations!”

Wu Jianyu put him on the spot, “That’s right but which is Mr Liu’s company ah? Why don’t you tell us.”

Zhang Meixin becomes nervous. If this matter got exposed, how can I raise my head in front of these classmates…

But Liu Yi is very calm as he says, “Actually it is also not any big company thus I am embarrassed to say it.”

“No worries, it is also fine if it is a small company. All of us are classmates and will not look down on you. A boss that starts up from scratch, even if it is just a small company, you can also be called a boss, hahaha!”

Although Wu Jianyu says it quite nicely but the sarcasm is very clear.

Liu Yi smiles in his heart, this Wu Jianyu is clearly coming after me, wishing to play to my death.

But no worries. Since you wish to play then I shall play with you properly.

“That’s right, come on and say it so that we can go and root for you t!”

The bride also becomes delighted. Pretending to be a boss in front of my husband, aren’t you just seeking death!

Senior sister still wishes to use this kind of method to satisfy her reputation, hmph! Dream on!

This time around, she wants to completely expose her!

“Fine then, since today’s bride and groom wish to know, then it is also fine if I say it.”

Liu Yi senses Zhang Meixin’s nervousness and holds her hands before saying, “I am the boss of Redstar Conglomerate.”

“What did you say?”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes everyone to present to be startled.

Very quickly, the groom Wu Jianyu is the first to react and start laughing loudly.

“Hahaha, Mr Liu ah, you are really humorous! Redstar Conglomerate’s boss? Why don’t you say that you are the CEO of Microsoft?”

“I do not have any relation with Microsoft,” Liu Yi smiles and says, “But Redstar is indeed my company.”

“Senior sister ah, your boyfriend is really humorous ah!”

The bride is unable to hold back her laughter, “I also know of Redstar Conglomerate. That is our nation’s conglomerate! Let’s not mention others but I am a manager in the Redstar Bank which is under the banner of Redstar Conglomerate! Why have I never heard of such a boss?”

Redstar bank was only set up recently. Redstar wishes to develop into a finance big shot thus opening a bank is an irresistible trend.

Because of the relationship with the government, Redstar Bank was set up smoothly and the public also assisted very quickly.

Although with the fact that it is a rising bank, thus some benefit treatments are not bad as it vigorously recruits banking talent.

The bride Liu Ying graduated from Kede’s Fiance Department. In the past, she did related work in some small companies. Later on, though testing, she entered Redstar Bank and her pay was very good. Right now her monthly basic salary is 15k and her bonus is way higher than her basic salary.

She got to know this Wu Jianyu while she was running errands. The two of them hit off instantly and finally entered the marriage hall.

The two of them echoing one another like this make everyone present look at Zhang Meixin in a different light.

“Didn’t expect that the school flower was so vain ah…”

“Tsk, tsk. And here I thought that her boyfriend was rather good. So it is just a boasting idiot!”

“Hey, so what if boasting. Boasting does not break the law.”

The people below started chatting making Zhang Meixin turn red but she does not wish to blame Liu Yi.

After all, Liu Yi only tells lies to give her face. She can only pull Liu Yi and says, “Let’s, let’s go…”

This is the first time Liu Yi sees Zhang Meixin showing weakness. She is a biology Ph.D. and is also one of the elders of the government 12 zodiac project as well as one of the participants.

One can say that with just a wave of her hand she is able to destroy everyone in this room. But she bears with it which makes Liu Yi sincerely admire her.

Only a person who is able to control his strength is a real expert.

“Let me finish.”

Liu Yi grabs hold of Zhang Meixin as he maintains his confident smile.

“Looks like the two of you do not believe?”

“Hahaha, what are you still pretending for. All of us are old classmates. Just say your identity then!”

The bride laughs as she says, “We will not discriminate against you. But telling lies is certainly no good!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Miss Zhang, this person is actually your colleague, right.”

Wu Jianyu smiles confidently and gives off the haughtiness of someone of a higher position. “It is nothing if he has a humble identity but he likes to talk big. Miss Zhang, you really must consider your choices a bit.”

“It is my own choice.”

Right now, Zhang Meixin becomes unhappy. She grabs hold of Liu Yi tightly as she hugs his arm, “This guy is my choice and he is thousands of times stronger than you.”

How is it possible for these fellows to know of Liu Yi’s greatness?

A group of common people!

“Hehe, how great can a guy who talks big and uses fake branded clothes to cover himself be?”

Wu Jianyu sneers, “For a small character like him, it is normally very hard for him to even speak with me. Miss Zhang, I am only doing it for your own good. You really should reconsider a bit.”

“That’s right senior sister. Why don’t I introduce to you someone from my bank? His job is good, he earns a lot and most importantly, there is no need for him to boast or pretend ah!”

By the side, the bride pours salt into the wounds.

Liu Yi did not become angry, instead, he asks, “Mr Wu, you’re the CEO of East Sea China Trading Company right? This bride, you are Redstar Bank’s service manager right?”

“What? Did you feel inferior after hearing of our identity?”

Wu Jianyu chuckles, “Right now there is still time for you to apologize to everyone present before leaving Miss Zhang.”

“There is also no need to leave right. I feel that the two of them are well-matched.”

The bride winks, “Our senior sister will never fall for an average person. Perhaps it might be some parts of this Mr Liu that makes senior sister very fond of him right?”

This sentence utterly mocks the two of them.

Zhang Meixin clenches her fist while Liu Yi comforts her, “It’s okay, leave everything to me.”

After he whispers into Zhang Meixin’s ear, he raises his head and says, “Since everyone does not believe then I can prove it to you guys to see. But I’m afraid that you guys will find it hard to accept the consequences…”

“Hahaha, would you die if you don’t talk big?”

The bride is about to laugh until she is unable to stand straight. “This person is too amusing…senior sister where did you find him ah, hahaha….”

“We do not welcome you to this wedding ceremony, you better leave.” Wu Jianyu waves his hand, “Leaving on yourself is still quite beautiful.”

“Don’t be anxious. I will naturally leave but it is only after proving myself.”

As Liu Yi speaks he pulls out his handphone and makes a call.

“Hey, Dahai?”

From the phone comes the clear voice of Chen Dahai. “What is your command?”

“Two matters.”

Liu Yi raises two fingers, “First, acquire East China Trading Company. It must be fast. After acquiring it, immediately fire their CEO. Second, there is a person call Liu Ying in Redstar Bank acting as a service manager right? Same, fire her as well. Finish these two matters within ten minutes.”

Liu Yi is not talking big. Firing Liu Ying is easy as well as delightful. As for East China Trading Company, Liu Yi had checked it up through Little Jade. It is not a very large company. It is only a twenty million company. To acquire this kind of company, it is just a matter of minutes for Redstar to acquire it.

“Okay, guarantee to complete the task!”

Chen Dahai hangs up and hurries to deal with these two matters.

While Wu Jianyu smiles again, “Acquiring East China Trading Company and firing the two of us? Your acting is rather real ah!”

“Don’t believe then we’ll see after waiting ten minutes.”

Liu Yi points at the clock hanging by the side and says, “After ten minutes the results will come up. How is it, are you willing to wait ten minutes?”

“I can wait. Just that I’m afraid that when I wait till the end, the one who is crying is the two of you.”

Wu Jianyu sneers as his bride crosses her arms as well.

“Tsk, I originally thought that I would be able to see senior sister become better but I did not expect that right now she had fallen to such a state. Husband, there is indeed all kind of people in the world ah!”

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly feels that this bride is ugly.

Don’t mention wearing a wedding dress, even if she wears the most beautiful immortal clothing, she is still extremely ugly.


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