MKW Chapter 762

Chapter 762   [Title below]


In the past, Liu Yi was always pulled by his mother to attend a wedding ceremony. Right now he is going to attend a wedding ceremony with such a young pretty girl, it is a first for him.

When he was young, he attended the wedding ceremony to get a meal that’s all. But today it is a bit different.

Today, Liu Yi is wearing a rather dashing black suit and red necktie.

This necktie was tied up by Zhang Meixin. Although she looks very casual, she ties the necktie very carefully. It is both neat and nice-looking.

While Liu Yi also purposely let out a noble aura. Those who do not know about him might really think that he is a son of nobility.

During his one month of studying in the organization, acting is also an important course. Thus, acting like the boss of a company is like what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes for Liu Yi.

But the one who attracted the attention of the entire place is still Zhang Meixin by his side.

Normally when Zhang Meixin is in school, she usually wears a white coat.

Today she had dolled herself up. She had taken off her coat when she entered the hotel and inside, she is wearing a white formal cheongsam.

Most importantly, it is also a low-cut white evening gown. Zhang Meixin was originally very beautiful. With this matching white evening gown, it makes her look just like a beautiful princess!

Along with the low-cut dress, it is basically like a killer weapon, instant-killing a lot of the men in the room making the girls feel inferior.

Indeed, girls with big breasts have strong destructive power…

If I compare Wang Lele and Zhang Meixin, their beauty is completely different.

Wang Lele is more pure and endearing silly while Zhang Meixin is more like an imperial sister and the aura of a queen.

Zhang Meixin purposefully hooks her arm around Liu Yi’sand whispers into his ears, “Today’s costume is still not bad. When we are walking over, a lot of girls were looking at you.”

“It cant be compared to your allure.”

Liu Yi turns his head over and can see that deep ravine without any bottom of Zhang Meixin’s. He instantly coughs, “A lot of people’s eyeballs are about to drop onto your body.”

“They are all just superficial men.”

Zhang Meixin curls her lips, “I am so outstanding and it was not earned through my breasts! But what most guys see first is my breasts! Boring, didn’t all of them drink their mother’s milk growing up!”

Liu Yi is slightly ashamed, “Actually…my first look was also your breasts…”

“It’s nothing. Later when we return, I’ll feed you. It is a pity that I do not have any milk, otherwise, I would let you drink until you are full.”

Liu Yi was instantly killed by Zhang Meixin’s words.

As the two of them are chatting, a guy wearing a well-ironed western suit walks over suddenly from the side. Beside him is a girl wearing a wedding dress.

That girl is rather good looking but compared to Zhang Meixin, she is inferior.

But when a bride wears a wedding dress, she does have some beauty. Perhaps the most beautiful moment of a woman is during this day.

The guy in a western suit by the side should be the groom. He looks around 30+ years old. He is rather mature and is wearing golden frame spectacles giving off a refined look.

But when he saw Zhang Meixin, he clearly turns blank as his eyes follow Zhang Meixin’s low-cut dress and look inside. It seems like after trying his best to have a day, he is still unable to pull his eyes out.

“Husband, this is my senior sister! Zhang Meixin!”

The bride noticed her husband’s loss of self-control and hurriedly pinched him secretly and says softly, “Senior sister had taken care of me quite a bit when I was in university…”

If the bride’s image in Liu Yi’s eyes in the past is still not bad, right now, it is completely destroyed.

Because her voice is really too coy…it is not like Wang Lele’s voice but a kind of…purposefully act out kind of coyness!

This causes Liu Yi to be somewhat unable to accept it as goosebumps on his arms start to rise.

“Senior sister, this one is my husband, Wu Jianyu.”

That junior sister pulls her man and uses a coy voice and says proudly, “My husband is East China trading company’s CEO. Only recently did he return to China. Hehe, senior sister, how is it, not bad right?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Still not bad.”

Looking at the junior sister who is like a peacock spreading its tail, Zhang Meixin only smiles faintly as she maintains her senior sister’s grace.

“Nice to meet you.”

Wu Jianyu extends out his hand and grasps Zhang Meixin’s hand.

When he grasped her hand, Wu Jianyu is somewhat unwilling to let go but Zhang Meixin had pulled back her hand calmly.

“I always hear Xiao Ying mentioning about you. Today I have finally seen the real person and indeed you can be counted as one of the school flowers in the past.”

Wu Jianyu calmly flatters Zhang Meixin.

“Thank you.”

Zhang Meixin nods her head silently before tightly pulling Liu Yi’s arm and says, “I forgot to introduce. This is my boyfriend, Liu Yi.”

“Aiyah, when did senior sister have a boyfriend ah?”

The bride immediately looks at Liu Yi as her lips curl up, “Don’t tell me that to keep your face, senior sister purposefully went online to hire a boyfriend? I heard that kind of thing is quite popular recently ah!”

“Let you see a joke. We have been dating for a very long time.”

Liu Yi chuckles before pulling Zhang Meixin to his side before kissing her deeply.

Zhang Meixin lets out a cry before french kissing back. The emotion is not something that can be faked.

“Aiyah…so hateful…”

After a long time did the two of them part. Zhang Meixin hammers Liu Yi’s arm lightly and says, “There are so many people here ah…really…”

Wu Jianyu says somewhat sourly, “Your feelings are really good ah…”

“That’s right. Perhaps after a while more, we ought to get married.”

Liu Yi carcasses Zhang Meixin’s hair tenderly and says lightly, “We have already agreed to get married overseas. At that time, we shall go to Malaysia first then fly to Paris, Merlin, London, Sydney….right, we must also go to Venice at least once. At that time if you like there, we shall buy a villa there. In the future, when we go on holiday, we can stay there for a few days.”


Zhang Meixin is like an obedient rabbit as she leans against Liu Yi.

The two people opposite are dumbstruck. From the sound of this guy’s tone…it is like he is really rich.

That senior sister cannot help but ask, “This…senior sister, what does your husband do?”

“He ah, also nothing much.” Zhang Meixin waves her hand and says, “He only has a small company.”

“A small company…”

The junior sister and Wu Jianyu glance at each other, “Sound like it is pretty good…”

“It is only so-so.”

Liu Yi says low-key, “It is just a small company. Just worth a bit. Enough to make a living.”

“Oh? Then may I know what company did you open?”

Unexpectedly Wu Jianyu became serious, “My East China Trading Company dips into a lot of circles. Perhaps we might have the opportunity to collaborate.”

“Not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning.”

Liu Yi continues to wave his hand, “Let’s not ask anymore. I’m really ashamed to mention it.”

The bride continues to ask, “Hehe, come on and say it, I am rather interested!”

“Forget it. There is nothing interesting to hear.”

Zhang Meixin is afraid that they might get exposed thus she immediately pulls Liu Yi and says, “There seem to be a few classmates there. I’ll go and greet them.”

She pulls Liu Yi’s arm and pulls him as she walks to the side.

“Tsk, what company boss. From what I see, he is just pretending .”

The bride crosses her arms and pouts as she says, “Talk like she is trying to scare me, does she really think that I am an idiot ah!”

“Wife, don’t be upset. I shall help you expose them.”

Wu Jianyu chuckles. He wishes to expose that guy then use his identity to humiliate them. That way he can show off in front of them.

At that time after comparing, perhaps that Zhang Meixin might be willing to be my little lover.

Hehe, back then when I saw my wife I thought that she was quite good-looking. But now, seeing her senior sister, in comparison, she is like slag.

Indeed people cannot compare with one another ah when comparing, there will be harm.

Liu Yi follows after Zhang Meixin and chats with her other classmates.

When these classmates meet, they mutually become rueful about the present or are recalling the past.

But most of them are competing with their current lifestyle. A lot of them are getting along quite well and are clearly being admired by the surrounding people or are standing by the side being envious of those in the center.

Liu Yi feels that classmate gathering and the likes are meaningless. The current classmates gathering is no longer as simple as in the past.

He recalls back then when his father went and attended one of this classmate’s gathering, he came back and was rueful with his mother. More or less when they meet, they will hardly chat about their current identity and the likes, instead, they are recalling the past fondly and attempt to retrieve the feelings back then.

While looking at the current classmate gathering, Liu Yi feels like it is more like a show-off gathering!

The rich guys are flaunting their current lifestyle leaving the little losers to be far inferior.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh. He only leans against Zhang Meixin as the two of them watch as bystanders.

Liu Yi mutters into Zhang Meixin’s ear, “Talking about this, a lot of your classmates are getting along quite well.”

“Still okay. After all, all of us graduated from KeDa University.”

Zhang Meixin shrugs her shoulder, “KeDa graduation certificate is like gold plated stepping stone to fortune. But most of the students are also quite proud and arrogant. You see those who are not as well, they are those who became flippant and impatient after graduating. They are willing to take a job in a lower position .”

“Mm, I understand. Being a guide is rather interesting, just that there are no development prospects.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Those who are able to graduate from KeDa, who still wish to take a job like a guide. Those who are able to plant their feet firmly on the ground and slowly climb their way up, perhaps are very few.”

“That’s right…”

Zhang Meixin is also emotional. It seems to be very hard to find back their feelings when they were at university.

Liu Yi holds Zhang Meixin’s shoulder tightly and says into her ear, “Relax. No matter how it was in the past, in the future, I will accompany you .”

“Less of this nonsense…don’t be glib…too corny…”

Although Zhang Meixin says so, she feels sweet in her heart.

Only she understands the greatness of this man.

“Everyone. Everyone.”

Just as the two of them are being sweet that Wu Jianyu pulls his bride and suddenly walks up the stage. After which he says into the microphone, “Thank you, everyone, for attending our wedding ceremony today. We are really grateful. Right now, I hope that I am able to gift this blessing to the next pair of new…wife who do you wish to gift it to?”

“Hehe, let’s gift it to my senior sister Zhang Meixin!”


Chapter 762    [Wedding Ceremony]

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